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Scholars at a Lecture – Etched in 1736

An Open Mind is Key
Flush Your Mind’s Beliefs

Many gifted scholars used to believe (and some still do) that prophecy was mostly symbolic. However many recent scholars have shifted to the opposite side of the spectrum and now embrace the “literal” interpretations.  In my humble belief, taking either side has flaws.  Here are some of my thoughts on this subject.

Take Nothing for Granted

In my studies, which continue daily, I’ve found some really amazing things. For example, the stuff that is prophesied by Jesus in Matt. 24 is a parallel to the stuff prophesied in Luke 21. They pretty much match. But in Matt 24, he says “and AFTER these things”, however in Luke 21 he (Jesus) says “but BEFORE these things”.  Then they list the stuff that happens (before and after).

  • False Christs … Matt. 24:4-5 … Luke 21:4
  • Wars … Matt. 24:6 … Luke 21:9-10
  • Famines … Matt. 24:7a … Luke 21:11
  • Death … Matt. 24:7b-8 … Luke 21:12
  • Martyrs … Matt. 24:9 … Luke 21:24
  • Global Chaos … Matt. 24:10-13 … Luke 21:25 

Since they both list the “same things” and one says before and the other says after – it means that they were talking about TWO DIFFERENT times in History. This is where so many scholars have gotten confused and think, for example, that Daniel’s 70 weeks have already passed. In fact they have not passed. The point it that some things did “happen in the past” and and some things are going to “happen in the future”. 

But particularly in our case … those living during the very END of times … we must be especially careful.  Because the past and the future become blurred.  Did it happen YESTERDAY?  Is it in the progress of happening NOW?  Watch out, you can get confused really fast.  Keep an open mind at all times.

The Purple People Eater Problem

Consider this song from the past.

“He was a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater”
(repeat three times)

So let me ask you a question about these lyrics.

Did this creature eat people?  OR Did this creature ONLY eat “purple people”?  OR Did this creature only eat “purple people” that flew?

There are 3 possibilities.  We TEND to believe that this creature …

1. Flew through the Air
2. Was purple in color
3. And feasted on people


What if this creature was NOT purple?  What if this creature did NOT fly?  What if this creature ONLY ate “purple colored people that flew”?


God Is Incapable of Lying

Once you start discovering these “glorious” but subtle words in the Bible, and you take them seriously – some of the confusion goes away and you realize that God is telling 100% truth. When God says 1/3 of the fish in the sea are going to die, he isn’t lying. He MEANS IT.

But in all fairness you must ask yourself, what did he mean when he said “SEA”?  He didn’t say 1/3 of the fish in “all the oceans of the world” … did he?  He said “SEA”. God cannot lie … he is God. It is up to us to figure out the rest.

Wormwood Confusion

Many scholars have locked onto wormwood as possibly having been a thing of the past. For example, Chernobyl means “wormwood” and indeed the waters became poison and people died.  These similarities are amazing.

However in the wormwood prophecy, God makes it clear that a “star fell from the sky burning like a torch”.

Rev 8:10-11

10 Then the third angel sounded: And a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11 The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the water, because it was made bitter.


These are not small things that the scholar may artistically overlook. AND when you carefully study the words like “in”, “like”, “before” and “after”, you start to see the hints that God has woven into the scripture that helps you see the real truth. Or perhaps come a little bit closer to what is likely the truth.

And watch OUT for duplicitous meanings.  Martin, one of Tribulation-Now’s key “email List members” and study partners (dare I say Bible expert), has found “dual-meanings” across the Bible that have me scratching my head every week.

Correlating the Enemy’s Movement

AND THEN, when you become truly “watchful” like a “watchman on the wall” and you study what is happening around you (the evil empire, and study the enemy’s movement, and what the enemy believes), you see correlation of events (even facts). When you can correlate what the enemy “whispers secretly to one another” with the truth of GOD – then you have a formula for success.

When you realize that the “enemy” is watching for the SAME THINGS that God prophesied in the Bible, you become “astonished”. The key difference between what the enemy believes and what God says is true, is that the enemy thinks THEY are going to win. “They” (the enemy) call God “Adonai” and they think he is a jackass. They think Lucifer is going to win in the end.

But they are WRONG and we KNOW IT

Then Enter the Internet

AND the Internet now makes it possible to know exactly what the enemy believes. Thousands of scholars throughout history did not have the tools we do today. I believe when the Bible says “knowledge increases” it definitely had the Internet in mind. 

What the enemy did NOT anticipate, is that their followers and minions would start publishing their “hidden secrets” on the Internet. The enemy SCREWED UP.  And that was a huge screw-up because they didn’t  anticipate that people would “copy their hidden books” and later defect to the Christian side.  They didn’t figure that their own followers would TATTLE TALE on them. 

Secrets Hidden in Vaults – Secrets from WHO?

Back when they (the enemy) wrote many of their “secret documents” they used to lock the books away in hiding places, caves, and vaults. (They STILL DO). They figured that if they hid away their secret books, then nobody but they would know what they were up to, or what was going to happen. 

The process of “canonizing” the scripture was laced with pagan influence.  The enemy (or arguably some “well meaning scholars” (perhaps influenced by the demonic) removed the Book of Enoch eventually, because it gave away TOO MANY secrets. Either they did not want us to know about these things or they simply refused to believe it themselves.  The Book of Enoch used to be part of the accepted and divine scripture and Word of God.  Today without the “Internet”, many people would be hard pressed to get a look at the book.

HINT:  Whenever the Bible mentions a key person (or prophet), or it mentions another “book of the Bible” that is not included in the “canon” – you best be suspicious.  This does not mean that what we have today is flawed – NO WAY.  This simply means there are other writings that probably should have been included and cannot be simply tossed aside if you want to know the “whole story”.

This is one of the reasons why the Vatican sent armies of Satanic Templar soldiers to Solomons’ “Temple” (temple = Templar). They knew Solomon became a leading sorcerer and demonist. They went to find as many of their sacred demonic writings as possible and hide them in the vaults of the Vatican. AND they did exactly that. The Vatican has the largest billion dollar repository of secret demonic writings in the World.


Frame of Reference is Critical

When you know all of these different “frames of reference” (Satanists beliefs, Christians beliefs, reports from Satanists that have turned born again Christians) and you can find the things they all “agree” on… you have BINGO! When both God’s enemies and God’s chosen people are pointing to the sky and saying LOOK THERE’S WORMWOOD – you better pay attention because they usually don’t agree. BUT when they do .. its PARTY TIME!

This is why I have been able to confirm many things have *not* happened yet and why I say the “jury is out” on many other things.

God Does Not Stretch the Truth. WE DO.

This is why I am so excited about starting fresh in my research. It OPENS your mind and admits we humans make mistakes. It humbles you. This is why I have mentally discarded any allegiance to things I strongly believed from past teachings. I no longer rely on ANYONE but God and my own research. As soon as someone tells me that “Mr. So-and-So” or “Pastor So-and-So” says this or that …. it throws up a RED Flag! As soon as a whole “group of believers” say “this is definitely going to happen” … it throws up a RED flag!

I “do” listen to lectures from many different sources, but NOT UNTIL I have completely “FLUSHED” everything out that I used to “believe” (minus Jesus). I always start with a completely clean chalkboard and believe NO ONE MAN (or group) ever.

That is one of the problems. We are so unwilling to trust our own interpretation and study of the scripture that we LEAN too strongly in favor of a single group of beliefs. We tend to follow teachers that “match” what we already think is going to happen. This is VERY BAD.

Are You Going to Miss Christ’s Return?

This is the exact reason why millions of Christians will become disillusioned and possibly miss out on eternity. Many people (even many Christians) will even miss Christ’s return – just like he said they would. It’s because their minds will be too focused on stuff they already think is fact. Their minds are made up! They will be waiting for one particular event to happen in prophecy that was WRONG. And Jesus is going to come, and they will be thinking – hey that couldn’t have been Jesus because “such and such” didn’t happen. That’s why the apostles did not even know Jesus after he rose from the dead and was walking and talking to them. They were not looking with their “spirit”, they were looking with their human “eyes”.

Flush the Prophetic Toilet

Its time to flush the prophetic toilet of all the tirds of speculation that have been floating around and wake up. Assume NOTHING.  Believe that Jesus is coming really soon. Keep and OPEN MIND. Watch & Pray. If you “watch & pray” but your mind is “made up” – your spirit will be deceived and you may miss the prize. You won’t lose your salvation, but you will likely go through things that you might otherwise have avoided.

Watch & Pray
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  1. Yes and amen! I have come to believe we are much farther along than once thought. I have reconsidered my beliefs on:
    1) Daniel 9:27-the confirming of the covenant. (I do not think it's antichrist making a 7 yr peace covenant)It's Yah reconfirming his 70th week of Daniel.
    2) There is no end time temple in Jerusalem. John in Revelation 11 is weighing and measuring people, not a temple. Leave out the outer court-the one's who don't have fellowship with Yahweh. A plumb line is going out and His glory shall be in the midst Zech 2. Rev 11 is not talking about a temple, but the two witnesses that will be filled with His glory. The two witnesses are found in Is 43: Jacob and Israel. But you say, isn't that one and the same? Yah changed Jacob's name to Israel. Why would he use the same person's name as if it means two different things? He means His people/ekklesia from the Jewish faith and Christians. They have been His 2 witnesses, His two people groups. Just like in Ez 37-His two people groups- Judah and Ephraim.

  2. I have heard some similar thoughts along those lines and I am not locked down to either side. There are very strong arguments for what you are saying. This is why I think we MUST BE READY for *anything* at all times. God Bless you in Jesus Name!

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