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Here is what I have thus far. I have much research and writings to collaborate.

  1. 1. The Antichrist will come from the same Merovingian Bloodlines of which the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons speak
  2. That’s why millions of dollars and hundreds of years of time has been invested into the LIE. This lie must be a believable. So believable, this lie, that the Luciferian Catholic Church leadership will be able to convince the masses to follow “it” (the Messiah FORGERY).
  3. The Illuminati power center is currently in Great Britain but is going to move to Rome (Vatican) soon. This is due to many symbolic prophecies in the Bible. (Svali source confirms the pending move to Rome, which may have already occurred – stay tuned)
  4. Remember the Luciferians know the Bible better than 95% of the Christians. They are far more passionate about their “faith” than most of us are.
  5. Eventually the Illuminati leadership will move to Solomon’s Temple (evil satanic Ba’al worshiping temple). But wait – isn’t there an Islamic mosque there? Darn that building must GO!
  6. Israel (who is a part of the Luciferian military power machine ala Rothschild), will wave their flag (which depicts the Seal of Solomon and the Star of Moloch / Ba’al), and LEAD an already planned attack against IRAN! This will break out WWIII and ultimately result in 2 prophecies (BIBLE) being fulfilled. 1) Damascus will be turned into rubble and 2) Solomon’s Temple will get rebuilt in place of where the MOSQUE USED TO BE. (Kaboom goes the Mosque!)
  7. The Masons, who already have the paperwork in order, will move in and rebuild Solomon’s Temple and it will be ONE BAD AMAZING WORK OF ART. After all, like the Vatican today, it will house the Great Spiritual Luciferian Leader of the World. The Antichrist.
  8. Finally the “leader” will be “announced” (notice I didn’t mention there was a vote). This leader, as part of the global spiritual awakening, will appeal to ALL FAITHS. Thus fulfilling the FORGERY of Luciferian perfection. Over time ALL governments and faiths will be LEAD (e.g. pushed, forced) into following this new spiritual leader.
  9. The final leader will be the FORGED MESSIAH of the Merovingian Bloodline from Ancient Egypt.
  10. The Antichrist will be AS WHITE AS THE POPE. These people are racists to a level most do not understand. Think Nazi and think Aryan. Nazism was a PREVIEW of what is coming. These people LOVE to practice.

I believe YOU MUST be able to understand THE ENEMY. If you do not know WHO the ENEMY IS then you cannot “predict” CRAP! The ENEMY is not ISLAM. The enemy is LUCIFER. The rest is all FORGED for our amazement and UTTER DECEPTION. The Bible is riddled with information about all this. We, as Christians, MUST get our heads out of the sand and understand that the State of Israel of today is NOT THE REMNANT OF ISRAEL. It is a FORGERY! It was BOUGHT and paid for by the Amschel Rothschild BLOODLINE. Luciferians are all about the bloodline. More than 50 U.S. Presidents have bloodlines that link back to the Merovingians.



Get it?

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