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Capture Their Attention
Hidden Messages of Salvation Everywhere

I used to watch more movies in the past.  These days I spend far more time researching stuff for the salvation of people’s souls for our King Jesus Christ.  I, like many Christians, feel more led to spend my time reading and studying the Word of God than wasting it watching movies.  So I tend to be quite selective.  And frankly I don’t appreciate hearing the Lord’s name taken in vain. 


As the research into this total onslaught of mankind continues, it has become rather shocking how many movies have hidden messages woven into them.  Wait until you hear what was uncovered regarding the “All Seeing Eye”.  But for now let’s focus on the hidden messages in the Matrix and how it can help save souls for our King.

The Fingerprint of the Holy Spirit

As more and more of this information is unravelled, it becomes quite apparent that God is not letting the demonic have their way without getting “a word in edge-wise”.  In fact, it appears God has made it perfectly clear that He is going to have a “say” in everything whether “they” like it or not.  I find this utterly fabulous.  It’s amazing to me just how many places you find God’s “stamp” of salvation.

When we are able to recognize this “stamp” we can point it out to people.  This “fingerprint of the Holy Spirit” is everywhere.  I believe the most astonishing evidence is in the Dollar Bill prophecies found by Jonathan Kleck (see the “Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel and God” articles).  Here you see a case where only God could have “caused” those graphics to appear in the dollar bills.  In fact the $10 bill and $50 dollar bill show events that have not happened yet.  And Jonathan was told by God to disclose this information to the FBI. 

It doesn’t get any better than that!

The Matrix Fingerprint

Many years ago I watched the Matrix like many other people did.  But like so many, I didn’t see the fingerprint of the Holy Spirit in the movie.

But it’s there.

Now I am not an expert at all the Godly “double entendre” in that movie, but when you watch it with a keen eye toward the message of salvation it is rather fabulous.  There are scenes in the movie where the heroin, Neo, looks down a “dark road” and is told “you do NOT want to go down that road”.  You have the “leader” of the resistance, a fellow named Morpheus, whose life is sacrificed for the salvation of this fellow “Neo”.  Neo is “saved” by taking the “red pill”.  The red pill = Truth.  You even have a symbolic representation of Lucifer who tries to foil the whole operation.  Their names are symbolic as well.  It’s frankly rather fabulous that hidden in all the “sci-fi” stuff is this really cool message which can save souls for our King Jesus.

A Message in a Cubicle

So yesterday I am working away at my day job, keenly aware that even I was forced to participate in the Matrix.  Sometimes I think it’s harder to “walk in the spirit” continuously when you must participate in the Matrix.  People that dont’ have to subject themselves to the mental torture of the “work place” can stay in a “force-field”of praise and worship far more easily than those that must put on the earthly facade.  On the other hand even Jesus sat down with tax collectors and sinners in local bistros to tell them the message of salvation.  So if we want to be “like Jesus” then we need to “get to work”.  Amen?

So whenever I would get up from my desk to take a break, I would jokingly say to folks, “YOU ARE IN THE MATRIX”.  It got a lot of laughs.  I said it in a “down low and mysterious voice”. 

Yesterday around 4 PM, I stood up to stretch.  When I did, my head popped up over the cubicle like a Meer cat looking for clearance.  The girl on the other side of my work “prison-box” said “What are you doing?”  And I said “I’m a Meer cat looking for enemies, but YOU are in the MATRIX!”  I looked at her with a sinister grin and rolled my eyes jokingly.

She said, “Yeah I liked that movie The Matrix a lot”. 

And I said, “Yea but did you detect the “Hidden Meaning”?

Intrigued she replied “No!  What hidden meaning?”

I told her to “Watch this!” and I ducked down behind the cubicle wall for a second and lifted up a napkin with the word “BIBLE” written on it.  I held up the “secret code” and covertly showed her over the prison wall.

She was like “NO WAY!”

I said “YEP”

Summary in Jesus Name

In a whispering voice, amongst the ears and eyes of corporate America, I told her about the hidden messages of salvation in the Matrix.  She said to me “I believe in the Bible” and I said back to her “Yea well time is really SHORT!”  She said she didn’t believe that.  I told her “I knew it was”.

The point is that one thing led to another.  She asked me what my favorite chapter was and I told her Matthew 24.  She wrote it down.  Today I suspect there will be some Q&A.  Quietly.

Naturally we will officially be talking about the hidden messages in the movie “The Matrix”.  But behind the scenes the Johnny Appleseeds will be “planted”.

Do you think she will tell her friends?

I told her to look at Luke 21:26.  Do you think she will ask what it means?



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6 thoughts on “Salvation Tactic: Matrix

  1. excellent fishing John! 10/10. using the matrix is a great idea. Remember in part 3 when Neo sacrifice himself? notice how tha yellow light emenating from him is cross shaped.

    Next level matrix analysis is very interesting, however, and its found here:

    even more here:

    May Jesus bless

  2. I think there is even more to this than you realize. Neo was not subject to the 'laws' of the matrix because he knew it was an illusion. He could therefore do things that were 'supernatural'. Our 'matter' is actually composed of energy (remember E=Mc squared?), so, in a sense, it is nothing but a manifetation of energy, and therefore nothing we can see is real. As II Corinthians says, "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." This 'world' is just a temporary (though vivid) dreamstate. The real is the spiritual.
    Though I am not a Christian Scientist, this is what they believe, and, I believe, why they have thousands of 'miraculous' healings. They don't believe in the reality of matter. The spirit is real, matter is an illusion. When you understand that, matter doesn't matter. God is what matters. Christ Jesus is what matters. Hearing, "well done, thou good and faithful servant" on the first day of the rest of your life is what matters more than anything!

    Thanks for all you share! It is truely insightful and I look forward to seeing what you and Steve Quayle have to say every day! Great work!

  3. May God get the glory for your witness John…one of the things I definitely struggle with is witnessing at work. I work in the media where most believe that the MSM is "the news" and so their eyes are closed to things like the NWO and the existence of satan, let alone of our LORD Jesus Christ. They have been brainwashed into believing that the gospel is "religion"and that they should turn to the world for truth instead of the bible. But with the headlines screaming of the lateness of the hour, my prayer is that we all as the Body let his Word be on our lips continually – you're absolutely right, we should always be planting seeds and let the washing of the water of the Word giveth the increase.


  4. AMEN!!


    I wish I had more time to find gems like these.

    "Let's gettem in Jesus Name!!"

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