The Destroyer Arrives March 3rd?

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Fair And Balanced, You Decide

Well isn’t it fascinating that I “just” wrote an article that the Lord has laid the “Planet X” issue heavily upon my heart and “this just in”?  Last night I had dreams about “Planet X” issues.  I woke up with this “Planet X” deal “on my mind”.  And before I could finish writing the article about “The Elect”, a Tribulation-Now contributor sends me an instant message urging me to watch a You Tube video he just sent.  He warned me, if it’s true, time is WAY SHORTER than we think.  God Bless You Chris!!

First I would remind the reader that Colleen Thomas, a Federation of Light Pleiadian spokes person, has formally announced that a space war in imminent.  For more information you should watch the Zen Garcia Radio Show entitled “The Final Warning” here:

She has further announced that there is LIFE on Planet Nibiru and it is considered to be a type of “prison planet”.  Never mind “the abyss” referred to in Revelation 9 and the release of the Locusts, which I maintain may very well be located on “Planet X”.  But only God Himself knows this for sure.

Could this be a Hoax?  Absolutely.  And the Von Helton transcript below makes his position perfectly clear.  But also note that Von Helton is one of the leading Internet reporters on “vibrational shifts” that reveal grey and reptilian entities and is absolutely CERTAIN we face an alien invasion very soon and that they “walk among us” already.

You Decide.

So without further ado, I present to you the information and partial transcript of this data presented by Von Helton on You Tube.


Note: The following transcript is edited to include only the most important information and disclaimers by the presenter.  To hear the complete presentation, the You Tube link will be provided below.

“As a reporter sometimes you have to put things out there that are not true.  Sometimes they are true. I was sent a notice, is it true? Hell I don’t know.  But I’m gonna report it.  Just on the up chance that it might be true”.

“After I read this letter people are going to swear up and down, “Von Helton Said”, … NO VON HELTON DID NOT SAY.   This LETTER SAYS!

Could this merely be somebody seeking their 15 minutes of Internet fame? … YES ABSOLUTELY.  However it is just as likely it could be legitimate.  I don’t know.

Now the funny thing about this letter is it’s very specific, lots of names and dates, … and because of the (specificity) of it … I’m wondering if it doesn’t have some credence to it.

So without further ado, let’s go ahead and read this.  It’s entitled “IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ”.

I will not give the name of the person who sent this to me, because on the off chance this is real, I don’t want them catching all kinds of Hell”


Dear Mr. James Paul Von Helton:

I currently reside in the South Pole, and work for the government.  I am a scientist and I’ve been hired by NASA to track Planet X.  Currently Planet X is visible to the naked eye here.  However the governments do not want us to make anyone aware.

The event in question is due to happen near March 3rd.  Due to miscalculations by a Russian scientist, our data had to be re-calculated.

Mr. Helton, you must prepare and let the people now that they must be prepared by March the 3rd, 2011.

(Note at this point Von Helton interjects saying “Now you notice folks there’s a lot of people out there saying March 15th.  This guy says no, March the 3rd”)

Planet X is also visible in the South West and on the West coast.  The government has been ordered to remove any videos, pictures, or stories on line with visible evidence of Planet X.  Planet X has been officially named by the governments as D  2  3  K  9.  (spaces added).   This planet is visible and does have life.  It is not life as we know it, but viable life.  The life there is intelligent, and our government has been in contact with the occupants of D  2  3  K  9. 

Mr. Helton it is of great importance that you warn the public, and let them know of the events of March 3rd.  Attached is a picture of D  2  3  K  9 as seen from one of our military bases in the western US.

(Note Von Helton then interjects that he will show you that picture now and does.  He says it is interesting the picture shows the object to the left of the sun, because it’s usually seen to the right of the sun)

(the letter continues)

I will be in touch with you and  provide you, and only you, with videos and files to verify what the governments are doing.  All I ask in return is that you send the message out.

  (signed by username but not disclosed).


Von Helton Continues

“Could it be, like I said, someone seeking their 15 minutes of Internet fame, sure … ABSOLUTELY.  But then again …. IT COULD BE REAL.

As a reporter, I have to weigh the options.  Considering the severity of a physical “pole shift” on this planet, considering the physical ramifications from an invasion from an alternative source, such as a rogue planet, ya know weighing those in a serious manner, would leave me to put everything out there until its been proven false.”

He then goes on to make it extremely clear HE is not saying March 3rd, but the writer of the LETTER says it.  He reminds people that he sent out a video that “Michigan is literally cracking apart” and Yellow Stone is “bulging”.  He also points out just recently a “HUMONGOUS” volcano in Iceland could erupt at any time.

The link to this You Tube presentation by Mr. Von Helton can be found here:

You might want to download it immediately.


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9 thoughts on “The Destroyer Arrives March 3rd?

  1. Hi John,

    Another possibility is that Planet X is being called the Comet Elenin by
    NASA on their JPL site. Below is a link to NASA that shows the position
    of the planets and the position of Elanin on a day by day basis (you can
    click through the days). The images below the link is the projection of
    the closest proximity (mid October 2011) and the proximity on March 5.
    It is possible that the formulas have been modified so that it looks
    further away from Earth than the actual path, or that the model is wrong.
    Anyway, it looks very close to the images that I have seen for the
    theoretical path of Planet X. I am not sure how much is known about the
    comet (or if the truth is being told). According to the path shown, our
    current view would still be in the night sky (not second sun as most such
    images will be reflections in the camera lens).

    If in fact, planet X is coming from the direction of the sun, there is
    another shot I added at the bottom that was chilling (on the other hand,
    maybe it was Photoshopped.. who knows?). May God continue to guide you!
    God Bless!


  2. The only thing Jerry that causes me caution, is that NASA is a lying demonic black ops organization. I don't and never will trust ANYTHING that come from "them". Amen.

  3. Datesetting is interesting, we will see what happens. There has been so many dates out in the truther/internet community the last years, that I am totally numb to them. For the most part, I think it make some people cry wolf, and others get disappointed. Our walk with the Lord is whats most important. Jesus bless

  4. If Nibiru was visible on the west coast their would be all kinds of video and photos, I believe all this info to be a distraction from our focus on Yahweh God and Jesus. We are to focus on our salvation not what is coming to destroy us, if Nibiru is true and I have many doubts, it distracts us from our salvation. If we die before we are saved spiritually, it will be the death of our Bodies and our soul, fear God Almighty not Nibiru or Aliens have a Genuine fear of your Creator who we have sinned against in this life as well as before the Foundation of the world. This is our final chance to truly be forgiven by the sacrifice of Christ, Christ could of summoned his host of Angels to defeat the Romans and those who wanted his death but he decided to humble himself and do the will of the father, he put aside his will to do the will of his father.The original sin in every man is his attitude in his heart to put aside his desires and allow Gods will and desire to direct their lives depending and trusting him. Folks Nibiru may come, the tribulation may come, wars may come but one thing will surely come to all Death so prepare your Heart and your temple to stand before God and pray that you are found worthy.This is the battle we fight against trust in your God beg for him to open your hearts and minds do his will before your own and love him with all your heart. God Help Us All


  5. God has been seriously been dealing with me in ways that I cannot describe, all because I asked him to open my eyes. Now when I open my Bible, its like looking at one of those pictures with all the little dots. Just looking at it, you cant see the mystery hidden inside. However, now that he has opened my eyes, the picture pops right out! And it all makes total sense! Many of us are going to feel like Noah, But I think this is our chance to get out there, and tell everyone that He is coming! Who cares if they think I am crazy, after all, everyone thought Noah was crazy too…..right?

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