Amazing God’s Marriage Intervention

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God Speaks One Yea Twice
But I did Perceiveth in Jesus Name

Many of you know that I have been going through marital challenges due to my intense desire to serve God more than anything in my entire life.  I love Jesus more than life itself.  And this is not an easy concept for most people to deal with.

But I knew I had a duty to love God and His Son Jesus more than anything.  1 Corinthians 7 makes marriage responsibilities very evident.  Amen.  We are not allowed to “tear out” scripture to suit our own agenda.  So I knew I had a responsibility to do what was right before my Heavenly Father.  No LYING to yourself or before God … NEVER EVER.  Period.  When you repent.. you better DAMN well mean it .. because your Father knows if you mean it or your giving Him “lip service”. Amen?

So I was backslidden when I got together with my wife.  That’s okay.  But when, by the divine providence of the Lord, we started to get into things that were “less than Holy”, in our practices, some terrible things happened.  It was utterly horrible.  Not a good testimony, unless you want to hear the “worst case scenario” of those who are in serious trouble with the demonic influences of the Kingdom. It was as bad as it could be.  It resulted in my total turn around and surrender to God on a level that I have never experienced in my life.  The entire testimony could fill a book.

After the utter horrible and unspeakable happened, and my intense prayer for the freedom from the clutches of the demonic were answered, I prayed in tears to God in the shower one morning and said, Father God, I am totally and 100% yours and do with me what you will.  I empty my cup unto  you and ask you to fill it with only your will.

I guess, not so surprisingly, soon thereafter my articles went global.  I remember sitting on the porch of a local bistro, having some Sumerian ale, when someone notified me that my articles were being published on Steve Quayle’s web site.  I remember freaking out and realizing things were changing in a big way.  I cried.

I was soon thereafter led to publish articles that helped people understand how to fight back against demons and understand that WE are Sons of God and are commissioned, through Praise and empowerment through the Holy Spirit, that we are not to sit back and take the beatings we are taking.  Praise Jesus for the POWER that He has given us to Stand Up for Ourselves.

And while I continued to write articles of fear due to the Deep Water Horizon scare that was being spread, I finally surrendered to Jesus and realized we are  not to worship this earthly existence and truly embrace our freedom through our King Jesus and what we REALLY DO have in store for us in the Universes of our King Jesus Yeshua Messiah.

Tribulaton-Now’s readership grew to become supernaturally led by the Lord.  People were seeking Jesus and they were finding him.  I promised myself that every email would be answered.  Every Son of God in the Kingdom of Christ would be answered .. no matter what it took. I spent endless hours serving my King making sure that I responded personally to every prayer.  And so I did. And it has been the most amazing, tear filled, blessing in my entire life of 48 years. 

I remember noticing that my wife was becoming distant and resentful.  I came to her in tears in the morning as she was getting ready for work telling her, HOW CAN I TURN MY BACK ON GOD’S PEOPLE?   And I got a look of resentment.  She did not understand how I could want the Kingdom so much even to the reduction of her personal attention.  I cried to her and said, “How could you turn away from these people”?

I know the scripture and that God hates divorce.  I could not defy God.  I continued to seek God, always saying “Your will be done”.  Amen.  I know 1 Corinthians 7 and understand my responsibilities to my wife and hers to me.  And I continued to pray.  But nothing seemed to change.  We had some lively exchanges about her responsibility to support me as a Shepherd unto the Lord, but she made it clear that the way she saw God was not the same way as I saw God.  She was raised from a Catholic background, and didn’t truly understand the utter commitment required by the Kingdom.

About 3 months or so ago, while praying to the Lord, I asked God about my marriage.  And the picture you see at the top of this article is what God showed me.  I opened a Thesaurus of 800+ pages, in His name, and casted the “lots” and to my utter astonishment, he said “Threat .. a menace, an arrow aimed at one’s heart”…  I could not believe what I saw.  But it indeed did happen.

This morning my daughter Kristin, came into my office in tears.  She did not want to see her Father’s heart broken.  She said she heard my wife on the phone with her “new lover” last night.  Indeed a friend she met via the computer and her love of computer games.  Evidently she had also joined a singles group in Tampa as  “separated but married”.  Of course, in my Godly trusted belief in marriage, I did not consider that as likely.  I was wrong.  And Praise Jesus because He warned me in the Thesaurus lot throw in the picture above.

My daughter let me know that she planned on leaving me even before Christmas. She let me buy her hundreds of dollars worth of presents and withheld her plans.  Okay.  In fact, I even told her that she could withhold her contribution to the household costs to help her afford her Christmas wishes, as an additional gift to her out of personal compassion to her desires.

After this morning’s disclosures from my daughter, of her 2 hour plus conversation with her new lover, I realized that God’s warning to me was a reality. I had no idea the extent of the issue, but that’s okay.  In complete peace, I confronted her and told her tonight that her and her lover need to go and be on their way in Jesus name.  She angrily confronted my daughter for telling me what she did.

I took my daughter and her newly dedicated Jesus filled husband out for dinner. They disclosed more informaton of the master plan to “leave me” which was fine.  I felt nothing less than the divine intervention from God in all of this.  I didn’t have to hear all the gruesome details  What was truly important, was that God’s hand was involved in all of this and my newly found freedom to serve the Kingdom was sanctioned by my MIGHTY KING.

When we returned from the restaurant, her and her new lover, were filling their SUV with as much as it could carry.  I told them to “Be Blessed in Jesus Name” and told my wife not to worry that I would help her as much as I could and she would be able to retrieve all her “stuff” as it was needed.


Be Blessed in Jesus Name

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  1. Prayers to you John…May God continue to strengthen you! Your focus on Christ is such an inspiration!


  2. John, My heart aches for you and my prayers are with you at this special time. May God fill your sorrow and whatever illusion of a "void" you may feel with assurances of love and complete security, knowing that He remains our all and all forever, being all sufficient for our needs! And remember be encouraged, keep your heart, mind, and soul with all diligence not to be troubled in this or anything because you, my friend, have chosen well.

  3. John,

    What can I say but that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray that God may continue to make you strong through his word.


  4. Wow John I havent the words to express what happened to you but your in my prayers you and your family. May the Lord keep you and comforted your heart,Brother. Lord right now I pray for bro John that your peace which surpass's all understanding keep and guard his heart in Christ Jesus our Lord and saviour. in Jesus name I pray Amen

  5. John,
    My heart breaks for you, and I know where I speak from. My divorce was the hardest and most painful experience of my life. It threw me into a years-long battle with deep depression and despair. Thank God it happened, as it was the push I needed to realize that my life was a mess and that I needed to get back to God. Though God in his mercy has healed me of the big gaping wound my heart became, I know I will forever carry the scar. It has faded and will continue to do so, but I know deep scars don't go away soon.
    We have very different stories and backgrounds (ie. I don't write on the web), but one of the things I always cringe about was my need to be absolutely open about the details leading up to the divorce, and especially my failings, and to cast them far and wide through my e-mail list. In retrospect I realize that many people, are now privy of things I wish they weren't, who had no business knowing them. Don't take it as a warning, please not as a rebuke of any sort, just don't open yourself up to further grief down the line.
    Like I said brother, I grieve for you. You are in my prayers. Keep looking up, and may the peace that surpasses all understanding remain on you.
    your brother in HIS blood, david

  6. Thank you David, advice heeded. Now its back to Seek Ye First the Kingdom amen. God Bless You

  7. I will pray for you tonight Brother, I feel you have peace about it, but it is still a hard thing, i see in your picture, arrow aimed at one's heart, it truly is.

    My brother in law came over to "fish" last weekend and turns out is going thru a similar thing. Seems that people are just going crazy these days, my sister among them.

    You handled the situation well, stay strong.

  8. John,
    I am so deeply sorry for all that has happened regarding your marriage! Life takes some strange turns while we are here in this earthly life, but you are on a mission…..for our Lord, and he must have shown you the path in which you must go….you are in my prayers. I know this is hard, as i have had a similar experience recently… was the hardest thing i have experienced in my 65 years of life….and i thought i would not recover! Then i realized, that my true husband is the Lord, and i needed to leave this fleshly love behind and concentrate on my truest Love…Jesus Christ! When i did that, all the rest left my mind and the pain was gone and joy came over me!! Praise and Glory to my Lord! We can overcome all things thru Christ Jesus! God bless you!


  9. Praise God in all we do for His Kingdom, even that which is painful. I'm praying for you brother…


  10. John: I am going through the exact same thing. I know exactly how you feel. I pray for you. It has been pure unadulterated anguish and pain. They want what they want and they will do whatever they can to get what they want, they stopped caring about anything accept what they want. They don’t care. With all of the media firmly under Satan’s control, these women are bombarded everyday and being told to do the wrong things. They are told everyday that all these wrong things are wonderful. This is the way you should behave. Get all you can get, life is short. If they are not doing it, they think there is something wrong with them. Buy, buy, buy, party, party, party do as they wish. The Good Lord is going through the land asking each and everyone of us to choose him or choose the earth and all its lusts. This life is about our next and eternal life and everybody has forgotten. That is why our Lord and Savior is coming back. Love ya, jeff.

  11. There are many wonderful Jesus loving Kingdom centered ladies out there. If I had done what Paul recommended from the get go, then I wouldn't have gone through this. It was my for making the choices I made and I've always said you can't unscramble eggs. So I prayed things would get better and prayed for her to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It seems God was in control all along. Yes its a hard pill to swallow but the Lord sent me my wonderful daughter and my new Son-in-Law to fill the void before this ever unfolded. God is so gracious and he knew what was happening in advance …obviously. Praise Jesus

  12. things dont happen by accident.. when i emailed your reply.. it seemed like you had almost gave up.. but said you got a new lease of life.. things started to takeof fast since.. souls are what counts.. just go with the flow:)

  13. Dear John, I am so very sorry to hear she found a new lover John.That is sad. I will pray for your strength.You are a blessing in the Most High One!

  14. Hello,

    I am sorry to hear about your loss. Even when a marriage is a "bad marriage" it still hurts to go through a divorce. It happened to me after 25 years of a "bad marriage".

    Just to let you know, that my friend who introduced you to me, has been so blessed that "you always answer her emails", she told me.

    Thank you for sharing, so I can pray for you.


  15. I made a promise to the Lord that every person who wrote me would get the prayer and encouragement that needed and this would be worthy work for His Kingdom … no matter what. I Love ever person out there and want the Love of Jesus for all of them. Thank you so much.

  16. I was praying for you and your marital problems when you first told me about them. I'll continue to keep you in my prayers. God Bless You.

  17. You are not alone. There are many of your siblings out here that are going through some type of family dissolution. God said it would happen. I'm sorry. Please know you are not alone. I cannot say it will get better. I can say the only One who we can hold onto is the One who saved us…My children have turned there backs on me, they don't even want to hear a syllable…I'm scared John, I'm scared…I live inland on the coast of Washington State, and I'm scared for my kids man…I believe Yeshua with all my heart…but I feel so alone, no one can hear me….John you have to let go brother, hold on to the One and Only, I'm crying for you, my heart is breaking for you… I desperately hold on to your emails brother because, they are truth, I studied this for the past 25 years… I know what you are saying is truth, I am so sorry about your wife, I'm devastated because of my kids and your marriage…but Yeshua is all we have. Amen.

  18. JC God Bless You. Don't ever be scared and afraid. You are also not alone. None of us are. We are surrounded by the love and power of Jesus and his wonderful Holy Spirit. Always write me when you are feeling down. That is what God's people do for one another. We are a family from the Heavens, and for the Heavens. Praise Jesus for you.

  19. OK, John. I KNOW that it hurts because I went through the same thing. I will write more tomorrow. Be blessed and comforted in the precious name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you, brother,
    Jesus, please wrap John in your precious arms of love! Please, Jesus, may you give me the words to help John

  20. Dear John,

    A big Hug for you brother!
    For bearing up.
    God will bless you with choicest blessing and your daughter and son-in-law too.
    Your daughter and son in law will be blessed by God for taking your side and supporting you.
    It is so wonderful to know your daughter loves you so much.
    What it is about daughters, they love their dads so much and become more devoted to them than their moms.
    I see this all the time at home with my bro’s family.

    John, Jesus and his Father loves you, we all love you.
    But I still feel bad for you.

    God be with you and save you three and all your loved ones and give you your heart’s desire Amen!


  21. You have been a wonderful blessing for me Farhat and I thank God for your always positive and encouraging words. God Bless You.

  22. First of all I want to say "Glory to God!!!" You are a great man John, your spiritual growth is nothing less than spectacular. I will continue praying for you and your walk, as we need you on this journey, especially the closer we get to the end. God Bless you and may he keep you focused on your tasks.

  23. Dear Brother
    I am FILLED with deep sadness at your news. DEEPLY.

    I feel so easily in similarity to you though I guess my situation is not like this. This is so sad!!!

    Are you ok? You seem at one with Jesus and I am in awe of your understanding though to be honest the thesaurus i am still uncertain of. Not that I am judging you. I can assure you i am not.

    I started christian counselling yesterday for reasons i feel are a bit similar to you in some ways. Theres more to my story though. I understand all that you have said above and my heart breaks for the loss fo your marriage. What your daughter must think too…how traumatising for you all..

    I dont know what else to say except I feel a storng bond with your words and all you have shared on the site of a personal nature.

    Please know I am a sister in Christ to you till the end and my own marriage is struggling too. Alll that you say I can relate to.

    God Bless u

  24. Praise Jesus for you Mel. Its really not a time for sadness, Jesus is coming really soon. Hosana Save Now in Jesus Name

  25. God bless you John. I think it is better to be like Paul and without that type of concern 🙂

    It's a betrayal and hurts nonetheless. Keep close to your daughter, sounds like she is good counsel.

  26. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME…you have a whole new family via internet..who knew. You are providing meat for the hungry sheep out there.

    Jesus Reigns !

    Thank you for sharing your heart.. that is so tough, but you are standing on the rock and it is an amazing testimony! I will continue to lift your family up in prayer (and your (ex) wife .
    God loves her..I hope she sees that soon!
    Miracles continue in Jesus name!

    Your sister in Christ,

  27. Wow…I am so sorry to hear this mainly for her because she is losing someone very special and dear and she will realize that one day when it is too late to matter. Clearly God is leading you but she is lost and does not even know it…like most people, sadly, right now. God has blessed you by setting you free, as He always does, which makes you free indeed. She is ensnared in the world but will be getting a wake up call soon, may God bless and help her as this happens and God bless your daughter for being able to carry and deliver such a painful message to someone she obviously loves very much. You will all be in my prayers. May God help us all in the days to come and may we all find the strength, peace of God and wisdom we need to do His will always.

  28. I prayed for you tonight, and I will continue to pray for you. I know this has to be a very painful time. I can personally relate….In the past 4 years, I have lost my wife, lost my job (6 figures per year), and am surviving for the time being by renting a room in a home and surviving on less money than I made when I was 18 years old. My son has had some dire challenges in his life and has disappeared. I have e-mailed you and you sent me a prayer which I pray for him. I really appreciate all of your efforts.
    My point is this. I SINCERELY believe that this is the final test for all of us. The grain is being seperated from the chaff, and this is the final test to see where our allegiances lie. I am ready to leave this rock for the glory of heaven…there is nothing for me here except my family, and most of them are confirmed as saved. I believe that this all happened to prepare me to leave this world, and to not love this world.
    I am sorry for your pain. But I know that you will remember exactly WHO and exactly WHAT is most important, and that you will continue on. The pain will only last for a time, and you cannot be responsible for everyone.
    God Bless You

  29. MATTHEW 10 : 34-39
    34 “Don’t imagine that I came to bring peace to the earth! I came not to bring peace , but a sword. 35 I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. 36 Your enemies will be right in your own household!’ 37 “If you love your father or mother more than you love me, you are not worthy of being mine; or if you love your son or daughter more than me, you are not worthy of being mine. 38 If you refuse to take up your cross and follow me, you are not worthy of being mine. 39 If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.
    Be blessed brother!

  30. Oh John . . . . .I was so sad to read the email of you and your wifes' departure. My heart aches inside, but I also believe as you do that it is 100% correct to follow God's Word. That is why I am still with my mormon husband. I haven't been led to leave the marriage, even though he thinks my passion to follow my Lord is crazy. He allows me to do whatever I am led to do and still treats me like a queen. I pray every day for his soul to be saved.

    I will be praying for you mightly that the Lord will give you peace in all of this. You have been such a valuable instrument in leading this virtual ministry. I have been blessed greatly through your efforts. I will be lost when the internet goes down!! Praise Jesus for his everlasting love to all of us. I rejoice that He is my King!

    I will hold your name in my hand when I pray for you.

    In His Name, Brenda

  31. God Bless You … thank you for sharing this with me. I know you have been struggling too in your marriage and all I can say is PRAISE GOD for you. Thank you.

  32. Brother,

    I know how you feel. I was married to my first husband for 15 years, I was Christian he wasn't. He got saved of sorts. He had a Bible in one hand and beer in the other. And when I say beer I should say at least a12 pack a day. He would not stop. I took it as long as I could. Finally one day, I couldn't take it anymore. He is still drinking. It all boiled down to what my Dad told me in the beginning… You are unequally yoked. Hard lesson to learn…painful too. But God restored me and gave me the real LOVE OF MY LIFE, YESHUA JESUS. I am so "in love" with him…. I was in the Desert eating locust and honey (figuratively of course) and my little ember has become a TORCH !!!

    Your videos with Jonathan Kleck have put everything into perspective for me now. I always knew in my heart that I am not "from here". Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot wait for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb to give you a Big Bear Hug!!!

    My Christian walk has been so blessed by you both. Things are ramping up. I have been getting ready for this since 1984. I am bursting with excitement OUR moment is almost here…. Jesus willl wipe away your tears because EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!!!

    I have lots to share with you in coming weeks. Bad things have happened to me in past and made me afraid. I am not afraid anymore. You and Jonathan are putting yourselves out there for the Brethen. If you can do it… I do it too.

    Love in Jesus,

  33. WOW AMEN … Praise Jesus for you. Yes I know God is behind me and you 100% and I am so excited to worship our King. Praise God for You Kim

  34. Dear John,
    May you now know "the peace that passes all understanding" the comfort given to us from the Holy Spirit.
    There are a few things I would like to share with you concerning your loss. Remember the other day the Lord had impressed upon me that you needed to "back off," and let Him do the work, well i was also made to feel that you would experience freedom to be the disciple that you have become. As you probably know your wife is not filled with the Holy Spirit and thus she is tricked, unable to see that it is her ego (her lower self) that is blinding her to right action and a new heart.

    There are so many of us experiencing the heartbreak of loss of friends and family because of our new mind and heart in Christ. Scripture tells us that families would be divided against each other.

    I am sure that many of the early folowers of Jesus left their wives, children behind, although scripture dosen't get into this fully, we have to assume that god looked after these families. This of course is in reverse with your situation and for those of us including me who are losing our love ones.

    Our prayers are with you.

  35. God Bless You Mary and what you speak is the wisdom of Jesus and Paul through our Lord. I have already told her that I will remain her friend and will help her in her pursuits as best I can. There are no hard feelings. Time is too short for that silliness. Praise God for your kind words of encouragement. Bless You Mightily in Jesus Name

  36. John,
    What an amazingly difficult thing to write about! I know the pain you must be feeling. My wife and I separated for approx. 6 months last year and it tore me up inside. When I finally removed my wedding band(nearly glued on!) I cried out to God. What EXACTLY did He want? I prayed and prayed for 2 weeks and got a response. Sometimes we should be careful in the things we ask Him, my answer was like a gut punch. "Love her as I love you."
    You think six little words don't mean much? Imagine running over in your mind every sin, every offense to God all at once, knowing He knows them all, and still loving me? All I wanted after that was to fall into an errant black hole and just disappear.

    My wife and I are back together now, but I still take it one day at a time. I have to keep His words on my heart always, or the anger starts creeping back in, and that's not how a peacemaker is supposed to act.

    You mentioned the first article that Steve Quayle posted of yours, that was my introdution to the mighty ministry God is working through you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do, it is by no accident that our King has put me in your path. What I am having difficulty conveying is that we are here to help each other, as iron sharpens iron.
    I will keep you lifted up in my prayers,
    Your brother,

    What a mighty God we serve, that He knows and loves us no matter our circumstances!

  37. Praise God for you Sam and thank you for helping me sharpen my steel. God Bless You so Much. Amen.

  38. I agree with so many comments above about how The Lord is separating us from the world. He is drawing His remnant out. I was equally yoked in ubelief the first 10 yrs of a 24 yr marriage. I gave my life to the Lord and stayed in the marriage somewhat against my will ( it was God's will that I stay until His plan came to fruition.) Then The Lord released me after 14 yrs having the unbeliever go so I, the believer, didn't have to.

    1 Corinthians 7:15 (King James Version)

    But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.

    I was free from the bondage of strife and struggle. Free to grow in Jesus like never before. The Lord has blessed my life beyond belief since He freed me from that which was probably not His will to begin with. The divorce was not easy to go through, but He sustained me through it all. I'm praying for you brother. Also praying for your wife…

  39. God Bless You for all of your prayers. Praise God for loving us all so much. Praise you Jesus.

  40. God bless you, John. I look forward to the amazing things God has for your life. You have truly been a blessing to me and my family. I told my husband that the Holy Spirit is constantly speaking to me. It is as if he is telling me to wrap up preparations, batten down the hatches and always keep my focus on God and His word. Fear not has a new feeling now. Thank you so much for your website and I pray for you to have peace in your life during your marriage transition.

    Praise God,


  41. Praise God for you too Susan. It's hard to realize how mighty and merciful God is and how he is working behind the scenes for all of those who love Him so much. Every ounce of encouragement I get makes me stronger and I pray in Jesus name the Father dumps down a job upon me that I may continue to stand upright and work in His service with all of my free time. Amen

  42. John, my heart aches for you and your wife. The bond that is created when a man and woman join in marriage is one of those supernatural, other-dimensional kind of things that people don't really have a grasp of, not all the dynamics involved. So, when the bond breaks, and the pain and chaos and every other negative thing that can be released by the broken bond happens, the only thing to do is huddle under the wings of the Almighty God. My prayer for you is that you find rest and peace and strength in that warm and wonderful place, and that the evil one be thwarted in his desire to do you harm. It is a true saying, "My God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:19….Although your flock of e-mail brothers and sisters cannot wrap their arms around you and give you hugs, I am sure I speak for many, that we are holding you up in prayer. You are loved!
    Nancy K.

  43. So sorry to hear about your marriage John. I lost my wife not through divorce, but to death. She died of a brain tumor at 38 years of age. We were married for about 15 years. (Got married way too young) She was an ardent student in Bible prophesy. I even went with her on occasions to church to study the Bible. She was so into her ministry that I even strayed and found a lover for myself. You can imagine the guilt I felt right after she died knowing I had a lover and she was dying and I didn’t even know about it. FOR ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT TO THE GLORY OF GOD. It was right after I strayed and found a lover for myself, was when she found out she had a cat. 4 brain tumor. She died a month later. I had a death wish for a while after her death. (God forgive me). I asked God why didn't he take me and instead he took her.
    Something happened to me one day that changed my way of thinking. I guess you can call it rebelling against God. While I was driving my car, I said to myself, who am I that God should know my name. I'm just a grain of sand in the sea of the billions and billions of people that have existed since the beginning of time. Right after that thought, I had something hit my face at a high velocity of speed. I had the car window open and thought I had been shot. I looked to see if I was bleeding and right between my legs I found what hit me. It was a nut, much like the squirrels eat. Everything happens for a reason John. Nothing is coincidence. I now find myself carrying the torch she carried when she was alive, warning people of what's to come.

    Thank you soooo much for your ministry on Tribulation Now. Please, please pray for me because I am far from perfect. I still love my women, but at least, now I can minister to them and try to warn them of what’s to come upon this earth soon while having a good time. You hold a special place in everybody’s heart in this forum
    God Bless in Jesus name
    Your brother Ruben

  44. WOW! Not the typical article I am used to reading from you. I am sorry for the pain you must be going through and encourage you to keep on keeping on! Selfishly, I tell you that your wife's loss has been my gain on many levels. Your articles and website have been such a tremendous blessing in my life and I thank you again from the bottom of my heart. He is truly separating His people at an alarming rate now. Just never forget that God's will will not take you where His grace cannot keep you! Love and Blessings to you always!


  45. Praise Jesus for you Rueben. That's correct, there are no such things as coincidences, particularly when God is trying to get your attention. Amen and God Bless You.

  46. John,
    I'm so sorry for all the pain you are going through. I endured a similar experience 3 years ago. It wasn't my marriage, but my friend of 35 years (we met in kindergarten) She started engaging in a relationship with a coworker and her husband was alerted via their cell phone company that they should change plans as texting was expensive on their current plan. He got a list of how much texting was going on and the affair was then blown wide open. She refused to acknowledge her wrong doing. I spoke with her many times but she refused. 1 Cor 5 was my guide to how I was to handle it- I could no longer be friends with her. And so we don't speak to this day, going on 3 years this month. My inner circle of friends that I had for 25-35 years have stayed friends with her, so I don't keep in touch. We are in the wilderness- we are told to come out and be seperate from these things.

    I know your wife is reading this- and I pray that you will turn around this moment and ask God for forgiveness. It's not too late for you. You made a grave error, don't live for the flesh which leads to death. I still pray for my friend and I will pray for you too.

    I get the sense that she felt neglected. Jesus told us to seek first the kingdom, we are to love God with all our heart, soul, and might. Then our spouses, and then children. John was just trying to live like that.

    God's peace to you, John.

  47. God Bless You Kari and amen. We are still talking and I told her I will always be her friend and all is forgiven. Let God's will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Praise Jesus

  48. John…when i read your letter last night, i wept and prayed.

    The Lord Jesus delivered me out of an abusive marriage…and has opened my eyes to His perfect love for me. I am free to listen to Him…Jesus has replaced are the horrible lies that satan (thru my spouse) poured out on me for 12 years.

    You handled your wifes sin with Christs grace. She is in need of a Savior…as brothers and sister in Christ we lift her up to Jesus to deliver her from satans grip.

    There are things God can't do. He can't overlook sin. He can't make you love Him. He can't make you accept the pardon He purchased for you, and He can't keep you from going to hell if that's what you've chosen to do. (from Grace Thru Faith site)

    Brother, I see Jesus in you…and it fills me with great joy (His joy!!!) Sue

  49. God Bless You Sue and God Bless all of you. I don't deserve such an honor to have so many people encourage me like this. Humble pie in Jesus name.

  50. What a powerful article John. Ive read trough ll the replies her, and I am all in tears. Gues I dont have much to add, its all been said. Jesus bless you John.

    P.S. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

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