The All Seeing Eye

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Evidence of the Consciousness Collective
Hidden Pyramids in Hieroglyphs and Reptiles inside Babies

Well here I go on another challenging journey of the impossible.  Okay.  Well perhaps it’s not impossible, but sure enough it’s not going to be easy to communicate.  I am really hoping to hammer this point home in a single article since (as many of you know) I am also working on finding that “day job” gig at the same time I take care of “God’s work”.

And ‘ya know what’s really cool?  Instead of working on some “technological advancement criteria” to prepare for the next job interview, I felt “led” today to work on this article instead.  I keep hearing the Lord speak to me in that “still small voice” and tell me everything is going to be “okay I have it under control”.  But I still struggle to trust the voice.  I still think it’s “my imagination”. 

And then, “get this”!  While I am starting to assemble this article, I get a call from a recruiting firm that is going to give me a shot at a local gig (Amen) for reasonable pay and I don’t have to be on the road Monday through Friday.  I have been praying SO HARD that I can continue Tribulation-Now and work with all our email list members in prayer and encouragement and that’s hard to do when you are running through an airport all the time.  So AMEN, and PRAISE JESUS, the Lord seems to be opening doors that might lead me to “something” that keeps me “hammering this keyboard” and doing the best I can to send you the awesome message that ….

So What’s Up with the All Seeing Eye
Look.  I have known about this “concept” of this “All Seeing Eye” deal now since I started to research the New World Order back in 1988.  Sure enough I heard that the “Eye” above the Pyramid of Gila on the Back of the $1.00 Bill was “The All Seeing Eye”.  Wow.  Okay. Then you start digging into it and all you get is this nebulous nonsense about Osiris the ancient “god” who is supposedly the same dude as Nimrod (or similar) and it blurs into this confusing mess of ancient pagan mysticism and ancient Greek “lore”. 
But we are no longer living in the days where “lore” is lore.  We are no longer living in the days where “mythology” is actually “myth”.  Right?  Surely you know this by now.  If not, you really need to grab yourself a glass of wine and start reading my articles starting back about a year from now.  It’s a lot of reading but I’ll be surprised if you aren’t blown away by the same revelations that I was.  I have been using Tribulation-Now as a sort-of “on-line” diary.  So you can see how I am “blowing my fuse” over the last 150 articles or so while the Lord is revealing seemingly impossible concepts to me.  Remember, I didn’t really even believe in UFOs when I started this web site and now look at the subtitles.  EeeeGad!
Here’s a hint.  The “All Seeing Eye” is a lot more creepy than you ever imagined and I have PROOF.  More on that later. 
And a special thanks to Jonathan Kleck and his amazing accident with the ink-jet printer.  Amen!
(you might even get to see me “co-star” on one of his videos soon … Lord willing)
Let’s Take A Crystal Skull Journey
Now many of you know that the “Illuminati” (ooooh scary) are creepy baby killers that like to hide their secrets by both “turning them upside down” (like Isaiah says) or sneaking them into Hollywood movies and other advertisements.  Never mind the recent Bud Light (?) commercial with the “replication” deal.  Surely you’ve seen it.  We are being front loaded like never before.  If you are not aware of this “front loading” phenomenon, then you REALLY need to start paying attention.  There is going to be a UFO landing (of sorts … who knows) and these space-freaks (alien-demon-fallen-angels) are going to pawn themselves off as “our creators”.  (Gasp).  No really.  Ridiculous?  I think so. But to the rest of the world ….. Uhmmmm.
So my best new Holy Spirit filled friend, Jonathan Kleck, comes to visit me over Christmas.  While everyone else is drinking egg nog, we are watching Ancient Aliens (History Channel) and believe it or not, “The Crystal Skull” movie with Indiana Jones.  Now I have learned to be patient with Jonathan because he doesn’t see things quite the same as most of us.  But the gift the Lord gave him is so scary accurate that I am constantly searching scripture to make sure I have not “lost it” for being his friend.  But I assure you – he is DEAD ON THE MONEY.  And he will assure you, it’s not him, …. it’s God.
The Crystal Skull at 58:33
At about the 58 minute and 33 mark on the Crystal Skull, there is an unveiling of this “alien-demon” entity on a table.  Its all fully of Hollywood stuff, but take a look at the entity that lies on the table as the unravel the cloth it’s wrapped in.

 Here during his scene, you have some spooky woman with what sounds to me like a strong Russian accent, telling Mr. Jones that she has found this mysterious set of “alien” beings or skulls (etc.).

Now allow me to be perfectly honest with you. I could care a less if I get the movie theme correct or mis-name characters.  That is not my point.  In fact I found it rather tedious to search out this information for you but it was IMPERATIVE you see these connections to understand the concept of the “All Seeing Eye”.

Here you see this “alien” being (or what they refer to later as an “inter-dimensional” being).  Notice please the shape of this “alien-demon’s” head.  This is critical.  If you cannot see very well in this picture, the skull is “elongated” and protrudes about 6 or more inches beyond the hand toward the back.  Take NOTE!
The Crystal Skull at 1:43:54
At about 1:43 in the movie, after you have seen this elongated crystal skull (cut out from inside the above alien-demon’s head), our heroins enter a chamber in a hidden mountain.  This hidden chamber has 13 of these “alien demon” entities complete with exactly the same elongated crystal skulls.  Did you notice the number.  Yep.  In fact there was a circle of 13 of these “alien-demon” entities inside the hidden chamber.  You can see them in this picture here.

You should also note that the Illuminati assembles “Councils of 13” across different zones of the world.  These councils of 13 run the entire operation for the “elders”.  You can see these crystal skull alien-demon entities circling about the picture above.
At one point in the movie, the creepy Russian woman mentions:
“One being physically separate, but with a collective consciousness.  More powerful together, than they can ever be apart”

Here she is pointing out that because one of the 13 skulls is missing, these “alien-demons” collective consciousness is not as powerful as it would be when all 13 are united.

At this point I would remind you that the back of the $1.00 U.S. Bill says …

E Pluribus Unim
Which means … ONE OUT OF MANY
Eventually you get to see the alien-demon skull united with its lost body.   You hear all sorts of dialogue like “they are speaking Mayan” (what a surprise), and “What are these … space men?” … “No .. they are inter-dimensional beings”.
Lots of Hollywood happens and the ceiling in the cave opens up and one exclaims “Its a portal to another dimension”.  Wow.  Nothing to surprising here … right?
After several minutes of dramatic dialogue the Russian woman starts yelling “I CAN SEE!  I CAN SEE”!!
Evidently after her imploring with the “alien-demons” they decided to “download” their vast knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil and she was able to see “ALL THINGS”.  No way!!
Oh this gets much better.  But for your edification I will share with you the snap shot of her receiving her epiphany.

Now. Again here in this picture you see the Russian woman getting a download of amazing information from all THIRTEEN of these “alien-demon” Illuminati space travelers.
Again at this point, all 13 beings merge into a single being.  This consummates the concept of E Pluribus Unim … meaning ONE OUT OF MANY.
After all 13 alien-demon entities merge into a single “being” what is left is the equivalent of a “Tall Grey” alien who is looking “pretty pissed off”.  No worries, his supernatural evil powers quickly catch the Russian womans’ eyes on fire and kill her.  And so the story goes.
Away with Hollywood, Now Reality
Before I show you how this all “merges” into the TRUE meaning of the “All Seeing Eye”, allow me to share with you the fabulous prophecy the Russian woman said in the movie as she was unveiling the last remaining Crystal Skull …
Imagine, to peer across the world and know the enemy’s secrets, to place our thoughts into the minds of your leaders, make your teachers teach our true version of history, make your soldiers attack on our command.  We’ll be EVERYWHERE at ONCE.  More powerful than a whisper.  In your dreams.  Thinking your thoughts.  For while  you “sleep” we will change you.  All of you, from the inside.  We will turn YOU into US.
And the best part … You wont’ even know it’s happening!
You still think I am watching too much television?  Uhmmm.  Well check this out.
Ancient Aliens, Season One, Episode Two
So during Ancient Aliens, season one, episode two, they set aside a major portion to talk about the mysterious 18th Egyptian Dynasty led by Akhenaten.  Hmm.  Well this was one really strange Pharaoh.  Evidently so unusual, this guy, that his sculptures and depictions were very much unlike the other “god” like entities they created in their stone images.  He had an unusual pooched out stomach and a very strange ELONGATED SKULL.
Knock knock.  Whos’ there.  Skull. Skull who?
 So here you have the History Channel showing archaeological evidence that this Akhenaten Pharaoh, who was allegedly from “another planet” or some type of “fallen angel space god”, had this elongated skull that was very unusual.
But they were quick to point out that other skulls of similar shape have been uncovered all over ancient Egypt.  And they were also fast to show that there was “skull elongation” practices taking place where the children would wrap their heads tightly to ensure their skulls would grow in such a way to “honor” their gods’.  Evidently this is a common practice in some places in Africa even today.  Weird.  Well.  Maybe.
And isn’t it super strange that non-Christians are getting into the game.  There have been recent You Tube videos showing the AMAZING similarity between Akhenaten and Obama.  Maybe they are stretching things a bit.  But that sure does look quite a bit like his wife.
Oh … who knows.
Perhaps we are too “bugged out” on the whole “alien demon” phenomenon.
We watch too much TV …. right?
The Hieroglyphic Epiphany
So Jonathan Kleck calls me one night the other day and is freaking out.  Evidently his ink-jet printer has run out of a particular color.  But because of this, the printer prints out a version of the Akhenaten 1,300 B.C. Hieroglyph as he never saw it before. 
Now there had been much speculation about the “All Seeing Eye” prior to this “print out”.  We had discussed how demons can in fact “read your mind” when a person is possessed.  And then listening to Pastor Pittman explain the dynamics of the “second Heaven” (as he called it) where the demons reside, it was a regular AT&T.  Evidently these demons are hard at work with a mission (actually several very specific missions).  And it is a “Military Industrial Complex” situation happening in real time.  “They” mean business (just like Haliburton ; )
So Jonathan prints out the the following picture.  But first before I show you it, let me show you the original hieroglyph the Lord led him to decrypt from 1,300 B.C. of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.  NOTE: The baby’s head in this picture.  Look closely and study the baby’s head.
Here, you will note, that as in the JustaMessenger series, we see Akhenaten holding his baby. Note that the baby has an elongated head.  Note that Akhenaten also has head gear likely hiding his elongated skull.  And we, by now, should all be familiar with the highlighted green portion showing this “grey alien-demon” like entity having sex with a female body part, INSIDE OF AKHENATEN! 


The secret to the All Seeing Eye is in this picture.

Do you see it?

The All Seeing Eye … Decrypted from 1,300 years BC
Here below is the picture of  Nefertiti’s baby zoomed in.  Now Jonathan has already pointed out that a portion of this segment with the baby’s head, when separated out, shows a picture of the devil.  So here you see the devil’s head and a close up shot of Nefertiti’s alien-demon bloodline infested baby.  The “demon-seed” of Akhenaten!
This may be a little hard for some to see. And it will be further demonstrated on Jonathan Kleck’s You Tube site.  But here you see a segmented portion of Nefertiti’s baby’s head. 
Inside the HEAD of the baby is a REPTILIAN entity.
And the EYE of the Baby is a PYRAMID with a circle inside.
The “All Seeing Eye” is a consciousness collective where the demons that reside inside of the unsaved and un-Holy-Spirit baptised are COMMUNICATING with one another.  In real time.

And Praise Jesus we are able to show you evidence of this from as far back as 1300 B.C.
Summary in Jesus Name
For some people this is super-complicated stuff.  For me it was a HOLY COW!!  I pretty much knew that the demon world communicated to one another in their own dimension / time space continuum.  I pretty much knew that anyone that wasn’t filled with the Holy Spirit and truly Born Again was a candidate for “at least” minor demon possession of sorts. 
Is that Lucifer’s army hid this information inside hieroglyphs over 3,000 years ago honoring their “alien demon” king Akhenaten… who looks suspiciously like the President of Kenya …. Oh whoops … I mean of the USofA.
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  1. John: I am praying for you, that God works out the details so that you can not only support your family, but–Do the work that he's called you to. What you are doing is desperately needed–especially now. I generally consider myself to be well-informed, yet I look forward to your Posts on a daily basis. I often forward on to my Pastor things you've written and file others away. You have the ability to take both technological and academically challenging information; compile the data, analyze it, translate the jargon and then disseminate it into a coherent, easily comprehendible format that those of us who are not so inclined–Can understand. Keep doing it! Mary

  2. Man are we sane? Its far worse than the twilight zone.
    At least with the twilight zone we can turn off the TV (mind u I haven't watched the idiotbox in over 4 years)

    Praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST HE has it all in hand

    Bless ya mate from down under

  3. Thank you for listening to the Lord to write this. This is my first time "stumbling" on your site – I wish I had found it years ago. I knew in my inner being that this was true – but never focused on it… but as I read it it was like the Spirit was affirming this to my brain.
    The Lord needed you to write this for many people's benefits, but I know for mine especially. Thank you. Last night, as I was praying for someone who really needs the Lord, I received a vision of this eye triangle thing that seemed to be protecting her… hence me coming to your site. It would make sense that I would see this vision being that this person is a satan worshiper… I am a graphic artist, so I asked the Lord if I could draw the "eye" that I saw… answer was NO… now I am very glad I didn't draw it – I didn't know what it was fully before today. I feel so ignorant of all the happenings and know that God needs me to do something. He's given me this gift of knowledge & discernment but I don't know how to express it and use it. Please, pray for me so that I can find the purpose I am suppose to fulfill with this discernment gift He has given me.

  4. Hi Joelle

    Praise Jesus, Get in touch with me directly by writing me at [email protected] and I will get you in touch with Jonathan Kleck.

    He would love to help you expand and use your gift. Amen!!

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