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Becoming Born Again
A Visualization

The following is a graphical visualization of what “I think” becoming “born-again” is all about.  Some of the concepts in the images below are scriptural.  For example, God says that we may not enter into heaven unless we are born again.  God also says that “unbelief” is a “sin”.  We also know that unbelief is the opposite of “faith”, or perhaps the enemy of faith.  We can also assume that unbelief is a result of education and worldly experience since having faith is similar to having the mind of a child (e.g. child-like faith).  This also explains why those who live in “developing” countries are far more receptive to the “spiritual world” than we are and why they receive “divine healings” more easily than we.

I attempted to capture these concepts visually below.  The reason I am trying to create these concepts visually is because our minds have been ravaged by “media”.  Satan’s army has effectively dumbed us down to a point where our minds are unresponsive to our own imaginations.  Whereas before television we could read a book and visualize all the things happening in our mind, now we have become virtually dependent on vivid media presentations to jar our thought processes.  This dumbing down of our minds and hardening of our souls creates unbelief.  Unbelief is a sin (this is scriptural).  All things not of faith, are a sin (scriptural).

This is my attempt to “fight back” using visual media to assist the reader in “visualizing” what our minds might have been able to imagine before we were poisoned with our life styles.  I am taking technology, used by the enemy in his effort to “dumb us down”, and shoving it right back into his face.  I pray this is a blessing to you and helps you understand visually, what otherwise is a concept too challenging for most of us to grasp. This has been an exercise that has made me say …. “cool”!  I hope you get the “coolness” feeling that I did too. 

Ineligible for Heaven

The normal person is born into sin.  Their spirit is sinful by nature.  You can look at this like an energy field that surrounds the person’s body and soul.  The “soul” is the natural part of your existence.  It is made up of your worldly composition.  It includes your thoughts, your emotions, your personality, etc.  The soul is of the “flesh” (again worldly) and it develops and becomes stronger as you grow older.  You will see on the subsequent images the black line between the soul and the spirit becomes “thicker” and acts as a barrier to prevent your spirit from communicating with the “worldly you”.

Notice the normal person’s spirit is dark.  It is full of “sin” which is arguably the absence of “faith”.  God hates sin and cannot allow it into his existence.  In the state of “human-ness” shown above, you are ineligible for entry into Heaven.

Becoming Born Again

At this point shown above, the person has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Providing they were not merely reciting some script at an altar and were really talking to the Lord (from their heart) and asking him into their heart, this causes a transformation of the spirit.  The spirit becomes “renewed” and the sin (at least for the moment) is flushed out and the Holy Spirit of Jesus (God’s breath) enters into the realm of the spirit and lives “within” you (your spirit).  This makes the person eligible for Heaven and they become “saved”.  They are now acceptable to God, whereas before they were not.
The Battle of Life
The image above shows how the soul acts as a barrier to becoming “spiritual” and receiving God’s blessings.  While the Holy Spirit dwells within our spirits, our soul (or spirit of unbelief), blocks us from receiving the power and insights available to us in our daily walk in life.  This is not an entirely bad thing however, because if we became completely spiritual we would not have balance and could not function in the world.  The peace of God that passes all understanding would stomp on our ability to do day to day things.  We would be aloft in a state of eternal ecstasy and become useless to God’s will.  Many of us wish we could enter this state of spiritual ecstasy and never return.  (Many of us have experienced this peaceful ecstasy when we were Baptized in the Holy Spirit and received the gift of tongues – BUT this is not part of this presentation and is a completely separate experience from “salvation”).  Development of this balance between the worldly and spiritual “us”, is what God needs to to achieve.  This way you become empowered to accomplish great and supernatural things on earth on behalf of his divine will.
Becoming an Overcomer
The final graphic attempts to capture the state of Godly spirituality.  Here the barrier of the soul has become but a dotted line.  Through the “sanctification” process (over time and with practice), you wear down this barrier between your soul and open up to receive that which resides “already” in your spirit.  At this point you begin to hear God’s word, receiving his healings, receive his divine power, and can act on behalf of the power of Christ that has been inside of you all along.  This is NOT AUTOMATIC and you MUST work on it through becoming closer to God through prayer, fasting, and other thought cleansing means.  But the closer you get to God the closer he gets to you.  Give it time.  Also you must be very liberal with your PRAISE.  Singing and praising the Lord all day long wears down this barrier between the soul and spirit and fortifies the connection to the divine.  Simply reading God’s Word, The Bible, can break down this barrier.  Remember the Word of God is “alive” (this is scriptural) and hearing this “Word” in your head (soul) breaks down the barriers and grows your spiritual powers on behalf of God.  YHWH God.  Jesus Christ.
– Amen
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