Captain’s Log Star Date 03-03-2011

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The Horrible Dagon Star Approaches
Holy Spirit Force Field on Full

Captain’s Log Star Date 03-03-2011
The “Horrible Star” predicted in the earth prophecy 2 Esdras 15 is well within Star Sector 7.  Star Fleet Command has warned of impending wars from the Dracos System.  An encrypted communications has been intercepted.  It appears the Klingon’s may have covertly attended the Nicean Council of earth year 325 A.D and removed critical information from the Holy Scripture.  Moreover the 1611 King James was pillaged to remove the earth prophecy of the Books of Esdras.  The population of earth is in peril and the church leadership is caught unaware.
Star Fleet Command has ordered all Holy Messenger Ships to proceed immediately to Star Sector 7 in the defense of our fellow trapped “Sons of God”.  It has been reported that Dagon warriors are already cutting a deal with the governments of the earth to seek protection in Deep Underground Military Bases. 
Earth communications have been corrupted and infiltrated.  Warnings have been issued for the enemy combatants to seek shelter from the fall out and impact from the Horrible Star.  Intercepted communications indicate that an earth news outlet called “CNN” has begun to release false information of a “Brown Dwarf” entering the solar system, but fails to warn the earth’s population of its proximity to earth and the imminent threat.
Many Legions of “Sons of God Holy Messengers” have been sent to earth to attempt warning communications through prophetic dreams, visions and other signs.
The Heavenly Back Office of the Almighty God, Ya va El, has been placed on FULL ALERT.

War is Imminent
– Yeshua Jesus King and Commander of “Operation Redemption
The Indiana Planet X Photograph
Yesterday I released to the Tribulation-Now email list an amazing picture of the “Horrible Star”.  Indeed the arrival of this threat to planet earth has taken a front row seat for many.
Here is that photograph.
The presenters of this You Tube video and photographers of this picture are Jesus filled believers.  Indeed they even ask themselves if they may be found worthy to be the Bride of Jesus Christ and “escape these things”.  They correctly point out the possibility this blue colored object (in this photo, marked “space craft”) could be the arrival of “Sons of God Messengers” following this “Dark Star”.  Maybe they are correct.  They point out that one of these “craft” is in the shape of a cross.
There are volumes of You Tube videos these approaching “UFOs” out there.  The description of these “objects” is “all over the map”.  Take your pick.  For more information on these approaching objects that “seem” to be tracking this “Horrible Star” search Google with “3 UFOs Heading for Earth”.
And to watch this excellent video of the believers in Indiana go here:
The Earth Moves Under Our Feet and the Sky is Tumbling Down
It seems to me that the “Sons of God Holy Messengers” are out in full force.  There are all kinds of warnings coming from the Jesus filled masses.  Not from the churches you see, but from the “sheep” that are seeking God with all their heart.
Here you see the “freaked out face” of a Jesus filled believer that has had something utterly astonishing happen to him.  He was concerned about all the reports coming in about a pending “Pole Shift” from the approach of this “Horrible Star”.
So instead of asking his pastor, it seems he took the matter in prayer to the Lord in the middle of the night.  He asked God to reveal to him what was going on with these warnings of a “Pole Shift”.
He reports that at the exact moment of his petition to the Lord, his clock radio immediate sprang to life and started to play the Carol King song with the words ….
” I feel the Earth, Move, Under My Feet, I feel the Sky Tumbling Down, Tumbling Down”
The time on the clock was precisely 3:09 AM.
Could this mean March 9th?
To view this awesome warning from our commander in chief, see the You Tube video here:
333, 333, 333 What’s Up with 333?
The Lord seems to be sending people all sorts of messages.  Jonathan Kleck went through a number of hours where he kept seeing 333.  One of Tribulation-Now’s key contributors Dorien from Australia, has pointed out some remarkable information about the sequence of the numbers 333.
Hi John,

Another interesting post from the blog I send you:

Math – April 4th, 2010 – (view article) I think 333 may be the number of Jesus.

I was told that Jesus lived in the world for 33 and half years. As a mathematician, I didn’t like 33.5 very much for it is not very beautiful mathematically. It would be “beautiful” if it were 33.333333…. =(1/3)*100. So, I check the web and find that

1. Jesus lived in the world for 33 years and exact 3 month (from Christmas to Passover using the Jewish Calendar of the year that Jesus was born).

2. It was said that Jesus was on the cross for three hours.

3. After three days, he arisen again.

The number 33.3 is mathematically more beautiful than 33.5. This is because, 1/3=0.333333…. is the first period decimal number. Note that 1, 1/2=0.5 are not period numbers i.e. will terminate (die). Period numbers repeat forever, and will not die. Also, note that the second period decimal is 2/3=0.666666…. corresponding to 666 (the number of human or Antichrist).

4. Jesus was one of the THREE persons on the cross. The other two (i.e. 2/3 ) representing sinful human beings. One of them believed Jesus and get saved. The other didn’t.

5. Of prophecies in the Old Testament, 333 texts deal with the promised Messiah. I think this is a good way to prove Jesus is the Messiah. I was “astonished” and “happy” to see these connections. I think finding your connection with 333 just means getting the connection between you and Jesus. What a wonderful thing it is!


And I believe it was 3 hours that the sky turned dark after Jesus said “It is Finished”.  Hmmm.

And WHAT’S UP with Bono and the Band U2.  Sure seems to me they KNOW SOMETHING.  Lookey here:

All That You CAN’T Leave Behind?

So what’s up with that funky title anyway?  And why in the world would there be a Gate named Gate “J” with the number 33-3?  And LOOK its pointing to the RIGHT.  Why?  What do they know?  What is going on here?

Surely you don’t suspect this is what they meant … DO YOU?

Matt 25:33-34

33 And He will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left. 34 Then the King will say to those on His right hand, ‘Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:


Summary in Jesus Name

Maybe its time to pack our bags full of “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”.  I wonder what that means?  Maybe it’s time to make sure our bags are packed with plenty of Matthew 25 Wise Virgin Oil of the Holy Spirit.  Maybe its time to DROP EVERYTHING and seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with all our hearts.  Maybe we should get a baby sitter for the night, close our homes, turn off our cell phones, and


Or maybe you can just watch Fox News, Glenn Beck and American Idol.
Evaluate Your Priorities in Jesus Name


Be Blessed in Jesus Name

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  1. One of my all time faqvorite articles!!!!!!!!!!! Really Goooooooood!!!!! You are a credit to the Kingdom of the Lord Johnnyeeeeee Boy!!!!!

  2. Praise the LORD! I loved the opening! Wish we had more time John, can you imagine the movie screen play that we could write?!?!?

  3. A month or so back, I too was experiencing this 333 phenomenon, replacing seeing 1111 everywhere. I looked it up in the Greek dictionary of the New Testament: 333 – BEHOLD, CONSIDER, OBSERVE. Now, if that doesn't just slap you upside the face and open your eyes! Praise Jesus!


  4. God Bless you all. Praise Jesus for you too Anonymous Jesus Lover!! Amen our redemption draweth nigh in Jesus name!

  5. I have had plenty of 333 and 1111 scenarios as well, but everyone, please, calm down. The bible CLEARLY states that "no one " knows the day or the hour, except for the Father Himself. People, look at who is putting out this info. Like U2. They are sell outs just like every other R&R band. What is going on is a grand deception. If you all read prophecy, and I have read plenty, there was a woman a while back that had a dream or a vision of a fleet of spaceships that everyone was running to because they thought is was the rapture, and she knew that it was a deception, and she tried to tell them but they didn't believe her, and they perished. PLease please PRAY for discernment. This is a deception. Too much needs to happen yet.

  6. God Bless You Anonymous. I definitely disagree with your analysis, but Amen for your comment. One does not have to "pray" for discernment when one can SEE the the reports from science and CNN of the brown dwarf. God Bless You

  7. Interestingly enough, the book Walk On: the spiritual Journey of U2. indicates that the gate J33-3 was done intentionally as a reference to Jeremiah 33:3 " Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." (page 158).

  8. Praise Jesus for you anonymous. Amen God speaks once, yeah twice and man perceiveth it not. And so many do not see God's fingerprint in all that surrounds us. I cry for them. God is calling His sheep back to him… just in the nic of Time!! God Bless You So Much for your wonderful words of encouragement. Amen

  9. How weird that Jeremiah reading above is mentioned. I am strugglng to get a grip. Last night i asked God to show me about this potential pole shift . I live in the southern hemisphere in australia. Anyway i am woken up b my cat at 421 approx in the morning. She has been waking me every night to go out in the early hrs but this is the latest she has woken me all week. Now m no expert but in the sky was this weird ball shaped object that was so bright. It sat low on the horizon. And next to it were stars. These stars were way tinier so this thing is enormous. My hubby tells me the next day this was Venus. But he didnt see it. It was big! Then i ask God again to show me . Then i ge here and read this Jeremiah reading.
    Im speecchless. Why s it God gives us at times exactly what we ask for?

    Now im not saying im right but gee i pray 2 times and 2 times i get confirmation!!

    How do

  10. Praise God for you Mel. You are not alone. Many of us are seeing these same confirmations. Praise God for you sharing. Amen and amen

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