Separated Unto Holiness

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A Lesson for Us All
An Awesome Testimony from Katie

With all of this “fantastic” information surfacing, may of us have fear.  However the scripture makes it clear we should be excited at the arrival of our King Jesus Christ.  Now make no mistake, I am by no means super-human, and I tremble and break down often when I see “that which comes upon the earth”. 

Just this morning I broke into tears realizing that maybe, our brothers in the Heavens could be coming here to “save us” with Jesus.  Maybe some of them will be giving their “host body” lives to “rescue us”.  But I take peace in knowing that if “we can be anxiously awaiting our transformation”, so indeed can they.

I realize these concepts are hard for many to embrace.  And again I say, that’s okay.  Its absolutely not a requirement to envision the majesty of God in an “intergalactic” scope.  As long as you do what Jesus said to do, and separate yourself unto holiness, and anxiously and prayerfully watch for His return, it stands to reason His love for you will conquer all.  In fact it will indeed.

Jesus wants us back!!

Supernatural Dagon Confirmations

Yesterday was a long and highly supernatural day, filled with astonishing confirmations on yesterday’s article entitled “Dagon “gods” Visit to Earth“.  It’s one thing to write an article as controversial as that one.  It’s a completely different dynamic when you’re receiving supernatural confirmations that what you wrote about is “actually happening“.

Within minutes of publishing that article, I received a communication from an email “List” member.  Evidently WHILE I was finishing that article on the “Dagon “gods”, she was simultaneously studying a video that showed the Roman Catholic Bishop’s “Mitre” (or head gear) is a “tribute” to the Dagon “gods”. (God Bless You Deb!)  Then 2 hours later I receive a call from Kenneth, in Pittsburgh.  He calls my attention to the fact that he just studied that same information only a day or two earlier and sent me the same picture in an email. 

When you review the content in yesterday’s article, and appropriately recognize that others were simultaneously being “witnessed to” on the same “connection”, the only possible answer is that God was confirming that the “NASA Scientist’s” reports to VonHelton are “real” and there is “life” on this Brown Dwarf “Horrible Star” (2 Esdras 15), and it is in fact visiting the earth on March the 3rd, 2011 to “cut a deal”.

Introduction to Katie’s Testimony

So yesterday was utterly overwhelming.  I haven’t told you the “half of it”.  New videos have surfaced to Tribulation-Now revealing “Nibiru” as never before seen.  And to make it even more astonishing, there appear to be “blue objects” traveling near by this “Horrible Star”.

Someone is coming with them!  Who could “they be”?

As I laid in bed last night answering emails from my cell phone, I wondered if I would have any new material to writing in an article today.  And THEN it came in.  To my utter amazement, I received an incredible letter from Katie.  I was in tears.

Katie’s Awesome Testimony

Hi John,

I’m not really sure why I feel so compelled to write to you. Usually I am fine with just reading your articles and staying behind the scenes. But after reading a lot of the testimonies and encouraging letters on your site I felt the Lord urge me to let you know a little about myself and encourage you to keep up the amazing things the Lord enables you to do.

My name is Katie and I live in St. Louis, MO. I’m only 17 years old and as you know, living on this demon infested rock, isn’t exactly always a walk in the park. My testimony doesn’t come close to many amazing christians out there, but here is a little background about myself:

I was raised in the Catholic church for about 13-14 years of my life. About 7-8 years ago, the Lord led my parents (them unknowingly) into a wonderful neighborhood where not too much later I would meet a family who would rid me of all the demons inside of me and teach me the TRUE way of the Lord. We started a home church just like the apostles and thats where the Lord reveled to us He was coming back for His Bride. (And let me tell you, having a mom that is a Catholic theologian…. Its not easy to tell those people your going to a church in a home with no confessions or priest. Hahaha, to them thats the end of the world!)

The Catholic school that I went to never stopped us from playing demonic games such as: Bloody Mary or even using Wigi Boards. When I was in 4th grade I had played with one and until I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit I had a demon latched onto me. I thank the Lord for His mercy and His blood everyday. Because of those evil games and the evil spirits latched to me, it led me to fear Satan. I had no power against him. Basically, I would “see things” at night. Satan tried to ruin my childhood, but for some reason I was always drawn to Christ even though I knew nothing about Him even after all my years as a “Catholic/Christian”. I didn’t even know why Jesus died on the cross or even that the bible was supposed to be read outside of church! How awful!!

I could talk about that stuff for pages, but more importantly, I found the Lord and have submitted and humbled myself before Him. I have let him take me and break me (more than once!) and most importantly heal me and make me strong in HIS way.

John, I feel that I need to write to you to let you know you hit many different audiences. I’m sure you already know that but I just felt led to remind you. Even though I am just a “kid”, I can relate to quite a number of things that you have talked about in your articles, even you yourself. I pray that this e-mail isn’t out of my flesh or pride. And I want you to know your articles have answered many of my questions and prayers. I know the Lord is coming back and I pray every day (more than once) that I may be worthy to go with. I went through a stage not to long ago where I was cleaning my garments and checking my spirit. Well let me tell you John, when you want to clean yourself out, God will clean you out! Hahaha, this stage was a “Everything in this world is evil! Music, Movies, and even SCHOOL!” And I’ll be the first to say, being a teenage girl in a high school with 3,000 kids, you’re weird if you don’t have the “Bieber Fever”. All I can do is be “different” and let the Lord lead me into my battlegrounds everyday pure and strong in His name.

In the end what this e-mail is, is just to let you know that I am praying for you everyday and just to encourage you to keep pushing forward. You answer prayers daily and obey. Even with carrying this burden of Jesus returning I continue to do what Watchman Nee says: When you sit on a chair where does all the weight go? On the chair. Well when your sitting on Yahweh, where does all the weight go? On Yahweh, exactly where He wants it.” I pray you do the same and not let these daily burdens affect you spiritually or physically.

Love your sister in Christ Jesus, Katie

Summary in Jesus Name

Its’ lonely in the “watchtower” sometimes.  You bet it is.  Some people read this information and their minds instantly “shut down”.  Some out of fear.  Some out of unbelief.  And that’s okay. 

But when you get a testimony like that, it makes EVERYTHING worth while.  Here you have someone who is obviously very intelligent, and was “separated by God unto Holiness”.  She was given the most awesome Baptism of the Holy Spirit by our King and Savior Jesus Christ and LOOK!   She “gets it”!

This testimony needs to be heard by all the young (and old) people out there today.  This is EXACTLY what God is doing amongst those that are called by Him.  Time is very very short and the forthcoming days are “not pretty”.

Katie knows this.  Did you hear FEAR in her heart?  NO!  Exactly.  That’s how we ALL should be.  She knows Jesus is coming for her and she anxiously awaits his return with PEACE in her heart.


… and get your plane ticket off this “demon infested rock”
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