Rapture Vision, Urgent Message from Choo Thomas

Urgent Message
The Final Countdown

Last night I was contacted by a blessed brother named Larry.   He prayed with me on the telephone for about an hour.   Larry told me that he has become good friends with Choo Thomas and that I was to call her today because she may be willing to come on the Tribulation-Now radio show tomorrow night to share her urgent vision of the Rapture.

Here on my desk is a piece of paper with her telephone number.   I’ve been reading her book “Heaven is So Real” now for quite some time but fervently for the last several hours.  It is amazing. If you are led to read this wonderful work and gift from our King Jesus Christ, I recommend you start reading now.  It appears that time has run out and those of us who are found worthy to “escape all these things” will be leaving earth very very soon.

I pray I am one of those found worthy.

Larry is Elvi Zapata’s brother.  I understand Elvi has received more exciting information was well.  I must call him later today as well. If you have yet to listen to the radio shows with brother Elvi, I cannot more highly recommend you consider doing so.  God Bless You. Here again in the link to the show(s)  archive …


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In a few minutes I will call Choo on the phone.



Choo Thomas –  Vision of the Rapture

I sense that there could be a final countdown to this message..let each one who have an ear, hear what The Spirit is saying to the Church this time for their own eternity sake… Urgent Messages! Praise the Lord for showing me the rapture vision today, December 27, 2011. This morning after my prayer suddenly my body had a stronger anointing than usual. I began to sing holy songs during the same time the anointing was stronger than the vision voice and the songs were mixed together. Also it got louder and louder and I could see the sky and then I saw grown people were popping out of their graves and flying into the air. At the same time so many people with robes were floating up into the air toward the clouds. This scene happened for a while. Then I saw the top of the clouds and the Lord was standing in the middle of the clouds and the angels were surrounding the Lord with trumpets. Those who were raptured were standing around the angles and the Lord. It was the end of the vision and the Lord said to post it on our website. This means whoever is ready for the rapture should focus on the trumpet sound at any time. The Lord already told me the Devil is after those chosen ones to be raptured so they can’t be raptured. He also told me that so many Christians even after the rapture will go into the Valley. Any Christian who has not totally died from every worldly thing will not hear the trumpet sound. I pray that whoever reads this message focuses on the rapture very seriously. The Lord began talking about the trumpet sound in the twinkling of an eye since 2011 after every one of my prayers until now. This happens four times a day. Anytime the Lord wants to do something He always talks for a long time before He does it. I believe the rapture is the final thing He is talking about. Remember “Heaven is so Real” is His end time book. Every reader of this message please take it very seriously. Remember anyone left behind will have to go through severe suffering. Only pure hearted people will see the Lord. Read Matthew 5:8. -Choo Thomas

Also please set aside the time to listen to Choo Thomas’ “Heaven is So Real” testimony here below:



Summary in Jesus Name

Brother Ron Reese has posted a number of compelling articles suggesting that the “sudden destruction” will likely happen sometime around January 28th of this month.  Here is a LINK to one of these recent posts. Brother Reese also submits that this will be the time of the “rescue mission” (rapture) of the Bride of Jesus Christ; the Church of Philadelphia.  Praise Jesus. I have received untold additional letters from other wonderful brothers and sisters that they are also receiving visions and dreams that correlate to this time frame as well. Here below is a snippet from one such email.  This is from our brother Raul.

Brother John, I know your busy, theres a vision that could be for this coming January, please can you look at these signs and vision and tell me what you think. If one knows the season of the Israel war, then one would know the nearness of the rapture, because its one of the 3 signs that Elvi Zapata talked about. Thank You. There is a vision from the 40’s that the russians will attack america Jan 26 of some year, which I believe its this one. But before the russians attack America, America is supposed to go to war with China first according to Dumitru Duduman So between now and Jan 25 the Americans are going to war with China. Israel will not allow Iran to go nuclear, and Iran is going to fuel the Tehran reactor this Mid Feb. So way before then sometime Israel is going to strike Iran from between now to this coming year 2012 in late jan. Russia and China as warned USA to keep their hands off iran, this might explain the vision, iran is attacked looks like this early to mid January and the Chinesse will act on their threats of WW3 and then the Russians attack next. If the rapture does not happen this year, theres strong signs this January.




Not only did this email catch my attention, but the date of Dr. David Owuor’s forthcoming conference did as well. The prophet Dr. Owuor was given a vision by our Father that the rapture would occur during one of his conferences / revivals. Here is the conference information Raul shared with me in the email:

Canberra Australia Conference
on January 26-28 India
And Jan 12 – 15 Australia

Please notice the word “Canberra”. Yesterday afternoon I was standing in a longer than usual line at the local convenience store.  Strangely my eyes were “yanked” to a shelf of paper products.  There were rolls of “paper towels” on the shelf.  The brand name on the paper towels was the same …



PS: Choo Thomas said YES!  Glory to Jesus.  She will be on the radio show tomorrow night (Sunday January 1st) at 8PM ET.  GLORY!!  See you there:










Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

72 thoughts on “Rapture Vision, Urgent Message from Choo Thomas

  1. One month ago I dreamt I saw Jesus’ face very very big…..in the sky….and everybody shouting Jesus!Jesus!!!very frigthened,I also frigthend,I close my eyes I pray God please take me ……..after that I woke up

  2. @ 23H59 31st december 2011 we had a night vigil in our church,for a moment whilst everyone was seeking the Lord Jesus in prayer i thot that this is de year for the Lord and even now i know in my heart something great is to happen in 2012,i dont know if im ready,please pray with me

  3. On November 2011 during night prayer (Yoel fellowship), we heard voice of trumpet (shofar). When we asked Jesus Lord what is the meaning, he answered, “That’s the first trumpet of Rapture.” The next day morning, our pastor also told the same story that during night prayer with his family, his daughter heard the voice of trumpet. It was very serious message, since Jesus Lord revealed to some persons in the same time. Two weeks later, my wife told me that in the night she heard the voice of trumpet clearly and woke up with heart beated. She told me that previously when I told her about the trumpets, she thought that the rapture still far enough – but at that night she really understood that the time is limited, because beside hearing the trumpet Jesus Lord also said, “Believe, the trumpet has been blown …” The newest (2012/01/08) — last night during night prayer (Yoel Fellowship), through Michael (the angel), Jesus Lord told, “After several minutes (heavenly time), the second trumpet will be blown. Don’t love the world with everything inside, since the third trumpet will be the trumpet of Rapture! The time is limited!” Praise the Lord! “He who gives witness to these things says, Truly, I come quickly. Even so come, Lord Jesus.” (Re 22:20)

  4. I believe each and everything each person said, I believe Our Lord Jesus will come again and rapture the pure hearted Christians…I myself have backslidden from the Lord :'( Please pray for me, my friends and family…is there anyway I can reach Siser Choo Thomas let me know, Thank You and God Bless You All!

    1. Hi!

      if you have fallen back, the best way to get on track is through reading the Bible- God’s Word. You will be restored in Jesus name amen. I was a back slider and reading the bible and obeying it helped me grow closer to God.

  5. sometime ago i was very powerful in prayer and in the word. i had a dream i can stil remeber so clearly that its was judgement day and Jesus was in the sky and there were two entries and left and right when i got closer to the man in the middle which i issume was jesus i started repenting and he said to me go back you not done ………..go do right the time is near.

    please pray with me i dont wana missout on heaven.

    1. As long as you repent of all your sins, and STOP SINNING immediately and remain in praise, worship, prayer and seeking Jesus with all your heart then you don’t have anything to worry about. GLORY TO JESUS!!

  6. Hi my name is Katriena and i lost my little sun of seven and it is so hard to worship while you are grieving. Could you please pray for me that i`ll will stand firm tilll the Lords return. I also dreamt in Feb 2012 about the rapture, but i was not raptured. i`ll repent to the lord and run to peoples gates and call on them to repent and to be saved. But some dogs were standing in my way!!!

    1. Hi!

      take comfort in knowing that you will see your son in heaven when you get there. i pray that God helps you overcome every obstacle in your life in Jesus’ name.I pray you are ready when Jesus comes to get us all.

    2. Katriena,am so sorry about your son, just know he is in heaven. I can imagine how you feel but its okay to grieve but dnt try and hide it from God, if you need to cry do it in His presence. Also find people around you going through the same thing,pray together,encourage one another. I will keep you in my prayers.



    1. Zandile

      I know exactly how you feel. Its a battle. I wrote these two articles a long time ago to help people because I was having the same problems too.

      Advice to a Porn Addict

      Stop Sinning Now

      This is a fight. We have to fight the fight and WIN. If you are continuing to sin but are fearful of missing the rapture, you are CORRECT … you should be fearful, because you will NOT make it. The rapture is only for those who truly fear the Lord and have prayed to Jesus with all their hearts and have got the sin out of their life. Its not easy. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t saved. This means that you will probably not make the rapture. The Great Tribulation is going to be awful. You must fight the good fight and get the sin out of your life. Pray to Jesus constantly for help. Change your life style. Stop going to places that have temptation. Change your habits. You CAN DO IT.

      God Bless You

    2. There is grace to live a holy life,ask the Holy Spirit to help you, constantly talk to Him and obey Him, always plead the blood of Jesus on your mind,your thoughts,your motive,your heart. Make a conscious effort to condition your environment, be careful what you listen to,watch and read. Mostly importantly have a prayer life. Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be on to you in Jesus name. Amen!

    3. Jesus is there for the falling and rising of many in Israel,keep it up sis nokthula, God will help u in Jesus name!

  9. I have read Choo Thomas’ book, Heaven is so real. It is really a beautiful thing knowing what God has prepared for us in heaven. I’m going to start publishing tracts on salvation this month. I’m calling it “I TAG”, short for “I’ll Talk About God”. Coz as the game (tag) goes, once you’re tagged, you’re “it” and you gotta go on tagging others. Please never stop spreading the Gospel of Christ. You can like my Facebook page: I’ll Talk About God.

    1. Amen … Very well said. God Bless You. Jesus said (Luke 9:62) “No one, having put their hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God”. Even Penn Gillette, an atheist said “How much do you have to hate someone, to know about eternal life, and not tell them about it.” Wow. Here is Gillette’s testimony … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhG-tkQ_Q2w

  10. Hi!

    take comfort in knowing that you will see your son in heaven when you get there. i pray that God helps you overcome every obstacle in your life in Jesus’ name.I pray you are ready when Jesus comes to get us all. God bless you.

  11. Grace unto you!

    After reading this book Heaven Is So Real my life is completely changed. when I was a child I heared about the coming of Jesus Christ then I started loving Him. I said to myself I want Jesus to take me as well when He come’s back.
    After reading Heaven Is So Real, Divine revelation of hell etc, I can feel Jesus is on His way. Please pray for me to stand and to seek Him all the times

  12. Last year and this year may 3th i saw avision about the rapture.It’s real Jesus is coming soon.

  13. Hi everyone

    The time is over,Jesus can come at anytime anyday.I think we are living on referee’s optional time.If you study the bible thoroughly paying more attention on God’s prophetic watch through the prohpets like Daniel,the gospels and the book of revelations you see what I ‘m saying.The lord has made me to study more and deeper about his coming and the events to take place after this.As the book of Revelations says,in chapter 4:1,that John was told to write what he has seen and what will take place after this,referring after the church has gone to heaven with Jesus.After chapter 4 we hear only about suffering that has never occured since the creation of the universe tha will befall those who’llm remain behind.So,lets all be dressed ready for his coming and keep our lamps burning.So that, when he comes he might find us ready.Gods prophetic watch says,the time is over.You who is fast alseep,wake up because you might miss the train.And you backslider,comeback.Devil is deceiving and he wants you to spend you eternity in hell. Jesus loves you.It’s never late.You sin will be washed away and forgiven.

  14. Dear All,

    in past few months i had dream of tribulation . i never had such dream entire in my life .
    i’m not from christianity, i belong to a community where idoltry is daily karma. i have welcomed my shepherd my Lord the ultimate King of the Earth Yeshua .pray for me so i will be escaped from all stuffs contrary to word of God.

    About time of the events only God knows the Best, Amen

  15. hallo
    please pray for me that i get a spiritual, financial, physical breakthrough, am a chrisian but have a lot of setbacks all the time i want to pray i feel discouraged and later tomented at night that i end up falling in my bad old habits of alcholism, finacial problems and that i feel the strong drive of taking my life. please pray for me my things have reached undescribable level. do not hesistate to contact me for more

  16. My heart is filled with burden and my eyes filled with tears as I read these testimonies. I work in a supermaket store where alcoholic drinks are sold.And mostatime people come asking for creams that will make them bleach and I have no option to than to sell it for them. I have decided to expand my prayer time.Praying and repenting at the hours of 6am,12noon, 3pm,6pm and 11am.
    But then each time I pray, the spirit always take hold of my tongue and I speak in tongue.
    Please pray with me let the lord reveal to me my spiritual stand.And also advice me on what to do. I don’t want to miss rapture.

    1. Thats good you speak in tongues…The spirit makes intercession for you, the spirit knows what to pray for even though
      you dont understand. Pray for interpretation of your tongues…God Bless.

  17. Praise the lord, Greetings to you & family, in the name of our Lordf & saviour Christ. I am an Indian.
    i want to know more about the Rapture & Latest days events, if your haver any Books pls., inform me that i can buy.
    Thanks & pls.., pray for us, I am married 1 daughter studying in the university India.
    yours in Christ,

  18. my dear, Choo Thomas, I always believe you from what you tell us. I believe JESUS CHRIST is coming soon, and I always frighten when I hear a word from GOD. Just be with me in your prayers. I will be with you spiritually. May GODS hands be with you. A MEN.
    Christine, Tanzania.

  19. Knowing that Jesus is coming soon, must be making everyone preparing himself/herself to be ready for that. On the other side, there are so many teenagers and the youth doing bad things in their life while their parents or people around them are also busy with their bussiness or their activities without pay attention to them and let them with their bad attitudes. I am not sure if those teenagers and the youth are really ready for Jesus’ coming and know well about that. Please, pray for them and for the people arround them to take care of them and have empathy for them.

  20. I thank God for revealing Himself to people of the world in a time like this, in area of knowing Him and serving Him alone. I am blessed.

    I had a dream. I feel that I should not keep it to myself alone but to share it to the entire people of the world. Please email me if you consider it worthwhile to post it for people to read. Below is the dream.

    I had a dream – A warning from God to nations of the world.
    On the night of Saturday, 4th August, 2012, I had a dream. Although, I did not know exactly the time I had the dream because I did not look at the clock when I woke from sleep. But I think it was between 3.00am to 4.00am on Sunday of 5th August, 2012.
    While I was sleeping, I had a dream. In my dream, I was in a group of 3 people who were studying the Bible. The forum was like a Bible study meeting, where one person was coordinating. The coordinator of the Bible study (which I did not know) requested that we should open to Isaiah chapter 34 verse 4 (Isaiah 34: 4). One of the participants of the Bible study (whom I know to be a brother in the same Church fellowship) stood up to read the quoted Scripture. Immediately he stood to read from the Bible, I woke from sleep. I prayed to God so that I can remember the Bible quotation and God allowed me to remember it. I know the Lord allow me to remember it for a purpose – to share it to people for further dissemination without delay. As you read this testimony, pray and ask the Holy Spirit for direction and give it a wide publicity. It is very important in a time like this.
    Verse 4 of Isaiah 34 says that “The sun, moon, and stars will crumble to dust. The sky will disappear like a scroll being rolled up, and the stars will fall like leaves dropping from a vine or a fig tree”. The caption of Isaiah 34 in the Good News Bible says that “GOD WILL PUNISH HIS ENEMIES”. And the whole Isaiah 34 summaries that God is angry with all the nations and all their armies, as a result, He has prepared his sword in heaven against those people whom He has condemned to destruction. But His people will live for ever in peace.
    I believe it is a warning to all the nations of the earth to repent from their sins and turn to God before the dreadful day of the Lord comes. God wants us to live in peace with one another. Hebrews 12: 14 says “Try to be at peace with everyone, and try to live a holy life, because no one will see the Lord without it.” Please, I appeal to all readers of this testimony to make effort to seek God daily and take refuge in Him alone before it is too late. The rate of crime in the world especially killing of people is quite alarming. God is seriously angry with those who take murdering as their hobby. They should repent and turn to God before it will be late for them. All glory and adoration be to God Almighty who considered me worthy to reveal His word to me. My soul and spirit never seize to thank God my Father. I look forward to seeing more revelations from Him about His second coming. Amen.
    [email protected]

  21. I’m so grateful for how Lord is using you to these last days,may the Lord continue
    spiking to you for the salvation of our souls .I agree 100% that your massages are very true so that very pure.Bless you chosen,pray for me so that my soul get prepared for rapture I want to see the Lord and meet you in Heaven.I’m saved

  22. Dear sis in christ choo thomas.
    I am Aruna from India A.P. I read your book heaven is so real in the testimonies of heaven website, it is very interesting book. After reading the book, I came to know very muchn about heaven and hell and what it is like. I took the printed copy of that testimony and I distributed freely to many people in India A.P. Many hindus in our region read your testimony and have been blessed and came to know that Jesus is the only god. And in this book I read about rapture that rapture is going to happen very soon. I am preparing myself for the rapture. I don’t want to miss the rapture. In the year 1998 I lost my younger brother. All of our family members were grieved very much of the sudden death of my brother. One day I was asking our lord why has this happened, suddenly I saw a vision of rapture. It was in the morning at 10 a.m 19th sept 1998. In the vision I was raptured and I was being lifted up and I reached the sky .In the sky I saw millions of people. And in that huge crowd I was searching for my brother and after that my vision was ended. Through that vision god showed me that one day I will meet my brother in the rapture . From that day on words I think very time about rapture. I want to tell the poeple about rapture. I want to prepare all the people for the rapture, because in India many people are not aware of the word rapture. Please pray for me to our lord to use me mightly for his service. I want to see heavenly vision, my heart is thirsty to see the lord. I want to do his ministry. Please ask to our lord to speak to me.

  23. please pray for me and my family i have excepted the lord Jesus as my savior a few months back and couldnt be any happier. but sadly i have backslide but just yesterday i went to church and i sat down and thinking of everything i have done and in my heart i knew i had to go back with the lord i needed the love and protection that the lord gave me. so i got up and reconnected with the lord. i ask him for his forgiveness and to wash me clean from all i have done. i know very soon that the rapture is almost near and time is running out, and im really afraid because i dont want to stay behind and neither for my family. i know that more than ever i must keep my faith strong and keep seeking help from the lord, but for some reason each day i have negative thoughts and im aware of it. and as much as i try to push those thoughts to the side it seems like its never gonna end. sometimes i think is the enemy trying to make me fall. i dont know what to do. please pray for me.


  24. I have commented about “rapture issues” on other websites…mostly New Age, where there are witches and wizards who often come against me, whatever teachings I am bringing..and place me in condemnation. No matter if the subject is “Star Trek”, “Time Travel”, “StarGates”,…or related mischiefs (google “former white hat”..he is famous for using info from the CIA to directly catch innocent believers into disinformation and ‘alien lusts’)..that our military people are surrounded by occultic personalities and programs. That the American Government..(and lots of other major governments) are caught up in the occult and related “scientisms” (‘stargate manifestations’ are the direct involvement of the demonic)..and on and on..so that real science and pseudo-scientific
    nonsense are both held in high esteem…with no discernment concerning the “demonic cloaks around the research and peoples involved”. President Obama himself has been involved here (see exopolitics.com)..and this country is about to endure another major deception concerning him and demonic activity…they call it a “false flag”. I just dropped in to give everyone here hope..and a prayer resource.

    I used to work for this service..and can highly recommend it..as they have a very high achievement record for answered prayer…the 24 hour Prayer Line at Calvary Cathedral Fort Worth Texas ( a ‘holy-spirit-filled church’) at: 817 332 4284. prepare for his coming..and help others prepare. Even very small children will soon guide adults into receiving forgiveness…reconciliation..and healing.. that those brought forward are to help “repair the breach”.

    William in Fort Worth

  25. i wonder how the rapture is very near and people are still engaging in sinful acts even born again christians.people now choose to do some sins which they term them to be small sins and remain in churches think that for those small sins they will still be raptured.please lets talk to each other the truth on how to be raptured also lets pray everytime for the church because many peoplewill be left behind if they will not change their ways.be blessed.

  26. My wife had a vision and in this vision myself, our son and my wife were knealing before the throne of Father God. His throne sat very high and a thick cloud surrounded him. Before him I was looking up as though I wanted to say something but he reach out his hand and hugged me.
    Does any one have an interpretation to this dream because I realize that only the pure in heart will see his face.

  27. Choo Thomas mentioned that even raptured saints will go into the valley, this is very serious. If it takes a pure heart to see God,
    then it’s still difficult to enter in I suppose many of us are in trouble.

  28. Ive seen 2 year nrs last year that God the FATHER shown me 2013……………20 still ask the Lord what this vision mean,saw the rapture numerous times last year,all gory and honour unto the HOLY TRINITY AMEN……………..

  29. Praise the lord Sis Choo,
    I finished reading Heaven is so Real last night and what a blessing and eye open it is. It made me understand that we are truly in the last of last hours the rapture will take place any time. Please please up hold my husband n your prayers he is Muslim to know Jesus as the only TRUTH WAY and the life , may he get encountered with the holy spirit and revel himself alive , we are praying for his salvation for long time.
    This is my urgent request.
    May the lord help each one of us to be vigilant and ready for his move
    Thank you

  30. I had a hard time when I heard that Madam Choo Thomas has passed away! Sorrowfully I was so disheartened because I got to know many thing about
    our LORD JESUS CHRIST through her, but May the Name of JESUS CHRIST be praise always , I believe it has been happen for His good plan! Oooh hallelujah!

  31. Today i took my phone to check the time and the time was 12:21.i personally believe something will happen today.i hope my lord comes today.i believe the 12 is december and the 21 is december 21 2013.maranatha jesus is here.jesus will show us a sign of his coming today.

  32. In 2005 the lord showed me in a dream. a church service was going on and there was an overflow because a lot of people sat outside to listen to the sermon. Suddenly the rapture was taking place and many people including the pastor were not aware.

  33. last year i dreamed of the Lord.eventhough i can’t see His face His smile is very clear to me and that night was unforgetful.I’m a Christian turned away from Him and by His mercy and grace came back in His Loving Arms.I commited my whole hteart body and soul only to Him alone.i thank the Lord for delaying His coming for i still have a lot of things to change and accomplish for His glory.i may commit sin and weakens from time to time but this great fear of Him pushes me to live my life righteous in His sight.thank You for writing HEAVEN is so real.i keep on reading it over and over again..God Bless us all!

  34. I had a rapture visions where i was flyiny in the air with other people and immediately i was lifted higher and i saw heaven.it was beautiful and entirely made of gold and the vision stopped.rapture watch dates may 19-june 8 2014

  35. I am so eager to enter into the rapture. The Lord has told me that the rapture will occure soon. He gave me some signsthat are scriptural and told me to write a book about them, which I did. This book can be found at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/lancelottucker. Please note that I am not trying to advertise or sell the book on this site. Instead, I am merely letting the world know that Jesus is coming soon and we will be going homeany day now.

    Maranatha! The Lord will come. “Come Lord Jesus, Come.”

    1. The rapture will not happen until the calamities and the Harvest occurs just like God’s holy prophets have said. We have a rough ride ahead God bless you

      1. I’m a born again child of God, the previous year 2016 I had a lot of challenges and I ended up accepting the divorce my husband contested, I think I will be free indeed and start praising n praying to God dedicating my whole life to Him since I had no quality time with God and would sleep without praying! Please pray for me as I even created a group to share about Godly issues.

  36. Glorious to hear all this ! I am born again nd i have some visions on rapture. i know rapture is real but help me in pray to be rapturable. COME LORD JESUS.

  37. Hi,
    Thank all for sharing heart with the world.Sometimes I dream about the signs which which happen before the world ends and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.At first I dreamt about the coming of Jesus Christ. The moon or the sun was not giving its light. On a certain I saw Christ when he was descending with great gorly. I also dreamt about the sun changing its direction. I was standing in the Eastern region when of a certain it changed its direction to the West. It was at evening when it happened. The other dream is about the new Jerusalem. My sister and I was running towards the huge gate while a mass of flowing water was after us. We saw dollars gold left behind on our to the gate.I gave a loud cry when I saw the mass of water almost reaching us. And I wake up. I really don’t know if the Lord is trying to use me to tell about the message about is coming to the world. Please me for me so that I will have the confidence and courage to speak to those who don’t know.

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