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WARNING Sudden Destruction and Rapture … 2-3 Weeks

Earthquake – Tsunami – Nuclear War
Rapture of the Holy “Sin Free” Church

Time to take a deep Holy Spirit filled breath. I have been praying for peace from our Father, so I can continue aggressively with the warnings in hopes of pulling people from eternal fire. This isn’t easy since I tend to freak out just like anyone else.  Glory to Jesus!

God speaks to His children in different ways.  Some He speaks to in a still small voice.   Others are communicated with in far more dramatic manners.  When the Bible says that God does nothing unless He speaks it first through His prophets, it does NOT mean everyone who considers themselves to be a prophet.  It means CERTAIN prophets.  Our Father chooses the willing vessel He wishes to speak through.

Amos 3:7

7 Surely the Lord God does nothing,
Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.


And indeed God has spoken “clearly” through His prophets.  If you are an Elijah List member and have formed some sense of comfort with them, you best wake up.  If you are playing “Farmville” on your computer and taking comfort from the “itchy ears” emails you get from your favorite group of Christian leaders – you BEST WAKE UP.

My Sister, God Bless her, emailed me.  It was a nice email.  She sent it in a kind effort to help me “calm down” and become the “friendly kicked-back” Johnny she is so familiar with.  Really?  If you saw a woman with a small child standing in a street with a Bus heading right at them … what would you do?

The Lord speaks to me in a different way than many other people.  I’ve had to learn to look for “coincidences” in my life.  Strange phone calls.  Unexplained emails.  Things that simply could not happen if it weren’t for some type of “supernatural” force causing them to happen.

Frankly I don’t care if I am wrong.  I would rather be wrong a thousand times over than let one person suffer in the eternal torment of Hell.  I refuse to sit still.  I can’t do it.

How is it that I imagined more than a year ago that the rapture of the “holy” church (of Philadelphia) would happen when “all hell breaks loose”?  Was it of my own free will?  Was it just a vivid imagination?  Were all these articles and years of writing and radio shows (etc.) all just a figment of my imagination?  I’m promising you they were NOT.  Do I claim to be right about everything?  No.  Am I utterly dumbfounded that so many of my writings and postulations have turned out to be correct?  YES.  Have I spent hours in tears over these things praying out to God pleading for help?  You bet I have.  Giving praise?  You know it … GLORY TO JESUS.


Warnings from God’s “Chosen” People

Every time I embrace one of God’s “chosen” few and publish their work on Tribluation-Now, the “so-called” Christian “discerners” come out of the wood-work and start to correct my course.  They say awful things sometimes.  Other times they simply “come off” as if they have found some special information and wish to warn me of my folly.  These folks never stop to think for a second maybe “they” were the ones who were decieved.  I would submit to you that virtually none of these people have ministries;  but you better believe they have an opinion.

If I have learned anything in these last (approx.) 3 years of writing articles for Tribulation-Now, its FEAR OF GOD and HUMILITY.  If you don’t fear God, my heart bleeds for you.  I asked our Father this morning in my prayers to keep me from crying and losin-it today (and over the next few weeks) so I could keep my composure and help people as many people as possible.

People are writing me from all over the world.  They are in fear for their salvation.  AND THEY SHOULD BE!  We all should be.

1 Peter 4:18

“If the righteous one is scarcely saved, Where will the ungodly and the sinner appear?”


Through various supernatural “coincidences”, I have been personally led to various major prophets and people taken to Heaven IN PERSON.  How many church pastors do you know that have had the same thing happen to them?  I’m sure there are some.  I don’t know.  To me this is astonishing and I have to believe it is impossible (unless God was involved).  I’m just some 49 year old man who lives in Tampa, Florida in a 2 story house in a cul-de-sac, with two dogs.  I am the LAST person in the world this should be happening too.  I am so afraid of the wrath of God that I fear my own salvation should I mislead or lie to you in any way.  Quite frankly I am both scared to death, anxious, and very very excited at the same time.


Connecting the Dots – Rapture Syzygy

The Lord has supernaturally led me to Elvi Zapata, his brother Larry, and even Choo Thomas, praise JESUS.  Previously the Lord led me to my awesome friend, Jonathan Kleck; and soon after that Zen Garcia.  I receive emails almost every day from some of the most amazing people (watchmen) in the world  (Alexander Backman, Professor Truth, and many more). These are not “subscription” emails people … these are PERSONAL emails.  Steve Quayle has called me on my cell phone and sent books (free of charge) to my home.

This is an email I was sent from Larry (Elvi’s brother) regarding our Radio Show with Sister Choo Thomas the other day.


The Holy Lord Jesus Christ is about to move on your radio    show in a very big way.  Yesterday I asked The Lord if he wanted his precious daughter to go to any other radio shows as he told me he is about to give her another major revelation he said NO my son.  I am so pleased with the way John treated my precious daughter that is the only radio show I want her to go on.  Wow this is straight from God himself.

Choo told me she felt the anointing on you when she interacts with  another anointed one of God her anointing really increases.  She is so pleased with your show she asked me to ask you if you would  please send her the links for all your radio shows as you send them to me.  I’m positive Choo has told God how pleased she was with your radio show.  I’m telling you she has some kind of relationship with God she is so special to him.  She was so excited yesterday about your show I spoke to her five times yesterday.

Your brother in Christ


Remember I am just some “guy” living in Tampa.  The “odds” of all these things happening to me are one in a ZILLION.  This is literally impossible.  You have to understand this.  Praise Jesus.  Now all that aside, I am going to share with you some other things that have been communicated my way.

Here is a reprint of an urgent message from a sister in Jesus published on Choo Thomas’ web site.  I didn’t know about this message.

May 1, 2011

Vision from the Lord – Earthquake and Tsunami in California

Calamity coming to California! Repent!!!

Received on 4/16/2011

By Sister Hyang Mi Moon

Location: Los Angeles, CA Korean Church

After the nightly prayer services, we had a time of impartation in which we received and accumulated more fire from Pastor Kim, Yong Tae.

Pastor Kim, Yong Tae said a prayer over us for blessings and for deeper revelation. He asked that the word be revealed with more wisdom and prophecy.

Within a couple minutes, I saw a vision. I saw a yellowish golden colored street with gem stones. “It is heaven!!” I thought to myself. But in within that moment, my body flew up into the air and I was above California.

In front of my eyes, I was witnessing the scene of a horrific earthquake and tsunami. The calamity was overwhelming the state of California (But I am not sure if the initial earthquake is going to shake the whole state or parts of it). The scene included cliffs on the shore crumbling with buildings and trees being engulfed by water.

A great and fearful event was occurring right in front of my eyes. My flesh, soul, and spirit were shouting with one voice. “Noooooooo!!! Noooooooooooo!!!!” What was being shown to me was too great to bear. I could not do anything but scream. My whole being was screaming. As I screamed, my body and soul trembled in fear.

I saw people dying. They were dying in vain. I saw the empty stares of the people. They did not have time to scream. They died as they were swallowed by the tsunami. Some attempted to escape by car. Some were running to escape. I saw the horrible fearful expression on their faces and eyes. It was a melting pot of terror and pandemonium. Chaos began to reign.

The Love in His Heart emanated toward us and those who did not believe in Him. His Heart was torn into million pieces as it dripped blood. As the Lord held His blood dripping Heart, He said,

Above the horrific scene, I saw the Heart of Father God. His Heart was torn into a million pieces.











(Link to the Page)

Please note the date of May 1, 2011.  That’s way back when most of us were freaking out about the New Madrid situation and Harold Camping’s prediction.  Wow.  That is MONTHS PRIOR to brother Elvi Zapata being given his THREE FINAL SIGNS from our King Jesus Christ.





Then last night I receive THIS MESSAGE from Larry, Elvi’s brother.  Listen.  Sometimes we don’t disclose all the information we believe we were given because we are not sure about certain things.  Okay?  This means I have been told MUCH MUCH more than I have written about.  Half the time I can’t even remember all the things I have been told about.  So when I finally freak-out and write an article you are only hearing the “big stuff”.  Amen?

After I published the article “Destruction FIRST then Rapture“, by some unbelievable coincidence, Elvi’s brother Larry got in touch with me via email.  WHY?  I don’t know.  THEN Elvi is told by the Holy Spirit to disclose extremely controversial but critical information on Tribulation-Now’s radio show.  WOW.    Here are links to these two shows …

Elvi Zapata’s Visit With Jesus – The Alien Conspiracy

Elvi Zapata’s Visit With Jesus – Alien Planets and More

Then it turns out by some UNBELIEVABLE miracle that Larry, Elvi’s brother, is Choo Thomas’ friend.  He emails me and tells me that I need to call Choo Thomas on the phone so she can come on the radio show.  Here is a link to the AMAZING show we had last Sunday night.

Vision of the Rapture – Special Guest Choo Thomas

PRIOR to the show we did with Elvi, (The Alien Conspiracy), Elvi and I spoke on the phone.  Larry also followed up with emails saying the same thing.  BOTH of them believe that what Elvi was shown in Heaven by Jesus indicated that the United States was going to go through massive destruction possibly as early as FEBRUARY this year.  We asked Elvi why he felt that way.  He said it’s because when he was shown these things by Jesus that there was “still snow on the ground”.   While we mentioned it on the show briefly, we didn’t make a big issue out of it.

Last night I receive THIS email from Larry.


Here is a message Elvi just received from Alexander     Backman.  That confirm from a prophet in Mexico that Elvi is a true    prophet form God.

Elvi just received a phone call from a TV station somewhere in the    north east that wants to do an hour and a half show with him. I will    have more details later will let you know.

Elvi knows this true prophet in Central America that has a long    track record of proven prophecies coming true. His name is Alberto.   I should have the e-mail soon.  He has told Elvi The Lord has told  him that the war in Isreal will start in around two weeks.  This guy  has been right on with his words for years. This means the earthquake is upon us.   My Father told me today my son enjoy these days as destruction is soon to come to your world.

We are real close I mean real close to going home.

Here is the letter received from Alexander Bachman translated from Spanish.

Hello Brother Alexander.

Thank you so much email that you sent us, where we welcome the new year begins. Thanks for all the beautiful work you have done you and your team. Thanks for all the podcasts, the bids and articles you have written and we have shared. Thanks for everything.

As I had said when I called, I share Youtube videos where I talk visions that Heavenly Father has given me and asked me to give them to know. One is the confirmation that our brother told by Zapata Elvi is real, as I saw all that is disclosed, in the video about the three signals. And the other video, up to a vision I had on hell, in late December last year.
My best wishes to you and your family, this year it starts Brother Alexander. Benevolent Blessings to you, your family, your loved ones and for all siblings.

And here are links to the two YouTube videos attached.  I have not watched them yet and I don’t understand Spanish anyway so please don’t ask me to interpret them for you.  God Bless You.

Visión que confirma los mensajes que el hermano Elvi Zapata ha recibido del Padre Celestial.

Visión sobre el infierno.


Confirmations from Gary

Gary L. is another amazing person who has confirmed these things.  Gary has had a number of vivid visions of the rapture from our Father.  Several of them were confirmed because he saw some of the things seen in the vision IN PERSON after the vision.  You may listen to Gary’s videos on his YouTube channel here.

Gary kept emailing me and warning me that the Lord was showing him the rapture is any day now.  So I told Gary … there had to be a California Earthquake FIRST.  To my utter amazement, Gary sent me this email.

After my Rapture dream I saw a fox news update in a dream about a 9.0 earthquake. They said it totally devastated this area and I saw freeway overpass down. Also in my Rapture dream the Pastor of our church was left behind and the Lord told me he would leave the Church. He quite today, he left the ministry. In my dream he was also clean shaven which he is now also.


Five Doves Clamour

MathMan (4  Jan 2012) “January 28, 2012 – Only 24 More Days until Sudden Destruction – The 11 Scriptural Signs / Pieter’s Chart / Jane’s Ezra Request / A Quick Quiz / Candace’s Dream”

Dear Doves, Are we now only 24 days away from the Rapture / Sudden Destruction on January 28, 2012?  While I am not 100% sure that this will be THE day, it certainly  appears that there is a higher probability for just such an event then I ‘ve mathematically seen to date.  As per usual, the wildcard is God’s grace and mercy and whether He chooses to delay this event for a time.  However, God’s Word                            certainly makes it appear that this COULD be THE day that God’s patience with “Sodom & Gomorrah” finally ends.

11 Scriptural Signs Pointing Directly to Jan. 27–28, 2012!!!

For those who have not had a chance to read Ron Reese’s amazing article from yesterday outlining 11 Scriptural Signs pointing directly to January 27 – 28, 2012, this article is an absolute must read:

TO BE UNUSUALLY BLUNT (FOR ME), ONLY THE TRULY BLIND COULD READ THIS AWESOME POST BY RON REESE AND NOT BE ABLE TO AGREE THAT JANUARY 28TH IS A HUGE DATE TO WATCH FOR OUR REDEMPTION.  Given the massive amounts of facts contained in this article by Ron, I actually ended up reading it four times to check the facts and the dates to make sure it all “checked out”.  It indeed checked out and I view this post as both logical and accurate in its calculations.




Summary in Jesus Name

Folks I’m doing the best I can to try and communicate all these messages to you.   Again I remind you that the Prophet Dr. David Owuor ALSO saw a vision of the California Earthquake and later another similar event (earthquake / tsunami) on the “eastern seaboard” of the United States.

Here is a great video summarizing these things.


Also here is another video of the prophet Dr. David Owuor explaining that the rapture of the “church” will happen PRIOR to the IRAN WAR.


So WHY NOT get before GOD and ask Him to forgive you for all your sins?  WHY NOT?  Why NOT seek full repentance?  Why NOT get all the sin out of your life right now?  Why not seek 100% holiness?  Why not stop your addictions to earthy habits?  Why NOT?

















… Before it’s too late.


Rapture Vision, Urgent Message from Choo Thomas

Urgent Message
The Final Countdown

Last night I was contacted by a blessed brother named Larry.   He prayed with me on the telephone for about an hour.   Larry told me that he has become good friends with Choo Thomas and that I was to call her today because she may be willing to come on the Tribulation-Now radio show tomorrow night to share her urgent vision of the Rapture.

Here on my desk is a piece of paper with her telephone number.   I’ve been reading her book “Heaven is So Real” now for quite some time but fervently for the last several hours.  It is amazing. If you are led to read this wonderful work and gift from our King Jesus Christ, I recommend you start reading now.  It appears that time has run out and those of us who are found worthy to “escape all these things” will be leaving earth very very soon.

I pray I am one of those found worthy.

Larry is Elvi Zapata’s brother.  I understand Elvi has received more exciting information was well.  I must call him later today as well. If you have yet to listen to the radio shows with brother Elvi, I cannot more highly recommend you consider doing so.  God Bless You. Here again in the link to the show(s)  archive …


Listen to internet radio with John Baptist on Blog Talk Radio

In a few minutes I will call Choo on the phone.



Choo Thomas –  Vision of the Rapture

I sense that there could be a final countdown to this message..let each one who have an ear, hear what The Spirit is saying to the Church this time for their own eternity sake… Urgent Messages! Praise the Lord for showing me the rapture vision today, December 27, 2011. This morning after my prayer suddenly my body had a stronger anointing than usual. I began to sing holy songs during the same time the anointing was stronger than the vision voice and the songs were mixed together. Also it got louder and louder and I could see the sky and then I saw grown people were popping out of their graves and flying into the air. At the same time so many people with robes were floating up into the air toward the clouds. This scene happened for a while. Then I saw the top of the clouds and the Lord was standing in the middle of the clouds and the angels were surrounding the Lord with trumpets. Those who were raptured were standing around the angles and the Lord. It was the end of the vision and the Lord said to post it on our website. This means whoever is ready for the rapture should focus on the trumpet sound at any time. The Lord already told me the Devil is after those chosen ones to be raptured so they can’t be raptured. He also told me that so many Christians even after the rapture will go into the Valley. Any Christian who has not totally died from every worldly thing will not hear the trumpet sound. I pray that whoever reads this message focuses on the rapture very seriously. The Lord began talking about the trumpet sound in the twinkling of an eye since 2011 after every one of my prayers until now. This happens four times a day. Anytime the Lord wants to do something He always talks for a long time before He does it. I believe the rapture is the final thing He is talking about. Remember “Heaven is so Real” is His end time book. Every reader of this message please take it very seriously. Remember anyone left behind will have to go through severe suffering. Only pure hearted people will see the Lord. Read Matthew 5:8. -Choo Thomas

Also please set aside the time to listen to Choo Thomas’ “Heaven is So Real” testimony here below:



Summary in Jesus Name

Brother Ron Reese has posted a number of compelling articles suggesting that the “sudden destruction” will likely happen sometime around January 28th of this month.  Here is a LINK to one of these recent posts. Brother Reese also submits that this will be the time of the “rescue mission” (rapture) of the Bride of Jesus Christ; the Church of Philadelphia.  Praise Jesus. I have received untold additional letters from other wonderful brothers and sisters that they are also receiving visions and dreams that correlate to this time frame as well. Here below is a snippet from one such email.  This is from our brother Raul.

Brother John, I know your busy, theres a vision that could be for this coming January, please can you look at these signs and vision and tell me what you think. If one knows the season of the Israel war, then one would know the nearness of the rapture, because its one of the 3 signs that Elvi Zapata talked about. Thank You. There is a vision from the 40’s that the russians will attack america Jan 26 of some year, which I believe its this one. But before the russians attack America, America is supposed to go to war with China first according to Dumitru Duduman So between now and Jan 25 the Americans are going to war with China. Israel will not allow Iran to go nuclear, and Iran is going to fuel the Tehran reactor this Mid Feb. So way before then sometime Israel is going to strike Iran from between now to this coming year 2012 in late jan. Russia and China as warned USA to keep their hands off iran, this might explain the vision, iran is attacked looks like this early to mid January and the Chinesse will act on their threats of WW3 and then the Russians attack next. If the rapture does not happen this year, theres strong signs this January.




Not only did this email catch my attention, but the date of Dr. David Owuor’s forthcoming conference did as well. The prophet Dr. Owuor was given a vision by our Father that the rapture would occur during one of his conferences / revivals. Here is the conference information Raul shared with me in the email:

Canberra Australia Conference
on January 26-28 India
And Jan 12 – 15 Australia

Please notice the word “Canberra”. Yesterday afternoon I was standing in a longer than usual line at the local convenience store.  Strangely my eyes were “yanked” to a shelf of paper products.  There were rolls of “paper towels” on the shelf.  The brand name on the paper towels was the same …



PS: Choo Thomas said YES!  Glory to Jesus.  She will be on the radio show tomorrow night (Sunday January 1st) at 8PM ET.  GLORY!!  See you there:









The Destroyer Approaches

Nibiru is 30 Days Behind Elenin
The 6th Seal is About to be Opened

Glory to Jesus it appears there is little question, the 6th Seal of Revelation is about to be opened.  The supernatural confirmations are overwhelming.  When you combine the “natural” speculation, with the supernatural … well … enough said.  Time to be REALLY prepared.


Nibiru (Planet X) History, Bible and Today

As with every article (and now radio show),  I will be “at the ready” with my “crow meatloaf”; nevertheless, it’s important to put the information out there, and let your heart lead you to your own conclusions.  And the scripture is very clear that signs in the sun, moon and stars are our biggest warnings.


Dr. Owuor’s Rapture Prophecy and the 6th Seal

While it’s not possible to include every prophecy of Dr. Owuor here, I recommend you take the time to search You Tube and listen to this wonderful man of God.  I have personally listened to at least 4 or 5 of his announcements and they are convicting, to say the least.  God has warned us all to be perpetually ready for the “calling up” through this prophet.  God Bless him.

And when you do search on Dr. Owuor’s prophecies on You Tube, be sure to look for his predictions of a major earthquake and tsunami in the U.S.  Reportedly this awesome prophet of God nailed the Japanese earthquake as well as the “attacks” in Norway, prior to them happening.

If you search on “Owuor vision rapture” you can listen to a number of amazing testimonies.  In one of these visions the Lord showed Dr. Owuor, the “heavens shutting up” like a scroll after the “Bride” was removed.  It was very sobering and scary, I assure you.

Rev 6:12-15

Sixth Seal: Cosmic Disturbances

12 I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood. 13 And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. 14 Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place.

I humbly remind you that we are approaching several alarming alignments of the “so called” comet Elenin.  One happens on 9-11 (warning) and another alignment supposedly occurs when the “comet” crosses the “ecliptic plane” between the earth and the sun on September 26th.  This could potentially cause the sun to go dark and the moon to turn to a redish color.

The September 26th alignment would potentially occur just prior to the long blow of the trumpet on the Feast of Trumpets.  The “long blow” of the “shofar” (trumpet), during the Feast of Trumpets, is also known as the “last trumpet“.

1 Cor 15:51-53
Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed —  52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

Here is a write up on the Feast of Trumpets by Chuck Missler.

September 25th is also known as Yom Teruah, the Feast of Trumpets.3 Observed on the First and Second of Tishri, the celebration actually begins 29 days earlier: a series of over 90 trumpet blasts accrue for a final blowing of blasts on the climax of the celebration, the Teki’ah Gedolah, the Great Blowing.

Here below is the April 27th announcement by Dr. Owuor of the rapture.  The vast majority of the “church” will be “left behind”.  He warns of an event that is coming to the entire earth.

“This event is going to impact the earth irretrievably!”


I find it most humbling to note at the end of this video, the song which is played is Agnus Dei, the same song that Tribulation-Now chose as it’s radio show leader by “coincidence” more than a week ago.

Click on the Image Below to Listen to the Prophecy

description=” OwuorProphecy ”


Here is a link to the same You Tube video:



Elenin and Nibiru Coordinates Disclosed

A caller to the “Revolution” radio show the other day, who identified himself as “Arizona”, disclosed what he claimed were the telescope coordinates of both Elenin and Nibiru.  Moreover, on the Elenin Conference at Project Camelot, Kerry Cassidy suggested her sources said Nibiru was moving into our solar system with the Elenin cluster as well.

Other sources are strongly suggesting Nibiru (Planet X) is about 30 days behind Elenin, and Elenin’s diameter has grown to an alarming 200,000 km on short notice.  This is potentially a debris field that could cause the “stars of heaven” to fall to the earth like a fig tree drops its figs (Rev. 6:13).

Even as I type this article, the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen is popping up emails from our Tribulation-Now “list” with one subject line after another with new news of Elenin and Nibiru being disclosed at an alarming rate.

The locations of Elenin and Nibiru were given as separate coordinates.  This is MOST interesting since it confirms the reports of these being separate cosmic objects and basically entering our solar system about the same time.


Elenin’s Coordinates:  11 hrs / 21 mins / 15.36 sec / + 03 degrees / 34 ft / 26.6″

Nibiru’s Coordinates: 09 hrs / 47 mins / 57.30 sec / + 13 degrees / 16 ft / 44 “


Here is a link to that “Arizona” person’s report.

Nibiru and Elenin’s Coordinates on Revolution Radio


God Bless You both Karen and Cathy for sending this in to Tribulation-Now.  And God Bless ALL OF YOU for your continuous email updates and prayers.


Report on Nibiru 30 Days Behind Elenin

The following report, likely related, was published recently on Before It’s News.  Here is a snippet from the article.  Thank you so much Jeff and Nativaele for sending this in.  God Bless You.

“The “Nibiru Insider,” who originally viewed Nibiru on the Hubble Telescope back when he had access, has been on FreedomSlips for the past month or so, and he revealed on the evening of Sunday, August 7th, live on air, that he and the astronomers he works with in New Zealand did lock on to Nibiru, they measured its size, and its location is behind Elenin, as many have suspected. He gives the approximate size and current approximate speed…

Depending upon its acceleration and when Elenin gets here, he estimates that it will be coming in behind Elenin approximately one month after Elenin, maybe more than a month or maybe less then a month after Elenin depending upon when Elenin gets here and depending upon how fast Nibiru is coming as it gets ready to orbit around the sun.

Here is a link to that article complete with embedded videos as well.

Nibiru Insider And His Astronomers Confirm Location Of Nibiru Live On Air!!

Praise Jesus our King.




More Cosmic Disturbances

Anyone who wants to keep up with these alarming “cosmic disturbances” should definitely keep their eye on UrsuAdams You Tube channel.   This is “Donny Gillson” and he is actively publishing virtually anything and everything that is probably “Planet X” related.   He is closely tracking the Neumayer Station videos, as well as publishing the “planet behind the moon” videos as well.

If you are like me, you probably scratch your head about the “second sun” phenomenon and the “planet behind the moon” videos.  If Nibiru is “out there” behind Elenin by 30 days or so, as suggested above, then HOW could these “second sun” and other planetary objects be recorded on video.

I recommend you remember that Nibiru is supposedly not a single object.  In fact it is evidently an entire collapsed solar system complete with planets and moons orbiting around it.  This could easily explain all these strange “cosmic disturbances” and anomalies.

And I warn you that the New Age “channelers” are reporting this as a type of “prison planet” that has extraterrestrial life on it.  Many believe the Annunaki are returning with Nibiru.  I submit the “Locusts” of Revelation 9 are currently trapped in “the abyss” on one of these cosmic objects.

Get off this planet NOW, before it’s too late.


Here is a link to the UrsuAdams You Tube channel.  Stay tuned!!


Jonathan Reveals the Man of Perdition

It goes without saying how I feel about Jonathan Kleck.  God Bless Him.  Here below I am including a prophetic video which the Lord has led him to publish at a very difficult time in his life.  Please keep Jonathan in your prayers.

Click the Picture Below to Start the Video

description=” ObamaProphecy ”


And you’ll have to ask Jonathan yourself, what happened when he opened a box of Oreo “half and half” cookies.  Let’s just say that the word “SEAL” was “unsealed”.  Hmmm.

Oh and never mind my own mother told me when I was 10 years old that the Antichrist would be a “mulatto man” about my age (from a vision she had received).  AND a close friend of our family, and Bible teacher, David Ebaugh, prophesied that that just such as man would be seen on international television wearing a “blue turban”!

Don’t forget the 11-11-11 Cosmic Portal soon to be “opening up” with the Elenin alignment.   Some mighty unusual things are happening in the next few weeks.

Get yourself right with Jesus now.  Pray Psalms 51 every day.  Purify your heart.  Be ready.

Here is a direct link to Jonathan’s You Tube channel:



Summary in Jesus Name

I am taking a deep breath as I wrap up this article.  None of us are sure exactly when these things will take place, but with all the “cosmic data” and prophecies surfacing in such a powerful way, you would have to be crazy not to “take heed”.

Moreover there has been HUGE increase in reports of military troop and equipment movements as well.  I have received email alerts on everything from FEMA  “spy blimps”, to military helicopters doing “drills” over major cities like Boston.  Perhaps by the grace of God, we can discuss all the email alerts and give you links to them on our next radio show.

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Luke 21:36

36 Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”









And most of all …



Can You Be Too Excited?

Can Credibility Impact People’s Eternity?
Is Date Setting Wrong?

Behind the scenes of Tribulation-Now, there are email discussions that occur.  Some of them are organized and constructive and others just ramble on and eventually fizzle out.  One of several of Tribulation-Now’s thought leaders (not the writer of the attached editorial but another one) has recently joined a group led by Pastor Wilhelmsen.  He is the author of “Beyond Science Fiction”.  They are assembling a group of super-smart specialists and meeting regularly to construct a “game plan” to present to the world specialized information on the UFO alien-demon threat.  I think this is fabulous.  But the hardest part of making something like that work is ORGANIZATION. 

The challenge is that often times we Christians just dont’ know how to be organized.  We need to run our “groups” like “Businesses”.  We need to define our “deliverables” in advance and determine our “Success Criteria” so we understand precisely what our “output” will be from the effort.  Our work needs to be PROJECT MANAGED!!  


The “thought leaders” behind Tribulation-Now are planning on organizing just such a group.  We haven’t figured it out yet but we will NOT proceed unless it is designed like a business.  It must have “deliverables” and it must PRODUCE FRUIT or we will pull the plug.  If we are successful (in the Name of the King, Yeshua / Jesus Christ!) then we pray it will help edify and encourage people and help others to further understand the threat and the “means to escape the consequences”.

But again, I digress.

Evidently there is a group at the web site that is suggesting that Judgement Day is May 21, 2011.  In some ways I wish they were right because I WANT to go be with the King REALLY BAD!!  And these people MEAN BUSINESS.  I have a lot of respect for their courage to come out and just grab a loudspeaker and take charge.

On the other hand, if they are wrong (which they likely are), then how does that reflect on the credibility of the rest of Christianity (what’s left of it)?  And how important is that going to be down the road when things get really WEIRD?

Nashville billboards claim Jesus will return May 21, 2011

This is the original press release that captured the attention of some of the Tribulation-Now “thought leaders”.

A “Behind the Scenes” Editorial Commentary by a Tribulation-Now Contributor

December 2, 2010
by Loren

Many Christians have made the dire mistake of “time compression” in the

interpretation of the timings of events in Scripture. Predicting the timing
of the “rapture”, as mentioned in the article (below), is based upon false
assumptions derived from the “time compression” of Noah’s day and the timing
of the Flood.

“According to Camping’s prediction, the Rapture will happen exactly 7,000
years from the date that God first warned people about the flood. He said
the flood happened in 4990 B.C., on what would have been May 21 in the
modern calendar. God gave Noah one week of warning.

Since one day equals 1,000 years for God, that means there was a 7,000-year
interval between the flood and rapture.”

The Flood was a worldwide global cataclysm – NOT a regional one! After the
Flood, there have been many regional floods, sometimes even continental,
even hemispheric, in scope, but never since the Flood has there been another
global flood.

In arriving at the year of the Flood at 4990 BC, many artifacts of human
history go that far back and beyond, but without any major break in
continuity. Had the Flood indeed occurred at 4990 BC, there should be a
huge breakage of continuity of human development and artifacts left over
after the Flood.

The Flood was like hitting the “Reset” button on Mankind, and there should
be a major disruption of continuity of Mankind’s development, in contrasting
pre-Flood to post-Flood.

As far as I know (maybe I’m wrong), there is no major worldwide global
disruption at the 4990 BC time, nor anywhere near it, before or after.

As far as the “rapture” goes, I read a prophecy that it was supposed to have
already happened in late October / early November of this year. Obviously,
it did not happen! Now, someone else is predicting May 21, 2011 …

Also, the “rapture” itself is open to dispute. In my past, I have read up
on pre-Trib, mid-Trib, pre-wrath, post-Trib, and no-Trib rapture theories –
and they were all convincing! Until (and I know this is subjective unto me)
the Holy Spirit showed me in the mid-90’s that the rapture will be pre-wrath
(just prior to God pouring out His wrath upon the world), for those who have
made it (endureth) that far towards “the end”.

No one knows the day nor hour, not even the angels, not even Jesus – and NOT
even Lucifer and his minions – and BOY, do they want to pinpoint that day
and hour down tight! So they can mount effective counter-measures and
counter-attacks against the Son as He returns with the Saints for the War of
the Worlds!

Only the Father knows the day and hour. And ONLY the Father knows the
Sacred Words not yet spoken forth, but held “on reserve” since before time
itself (since before, and because of, the Luciferian Rebellion), but will be
revealed and poured out upon the Remnant during the Latter Days Outpouring!

Buckle up and hang onto your Berean hats! because it’s going to be a
pourin’ like no other in history!

For all we know, maybe May 21, 2011 will be when the false christ will
reveal himself as the “savior returned” …

May 21 is the first day within the zodiac sign of Gemini – the “twin”.

In quoting from :

“Gemini is considered a “masculine”, positive (extrovert) sign. Perhaps the
most dominant Geminian characteristic is versatility. It is also considered
an air sign, and is one of four mutable signs.[4]”

And in clicking on “mutable signs”, the following :

“Lilly goes on to say that mutable signs are inherently “unstable, and of no
resolution, and mutable, perverted, wavering […] inconstant.”[3] This is a
rather dramatic overstatement, but Lilly is trying to create the most
striking comparisons he can between the three classes of sign.”

Gemini is an “air” sign! Who do we know as the “prince of the power of the
air”? Gemini is depicted as “the twins”. Who do we know as the original Dr
Jekyll and Mr Hyde? the original “split personality”?


Lucifer/Satan are the two personas of the same person/being. “Lucifer” is
as he was before he rebelled, while “Satan” is as he became after his

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil represents this enigma, as the
knowledge derived from Lucifer can indeed be “good”, while the knowledge
derived from Satan can indeed be “evil”. As the “god of this world”,
Lucifer can “bless” whomever he so desires – even the very Elect of God!

But as the adversary of Mankind, he can also “curse” whomever he so desires
(but only with God’s permission if the person so targeted is living “in
faith” and under the umbrella of God’s protection, as evidenced with Job).

There are those in the world who worship “Lucifer”, and not “Satan”, as the
“god of light”, for in their minds they have been convinced that Lucifer is
the god of all that is good, while Satan is the god of all that is evil (the
“god” that Christians worship, they believe).

But once this mystery of the dual-persona of Lucifer/Satan is revealed, and
how this dual-nature has reverberated and impacted throughout time, space,
and history, then the blinders fall from our eyes of understanding into
almost all things.

In conclusion,

Not only does “date setting” of the rapture do a disservice to Christianity,
not only in setting its date, but in the rapture belief itself, but also in
pinpointing the exact year and day of the Flood (and of the creation of Adam
and Eve, and even of the 1st Day of Creation!).

This shows to the world what intellectual imbeciles most Christians are, and
if they have this wrong, then what else do they have wrong? the entire

How much more believable is it then, to throw the entire Bible out the door
as nothing but unprovable make-believe myths and superstitious symbols of a
bygone era, and instead believe in provable “science”? in “aliens”? in
“ascended masters” that all want to save Mankind? instead of “pass
judgment” (as “God” supposedly does – always waiting with great anticipation
to strike someone down with a lightning bolt for the slightest grievance!).
Date-setting Christians, whether knowingly or not, are playing right into
the Great Delusion!



Prince William’s birthday is June 21, born in 1982. He is first day into
Cancer, in which Cancers are usually highly competitive. However, during
the 9th month of being in the womb, he had the “finishing touches” of Gemini
(May 21 – June 20) as his “birthing foundation”!

In adding up the numbers of his birthdate :

June (06) + 21 + 1982 = 2009 = 2 + 9 = “11” = Gemini !

19 = 1 + 9 = 10

82 = 8 + 2 = 10

21 = 2 + 1 = 3

6 = 6

29 = 2 + 9 = “11” = Gemini !

The “twin” is Prince William’s predominant personality structure – the “dual
nature” of Lucifer/Satan!

And as the lineage of Prince William from both his father and mother puts
him into the category of the “Holy Blood Holy Grail”, he may indeed be the
rightful heir to the throne of Israel.

Many “Israelites” over time left the middle east for other destinations, one
of them being Western Europe.

For all we know, Prince William may be of “Israelite” lineage, and
consequently, of the “seed of Abraham” (for the “Jews” and “Moslems” to
accept as their messiah).

Now, he only need “prove” that he is a descendant of “Jesus” (for the
apostatized Christians) … and can perform signs and wonders and miracles
as Jesus did … and have been “taught in all the wisdom of the Egyptians”
as was Moses …

Just my $.02 … well, a bit more than $.02 …

Summary in Jesus Name


Common-Sense Trib & Trumpet Theology

Does God Have Common Sense?
Maybe We Should Apply It

Today I was struggling with Calvinism vs. Arminianism, and the concept of “Inheritance” and it was having a troubling effect on my spirit. I started to become haunted by the concept of “many are called but few are chosen”. Funny how what pulled me out of that fog was a teaching from a Greek Orthodox Christian who rightfully explained that Jesus was talking to the Jews. Sometimes you really have to be careful about certain scripture and understanding who is talking to whom about what. Otherwise you can get confused pretty fast.

The MORAL OF THE STORY – Is that “all Christian beliefs” bring something of value to the table. I rule out very little at this point. Jesus is the key to everything and relationship is the key to Jesus. Make sure he knows you when you come knocking and everything will be okay.

The Importance of Fellowship and Encouragement

It is critical that readers and email “List” members of Tribulation Now know that we are a fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.  We embrace NO DOCTRINE.  We divorce ourselves from discord and contention as a group.  We, like the Bereans referred to in Acts 17:11, are NOBEL and we refuse to take the word of others as “gospel truths”.  Hopefully we gracefully and peacefully present our concerns (through the email List) and may God ensure I have the ability to get everyone’s ideas voiced to the group ensuring edification and love become the “foundstone” of this mission.

Let Us Voice Our Concerns

If you are an email “List” member of Tribulation Now, and you have concerns to raise, PLEASE DO.  I will either answer them directly and if that is not satisfactory then I will forward them to the group.  I really pray with all my heart this forum has more meaning than just a personal diary of my thoughts “out loud”.  Let’s make this Internet thing WORK for us and bring us closer to the Lord.  We are TOO CLOSE to the END to let “anything” to chance.  We need to hear each other’s ideas.

At the age of 10 years old I sat with a Jack Van Impe record album and listened to his interpretation of prophecies.  Even then he was “all over” the Magog invasion.  And here we are today right on the precipice of it occurring. NOW, praise Jesus, even Jack Van Impe himself has discovered the New World Order, and knows we are imminently in for a world of crap.  Sadly however, in my hopefully humble opinion, even Jack himself is probably in for a big surprise. When REALLY bad stuff starts to happening to the “church” and he has not been preraptured, many will be disillusioned and many leaders will be lost for words.  I love Jack, he is a sort of hero to me, but I really do not believe that “pretrib” rapture is going to happen.  There is far too much “tangible evidence” that we are already entering into the early stages of the Beginning of Sorrows with the Temple and the “Abomination” biting at our ankles.  God Bless you Jack!!!

What is Consistent is Inconsistency

What has become PAINFULLY obvious to me is that 100% of all my favorite teachers have things they believed that just are not making sense to me.  If it doesn’t make sense to me, and after much scriptural research it remains an enigma, I simply must discard it – especially if I discover the entire worldwide Christian community is at ODDS with each other over the issue.  WHY?   Because it simply does not “make sense”.  I think God has a LOT of SENSE.  I think there is much hidden meaning in the scripture that we defend with doctrine and other beliefs of our Christian forefathers.

The Wisdom of Marvin Rosenthal

If I have learned anything, it is that no human is perfect.  And no human Christian scholar is either.  Not a single one of them. Not even a big group of them that all are saying exactly the same thing.  All their beliefs are backed with amazing knowledge of history and scriptural evidence of prophetic “types and shadows”  BUT THEY ALL STILL DISAGREE.  That entirely blows my mind and humbles me.  Every one of these groups are laden with Ph.D.s in various disciplines, but they do not agree

“Warning Will Robinson!!”

Even Marvin Rosenthal has what “I” consider to be pre-established beliefs that I am not comfortable with.  But I “tip my hat to that man” and give him the recognition he most divinely deserves because he had the courage to throw away his entire career, his entire following, his entire history with the church, and “literally everything”, to stand up for an inconsistency in “pretrib” doctrine that simply did not “make sense” to him.


Enter a Regular Guy

It was a person, just like me – a “regular guy” – that bent his ear.  Nobody with a degree.  Nobody with any “theological credentials”.  Just a regular person (like you) that said “Marvin – this “pretrib” thing just doesn’t make sense”.  So he stepped up, and “manned up” and did what was right on behalf of God and man, and forfeited his reputation and career and wrote a book entitled “The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church”. 

The first several chapters describe the “hell” he went through trying to decide if he should even write the book at all.  He was challenged knowing that by doing so, he would ultimately discredit hundreds of his fellow “brethren”. 

GOD BLESS Marvin Rosenthal.  Think of all the lives and souls this man may ultimately save by preventing them from being “sucked into” the deception that is coming very soon.  Think of how he may have unwittingly foiled the plans of Satan’s army by standing up against the army of “pretrib” defenders.  How amazing it is to ponder, that he alone may have had the fortitude to save the LIVES of millions of deceived Christians by coming forth with a lie from the ENEMY that has secretly infiltrated the ranks of the “ELECT”.

The Pre-Wrath Position

Basically Rosenthal’spre-wrath” position correctly points out that “pretrib” is flawed because there is nothing scriptural about a “tribulation period“. The only thing mentioned in the Bible is the “Great Tribulation”. Daniels 70th week, (3.5 + 3.5) is based upon only ONE trigger point scripturally and that is “the abomination of desolation” which is ALWAYS directly linked in subsequent verses to “fleeing” the scene (minus the verse in Revelation). This only occurs 5 times in the entire Bible. 2 times in Matthew (Mat. 24:21, 29), (linked to fleeing), 2 times in Mark (Mark 13:19 and Mark 13:14-18) (linked to fleeing), and one time in Revelation (Rev. 7:13-14), (no reference to “fleeing” here but use of the word “Great” as an adjective). All other references to the word “tribulation” mean general challenges or affliction but unfortunately use the same Greek word “thlipsis“. Without the word “GREAT” preceding “thlipsis” and the subsequent reference to the abomination + fleeing, the word does not refer to anything but “affliction or hard-times” in general.

This means that when you consider the three verses used to defend “pre trib” which are:

  • 1 Thes. 5:9 says: “you are not appointed to wrath”
  • Romans 5:9 says “you are saved from wrath through him”
  • 1 Thes. 5:4 says “they are not in darkness, that that day should overtake them as a “thief”

 … it makes sense that these verses only IMPLY pretrib by virtue of the false notion of a “tribulation period“. If there is no “tribulation period” then there is no pretrib” rapture – get it? More accurately these verses describe deliverance for the bride from Wrath only. If your only scriptural point of reference is the “abomination of desolation”, then its anyone’s guess when the first 3.5 year period actually begins. AND since the Christian church has been in severe persecution worldwide for hundreds of years, this makes even more sense.

Fear of the Tribulation Dominates our Beliefs

PreTrib is hugely popularized in the US because we have had it so good and we don’t want to have to go through anything bad (like the Christians in Muslim lands, Asian lands and other countries do every day).  We are “COMFORTABLE”.  That comfort is about to meet “head on” with some harsh realities.

This concept meshes perfectly with the impact of the Great Delusion, and Satan’s army having us completely surrounded at this time. Pre-wrath says we shall have to “endure” the Great Tribulation and “overcome” it. This makes “sense”. I think when we find out what the scripture really means it will all make sense. My guess is that there will be a big reward for those that have to “endure” and “overcome” the Great Tribulation. At least there sure should be since otherwise being “dead in Christ” would have some serious advantages – would it not? There goes my wacky common sense getting in the way of all that “theology”. ; )

What do We Know for Sure

The only thing we know for sure is that WE KNOW Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior!  I personally know the Holy Spirit is real; I’ve personally experienced his power. I know the enemy has us completely surrounded and I am certain that God’s Wrath is forthcoming and the mack-daddy Antichrist is coming to haunt us really soon. But when it comes to deciphering Trib / Trumpets / Seals and Bowls, I have found so much disconnect & discord that it all does not make sense in my world at this time.

For now – the Jury remains out
Instead I watch and pray

I know this smacks of craziness, but sometimes I think God intended Revelation to be the ultimate puzzle to keep us guessing and keep us READY – I cannot help but believing that God is just that clever!  I love that guy (okay spirit) with all my heart.  He is awesome! 

Trumpets / Bowls / Seals and Such

Right now I struggle with so many challenges associated with things like 1) “are Trumpets definitely part of “God’s Wrath” and 2) Is the scroll that Jesus breaks the Seals on in Revelation only to describe God’s Wrath within it or 3) could that scroll also include the Trumpets which are instead “warnings” or “signs”.

My common sense side, which often intercepts my willingness to “follow the pack” (traditional church leadership / thought / doctrine) says that Trumpets make LOUD SOUNDS and they symbolically represent warning devices. Often a trumpet and a Shofar is similarly used in the Jewishness of the Old Testament and it was used to “announce” something. This makes me feel, (non-scripturally), that Trumpets, like Shofars, are divine “announcements” of God’s Wrath and are not actually a “part” of the Wrath Period – which should commence just after the bride is “pulled out of the way”.

All I know for sure is that I know little or nothing at all.
All I know for sure is time is really short.
All I know for sure, is that I love Jesus and Talk to Him Every Single Day!


Post Script: Your question may result in someone becoming born-again and entering the Kingdom of Heaven. You never know how significant the smallest vocalized thought might be to someone who is in the doubting Thomas mode.

Upper 2% of the Graduating Class

The Virtual Church

Some people on our email List have asked me about my real name.  I use “John Baptist” as a “nom de plume” or “pen name”. This is necessary because I work in a profession that searches the Internet routinely for information on people / employees (most do actually). My first name is John however. Eventually, if the Lord leads, I will surface some day and take a podium. But for now, this is a good place for me to lead people to Jesus.

I muse at myself quite frankly, because technically I am an ordained pastor.  I got so caught up in all this “worldly” stuff, I “paid money” to an organization to “ordain me” thinking it would add credibility somehow.  Silly me.  JESUS IS THE ONLY CREDENTIAL YOU NEED!!  He alone is the one that has the holy pen worthy enough to write your name in the Book of Life!

As you pursue various people’s thoughts on what is going to happen in 2012 (and beyond), be careful not to grab a hold of any one idea too tightly. Never be disappointed and always overcome.  You can believe as the “non de plume” behind Tribulation-Now, I hear “IT ALL”. And people’s beliefs and interpretations of the scripture are “all over the map”. When I realized the traditional “church” was missing all the excitement (by carrying on “business as usual”), I knew I had to step out and create a “virtual church”.

Welcome fellow members!
Our virtual “church” membership is now larger than many physical churches – PRAISE THE LORD!
We have fellow members and contributors from all over the world.
Europe, Africa, Japan – Everywhere!

Search the scriptures daily to see if it is TRUE (Acts 17:11)

Hosana means – SAVE NOW!

When things start to get even more challenging in the near future, remember the word HOSANA!  Yell it OUT LOUD!

This is what people were yelling out to Jesus as he came into Jerusalem during his triumphal entry (which ultimately put him to tears of sadness).  Let’s make sure THIS TIME he is truly happy and gets the PRAISE HE DESERVES!

A Forthcoming Ambush

Most people do not bother to study the enemy’s movements. I think this is a big flaw. A lot of Christian leadership fail to understand what having “eyes to see and ears to hear” and “being wise as serpents” actually means. They squabble endlessly about what the prophecies mean, thinking their theological interpretations of “types and shadows” and “law vs. grace” is unflawed.  Many traditional churches even avoid talking about this information at all.  They talk about only the “good stuff” while the enemy lays a huge trap. They are afraid to “scare away” their congregations who have “itchy ears” and avoid sound doctrine.  Where are the FIRE AND BRIMSTONE leaders of yesterday?  They do their followers a serious injustice.  Many will be caught unaware.

2 Tim 4:3-5

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine [nothing scary, only the happy stuff] , but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.


The traditional church is about to get “gobbled up” in an enormous ambush caught completely unaware.  Think 501c3.  Think George W. Bush and Obama’s new “Faith Based Initiatives”.  These are pacts with the DEVIL.  It is a freight train heading right at them.

Measure Everything Against Scripture

Always “measure” everything against the scripture. Keep in mind, the “abomination of desolation” has not taken his place as the world leader and there is no Daniel 9:27 “covenant with Israel” signed as of yet. The “Magog” invasion of Ezekiel is forthcoming. Damascus has yet to be laid to “rubble”.  Much is yet to unfold before all this occurs.

Some think that 2012 is going to shock the world and possibly be the end. Some think it is going to be the time of “wormwood” and a comet will fall from the heavens (popular amongst the Seventh Day Adventists). I personally only know this …. there is much more to come! More than can occur in 2 years time. I believe we have barely entered the “Beginning of Sorrows” of Matthew 24 (just my estimation – not divine in nature – at least as far as I know Praise God!). My best guess, based on the movement of the enemy, is that 2012 is the beginning of the “new age” of Satan. It is likely there will be some pretty amazing “cosmic” stuff that happens in December of 2012. Stay braced for one HECK of a ride.

What will I be doing on December 21st of 2012?

Personally I plan to have the PRAISE MUSIC up LOUD and be praising the Lord with “all my might!”
I’m going to THROW a PRAISE JESUS PARTY!  You are all welcome to join me!

But also keep in mind, the enemy does NOT want us to know what they are doing. They fear the Christians that have the power of the Holy Spirit. They know what YHWH God is capable of and they want to bring forth their “desolation” to entrap us. They dare to “call YHWH’s bluff”.  We will see if The Almighty El Elyon permits that to happen.  There is much reason to rejoice that the Lord Your God has chosen YOU to be one of the ELECT.  The very fact you are a member of this “virtual church”, separates you from the rest.

Your Final Report Card is What Matters

It doesn’t matter how you did in 7th grade.  Rest assured you are now in the upper 2% of your graduating class.  This is what the Bible means when it refers to the “overcomers“.  The next time you leave your house, look around you.  Look at the thousands of lost souls that have NO IDEA all this is happening right now.  Give yourself some credit.  Praise the Lord, you are graduating with HONORS!

See you at the Marriage Supper
Since God is timeless and not in this dimension, it is very likely we will all “arrive” at exactly the same time!!

SPECIAL REPORT: Birth Pains of Leviathan?

The earth’s water is breaking?

An interesting and insightful observation from one of “The List” members of Tribulation-Now, just came in.

If you “stand back” and look at the earth from a “heavenly perspective” it seems as if the earth (the domain of Satan / Leviathan) is beginning to “give birth”. It seems almost as if the earth’s water is breaking. Perhaps as the enemy believes, the “due date” is Dec 21st, 2012 at 11:11 when Orion and Pleiades align perfectly – just as this star system did in the “days of Noah”. (Matt. 24:37)

I am beginning to wonder how much of this stuff is actually YHWH God getting into the battle. Keep in mind as the battle of today unfolds, in August 6, of 1945, there were reports of three Christian priests that survived ground zero in Hiroshima. The power of Jesus TRUMPS all this nonsense!

As Tribulation Now’s email “List” member, Bobbi, points out – the oil spill is one thing, but when you combine “that event” with all the flooding on a global level (worldwide) is looks a lot as if the earth is about to give birth to something. Call it “Leviathan”, or call it “the Whore of Babylon” – this observation may very well be on target.

Please keep in mind,

Eph 6:12-13

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts [demons] of wickedness in the heavenly places [other dimensions now manifesting here on earth].


Read the Word for it is ALIVE!
The Word of God is far stronger than any evil incantation.

Bobbi – Thank you and praise God you are a contributing member of this List