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Well folks it is more than about time this web site goes live to educate people beyond just the Internet.

The Lord is leading me to SO many new wonderful truths.  Collectively we are all starting to learn about “Inheritance” and that our behavior actually counts toward our divine position once we cross over to the “Millennium”.  Yes you are saved by grace – no question about it.  But now we know there is much more than meets the eye.  Frankly between you and I, a thousand years is a long time.  And I don’t want to clean bathrooms for a thousand years.  If we are to be here with Jesus, our savior, for a thousand years then we all aren’t going to be wearing crowns and sitting on “thrones”.  Let’s be real.  There will be a hierarchy and Christ will be in command.  Personally, if I were you, I would rather be in charge of a housing development than cleaning bathrooms.  I know this is deep, but this is what this Bible study is all about.  That and a LOT more.


One of the topics the Tribulation-Now Bible study will tackle is “Divine Healing”.  I recommend everyone take a look at John G. Lake Ministries Divine Healing training.  It is 16 hours long and I took notes during the entire teaching.  If you don’t know who John G. Lake is then you should Google it.  He was a wonderful gifted healer in Christ.

Not only will you learn how to heal people in Jesus name but you will learn it is not just a Holy Spirit “gift” (see 1 Cor. 12) but it was also something the apostles of Jesus did before the “Pentecost” (Acts 2).  So this means if you have the FAITH and are born-again, you have the ability to command spirits of “infirmity” out of people in Jesus Name.

Why do I tell you this?  Because I am sharing my experience on a personal level.  While I have “seen” OTHER people perform healing miracles at churches, I did not know this is something you can do if you have faith in Jesus.  I thought you had to be some special person. Well the scripture teaches this is not true.  I was recently asked to go pray for someone in intensive care that was full of tubes and life support.  Just this last Sunday at 3PM quite frankly.  Here is what happened.  I felt led.

I walked into the room and told everyone that Jesus was going to heal this man.  I opened the Bible and read out loud to everyone Mark 16:18 +.  I read loudly the part where it said “And they shall lay hands on the sick and they will be healed”!  After that I laid hands on the man and said:

“In the Name of Jesus, I COMMAND the spirit of infirmity to GO NOW!  Leave this man in the Name of Jesus and NEVER RETURN. Heart YOU are commanded to heal in Jesus name.  Kidneys you are COMMANDED to heal in Jesus Name.  We thank you Jesus for your healing power”.

Right after that, the man opened his eyes wider than ever before and looked right into my eyes (he was very “out of it” and full of life support tubes). I was truly happy for him and told him that he had nothing to worry about and that Jesus was already in the process of healing him and he would be out of the hospital in no time.

JUST TODAY, only a day and 1/2 later, I got a report that he is off life support and fully responsive.  He will live to proclaim Jesus as his savior and report his WORKS IN JESUS NAME.

Praise the Lord
He Alone is Worthy

Everyone is invited to join us at the Tribulation-Now Advanced Bible Study.

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2 thoughts on “Tribulation-Now Advanced Bible Study Now "In Flight"

  1. Hi John,
    You bet we can heal and I too have done it in Jesus name and had amazing results as well. This works for all life…from human to animals to plants. I have a cat that should be dead form kidney failure (kidneys don't regenerate…well for the creator of them they do!) and she also had a very serious disease that attacks the immune system and actually see's her own body as an invader. Well I prayed and laid hands on her in Jesus name and my friend did too (where ever two or more are gathered…)and today she is healthier than she ever was. My vet calls her his miracle kitty. Because he was astonished when her kidney failure reversed and then was astonished again when she was healthy and did not die from the immune disorder.

    I asked him (my vet) have you ever seen anything like this before…he said no, he can't explain it, it can only be God and one of His miracles!

    Praise Jesus she is healthy and He is the best medicine…the ONLY medicine needed! I just had to share this.
    God bless all of us!

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