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There is so much to think about.  We just go to church and pray for our friends and maybe we pray for  “Israel” but we pray for things “in general” and often don’t realize that our prayers actually matter to God.

Again I tell you!


I believe we are at war here on earth and our prayers matter.  But we MUST learn what is going on and how to target our prayer power on things that really matter.

Here are some thoughts from one of Tribulation-Now’s “list” of “Overcomers“.


From one of our members:

You bring up alot of different topics. For now I will just tackle one.

Rev 5:8 golden vial full of odors, which are the prayers of the saints. Read it that is 28 vials.

There are lots of vials in Rev but they contain different things. For now we will focus on the prayers of the saints.
Rev 8:3 An angel offers incense with the prayers of the saints on the alter before the throne

Rev 8:4 the smoke of the incense went with the prayers of the saints, this ascended up before God

Evidently our prayers smell bad! Even God needs incense when viewing them.

I believe there are good prayers and bad prayers. Sometimes we utter a bad prayer on accident. We need to make an effort to clean up our prayers. Something you mentioned earlier.

When my son was in the hospital with a broken leg, I could have prayed like this. Please please please God heal [my son’s] broken leg. But instead I prayed like this. God I know you love [my son] and I know you want him healthy in every way. So thank you God for healing his leg. Do you see one prayer is much more positive than the other?

I pray a lot every day for everybody and everything. But when Daddy died I couldn’t pray. I began to question my Christianity. Believe it or not, one day while crying, I felt the prayers of others lifting me up. And I received peace. I still couldn’t pray but I rested knowing that others were praying for me. At some point I decided I wanted to pray again, but I didn’t know what to pray for. That is when you learn what tradition is for. Some old memorized prayers came up and got me started again.

I think for 6 thousand years the saints have been praying. Good and bad. These prayers were put in a vial. 28 vials. I think the elders took the lid off the vials and the odors went up before God. God keeps all our prayers, they are important to him.
I think we should pray for both literal and spiritual Israel. That way we won’t miss something if it is important.
Verse 9 talks about every kindred, tongue, people and nation.


I praise Jesus for this spiritual blessing and testimony.  Not only does it share personal truths but it shares spiritual insight.

May God Bless Each and Every One of YOU.

We must focus our prayer power and be specific so the Lord gets the POWER from us here on earth to unleash his “chariots of fire” and save souls for Jesus Christ.

Earn your Inheritance now!

In Jesus name!

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