The Sumerian “gods” are Here

The Pyramids are Your Enemy
Lying Wonders Imminent

Glory to Jesus the Annunaki “star freaks” are almost here!  Praise the Most High YHWH God, our Heavenly Father.  All the Glory to JESUS CHRIST!

Anyone who has been seeking some understanding about these UFO alien “fallen-angel” entities should know by now there is a forthcoming invasion coming upon the earth.  By the grace of God I have been blessed to share numerous articles about this deception for a very long time.  Indeed if you read through the articles on Tribulation-Now, you will find the truth.   If you have questions feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will help in any way I can.

Time is very short.  Jesus Christ is about to remove His “bride” in the “rescue mission” (rapture).  Then “All Hell” is going to break loose.

Here is a list of articles you can read to get you started on some rudimentary understanding.  If you want any chance of escaping these things, you will need to surrender completely to Jesus Christ in earnest prayer immediately.  Start reading and start praying.  Get ALL the sin out of your life IMMEDIATELY.

Please go to the Radio Show archive and listen to the Radio Shows.

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Luke 21:36  
Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.


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There are many articles on Tribulation Now that will help you in your understanding.  There are many more than I can show you in this short list.  However here are direct links to a few.  God Bless You.

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I would also recommend you read “at least” the articles listed on the right side of this web page under “Hottest Articles”.  I know it’s a lot of reading but you need to be prepared.  If you are just now discovering these things and are not living a “holy and Godly life” (see this article here) in true obedience to Jesus Christ, then you are almost certainly going to be “left behind” with millions of other Christians.

This means you … MUST BE PREPARED


God be with you.


The Sumerian “gods” Mother Ship Arriving

Here is this most amazing video showing a huge pyramid shaped mothership heading directly toward earth.  Again I tell you in Jesus Name that 100% of everything and anything related to the pyramids is THE ENEMY.

Lucifer is the King of the Annunaki




Also be sure to listen to Stan Deyo of Millennium Ark testify on the radio that certain insiders at the Pentagon KNOW about the Sumerian “gods” (the Annunaki) returning.




Summary in Jesus Name

Please.  Time is so short.

Take the time to watch this video here.  This SAYS IT ALL.













Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

5 thoughts on “The Sumerian “gods” are Here

  1. I have posted this back in Oct .25th, 2011 that this Stan Deyo was a old audio from Dec. 2005 of him stating that the his source from the Pentagon saying they all knew that the Annunaki are coming back.

    I wrote down the wrong time in the past article. If you listen at 10:09, there you will hear Deyo make this statement on the radio back in 2005. And as I said also that it has been 6 years since we all been waiting for these Mother Ships to come back to Earth and cause terror! And now these people say that it’s going to happen days or by the end of Jan 28th! How can we be so fearful of this when many have been saying for years that its going to happen now or by the end of this year or that!

    If Christians are saved than they don’t have to worry and go with the flow of end time events. I know that G-d wants them to preach and tells us of their dreams and visions but than nothing happens like they are all so sure of! It makes them look bad or clueless when that date goes by and the rapture didn’t happen!

    I will just say to watch what is going on around the world and be prepared each and every day, each morning when we wake up and every night when we lay our heads down for rest to be always ready. I’m sorry but I’m not going by what these folks in these video’s say is true to word…who’s word really?

    There will be more intense signs that the Lord will shows us before rapture happens or what ever they say is going to happen. I love G-d and believe in Jesus as my savior but, some folks are a bit overzealous with a one track theme of …End of Times is now…He is coming now or Jan 28th!

    To each his or her own in what is right for them be get ready at the time they believe personally, such as me.

    Yes, we are to talk and tell others of our dreams, visions but becareful in getting crazy on the net with such intense preaching what is your TRUTH. Many have said what the date was of the coming of the Lord and ..were wrong. We all can only do some much and care for the ones closest to us in our small world.
    That is my belief of all this fear mongering on the internet! Don’t fear if you are saved…sooner he comes than a saved soul goes to meet his Father in a blink of a eye.! And that is that… happy and to each and everyone of you..

    Peace, Love, tranquility and Calmness to all who reads this.

    Here is the page of Stan Deyo on PID radio. Date: Dec. 6, 2005 At the bottom of the page is below.

    P.I.D. Radio 12/6/05: Stan Deyo — The Tower of Babel and the Return of the Sumerian Gods.

  2. Wow… Ok, here goes….
    I’m just a somebody in billions of everbodies. I ended up here because Nibiru, which I’d never heard of before until today, was in some article I was reading; you know the story- I followed the trail because it resonated and here I am.

    I’ve been working with a local Occupy movement this fall. And this is when “things” started to happen.

    I’m blessed that I’ve always been intuitive, although I am pretty hardcore about the brain’s doings and you’d never know that. But since November 19th, when I was desperate and researching for a model, an organizing plan, something to help with the crazy chaos of Consciousness Raising with the amazing homeless folk finding their voice and power after years of being outside society, and dealing with and trying to demonstrate and teach humility to hipster radical college kids, I got the clearest Call from Jesus and I’m not Christian, or at least I wasn’t until he started talking to me-

    “Read the Gospel, the New Testament Girl! Everything you need to know and what to do is there. Your “Guidelines” have been there the whole time.”

    I’m still trying to figure this all out. I’m being “told” which books of the Bible to read, sometimes to reread a book, and in what I’m coming to see is an interesting order and not just random.

    I’m suppose to read Daniel next. I started hearing that on New Years Day. I don’t know what that means. I think I’m starting too, because I see references to it when I’ve been looking up Thunder Beings, and now Anunuki. Why am I looking that all up anyway……..

    I just “see stuff”. Aways have, never been concerned about religion or spooky old devils cause I see all the different ways that people “hive-morph” a God thing to meet their needs. God’s God, nuff said. I had a boyfriend with native ancestry awhile back that followed Anishinabe/Ojibiwe tribal customs. The first time I did a sweat I saw, I was told when I described them – Thunder Beings.

    And on Friday December 30th, there was a funky off season storm rolling in around 2pm, and in the clouds coming from the Northwest, and for some reason it’s important for me to make sure that I type that, there were “Thunder People”.

    I didn’t see them with my eyes but I saw them. They were different than the little thunder people that I had seen before. These were Giants like in the way the old Irish tales describe the Tuatha Dé Danann, mostly male, with a woman in their center who was very important. In my minds eye they had robes, not street clothes, and the woman was a pink robe and had really lush dark hair.

    I told a number of people that day, my friends and family take me with a grain of salt and sometimes belief- The Thunder Folk are coming! But that’s odd, they’re not looking for us or at us really, their not coming for us so much as well, just here….. Hmmmm.

    All I know is this-

    I’m not nuts.
    Jesus is talking to me.
    We have to Rise Up together or we don’t at all. That’s why he is calling out to people who know that he lives in the least of his people, even if they aren’t Christian. He’s a little put out with people who use his name and don’t live a Gospel life. (I didn’t know what that meant when he said that to me, I had to look it up online)

    This Earth is having a lot of traffic, and Thunder Beings STARTED coming on December 30th, at least where I live, and some more are going to come. We are not the primary agenda, they are here to meet something or someone else, but we are still effected by them being here, but they are not our primary business either.

    And that’s kinda important. I think I’ve been getting some of what you are saying in what Jesus is telling me- the People are important. People People People. Don’t fall for the the big things or the Big scam, be with people, and then You’re with Me.

    I’m sharing this because maybe someone can make some sense of what I’ve just shared. But even if no one can, and it’s just a weird story, there is still the really important thing- Be with People. Because when you are with People you are with God. Keep giving Love and hearing Love. If It’s not Love it’s not true. The things that are not People don’t understand Love. The beautiful woman moving in the center of that group of Thunder Beings, she has no idea about Love.

    And don’t be afraid. If you’re afraid, you’ll end up in terrible places and situations and with not-People because you think Powerful things are not what will get you through because they seem serene and peaceful. It’s really not so. The crazy sloppy human peace of exhaustion from trying our best to Love and be kind and then your head hits the pillow, that’s what we are suppose to do.

    Thank you.
    I’ve bookmarked your site so I can see if anyone can help me understand a little what I’m seeing. And it’s all gonna be okay even if it feels scary right now.

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