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The Greatest Story Never Told
To GOD Be the GLORY Forever and Ever

Greetings in JESUS Name. 

This is intended to be a short article providing you some highlights of new divine “intelligence” that has been given to us here at Tribulation-Now.

Greetings of Love, Joy, Peace and EXTREME Anticipation in the Name of Jesus THE KING OF ALL THE UNIVERSES!!

I just returned from a long weekend visiting my daughter up in Gatlinburg, TN. How anyone can stand amidst the Smoky Mountains in the fall and not see God’s unbelievable workmanship, I will never understand.  It was my honor to stand in those forests, with my arms raised to Him in praise, giving Him glory as loud as I could.

How fabulous.

So for any of you that wondered where I was or how I was doing during these few days of “quiet time” – all is well.  Thank you for your emails, concerns and prayers.

End Times Confirmations

The Lord has been AMAZING again regarding confirmations on “intelligence” that has flowed in this direction. 


The way God has been sending “us” confirmation is indisputable.  There simply is no possible way all this information is flowing in without there being “divine intervention” involved.  I am certain time is very short and we are blessed.  Take advantage of these early warnings and please, start working on your 1 Corinthians 3:13-15 “work” and “rewards” and start doing what Jesus said to do.

  • Go join your local Metropolitan Ministries and help them hand out clothes and food to the poor
  • Find homeless people and give them food. Take them food from the restaurants you eat and don’t throw it away.
  • Carry extra money in your pocket, God will pour out his love “through you” and you will know who to give that money too through Him ministering through your heart
  • Print out Flyers on your computer telling people TIME IS SHORT and 2012 is NOT A MOVIE, put them on people’s car windshields.  Tell them UFOs are FALLEN ANGELS and point them to Genesis 6

Divine Synchronicity

When I watch the “one-two-three” synchronicity of communications that come in, both before and after an article is written, the happenings cannot be described as coincidence. Sometimes it is an email, sometimes it is a phone call, every time is is IMPOSSIBLE.  These things simply cannot be happening by accident.

While some of you may disagree with some of these forthcoming revelations, many of you will be extremely excited as I am.  Below is a SHORT list of incoming intelligence that we will be tackling very soon.  It affects YOU and MANKIND both in the near future.  If you feel strongly about any of these bullet points and feel your “dander rising” then simply stop reading and request to be dropped off the email list immediately.  DO NOT email me and tell me I am wrong because in my opinion your “puffed up” attitude spits in the face of our Father God.   We live in very challenging times and I cannot pull you out of your “rabbit hole of unbelief”.   Quite frankly not everyone is of the mental caliber necessary to accept this information and that’s okay.  If shutting down your mind prevented you from making it into Heaven then we would all be doomed.


For the rest of you, welcome aboard for the most amazing ride of our lives. Jesus is AWESOME!!  Some people, LIKE ME, have to know the truth even if it hurts.  Naturally I would prefer if you were Godly and kind enough to give it to me “gently” but never-the-less I want to know the truth. 

I do not believe that God is anything but the MOST utterly awesome and brilliant, merciful God of which anyone could ever dream.  I, for one, CANNOT accept certain interpretations of the Bible stories.  If they “dont’ make sense to me” then something is wrong in my opinion.  The best example I can give you is this …


In the last 5 years I have researched information with an obsession that is second to none.  My marriage has nearly ended in divorce a number of times.  During my study of Biblical history, more than once it occurred to me, that Lucifer’s minions have corrupted our Bible and our belief systems.   At first I sensed it.  Now I am CERTAIN of it.  The corruption started thousands of years ago.  The corruption started LONG before Jesus was born. 

If Lucifer’s minions were SO DEAD SET on destroying the DNA of “MAN” since the “Beginning of Time” then why would they not be equally dead set on destroying our understanding of GOD’S word to us?  Think about that.  How can we accept that “fallen angels” came to earth and raped women to infest the GENETICS of “man” 4,000 years ago (give or take) and then BLINDLY sit back and believe the churches understanding of the Bible has not been utterly obliterated with equal fervor??  That smacks of ignorance and arrogance so mind rattling words cannot describe it.

Any researcher that has based their Biblical understanding on a “prior” scholar’s conclusions with too much allegiance has likely failed to miss CRITICAL points.  Assume no prior understandings are without some form of demonic corruption.  Be your own BEREAN.  Remember when Jesus said “Get thee behind me Satan” he was talking to one of his most trusted apostles.

Larry King Live – The Omegan Revelation

Imagine for a moment sometime in the near future.  The cosmic “landing” has already happened.  The world has already been introduced to our “cosmic” visitors.  The newspapers are filled with stories about how fabulous and wonderful “they” are.  Stories have already leaked.  Some stories claim mankind was created in “test tubes” using genetic sciences and DNA manipulation.  The “visitors” are astonishing and “godlike”.  They are so intelligent no existing scientist on the earth can dispute a single claim.  NOT ONE!  The “religious leaders” look like asses.  The information they present is PERFECT.  Their facts are backed by every possible type of evidentiary proof. 

They PROVE the Bible is WRONG


Do they?

OR ….

Do they instead take advantage of our own ignorance?

Maybe the real truth is hidden in the Bible in “plain sight”,
but we have been taught for THOUSANDS of years the wrong information ….

A List of Forthcoming Revelations

Here is a list of forthcoming revelations.  I make no claim these are all 100% accurate and we will wrestle through these together.  What I AM claiming is there is NO DOUBT … GOD has PUSHED US FORCIBLY to these LIKELY conclusions…

  • The real threat is coming from the COSMOS – period. The threat is ALIEN-DEMONS.  The threat is intergalactic (or likely “intra-galactic” … meaning confined to this “galaxy”)
  • Project Blue Beam MIGHT (pay attention here) … might have been cancelled
  • Pay Attention to the ELOHIM and their “channelers”… the Last Article has been CONFIRMED by GOD!   Please give me a little credit and understand I am not telling you that these “channelers” are telling you 100% truth.  Remember the 99% truth, 1% lie paradigm.   READ YOUR BIBLE and use some common sense.
  • Trust NO existing Prophetic Bible interpretation TIMELINE (pay attention please here … I said “TIMELINE“) Be ready NOW. STOP SINNING. Become HOLY… PRAY THAT YOU ARE FOUND WORTHY TO BE DELIVERED FROM THE HOUR OF TRIAL – NOW
  • The “Man and Woman” in Genesis One were created by these “Elohim” and are NOT “Adam and Eve”… Pay attention – they are not the same “beings”. While I have not fully researched this, the supernatural confirmations that have come in are INDISPUTABLE.
  • In Genesis Two – Adam and Eve were created by “LORD GOD” (YHWH GOD).  They were special and had the MOST AMAZING SPIRIT OF GOD BREATHED into them by the CREATOR. 
  • The Tree of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden is symbolic of bloodlines.  One bloodline is evil and from the Demon Seed (fallen angel variety) and the other bloodline is “good” (from YHWH God and Adam and Eve).  The word “fruit” is symbolic of sex.
  • God KICKED Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden because they “mixed” their pure “spirit-breathed” bloodlines with the demon-seed bloodline through FORNICATION.  This resulted in the Birth of Cain.
  • God placed ENMITY between the SEED of the “woman” and the “serpent” by CHANGING “OUR” DNA on purpose.  God changed “our” HOLY DNA so that WE could no longer MINGLE OUR SEED by choice with the seed of the SERPENT.  God THEN destroyed ALL VERSIONS of “God-Breathed-Spirit-Man” that-mixed-with “Cain-corrupted-demon-seed-blood” through the FLOOD of Noah.
  • THEN … when the Fallen Angels of Genesis 6 came down to RE-INFEST the bloodlines again … IT DID NOT WORK!!!  Instead of them successfully infecting the bloodlines with “God-Spirit-Hosts” (as they did with the bloodline of Cain) they had MUTATIONS!  Because God changed our “Holy-DNA” we could no longer MIX with them.  This prevented “THEM” from successfully infecting our DNA. 

    (Please Note: This does NOT mean our bloodlines have not been corrupted by their evil demon-seed, this simply means they were not completely successful creating the type of human-hybrid-demon entity they intended too)

You will be presented “bit sized” articles that show you the scripture and explain how everything fits together.

You will see EVIDENCE in your daily life.  Pictures, images, and hidden messages of their assult on mankind’s DNA like never before.  You will see hidden images of GREY ALIEN faces everywhere you look.  They have “splattered” their assault strategy across our television sets, billboards, church logos, automotive trademarks, and childrens clothing.




God did not create us to be ignorant of these things people.  With the help of the Holy Spirit and a lot of prayer and common sense, I will publish articles that will help you understand these dynamics.  If I have a Gift from God, it is the ability to take extremely complex dynamics and make them easy for people to understand.  Most authors and researchers do no have that gift.  They can write wonderful books with tons of excellent citations and footnotes but they tend to lose the audience in the “weeds”.    Stick with Tribulation-Now and pray the Lord keeps the Oil Tsunamis and Planet X cosmic disturbances away long enough, and I will show you some of the most fabulous stuff you have ever seen.

When the Omegan freak-devils
show up on
Larry King Live
you will be able to

Summary in Jesus Name

When the alien-demon devils fly down here in a grand display of lying wonders, wouldn’t you like to be able to understand the whole story from the beginning to end?  Wouldn’t you like to be able to sit back and smile with a knowing grin and be able to point to the Bible scripture that shows people that YES they DID in fact manipulate “man-like” DNA and create a version of “man and woman” just like they claim BUT that the real bloodline of God has the SPIRIT OF GOD breathed into it?  The REAL version of “Man” … the SONS OF GOD, survived the FLOOD and could no longer be successfully corrupted by their assault and trickery?

Wouldn’t you like to realize there are THREE DISPOSITIONS of those associated with the Book of Life?

  1. Those who were pre-destined and “make it to the party”
  2. Those who were pre-destined and “got their names blotted out of the book”
  3. AND – Those where were NEVER INVITED to the party and arent’ coming – period!

There is a reason why these UFO alien-demon cosmic intergalactic freaks have been impregnating our women and tinkering with our DNA for thousands and thousands of years.

It is all about “FIT EXTENSIONS”

They need “fit extensions” to get back what God took away from them during their judgement.

“THEY” need our “Body-Spirit-Hosts”
to return to their
 “First Estate”

Today’s events are the “Tower of Babel” all over again.

And here is the Best Part!

When you accept Jesus into your heart and become “born again” your body and spirit is CHANGED.  There is an invisible change that happens to your blood and your spirit.  You are no longer the same.  I am NOT talking about some nebulous intangible churchianity “lip service” here.  I am TELLING YOU there is IN FACT a real change that occurs to your “meta-physical / spiritual” existence.  There is a supernatural Holy-magical change that happens to you that PREVENTS THEM from STEALING YOUR SOUL.

This battle here on earth is only an illusion.


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9 thoughts on “Interim Epiphanies

  1. Genesis 1 and 2. Linear and chiastic text structure, one of Gods hallmarks in scripture. Seems to me its the same story told first linearly, then chiastic.
    I would be very interested in seeing this indisputable evidence that Adam & Eve is not Man & Woman.

    And I believe the tree was called the tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and evil. Wich I think is important…

    The claim that they will come from cosmos, outer space, might be correct. However, there is a thing called the van Allen belt, and there are plenty of evidence pointing to that man kind has never set foot on the moon, google search moon landing hoax, and check the videos on YT. The claim is that no living thing can pass the van Allen belt (meaning satelites and MARS Rovers etc. can) including the nephilim. Remember Bill Coopers testimony, he saw a huge ufo emerge from the ocean and take off. Also Pastor Jim Wilhelmsen on YT (channel alternaterealities7) states that they are located benieth the earth, and provides plenty of evidence in my opinion.

    The other bulletpoints are certainly plausible and great theories, we will have to wait and see what they tell us, and someday, we can ask Jesus directly, that will be interesting…..

    May Jesus bless

  2. Wow!!! this is my first post/comment very interesting I've never heard or seen this before on the "GOD" man/woman in genesis one to the genesis two "LORD GOD" adam/eve. just one thing though. is the GOD in genesis one the same as LORD GOD in genesis two???

  3. I have been referred to this work in the past but have not yet had time to look into it. Thanks and God Bless.

  4. Right I am aware of the "hollow earth" notion and I simply don't buy it. I might be wrong I am wrong a LOT!! As a matter of fact I may very well be completely wrong about the Genesis 1 and 2 Elohim vs. Lord God YHWH / Tree of Life notions too. But I cannot dispute the series of events that nudged me to re-explore this area of study after I had already written it off.

    I will say this, the responses I am receiving to this article are ALL OVER THE BOARD with an alarming number of good Christians siding with the Gen 1 / 2 being different seed lines.

    We shall see. I may redact my current "Hypothesis" after I dig in a bit deeper.

    I'm blessed to have people emailing me and getting involved. Let's study this and figure it out together.

  5. Navaboy above. Greetings in Jesus Name.

    Remember we are going to investigate this together and keep an open mind. It seems to me this makes very good sense BUT we havent' drawn any conclusions at this point. These are just Hypothesis and we will explore some work to see if it is plausible and makes sense.

    Many good authors and fine researchers disagree, however this can be said about virtually any belief in the Bible.

    God Bless You

  6. john, there is so much information to decipher and so much has been manipulated. even to the info on the web as we all know. you can be sure that much information is coming from the enemy seeming to come from a christian perspective. one thing i can attest to the above is the penial gland. my son was labeled bi-polar a few years ago. this young man, from the time he was a baby, has stuggled in the "norm" as he is truly a genius. many people like him struggle as they inherently see that things in the world are not what they ought be. he has an inherent love for God as well and has told me since a young child that God has a plan for him that is beyond "free will." it has scared him immensley at times as he feels it has to do with the end times and Jesus' return; i should have said a "job" rather than a plan. when he was being seen at MHMR (mental health mental retardation) a gov't funded agency for people with no health care, he was given several meds for bi-polar disorder. having the mind-set that he does, he looked up the meds he was given. one was a mood stabilizer which he discovered was actually for epilepsy (side effects included cysts on the penial gland); another was an anti-psychotic and mood stabilizer which is also considered a sleep aid (a horse tranquilizer). i've studied much on this and believe this has everything to do with children medicated for ADHD as well. these people are more aware than most and are subdued to as they "rock the boat." i've shared much of my personal experiences with you as to my spiritual awakening… the things i see, pictures i've taken. this too is an opening of the penial gland which occurred after many years of stress and unhappiness. upon all but giving up, i awoke one day and saw the world in an entirely new way. once i'd gotten past the idea that i had completely snapped, i started studying and searching, almost 3 years ago now, to understand what was happening; why i see what i see and where all this knowledge was coming from… i've studied everything from blood types to jupiter. my advice to everyone is to be aware, but to work on yourself. pray and get centered in Christ to find your role as we all must work together. there's no way any one person can find all the answers… but, we have a heads up and are on our way to turning things around. i believe we can do this! it doesn't have to be doom and gloom. with but the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains…

    in Christ,

  7. Is anyone aware that the british royalty of whales
    possibly plays a significant role in the book
    Of Daniel? As to the part where the king
    Of the south gives his daughter in marriage
    To the king of the north? Prince William
    Recently got engaged to a daughter of the
    South and prince William is also the 1000th
    Member of the "Order of the Garter" He

    As well as in 1995 from a CNN document
    And an article from the Washington post
    Prince William had a microchip placed
    In his right hand(mark of beast, possibly)

  8. Prince willliam also had a pretty bad head wound in at the age of 9 and he was micro
    Chipped in 1995. Does anyone find this thought provoking or strange?

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