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Do Not Underestimate YOUR POWER through Jesus

Greetings in the Name of Jesus the King of Kings, and LORD OF LORDS!!

It seems to me that arguably the single most forgotten (or never learned) part of our walk as Christians (true Christians, “Philadelphians” not “Laodiceans”), is our personal power.  Jesus constantly grieved, during his time on earth, even about His own apostle’s inability to understand this concept.  If Peter, had JUST kept his eyes on Jesus and continued to walk directly toward Him, he would have succeeded in his walk across the water.  But that’s frankly, the tip of the ice berg when it comes to our personal empowerment through the Holy Spirit.

One of my greatest challenges (and blessings) is ministering to people who write me for help.  We all tend to give up too easily when we are stepping out in faith and taking control of our spiritual (and earthly) situation, which are “by Holy definition”, one in the same.  Until we fully grasp the concept of “God at war” and entirely embrace our personal empowerment, through the Holy Spirit, we will continue to struggle more than is necessary.

I often times think how cool it would be if the text in the scripture more closely reflected the vernacular of the day.  When Jesus was explaining to the disciples that “you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Act 1:8), wouldn’t it have been interesting to hear that said more along the lines of:

With the POWER vested in me,
I GIVE YOU, my Father’s POWER,
through the presence of the Holy Spirit
which shall reside IN YOU

A Massive Shift of Power Source

In the grand scheme of how YHWH has operated, since the inception of the “Multi-verses”, it is more and more evident that God has always “empowered” his Heavenly creations.  Is there anyone out there that would argue this point, knowing the power that Satan and his minions wield on both an earthy and spiritual level (multi-dimensional level)?  If so, you really need to start doing your homework.  Spend just a little time studying up on deliverance ministries and read the book by Rebecca Brown entitled, “He came to set the Captives Free” for an intro.  But that stuff is the “tip of the ice berg”.

All you have to do is realize that “fallen angels” are about to “show themselves” in a HUGE WAY here on earth.  Its’ not as if they ever left earth, they’ve been here the whole time. They came back after Genesis 6 (just like the Bible says) and there is no indication they ever left (scripturally). 

And all the evidence that’s out there (today) proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that “more of them are coming” and this DISCLOSURE deal is going to be a WHOPPER. This becomes particularly evident, when combined with the “front loading” that is strewn all through our movies, advertisements, You Tube videos, documentaries and particularly “The Ancient Aliens” series on the History Channel.  More on that last item in a second.

Never mind Jesus demonstrated that even those “not Baptised in fire” had the ability to cast out demons and heal the sick (in HIS NAME) prior to his ascension in Luke 10:1-12, focus verse 9 where he tells them …

Luke 10:9-10

And heal the sick there, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’


Where we really seem to drop the ball is understanding the AMAZING POWER SHIFT that occurred after Christ’s ascension into Heaven, during Pentecost.  I could type in verse after verse, from Acts and onward, about the POWER that was “vested in us”.  The entire New Testament is full of this information. 

But what we really need to grasp is when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit down to “take His place” (at the confusion of the disciples), He told them that what He was leaving with them is MORE POWERFUL than Him being with them.  Hmmm.  Now quite frankly, if I was standing amongst the disciples, I would have been wondering what he meant too.  And how unfortunate it is when we realize that our “churchianity” (over thousands of years) as basically castrated us of the “knowledge and understanding” of this empowerment.

When the Holy Spirit was sent down to us, to reside IN US, this was God’s way of “empowering us” with HIS POWER through the Name of Jesus.  This concept is similar to the concept of a Police Officer having “arresting powers”.  He alone does not have arresting powers.  But with the power vested in him through the “badge” and the commission he receives on behalf of the government, the Officer does have that power. 

The Holy Spirit and the Name of Jesus is our personal BADGE of authority.  The POWER has been “vested” in US through our Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name.  This doesn’t mean that every time you start getting your “butt kicked” by the devil you should fall on your knees and pray “FATHER HELP ME”.  NO.

Instead, this means that YOU have been EMPOWERED to KICK THE DOGS OUT yourself.




… God has “empowered” his “personnel” to take charge and “heal the sick” and “cast out devils”.
A Take Charge Dog Kicking Real World Testimony
So the other day I am sitting here in my office at the house with the troubles of the world just “dumping on me”.  You know what I mean.  We all go through that.  And then I have the demons hammering me with “you’ll never get a job”, “the economy sucks”, “your going to lose everything” and blah blah blah. 
Enter the Darkness
My sister pops up an instant message on my computer screen while I am answering your emails.  She appears to be in a bit of a panic.  Evidently her daughter, my niece, is “up to her old tricks” again but the situation has gotten “out of control”.  There are threats of suicide and all sorts of dark threats coming from my her.  She has been troubled most of her life and while we “believe” she is saved, she continues to fall back into the “darkness”.
Now I will spare you the history of her troubles which branch back to childhood, but suffice it to say that recently she has allowed herself to “get involved” with more than one man who operates in the realm of darkness.  The most recent one is evidently a “Wiccan” of some type or another.  And she has a history of “New Age” like beliefs and behaviors that are undeniably from pits of Hell.
Demons Prophesying to “Christians”
Another point of fascination is that, while she was “into such things”, she was a member of a local church.  According to her, she was regularly speaking to angels.  But when you hear about the surrounding circumstances, there is NO QUESTION she is NOT talking to YHWH’s messengers, but instead to impostors, otherwise known as “familiar spirits”. 
You see, these “angels” would tell her things.  She was so connected to their communications that she told the church she had the Gift of Prophecy, and the people in the congregation would “stand in line” to here her prophecy for them. 
What is the True Gift of Discernment?
Now I am fighting myself right now to stay on topic but this whole “discernment” notion that Christianity embraces is highly misunderstood.  Yes there is the Holy Spirit “GIFT” of Discernment that is apportioned by GOD to those HE wants to receive it, but anyone who thinks that by virtue of trying to walk a Christian spirit filled life, they will “automatically” know when they stand before EVIL in disguise, is FOOLING themselves. 
Otherwise there would be no point to TEST THE SPIRITS.  We would automatically know.  And testing the spirits is tricky business since this applies to DEVILS themselves manifesting in human / angelic like forms, and not necessarily to “deceived individuals” who BELIEVE they are acting on behalf of Jesus, but are INSTEAD talking to the demons in disguise.
In closing on this topic, I can tell you the difference between the true GIFT of Discernment and a spirit filled “still small voice” warning communication.  Our family friend, Billy, in Pennsylvania has the REAL “Gift of Discernment”.  The reason why God will not just give this to anyone is because it would “scare the crap out of you”.  Billy “sees” demons in real time.  Bill sees “snakes” wrapped around people’s insides.  He sees color auras around people that can help him know if they are demon possessed or filled with Jesus.  It drives Billy crazy some times and freaks him out.  These gifts are not handed out to everyone because not all of us could handle such powers.  God meets you at the point of your faith.
I digress.  Back on point.
The Situation Intensifies
My sister give me a telephone call and asks me to call my niece.  She is in a bit of a panic at this point.  Evidently my niece is in a terrible state and is saying awful things to her mother (my sister).  The demons have evidently taken a good bit of control and she is demanding that certain things happen immediately “or else”.  It was pretty ugly.  One such demand was that another sister of mine was to “drop everything” and drive 2 hours North to come and “rescue her” or this or that will happen (etc).  Naturally my sister is beside herself trying to figure out what to do.  She lives nearly four hours away in the Pittsburgh area.
I gave my niece a call.  She was NONE TOO PLEASED I was on the phone and made it very apparent.  In fact she hung up on me at the very offer of prayer.
The situation then shifted to my niece sending a rather troubling barrage of text messages to her mother to further intensify the attack.  In between these text messages my sister would implore me for assistance asking me to call my niece again on the phone. 
At that point, I told my sister:

“LOOK!  I will help you and her as best as I can but she needs people over there in person, laying hands on her and casting those demons OUT.  The best I can do is pray with you on the telephone, and you know that if we “chase the demons” out remotely, and SHE doesn’t take some ownership in “keeping them out”, then they will come right back in and we will be back at this again in no time!”

My sister agreed.  She knew I was right.  She told me to call her on the phone, and that I should do the praying and she will do the agreeing. 
So I called …
Here is the payer I used on the phone with my sister.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Okay Lord we have a situation here.  I know you told us to lay hands on people and cast out the devils but we need a miracle since we are working remotely.  Father, in the name of Jesus, I am asking you for a miracle, just like when you allowed Paul to send out blessed cloths to people for their healing.  In the Name of Jesus, Father, we are believing for this miracle.  Father God, at this time I am going to shift gears and use the POWER YOU gave ME, through you Son Jesus Christ to remotely cast out those devils.  Praise you Father, for you alone are worthy.

(At this point I shift gears.  My demeanor changes from one of reverence to one of ANGER.  I am now directing MY POWER, to kick out the Demons remotely, in Jesus Name)

Body and Spirit of .  I am talking to YOU now.  You LISTEN to ME!  With the power vested in me by JESUS CHRIST, I am COMMANDING YOU to GO NOW!  LEAVE HER in the Name of Jesus.  I COMMAND YOU TO GO!  You have no right to Her.  IN JESUS NAME, GO NOW AND NEVER COME BACK!

(I immediate shift my demeanor back to one of reverence and speak to my Father in Heaven)

Father God,
We thank you and praise your holy name for this miracle.  We praise you Lord for this gift of deliverance.  Father, you ALONE are worthy.  Thank you for this gift.  Praise you Father for assisting us in this time of need.

The Results and The Testimony
Personally I have learned to quickly walk away after prayers such as this.  I don’t like to leave any room for unbelief to enter into my mind.  I command it, I praise for it, and I “get out there” as fast as I can.  So my sister and I said amen together and I hung up the phone and went quickly about my business.
At lunch I met with a potential business partner (just in case the Lord leads me more strongly to start my own business … long story there) and things went very well.  Later in the afternoon I answered some more of your emails and added A LOT OF NEW PEOPLE to our email list PRAISE JESUS.
I even received an email from “more than one pastor”.  How cool is THAT?  The church leadership IS WAKING UP and I give all the GLORY TO GOD for that.  I praise HIS MIGHTY NAME every time I get an email from someone that has visited Tribulation-Now that is part of our Christian leadership.  PRAISE GOD.
… And one of the “Pastors” that joined our email list, even admitted that HE was considering buying weapons in light of our emerging darkness, and told me that yesterday’s article entitled “A Horrible Misunderstanding” CHANGED HIS MIND!
The Real Victory
But the really super awesome news was the phone call I received from my sister around 8 PM in the evening.  She called me praising Jesus with “all kinda happy”.
She said, (paraphrased)

Praise Jesus she has been delivered.  She just called me and sounded happy and completely normal!!  She moved her bed into the other room away from the Wiccan creep, and she is moving in to live with her Father in the next couple days!! Hallelujah!!

One Last Creepy Thing About “Ancient Aliens”
I received another set of phone calls yesterday.  It was a busy day for me in Jesus name.  Praise God.  This particular person was concerned about being followed “by the forces of evil”.  For the sake of safety from the “pyring eyes” of those “less fortunate” than those of us Saved by the Blood of the Lamb, I will keep the details to a minimum.
What IS CRITICAL is that during our conversation, this person , out of the CLEAR BLUE started to ask me what I thought about these “gods” or Ancient Aliens that are claiming to be our creators in the documentaries on the History Channel.  What is a bit amazing about this line of questioning is that he started asking on his own out of no where. 
The point here is that people are ALREADY being affected by these Ancient Alien documentaries.  People are already starting to question WHO our creator is and WHO “JESUS” is.  The “great delusion” is starting already, gradually.
It is TIME for us to all start getting super smart about this subject.  It is TIME for us to all start showing people that GENESIS 2, VERSE 4 is a summary of events associated with generations of creational activity.

Genesis 2:4 says:
These are the generations of the Heavens and the earth when they were created in the day of the making of Yahweh Elohim’s earth and heavens.

The Hebraic Roots Bible, pg. 9

It is also important to point out to people that there are arguably millions of years of time, filled with the Luciferian rebellion and “star wars”, that happened between the FIRST and SECOND verses of Genesis.  This is not a “gap theory” … this is a GAP FACT. (ref.
Moreover, refer people to Genesis 2:7 where it says:

Genesis 2:7
And Yahweh Elohim formed the man from the dust of the ground, and blew into his nostrils the breath of life;
The Hebraic Roots Bible, pg. 9

THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOLKS.  This is where YHWH God, the Great El Elyon and Most High, breathed HIS SPIRIT into Adam and started the Adamic bloodline, through Noah, and through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob  THIS IS HUGE.
The demons / fallen angel “Ancient Aliens” DID NOT CREATE ADAM!!
They created SOMETHING but it DAMN SURE was NOT ADAM!!
Whether they used DNA trickery or whether they misused “powers” vested in them by the Almighty El Elyon,  I don’t know.  But what I do know is THEY LIE!
They are coming here to KILL US.
Summary in Jesus Name
Until we all learn about how God (YHWH Elohim) empowers his creations (including and particularly us), we will continue to struggle through life and be beaten over and over again by the Devil and his miserable minions.  Do not sell Pentecost short. 
That WAS and IS the APEX of our EMPOWERMENT.
Take matters into your own hands and cast out devils and command people bodies to HEAL in JESUS NAME.  Practice makes perfect.  Pray always “Father, in Jesus name, helpst thou mine unbelief” and put into action the empowerment your Almighty Father has “vested in you”.  Make this an every day thing. 
Don’t let yourself be sad.  Don’t let yourself get depressed.  This is demonic OPPRESSION and you are a SON OF THE LIVING GOD!!
Take your POWER and put it to good use in the Name of Jesus Your King!!


Be Blessed in Jesus Name

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  1. John,

    Such great news to hear of your neice! Thank you for sharing it, and of your thought process in your involvement. That gives the rest of us some level of confidence, that if it could work for you, it could also work for us even though we are not Billy Graham… (I've used Derek Prince books to cast evil spirits out of me, but I've never done it for someone else.)

    Oh, I agree, there is total power in prayer! Once in a massage class, I had my hands on the woman's shoulders. I didn't tell her I was going to pray for her or anything, and I only prayed silently in my head that God use my hands to help her heal. She asked me later if I felt that surge of electricity run through her body right away? I said, "No, but I prayed for you right away." Cool, huh?

    Anyway, the whole point of me responding is, I want to add a prayer to suggest to people. One of the most influential prayers on a believer's life is the prayer to not be deceived. When my husband and I started praying that, wow, the things that started coming forward to us to get us to grow.

    Thank you for your work! If you aren't getting many earthly rewards, surely you're building heavenly ones! You are on assignment. The Lord will give you provision so that you can continue your assignment. When Peter had taxes to pay, Jesus told him to go catch a fish with a gold coin in his mouth. He didn't say to go to Jerusalem and work for 3 months and then catch up with them. Ask the Lord where he has treasure buried for you. He provides all your needs in accordance with the glorious riches of Jesus Christ. It took faith for Peter to trust Jesus, in something that sounded silly. If you ask, and hear something "silly", stand on it on FAITH. And it most definately will sound "silly", and probably be a business that you can run.

    Be blessed in the name of our Lord, Jesus.

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