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An Amazing Testimony of Trial and Revelation

Just a couple months ago I was sitting in a local non-denominational church.  At the time I called it “my church”.  It’s a good church.  Spirit filled and all that.  Like so many of us, I felt driven to make a difference.  I went to all their meetings and functions.  I took my friends there and was happy that one of them “went to the altar call” to get “saved”.  I even went to their monthly home fellowships.  They were actually really cool.  I met with the “second in command”.  A super nice guy with a bushy Hebrew beard.  I would “hint around” at things that I knew were a fact, to see what his tolerance level was.  Sadly it was not impressive.  He started to filter information that went beyond the “Temple Institute” and the building of the new Solomon’s temple.

I remember a particular sermon.  I watched in fascination as usual.  While I don’t remember the topic of the sermon, I do remember him referring to Genesis 6.  My head cocked to the right like a fascinated puppy when I actually heard him refer to the “Nephilim” as “fallen angels” and touched on the story line as it actually happened.  After the service I even shook his hand and told him how awesome it was that he embraced what is referred to as the “angel theory” of Genesis 6.  Sadly this church and its congregation do not even know what really happened on 911.

Did you know that even the Moody Bible Institute did not accept that “theory” until just recently?


Limiting God

We all have a problem with limiting God in our lives.  There is an outstanding teaching entitled “Don’t Limit God” available on Andrew Wommack’s web site.  I highly recommend it.  You can find it here:

Now I caution you that Andrew Wommack does not know about 911 either.  In fact he even put up a sign in his new College Campus area in Colorado Springs saying something like “this is part of the earth created by God 6,000 years ago”.  And I find it utterly fascinating this same teacher likes to use “science fiction based” metaphors to describe the power of the Holy Spirit even suggesting “the force be with you” is similar in its characteristics.  Naturally he apologizes to the “offended” audience for “daring” to compare God to the evils of science fiction.


Now that you heard the disclaimers, you really need to embrace his teachings.  He is the MOST spiritual Holy Spirit filled teacher out there.  And he understands, like no one else, how God speaks to people and how to “flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit”.  These are CRITICAL lessons we all need to learn.

So “Don’t Limit God” and open your minds to his teachings because they will help you immensely.

Unbelief is the Antithesis of Belief

For such a long time I never understood what “unbelief” was.  Jesus would tell people that they only needed the “faith” of a mustard seed, but he would verbally “flog” them for their unbelief.  In fact, unbelief is a sin and needs to be regularly forgiven.

This dynamic of “unbelief” vs. “faith” is very challenging for people to wrap their “minds” around.  Unbelief is arguably our worst enemy.  This is why our educational systems were hijacked by the enemy more than a hundred years ago.  The forces of darkness, through their “secret societies” formed powerfully funded monasteries of lying sociologists and created factories for “unbelief”.  Through the Tavistock Institute and its dozens of offshoots, our “mind controlled” media and “Colleges of Higher Learning” have burned into our “peanut brains” endless lies about pretty much everything.

This is by definition … UNBELIEF

Unbelief is what you “believe” is true, but is NOT true.
It is the arch enemy of FAITH

You can believe that Jesus has the power to heal “through you”, but if you have a “burned in belief” that it “might not happen” then it cancels out the ability of God to use you as a vessel for his outpouring.  And unbelief is really hard to control.  I am constantly praying to God to forgive me for my unbelief.  I am always asking him in the Name of Jesus to “cancel out” my unbelief.

This is why “practice makes perfect”.  This is why we have to “stir up the spirit”.  This is why we can’t stop laying hands on people and praying for them just because the first few we tried it on didn’t get healed.  You need to take it as a lesson and “buck up” and continue doing it.  Otherwise you will never see the power of Jesus manifest through you. 

Just Do It.  Amen?


God simply has no choice but to go out and find the most unlikely candidates for his “end-times” work these days.  Even the well known “prophets of today” suffer from “reputation concerns” and worries about scaring away their precious congregation and income.  Sadly this dynamic is just another version of being unequally yoked with Ba’al.  Only those people who have “nothing to lose” can God reach out to with this highly controversial “cosmic” data.  All the rest of them have “unbelief” and “fear” controlling their minds and spirits.  This limits God.

Because of this, God is now reaching out to new untarnished vessels.  God NEEDS new people that have not had traditional theology BURNED into their minds.  There are countless stories of well meaning folks who have attended the Tavistock controlled theological colleges and come out ATHEISTS!

One such example of God reaching out to the “unlikely” is Lewis Crompton.  You can see my recent article on Mr. Crompton’s prophecies here:

God is Calling His Warriors

I knew I “hit the jackpot” with this article.  Whenever you do something on the “cutting edge” for God you get attacked.  After I published this piece, I started getting ambushed via email from a demon possessed “agent”.  No time for that story and besides its nothing new … right?

Jonathan Kleck’s Beginning

“Jonathan Kleck was born a poor black child. He remembers the days, sittin’ on the porch with his family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi.” 

 –     I’M KIDDING!!  We need a little Steve Martin “levity” sometimes.

In fact Jonathan Kleck was just the opposite.  Jonathan became a well known “sky diver”.  He was featured on the cover of magazines and travelled extensively.  Back in “the day” Jonathan used to be quite wealthy.  It was nothing for him to be surrounded by beautiful women and staying in expensive hotels.  He was a true-to-life “jet-setter”.  Moreover Jonathan started a company called “Vampire Sunglass” company.  They cut a deal with Bausch & Lomb.  The “tag line” of the original company was “Come out of the Darkness and Into the Light” and was later changed to “Rise with the Son”.  These things, and many more, were happening to him BEFORE he was saved. 


Anyone who knows the business of professional “sky diving” knows it can be a dangerous profession.  One unfortunate mistake or equipment failure and the “unthinkable” can happen.  On one fateful day, Jonathan in all his earthly glory, made another jump.

But this time … He BOUNCED!

For those in the sky-diving community the term “bounce” is one of utter horror.  It means something dreadful happened and that person’s equipment failed.  It means they free fell to the ground and died.

But Jonathan didn’t die.

Was he a super-hero?  Or was it the divine providence of God?


But to Jonathan the days of his earthly riches and fame were NOTHING in comparison to the day the Almighty God decided it was time for Jonathan to do His work.  On this day, God reached out to just one more highly unlikely candidate to “step up” and “step out” for His work.  You see, Jonathan wasn’t a believer.  Jonathan didn’t go to theological university.  Jonathan didn’t spend his whole life going to Bible retreats and listening to everyone else’s rendition of prophecy.  He was the perfect choice to bring some of God’s most important information out to the public.

Supernatural Night, Supernatural Light

Jonathan was booked and preparing to partake in a skydiving event called “The X-Games Sky Surfing Competition”.  But the event got put on hold because he discovered a new miracle had come along.  His girlfriend of the time, had become pregnant with his first baby.  But shortly thereafter things started to get “weird”. 

Jonathan started seeing encoded artwork in various images.  It was starting to drive him up a wall.  He didn’t know God at the time but was so “taken back” by the images he was seeing that he called out to God and asked him “What is all this stuff?  What should I do?”  His family was Catholic, but he didn’t know where to look for Jesus because there were so many versions of Jesus.  There were too many religions.  He called out “God, if you are real, I want to know the truth of who you are!”

He was led to fold the dollar bills into pyramids and shown the following verses in Isaiah.

Isa 29:15-16

Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us? 16 Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay;


He turned the dollar bills “upside down” and saw the images of buildings that were destroyed by bombings.  The dollar bills were designed prior to the buildings being destroyed.  Some of the destruction seemed to show buildings that would be destroyed by other means in the future.  This revelation utterly blew his mind.  He started telling everyone he knew.  He showed his family, he showed his friends, and naturally he showed his girlfriend.

But then things started getting “really creepy”.

He started to feel a “force” moving against him.  The phone started ringing late in the night.  Voices on the other end of the phone were threatening him.  They would say things like “We are coming over tonight!”  Fear started surging through him. 


Cars started following him.   Several time he made a run for it to escape their chase.  He was sure these people were trying to kill him.  He needed to get his girlfriend out of town.  He knew his girlfriend was from a wealthy family, but at the time he did not realize she was from one of the 13 families of the Illuminati Bloodline.

He decided to send his girlfriend away and bought a plane tickets for her departure.  This night they were staying in St. Anthony’s Hotel on the 10th floor.  He was sitting with his girlfriend in the hotel room talking when he felt a strong “presence”.  It was freaking him out.  He told her “Some force is trying to communicate with me.  It keeps saying “the pyramids are my enemy”.  His girlfriend was starting to “wig out”. 

Jonathan then felt the urge to walk down the hall of the hotel.  He saw a sign near the stairway showing a man walking into fire.  It was a standard warning sign for evacuating a hotel.  But he heard God’s voice urge him to “Walk to the Fire”.  He walked into the hallway, his girlfriend right behind, and went down to the third floor.  There was a window there, it was exactly 12 AM.  He looked out of the window, and to his utter horror, he saw the same two cars that had been following him earlier, sitting with their lights on in the parking lot.

Then he felt God say to him “Those Are Your Enemies”.

He grabbed his girlfriend and ran to the other side of the hotel.  The exit was blocked by major construction.  He felt a horrible urge to escape and began to panic.  There was no way out of the hallway.  He yelled to God, “What do I do?”  God said to him “Go through the door”.  But the door was blocked by construction and was “alarmed” with a warning sign to not enter.  He freaked out again and said “God what do I do?”  And again he heard “GO THROUGH THE DOOR”. 

He reached for the “alarmed bar” and his girlfriend screamed “Jonathan DON’T!”  But he pushed open the door and it opened to the outside of the building in the darkness three stories up.  He walked toward the entry, stepped out on a metal ramp, and it extended to the ground in the alley behind the St. Anthony’s.  He grabs his girlfriends hand and runs down the ramp.

When they reach the bottom of the ramp, out of breath in still in a panic, the looked and there was a man standing.  But it was not really a man … well not really.   The “man” said to Jonathan “Pray with Me my Brother”.  Jonathan looked at this “man” it utter astonishment.  This “man” then said “Our Father, who art in Heaven …” and a light shined down upon them.  A supernatural light.  He was in tears.  The Holy Spirit came down on him and he was leveled with peace and amazement.  Then this “man” said “Now pray a Hail Mary Jonathan”.  Jonathan said “I don’t understand”.  The “man” said to him, “I tell you there is no power in the Hail Mary.  You are to expose the Harlot!  There will be NO LYING”. 

He knew he was being put to the test.  He knew from that point forward everything had changed.  He spent days in tears crying out to God.  He knew he had to do what he was told to do.  He knew there could be no lying.

When he got home he cried out to God “Who was that man?” His girlfriend had seen the man and saw the light too.  He was still in shock.  He felt pulled to reach for a book on the shelf.  It was some type of dictionary.  He flipped it open on the table top and it fell open to a page which said

“Michael the Archangel of the Jews”

From that day forward, everything had changed.

The Family Attacks

As I have mentioned in a number of articles, the enemy will frequently use those most close to you as agents for attack.  Right after these things happened to Jonathan, trouble started happening with his family.  His father was sent multiple cashier’s checks for about $80,000 to pay off his house.

But then he is told by his father that because of his recent “issues” he decided to keep the house.  His father kept the money and the house.  Jonathan was left homeless and left with little or no money.  He prayed to God again in tears.  Several days later an unexpected check came in the mail from his old partner in the sunglasses business for $30k. 

The Lord impressed upon his heart to read Psalm 27:10

Ps 27:10

10 When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.



God Wins in Court

Jonathan now knows he must go after his children.  There were abuse issues that had surfaced.  With very little money and living in an apartment he files for custody.  God told him to do it.  He knew it was the right thing to do.

The children’s mother fought back hard.  They had a TON of money.  His chances of winning were next to nill.  But he did what he had to do.  The accusations flew.  He was accused of being insane.  By now he had been given the visions of the “alien-demon” genetic attack prophecies I wrote about in the articles linked to below.  One of the articles is entitled “The Greatest Deception is the Genetic Abomination”.  God showed him both, through hidden artwork and prophetic Word, that the “fallen angels” or “alien-demons” had infected the bloodline of mankind.

On one of the days in dealing with his custody battle, he was riding a bus downtown.  There on the bus near him sat a woman.  He thought she looked especially strange.  Her hair was too perfect.  Her dress was too neat.  She was drinking a soda through straw.  As he looked at her the soda started running down her neck and onto her dress.  He kept staring at her.  She started to growl in a snarling voice at him “HOW IS YOUR STRUGGLE WITH JESUS CHRIST?”  Alarmed he fell back with eyes wide open.  Then he felt his arm move to her shoulder and out of no where he said “Peace be still.  I cast you out in Jesus name”.  And this woman’s face went gentle and soft and she thanked him and stepped off the bus.

Later, he was required to take the MMPI (Minnesota Mental Personality Inventory) test three times.  All three times the results were determined as “Nothing Remarkable” and one of the results suggested he felt “unduly persecuted”.  He laughed in disbelief at that one.

And the defense lawyers knew about the “alien-demon” prophecies.  In fact they had copies of his work!

The defense lawyer threatened him verbally more than once in the hallways of the courthouse.  He was told by the one lawyer, “Seat Belt! You better Buckle Up!”  It wasn’t said in a jesting manner.

The lawyers attacked him in the court room viciously.  They said indignantly “So Mr. Kleck, are you telling us that aliens infected the human race?  Do you, Mr. Kleck, believe in aliens?”

And Jonathan said “I believe in the Word of God.  The Word of God says that Fallen Angels came down to earth and chose women and had children.  Are not fallen angels by definition “aliens” of this earth?”

The defense lawyer was speachless …

And Jonathan’s lawyer immediately jumped in and said  “Your honor, do you want me to enter the Bible into evidence?”

And the judge said “Don’t Bother … I read it and I know what it says!”



Detained by the FBI and US Secret Service

So Jonathan starts telling me on the phone that he took the prophecies of the $10, $20 and $50 dollar bills to the FBI and US Secret Service.  I had to interrupt him.  I was beside myself.  “What in the world did you do THAT for?” I asked.  “They are the ENEMY” I insisted.  “Their upper ranks are “reptilian” Black Ops entities!  Why did you do that?”

And Jonathan said to me “No No Listen to me!  I didn’t want to go.  I was freaking out.  God told me I had to go.  God wanted THEM to know that HE (God) was WATCHING THEM and knew what THEY were going to do!”

I was utterly blown away!  I’m still blown away by it.

Here is what happened.

He drove downtown and parked at the FBI building.  He was taken into an interrogation room.  Two men walked in and asked him what was on his mind.  He started to tell his story.  He brought along props.  In fact, he brought DVDs of his video tapes and folded $10, $20, and $50 dollar bills. 

Jonathan said to the agents “Do you think I can show you all the bombings of the buildings in the United States in the graphics on the U.S. currency?  Do you believe that would be possible?”

The agents looked at him like he was crazy and said “NO WAY – NOT POSSIBLE!”

15 minutes into the meeting Jonathan had shown the agents the prophecies on the currency.  The agents were visibly shaken.  One of them exclaimed in frustration and fear  “WHERE DID YOU GET THIS INFORMATION?”

Jonathan showed him the scripture in the Bible about prophecy.  He said it was given to him by God.


Jonathan said … “PRAY”.

Alien-Demons Are Everywhere Summary

Sheep and Goats.  Alien Demons.  Their images are everywhere.  But you can’t see them!  You can’t … but Jonathan can.  You see, God was once again far smarter than we think.  Not only did God choose a wealthy unlikely jet setter, but he chose an artist.  Jonathan is not only able to use his spiritual gift of Discernment to “see” these images, but he is able to show them through his graphic artistic talents as well.

You can read about Jonathan’s findings in the articles here on Tribulation-Now.  These articles have other links inside of them that will lead you to his YouTube videos as well.

Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel, and God (part three)

The Greatest Deception is the Genetic Abomination


I have behind me a large box that Jonathan sent to my house.  The Lord willing, we will discover the amazing things that are inside this box in the next article of this series.

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  1. The Lord is directing our lives more than we can imagine. Just a few days ago, I began copying from pc to disc. I have never done this, and the most important thing on my mind for saving incase of a crash was Johnathan's videos of the folding of the currency prophecy. While I was copying, I had a great desire to meet him and learn more of his conversion. Today was an . answer to prayer . . . . .there was his story right in front of me just as I had asked for. Praise Jesus for answering prayer! The Lord has spoken to all of us thru His Holy Spirit for an important reason . . .there is a great amount of work yet to be done in spreading His "good news" before He comes. Let's keep on "keeping on!" Blessings, Brenda Kae


    We are all bless he has had the courage to take a stand and tell the world.

    God Bless You

  3. Yes, thank you for telling his story. And thank you Jonathan for letting us learn about your life!! You are a huge blessing to those of us who are trying to figure all of this out!

    Brenda, that's not a bad idea copying his videos for later use, we may need them here soon!


  4. Hey brother!

    All I can say is another AMEN to the truth in this article!!!

    Only stronghold stand between us and the knowledge of God. They are vain imaginations and exalted high places. Remove them from your minds!!! They are the roots of unbelief. Every thought, every single thought 24/7 must be taken captive in obedience to Jesus Christ!

    And then and only then are we are back at the Tree of Life. Belial is one of Satan's princes of this world and he sits on the throne of academia. He is the prince of Pride!!! Pride comes between us and knowledge of God. And with that pride we continue to eat at the wrong tree, the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.

    Each of us MUST call upon the grace of God to tear down those strongholds and then our minds may be renewed with the Mind of Christ which is the wisdom and power of God!!! This is our new birth right as joint heirs with Jesus Christ!!! This IS the Mystery of the Ages!!! Had Belial and the other princes of this world known this they would not have allowed Jesus Christ to be crucified!!! Christ in us, the hope of the glory!!! The MYSTERY OF THE AGES!!!

    All power in heaven and on earth, all power is in us as Sons of God by the Spirit of adoption as we cry out Abba, Father!!! The creation earnestly awaits the manifestation of the Sons of God!!!

    We are partakers of His divine nature and except for His Diety and His atonement we share His power to bind and loose!!! As long as we eat the meat that Jesus ate which is to do the will of the Father!!! These are the Keys to the Kingdom. Search the scriptures like a Berean and see that it is so!!! Abide in Him and know that the Holy Spirit is upon each of you that confess Jesus Christ as LORD and know that He is the only begotten Son of God who died for our sins, was buried and rose on the third day!!! And because of this you too are anointed!

    He who is in you IS GREATER than he who is in the world! We can do ALL things, ALL things through Christ who dwells in us!!!


    Your bro…ken made whole in Christ Jesus!!!

  5. Jonathan ,my brother we really need to communicate. I just read the above article about past experiences in your life. Since I am a Spirit Filled Believer of Jesus Christ, I was not freaked out but excited. I have very similar experiences as you listed above. I was a Paratrooper, I had a complete main failure,threw my reserve and crashed. I landed in a mysterous sand spot in the DZ. I came out of hospital 4 days later,not a broken bone or strains,bruises yes and went on another jump(fall off the horse thing). I looked for the “sandy spot” I hit,it was not there and other paratroopers remember it being there.
    2nd, I had an experience on a Los Angeles Transit bus back in the late 80’s/ I was not into Christ or any religion at the time. The bus stopped and I saw a woman wearing a LA Dodgers ballcap sitting on the bench making no effort to get on the bus. It or She looked directly at me. I was freaked out from what I saw then. Her or It’s face “morphed”,stretched long and the teeth grew long,her tip of her nose started disappearing,two bat like wings came out of her back and she lost 2 fingers on each hand.She looked at me and hissed,saying to me “How can You see me?” I then drew it on my stetch book. I still have that illustration.
    Brother, I am not making this up. My wife an verify these stories of events in my life and others can too,plus the illustration of the demon from LA is there also.
    I urge you to contact me, because I do believe God Almighty has made it an appointment for us to know each other and discover what has been shown to each other. Like you ,I am a Prophetic Anointed Artist and many people all over Ireland,UK ,America and Israel have seen my prophetic illustrations the Lord has given to me. My blog is
    Sincerely Your brother in Christ,A Watchman on the Walls in Western Ireland.
    Douglas Drew Kallerson

  6. I’m big fan of Jonathan Kleck Because l rapture dream I felt theses (words This is it) was very important. I seen his first video jonathan kleck this is it you tube video. I have been follower every since. lord has told me in my sleep one time awhile back four things we are are to watch for separating the sheep’s from goats, Alien(fallen Angels),separating wheat from teras, sudden destruction.God Bless!!!

  7. God bless you Jonathan, I was led to you videos, by Father God. I don’t understand why our brothers and sisters in Christ can’t see these things. I pray that they will wake up. You keep doing what God ask of you, Nothing Else Matters!!! I pray for God to put His hedge of protection around you, to put his mighty angels at the North, the South , the East , and West of any place you are. Peace be with you where ever you go. In Jesus most Holy and Precious name I pray Amen. If I never meet you on earth Jonathsn, I will meet you in heaven. Love In Christ, Your Sister In Christ.

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