God is Calling His Warriors

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Trumpeting God’s Call

Praise JESUS the battle cries from our Heavenly Father are coming in at an alarming rate.  Do you suppose it’s because the time is upon us?

I believe there is no doubt about it.  You would have to be completely asleep at the wheel to not see what is on the horizon.  Here is yet another fabulous contribution sent in to Tribulation-Now from our Key Jesus Filled Contributor – Heather.


“Prepare for Acceleration, For What Once Flowed will Now Fly”

Word given by Lewis Crompton at Aslan’s Place on 7/19/2010:

“Are you bored of milk? Have you had your fill? Are you bored of the factory process? Do you want your cow and eat beef forever more? For this is the meat of My Word. I will give you meat as you meet with each other and with Me, for behold I am in your midst. I bring a strong arm; the right arm of the Lord is here. I tend to My people. I bring long-awaited provision which has been stored up for a time—for only a mighty arm can release what I have for you.

“Come and dwell in the tent of the King. I’ve laid awake for the heart of My people. I’ve set an ambush for My enemies and I will strike at the appointed time; and I will fight so that they do not have to, and you will reap their treasures.

“Prepare for acceleration, for what once flowed will now fly. I’ve woven together a mighty tapestry, and I’ve threaded you together today, for this group of people will hear what has not been heard before, and at no time on earth have these things been spoken, on no place on earth have these things been shown. This will be a great reveal. Are you ready for show and tell?

“Remember, this is a gift and I give it out of grace. You’ve done nothing to deserve it and you have nothing that you can buy it with. Freely I give. So freely you give. This is why it is show and tell. Learn what you learn. Learn what you learn. Make sure you are learned, to show yourself studied and approved. Not approved by man but by God, for I am the one who anoints; but it is man who appoints.

“Where are My anointed ones—those who carry My presence to reveal the mysteries of the living God? You were born for such a time as this—not that you would be proud but that you would shout aloud, for you are all evangelists and My Bride needs saving, too. For though I’ve pulled her out of darkness and set her feet upon a rock, still she does not hear My voice.”

“How will You Fight the Darkness if You Do Not Have the Light?”

Word given by Lewis Crompton at Aslan’s Place on 7/20/2010:

“Stop blowing your kazoos. Stop playing at war. This is a time of trumpets, a time of true war; and I bring separation to set you apart, not letting you be divided amongst yourselves. Be united in purpose with those who understand, with those called to war. My people are treating Me like Aladdin’s lamp and only let Me out to declare their wishes.

“I will be incubating a remnant. And in this place of warmth and safety, I’ve been cooking their hearts so that impurities will rise to the surface, and I will skim them off; and now I stir in the deep and I will bring a mighty torrent that will envelop My people. They will be overtaken by My presence and the breakthrough will go before them.

“Who goes to war without their God? They are foolish, for this is also sin. To war without Me—it is folly. Those who are in folly will go down to the grave. Those who seek wisdom will be lifted up. Do not go to war unless you are anchored in My presence—this is your firm foundation. For the tide of the enemy has come against you. Now I’m using you to turn the tide against the enemy. There is the secret the Egyptians understood about war—that secret I will release to My people. And the Russians knew what it was to war in winter, and you will need to fight in all seasons.

“Do not think in the season of rest there will be no warfare. The enemy will seek to steal your rest. This is why My Son expected fruit from us even out of season. I’m releasing eagles, and they will lift you up and enable you to fight from the skies—that you will not be bound upon the earth. For when you intercede on the land you are subjects of the land, but when you intercede from the sky you are not bound. You can fly where you choose. Fly to redeem the air. Fly above the snake line.

“Come into My plumb line. There you will receive a sign. The victory is divine. You cannot win by yourself. You can only win with Me. Take yourself off the shelf. I am not done with thee (KJV emphasis). For that which is old I am making new. For where there was no resolution I am bringing resolution. Where there was darkness I am bringing light. Where there was evil I am bringing My presence. You are light in darkness designed to shine. How will you fight the darkness if you do not have the Light? For the rod on your back is a lightning rod; it connects to My power, to My suddenlies.

“Do Not Fear the Enemy, For They Fear You”

“For I come all of a sudden—so be ready. Do not be a foolish virgin. Have your house in order, for the day is very short and the night is very long. The great exchange is coming like a whirlwind. From the highest Heaven to the lowest depth, My name will be known. And your names will be great in the camp of the enemy, for they will fear you as they fear Me, for I have chosen to inhabit My people.

“Do not fear the enemy, for they fear you. Do not fight unless I lead; otherwise, I will not be with you. How will you defend without your shield? How will you fight without your swords? For the Sword of the Spirit is the Spirit Himself and He only does what He sees the Father doing—so if you do not go where you see your Father go, you will be without resource, and if you go where I do not go, you will be without resource.

“Guard your sword upon your side. Walk with Me side by side, for I am raising up a mighty army and the enemy quakes before them—for I have made them dreaded. These are the dreaded ones. They carry the dread of the Lord, and it is deeper than the Fear of the Lord; for if My people should fear Me the enemy should dread Me, because I will bring about their destruction and they know this is true.

“This is a Generation That Has Never Been Seen”

“As I release My dread upon My people and they walk upon the land, it will cry out, it will tremble before Me—for this is how Joshua walked. For this is not a Joshua generation, nor an Elijah generation. This is a generation that has never been seen. This is a generation of Sons—for Joshua did not walk as a son, neither did Elijah. My Son walked as a Son. Why have you focused your attention upon others other than My Son? Will you not seek your sons and daughters to be as My son? Why limit them to Elijah, Joshua, David? These are but labels that confine My people.

“Again My people have allowed their eyes to shift, to change their focus, and instead of looking at My Son they look to others. This is idolatry. Why would you model yourself on anyone other than My Son—for He was the only worthy one. How can you do greater things when you are looking to the lesser? Fix your eyes upon Jesus—the Author and Finisher of your faith. In Him all things are created, all things are sustained.”

We are to travel on the light and go through the Morning Star to the King of Kings. The key is somehow enabling us to go into the heart of the Morning Star, into His light to drink of His life, to be energized by His light. “Why do you limit Me? I am not linear. I am beyond. I am King of Kings, King of the universe, and I call you to come up higher and to look from My perspective.”

“I’m Bringing My Bride into Adulthood”

Word given by Lewis Crompton at Aslan’s Place on 07/21/2010:

“For this is where you will stop on the merry go round, trapped on fake horses, reasoning as children, playing children’s games, never advancing but going around in circles. This day I raise My banner. I’m bringing My Bride into adulthood.

“Studying is not enough. Knowledge will not give you victory, but experience will. Your knowledge has become eclipsing of the sun. I will not allow a total eclipse, for I am sending forth experience to My people that their knowledge must be applied. Wisdom is applied knowledge. You have stayed at the door of knowledge and not moved to the next house of wisdom. Knowledge is not just information in your mind but wisdom releases knowledge, for this will be the manifold wisdom that I will release through My Church.

“You thought it would be good to be scholars. What good is reading a scroll if you don’t eat it and let it become part of you? This is how I write My Word on your heart, that you will live your life worthy of Me, demonstrating Me, experiencing Me, rather than just knowing Me—for knowing will cease and you only know dimly. What does it benefit a man if he knows all mysteries but not know how to use them? Who will he help? Who will he save? What will he grow other than his pride?

“I’ve Sent the Rain and I’m Bringing You to a Place of Rain—Rule and Reign”

“Do not look to the left or the right. Now I sound a war with a trumpet in all directions, up in space, down in space. All is mine. Even that which the enemy tries to create I have dominion over. Who gave them the power to create? Who gave them permission? Was it not from the Creator? So I will tear down.

“Prepare to be slingshot, flung three times in space to a place where flowers grow easily, to a place where there is fruit and it is easy to grow—for it has been hard in the desert. It has been hard without rain, so I’ve sent the rain and I’m bringing you to a place of rain—rule and reign.

“I’m releasing a holy unrest, a dissatisfaction, a realization that not all is well, for many have abandoned the truth in seeking green pastures, for they thought it was greener on the other side, but they have been lied to. They were told the battle was over, and instead of pressing on, they gave up and denied their own hurt. They rejected their own pain and sent it deeper.

“For you do not take out a bullet by pushing it deeper and covering it over; and they are wondering why they are infected when they will not receive the healing waters of My Spirit, for My Spirit heals and breeds passion and brings counsel. He is a Mighty Counsellor.”

“I Am Bringing a Day of Triumph,

And Now it Begins”

Speaking to the Church: “I have been gracious and worked upon their foundation. I work within their regime, within their control, for I am gracious and I am humble, but I will be free and once again I will move in power that they cannot contain; and though they can shut down one, they cannot shut down an army. If they kill one, I will raise up two. If they kill two, I will raise up four. If they kill four, I will raise up eight. This is a new beginning.

“For no longer am I bound by geography. I am not bound to the earth, the earth is bound to Me. I will walk across the earth in the hearts of My people. I am grounded in their hearts and they are hidden in mine—heart to heart, face to face, worshipping in spirit and truth—for I bring about a day of triumph, and now it begins.

“Joseph is coming. Dominion rule is coming. Dominion must be taken. It will not be given. Take hold of that which Christ took hold of you for. We are no longer in the nursery, but you still need to color outside the lines. Do not be limited to that which was drawn for you.

Lewis Crompton

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15 thoughts on “God is Calling His Warriors

  1. Awesome! That rocked the very foundations of my entire being.

    Some of it was like a pre-battle speech from Lord of the Rings on stelroids! The Holy Spirit's fingerprints were all over those words.

    Time to get on the meat and stay on it!!

    Blessings to you and contributors.

    Humble servant

  2. Must say Im very sceptical. God using words like kazoo, geography etc? Lewis is very young, I would think serious stuff would come from elders in the body. Also some sentences seem odd and completely out of place: "Joseph is comming. Dominion rule is comming." Unless I get conformation in the spirit, I will disregard these sayings for now…

  3. I understand your thoughts but I'm not seeing the same thing here.

    Frankly the traditional church elders have not been "getting the message" the way that the younger and less conventional people have been.

    But I cannot agree more whole heartedly that getting spiritual confirmation is always in order … as long as your spirit is not smothered by "conventional" theological traps.

  4. I have to agree with EspenB. Something smells fishy here. It sounds like he's pushing dominion theology which in my opinion is unbiblical. I'll take God's word in Bible form over this one any day.

    "I've Sent the Rain and I'm Bringing You to a Place of Rain—Rule and Reign"

    We won't rule and reign until Christ comes and set's up His Kingdom, the millennium rule. Satan is ruler of this world, we are to be a light in this dark place, resist the devil so he flees.

    My spirit is telling me this is a man's word not God's.

  5. Again sorry in this case guys I disagree emphatically.

    I am seeing exactly the opposite on my side. With 137 full time email list members, and thousands of people across the world emailing me a different times, I believe this guy is dead on.

    Just like Jonathan Kleck is being "poo poo'd" by many "traditional" thinkers, HE was chosen by God to usher in new understandings because the "traditional thinkers" minds are not open enough to receive God's revelations.

    We need to remain humble and listen to the new people which God is now speaking through. The traditional "so called" Christian prophets are speaking the same FLUFF they have been speaking for 20 + years.

    If you could see it from my side you would be shocked at who God is using to get messages out to His people.

    This is a DIFFERENT DAY, and we have been thinking we've had it figured out for a very long time.



  6. I agree JohnnyB, we need to remain humble and listen to everyone. I look at it as this: we always test it to the Scriptures, just like in Berea. If you think the guy really is speaking for the Lord, that ok, I won't think any less of you!

    God Bless Brother!!

  7. The age of man is over. thank you Lord.

    "Birth Pains"… Has this world seen those over the last 7 days.

    Yes, You would have to be asleep not to see what is going on. It's like having already read the book and now watching the movie….LIVE.

    Jesus is coming for REAL. Let's go !!!

  8. AMEN

    It's like being caught in a theater to see the "big show" and ALL the previews are movies of events leading up to the "big show". It drives you crazy because you want the "big show" to GET ON THE ROAD.

    … more Popcorn please

  9. The Spirit beareth witness with my spirit, that the above messages are true. For the Lord has revealed many of these truths already to me some time ago prior to my reading the above.

    quoting from 7/19/2010 :

    "for this group of people will hear what has not been heard before, and at no time on earth have these things been spoken, on no place on earth have these things been shown."

    Many believe that on the 7th Day, God rested, and thereafter, He had no further Words of Life and of Creation to speak forth.

    But little do they know, that God the Father has certain of His Sacred Words which have been held "on reserve", that have never before been spoken forth, for a "day" such as approaches.

    Not even His Son knows these Words, but does know of their existence – even Satan knows of their existence, but knows not what they are.

    So a good portion of the reason that Satan, through the anti-christ, will war against the Saints, will be to prevent these Sacred Words from being spoken forth by the "remnant".

    For God will pour these Words out, as never before, upon the Remnant, and their effects will be decisive with great Power, even so, to tread upon serpents and scorpions (just as Jesus said when on Earth) – NOT the earthly kind, but the wicked supernatural ones (that make "demons" look like boy scouts)!

    quoting from 7/20/2010:

    "I will be incubating a remnant."

    God is "calling out" those whose hearts are circumcised unto His Son. Unto them, He is revealing, through His Spirit, the deep and hidden things of God – as well as those things long held captive by the darkness :

    "I will give you the treasuries of darkness, and the hoards in secret places." – Is 45:3

    continuing :

    "Now I'm using you to turn the tide against the enemy. There is the secret the Egyptians understood about war—that secret I will release to My people."

    Moses was taught in ALL the wisdom of the Egyptians (Acts 7:22). This "wisdom" also includes "warfare", not only tactics and strategies in the natural realm, but also the spiritual.

    The Mantle of Moses will be poured out upon the Remnant, as well as the Mantle of Elijah, but more so, the Mantle of Jesus, as the Remnant will be of the sons and daughters of the Only Begotten Son.

    Just as Moses went head-to-head against the priests of Egypt, and prevailed against them, so too will the Remnant go up against the priests of the modern-day "Egypt", wherever it may manifest, and prevail against them, as well.

    And we remember the exploits of Elijah, and when he went up against the priests of Baal and up against their high-priestess Jezebel.

    And we remember the words and deeds of Jesus – who had no kind words for the liars and hypocrites of His day, and got physical when throwing the money changers out of the temple. Yet, He had great mercy towards those who had been victimized by the "powers that be".

    continuing :

    "And your names will be great in the camp of the enemy, for they will fear you as they fear Me, for I have chosen to inhabit My people."

    "I am raising up a mighty army and the enemy quakes before them—for I have made them dreaded. These are the dreaded ones. They carry the dread of the Lord,"

    Be afraid – be very afraid – of the "dreaded ones", if you are not of the Remnant, that is.

    Just as Moses commanded the forces, just as Elijah called fire down from heaven, so too will the Remnant – even more so, to a whole new, never-before-seen, "level" of Holy Ghost Power and Authority!

    …to be continued

  10. The enemies of God will KNOW their match .. and be prevailed against .. by the Remnant speaking forth the Sacred Words.

    continuing :

    "I will be free and once again I will move in power"

    If you feel powerless and victimized, be patient, for Jesus is going to pour out His Freedom and Power upon His Remnant! to RISE UP and throw off the shackles of slavery!

    But this won't be so that the Remnant can "kick back" and "live large", but that the Remnant can freely and with great power minister "Jesus" to people.

    continuing :

    "Dominion rule is coming. Dominion must be taken. It will not be given. Take hold of that which Christ took hold of you for."

    This "dominion" is not about politics, as in which "party" will win the next election, or which candidate, etc.

    This "dominion" is not about conducting an ungodly war against innocent people in far away lands, so to steal from them what God has blessed them with.

    This "dominion" is not about condemning other "religions", as though "Christianity" is superior. (Remember, for ALL have sinned!)

    Jesus is SUPERIOR! – not "Christianity", nor any other religion or religious faith.

    This "dominion" is :

    "Take hold of that which Christ took hold of you for."

    What has Christ taken hold of you for?

    Are the "fruits of the Spirit" in operation within you?

    Are you gifted in any of the "gifts of the Spirit"?

    Do you live your life with the "mind of Christ"? His heart? His desires?

    He has created each of us with certain abilities, skills, and talents. Have you committed those unto Him? or are you prostituting them before/unto the world for the benefit of obtaining the mammon from the "god of this world"?

    Get off the mammon – and get on the meat!

    continuing :

    "We are no longer in the nursery, but you still need to color outside the lines. Do not be limited to that which was drawn for you."

    Don't let the world put you in their "box" or "boundaries".

    Be all you can be .. in Jesus! .. the author and finisher of your faith!


    The above messages from Lewis Crompton resonate with me.

    There is so much "meat" in the above, that it will take some time to "chew on it", savoring each morsel.

    God bless and praise Jesus!

  11. I noticed you use the term "Sacred Words". I find it rather interesting to note, that the enemy who steals all of God's ideas, has whole heartedly embraced the concept of "Sacred Words".

    If you Google the term "Sacred Words" you see all this "New Age" shakra spiritualist use of the term. This smacks of a "stolen" divine significance to me.

  12. God's Sacred Words that have never before been spoken forth, when released upon and through His Remnant, will be WITHOUT PRECEDENT!

    The New Agers, and others, even the vile priests of the Synagogue of Satan, can chant and recite their version of the sacred words (and even summon forth the ancient beasts) – just as the Egyptian priests of old chanted, chirped, and muttered and summoned forth.

    But they will be no match for the ultimate power that will be poured out upon and through God's Holy Remnant – the "dreaded ones".

    For when the Remnant speaks forth the Sacred Words, it will be as a thousand lightning bolts all wrapped into one fatal strike!

    The ultimate powers of life and death will be granted unto the Remnant – the powers of Moses, of Elijah, and of Jesus!

    The fullness of the Transfiguration will be made manifest.

    Of such powers, those not of the Remnant have no duplicate, nor defense, but will be harshly humbled just as the Egyptian priests and Pharaoh were, as the priests of Baal and Jezebel were, as the Jewish political and religious leaders of Jesus' day were.

    God will have the LAST and ULTIMATE WORD! to defeat ALL of His enemies, as well as those who have set themselves up as enemies of God's Remnant.

    God bless and ALL Praise be unto Jesus!

    1. AMEN i couldn’t of said it any better ,Jesus said it was finished ,and the word says that he took the keys of hell ,in Jesus it is finished ,all we have to do is take back what is his ,,,amen we are the children of GOD ,THIS EARTH AND ALL THAT IS IN IT BELONGS TO HIM,AND WE ARE IN JESUS AND HE IS IN US AND WE ARE IN THE FATHER, PRETTY CLEAR TO ME ,,,,

  13. All's I gots to say is this:

    Oprah's MINE!

    Our King Jesus is on his way!!! Yah bless you all in Yeshua's holy name!!!!

  14. Oprah needs prayer that her eyes would be open to YAHWEHS WORD just like others that are victim to this wicked new age doctorine.

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