Stand By for "The Sacred Words"

Isaiah 49:15
“I will never forget you, I have carved you on the palm of my hand”

If You Don’t Listen
You won’t hear …

It seems, sadly so, that “christianity” (lower case intended) has slipped into a crevasse of trapped thought.  We have been trained to think “inside the box” at all times.  When one really studies the Bible a divine revelation jumps off the pages.  If you don’t let yourself get snared in a trap associated with “Law vs. Grace”, or which prophecies are “symbolic” verses “literal”, you see another truth that is missed by virtually everyone.

The Bible was never intended to be the “Final Word of God”.  This is why you see the words “I reveal this mystery to you” all throughout the text. 


Never mind when John was seeing the visions of Revelation there is an entire sequence of events he is told he must not write down.  What do you supposed those events are?  When do you think those “secret mystery” events will unfold?  Is it possible these events unfold during the very “end of times” here on earth?  Is it possible these mysteries will happen in our life time?  Could it be that God will unfold these mysteries to the most unlikely people? 

The Olivette Discourse Paradox

I challenge you, in Jesus name, to “break out of the box”!  You are going to miss your shot at a piece of the “divine pie” if you are trapped in the “pigeon hole” that most traditional Christian leaders are shouting from.

Never forget, amidst the future unleashing of divine events, most people will be completely asleep at the wheel.  Try to understand the “twinkling of an eye” warning.  Try to grasp the “paradox” associated with Jesus’ warnings in the Olivette Discourse. 

Think about this paradox here:

Matt 24:37-39

37 But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. 38 For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, 39 and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.


Did it ever occur to you there are duplicitous dynamics at work in these three verses?  Most of Christianity embraces the notion that these three verses simply support the “twinkling of an eye” paradigm.   But the deeper thinkers out there realize that verse 37 is LOADED with parallelisms.

So how is one to embrace this paradox?

Do you think we will all see Nephilim rushing out of caves eating people?
Do you think we will all see UFOs landing on top of Pyramids?


There are a lot of things that most of “Christianity” will
if they

Responding to the Flow

Think about the spiritual dynamics in play here at Tribulation-Now.

The whole world of Christianity is shouting DOOM DOOOM DOOOOOOOM!!  OR … RAPTURE, RAPTURE, RAPTURE!  

Some are shaking their fists in the air. Simmons was murdered, Tsunamis are coming, death and destruction.

While this dynamic is occurring, Tribulation-Now’s people are emailing me. Look at the procession of articles in the order they were published.  I did not notice this until just this morning.

Read “bottom to top”

God is Calling His Warriors

When God Says Thanks

A Change In Priorities

God’s Special Forces

Tearing Down Strongholds

When God’s Special Forces was published, a demon started to email me viscous assaults. I sent some of them to a colleague of mine just to show him the “dark side” of paying attention to people’s “input”.  This is tricky business, writing these articles.  You have hundreds of emails coming in.  People need prayer, people are demonically attacked, people are demonically “attacking”.  It can be a bit distracting I assure you.  Couple that with a “day job” and family life and you can become mentally fatigued very quickly.  

The last three days have been exactly that … exhausting.

Enter Lewis Crompton

NEXT I get sent the prophecies from this young guy, Lewis Crompton, from one of our more gifted contributors Heather. Heather didn’t send them to anyone but me as far as I know.  At least, I was the only one in the “to” field of the email.  Prior to reading her email I had already authored and published “A Change in Priorities” and “When God Says Thanks” and I was about to leave for work.  But I don’t like to leave until I have finished going through most of the emails.

Then I open Heather’s email.  I start reading Crompton’s prophecies.  My eyes become instantly affixed to the text.  This wasn’t the usual “fluffy stuff” you get from “The Elijah List” – this was DEAD ON!  And if you read the comments section under this article you can see that people were on “both sides” of the fence regarding this word. 

The more traditional believers felt Crompton was too young and he used “lingo” which God wouldn’t use.  But when you  know how God prophecies through “people” and have been around it all your life you realize that this is EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS. 

You don’t drop your Southern accent when God speaks through you!  The characteristics associated with how you speak will “often” come out in the language you use to “relay” the words God has laid upon your heart.  Not all of prophetic utterances are “YEA SAYETH THE LORD” … we better watch our our established “belief systems” and attitudes and LISTEN IN JESUS NAME.

The Final Nudge

I read the email and published it immediately because even though I had already published 2 other articles that same morning, I felt a HUGE PUSH to publish the Lewis Crompton material.  I really needed to get to work.  I was running very much behind schedule.  I emailed my associate a copy of the Crompton prophecy and asked him to remind me to publish that work soon.

But I was unable to leave my chair.

I immediately started to publish his work.


I warn anyone that will open their minds and listen, it is people LIKE CROMPTON the Lord has NO CHOICE but to speak through as things become EXTRA BIBLICAL.

Do not forget that the Bible NEVER SAYS that all knowledge comes from only within its text. It is a “MAP” of truth, but it is not the only source of truth. This is why there are mysteries that were locked up and stated so in the Bible. 

These mysteries are yet to unfold.

With the Grace of God and the patience of Tribulation-Now’s key contributors we will investigate the amazing concept of …




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6 thoughts on “Stand By for "The Sacred Words"

  1. your work is blessed. this is the war of a lifetime and i am so pleased that you are alerting the emissaries to that. off to NIH. i will look forward to your articles while there. know that you and your work are in my prayers daily and they go straight to Yahwey here! hugs, pam ps my mom is loving your stuff and coming along in the knowledge!

  2. The Bible is the source for the truths it tells. But the principle of getting further knowledge from the Holy Spirit is documented within the Bible's pages.

    The Bible is the lie detector, the filter, the lens through which we see the world. Being well versed in what the Bible says about the things we encounter is the very base for building our spiritual discernment.

    Didn't John provide principals for identifying a satanic spirit?

    Didn't Peter give a list good things we should put our minds upon?

    What John B is talking about in this blog post is all about spiritual discernment.

    Athor Pel

  3. JohnnyB, Since I was one of the commentators that didn't agree with the prophecy of Crompton, I will attempt to defend myself. This is all done in love, no anger here!

    In the past I have come across many people who tend to follow any Tom Dick or Harry who has a word from the Lord. I am very cautious when it comes to these because most of the time, they are nothing new under the sun. I don't need someone telling me something I already know. Yes, I believe the Scriptures have everything we need. If you don't put the Bible as your final authority, you might as well join the Roman Catholic Church or Jehovah Witness.

    On that note, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know we are living in the last days, it takes a Bible reading prayer warrior follower of Christ, AMEN!! Everyone now a days seems to have a prophecy or word from the Lord, I am just very careful on what I read, been burned before if you know what I mean.

    On another note, I watched a great film last night called "The Finger of God".

    Truly amazing!! This is the kind of stuff most Christians in a box, myself included (trying to break out of it!), don't realize is happening. Healing, gold dust and manna showing up in Bibles, people getting gold caps on their teeth, churches in China that worship 12 hours a day, etc….

    Most of us are stuck in a rut going to church on Saturday night or Sunday morning for an hour. The church is then left empty until the next weekend. What is that!?!? We need to get like the church in China who worship every morning and evening! This video really opened my eyes. I'm ready to book a trip there. I want to experience that. That is true worship.

    Thanks JohnnyB for all you do. God is doing awesome work with you my friend.


  4. I'm so sorry Brandon. I feared that you would take that commentary too strongly. It was not at all meant for you or the other fellow. There are tons of people hammering me with negativity.

    PLEASE don't think for a moment that I do not see how awesomely Jesus filled and utterly fair you have been all along.

    I worried about this comment coming my way, and I had a hunch we would talk about it.

    The important thing is that the other folks out there hopefully see that we "ALL" (you, me, all of us) need to "hang in there" while the Lord works through the most UNBELIEVABLE people. We will certainly see manifestations of God through those who we would NEVER EVER believe could be from God.

    Just like the Jews felt about Jesus.

    Please forgive me. I didn't mean you to take it that way. The statement in the article was meant to point out the bigger problem out there with those who don't get things.

    You get stuff … I know you do.

    That's why I asked you to join the group.

  5. perhaps I see this in to simple a perspective. The act of baptism is in essence a cleansing of sin from the soul.
    Jesus said he came to baptise. Not with water, but with fire. Ask this; when was the first act of world baptism done?
    The flood. And when concluded, God made a covenant with Noah not to do that again. In other words, if the sins of the world again become so great that baptizing would be necessary, God would not use water.
    Along comes Jesus. Who stated He will baptize using fire. As silver is purified by going through fire so will the world. Which sums up much of what is expected to happen to the world from other sources OUTSIDE of Christianity. Interesting.
    So God said it, and other sources support His word even though they do not accept Him or His Son.
    How much plainer do people need it to be?
    How much more evidence is needed to see that God's word is much more encompassing then just within the pages of the Bible?

  6. Jim

    What you just said is the most profound statement I have heard lately regarding the awesome eternal nature of the Most High God, YWHW – the El Elyon.


    We only see the tiniest tip of the iceberg of our Lord's eternal wisdom.


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