Innocent Wisdom

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Words of Encouragement
At the Beginning of Sorrows

We are never to be fearful, ever focused on an eternity of grace, peace and wonder through our King Jesus Christ.  For we were not given the spirit of fear, but of POWER, and of a sound mind.

It’s so easy to get lost in the fear of the world.  I can see the temper of people flaring with the crescendo of worldly events.  As heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven, we have to duty to rise above this fear and demonstrate to those we serve, there is a better place prepared for us.

The following is a prophecy that was mailed into Tribulation-Now from V. Miller.  There were some translation / interpretation challenges but the bulk of the message is easy to understand. 

Also below is a a wise word from our King, given to us by Aldo McPherson as well.

Praise God.

A Prophecy Given to V. Miller

Peace, Safety, and Sudden Destruction will come upon those who refuse to obey my word and call of obedience but instead call themselves Christian.  Laodicea wake up!  Now is the urgent remnant!

Be ready for me to shout and holler to my sheep to come forth from he goats and drink milk and honey of Abraham.

Brethren, be aware my love is calling out those who prepare. 

Ezekiel’s Scroll

All the workers are gone now, no one left behind to advise, they must seek his face or they will perish.  They will not eat the bread and live but instead die a horrible death where no one can escape from.

Their beliefs lack understanding of God’s Holy word, they have no concept of forgiveness and continue to sin.

Be alert at all times.  Warning effective on earth immediately.

Don’t hasten this work any longer, wait with fervor in your heart.

Everybody will fall down to their knees in hurt, anguish and pain.  Some crying, in laughter some wonderful news.

Cry I come
Watch, Wait, Wonder
Hesitate Not
News of his magestical amia (sic)
On the Eastern Front
Without Seasons and Time no More
It is necessary to be ready!
Wonderful News!
Revelation 12 Harvest

Mysteries unraveled down to mankind, tell you to look forward to seeing us soon.  We will be there ready in arms for battle of course, but don’t think can’t see us because we are where you need to be, see one time only.

Forgive Your Neighbor
Repent of Your Sins
For the Coming of the Lord is Nigh
Expect a Miracle
Must Seek His Face First
And the Kingdom of God in Heaven
Abounds in Treasures of the Heart

Recent Letters from Aldo McPherson

(sent in from Nicole C.)

Letter 1:

Wisdom says that water will cover them. Jesus sees their hearts and He says that some of them have Him in their hearts. God says this is the hour that you have to be ready and that you must not fear. He says that some will be afraid of death because their houses are not built on the rock.

The one that is sitting there crying so much and mourning is the one that doesn’t know the God of heaven and earth. This is only the beginning. Will you believe me that what He is showing me is really bad? He says His children are protected. For those that are in Him, nothing – not anxiety or hunger or death – can separate them from His love. He is with us in everything. Wisdom says that fear is what the enemy sows. Is there fear in you? You need to make a choice yourself. Wisdom says that there will truly be a lot of water right across the world. Where are your treasures? In heaven or on the earth? God says where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Letter 2:

The water we see now is nothing compared to what is coming. The dew-love of God is here with me now. God loves His children so much. Why is everyone so afraid, Mom? Will you please tell them that these things were supposed to happen… He says to His children: Do not be afraid! Your dwelling place is in Me. Mom, what will they say if they knew how much He was crying over them? He sees that some of children serve Him only to be blessed here on earth. Mom, what we see here can’t even compare to that what is coming. I can see that Jesus is here with us the whole time. The boy became a young man. He said to me: “Aldo, what I am telling you is the truth. You shouldn’t be afraid of speaking what I am showing you. You are a part of My body. I am in You, and You are in me. I will also give your mother the strength to do what I called her for. There is now freedom in your lives.” Wisdom asks: Will you fear death, or will your life in Him be your life? Choose, because He says He needs to be your everything. Love Aldo.

Summary in Jesus Name

Until we divorce ourselves of this earthly existence completely, our fear will dominate us.  Until we live truly yearning for the transformation of our bodies, our fear will dominate us.  If you are living in fear now, then how will you endure when things get much worse? 

We must learn to live in peace and FAITH.  We must know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God will provide for us and protect us no matter how challenging things may seem.

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  1. V. Miller's message states to me that we need to DROP the paganism (bye bye Easter and Christmas), drop the Sunday worship, and immediately begin to follow the Old Testament ways and laws…exactly as our King Jesus would have. I sincerely hope this interpretation does not offend anyone, but even the word "Christian" has pagan roots, and was non-existent in those times, even though people call themselves Christians with the the absolute best of intentions! is a great site for the info on paganism. Some interesting research over there if anyone feels drawn to explore…keep in mind my only intention is to share info, not to condemn anyone if their worship practices feel right!

    Love to everyone in Yeshua's name!

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