Prophetic Warnings of Imminent Rescue


Megaquakes in Iran
Markers in Time

Glory to our King and Lord Jesus Christ.  We thank you Father for your Son.  We thank you Father for your prophets.  We thank you Father for your blessings.  We thank you Father for your WARNINGS.

Last night I received an email from a brother in California named Jeff.  God Bless You Jeff.  Jeff, as I, has been struggling with the delays associated with the imminent forthcoming rescue of the Bride of Jesus.   But that’s okay.  We tarry with the Lord and “wait” upon Him being “ye doers of the word not just hearers, deceiving ourselves” (James 1:22) … Amen.  But with such knowledge of events coming upon this earth comes a great price.

Eccl 1:18
18 For in much wisdom is much grief,And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.


The Rick Wiles TruNews Rapture Show

Praise God the Father our glorious creator and Jesus our King for bringing us to this point in time.   How amazing it is that just a week ago, Rick Wiles of TruNews invited me (and Kenneth Beer, my ministry partner) to join him in a globally broadcast radio program; a round-table discussion on the Rapture of the Bride.  How amazing that brother Rick would have the heart of Jesus to do such a show when he himself is unsure about the rapture.  And NOW God has moved in a mighty way, praise Jesus.

You can listen to that radio show HERE.  What are the odds that TruNews would ask ME, of all people, to come on that radio program?   These things do not happen by accident.  God is in control.   Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God AND His righteousness and ALL these things will be added to you (Matt 6:33).   Judge the tree by its fruit … Amen?  What a glorious opportunity it was.  PRAISE YOU JESUS.

But alas, I bring up this radio show event to introduce this amazing sequence of events, leading up to today’s article.


Jeff Sends Me the Prophetic Email

The Lord speaks to us in many ways.  It’s not that you’re not hearing from the Lord, it’s just that you haven’t learned to listen and tune in to the God frequency yet.  For years now the Lord has spoken clearly to me via email communications.  It’s not just what’s in the email that is supernatural, but the timing of the email too.

Some time ago a fellow by the name of Randy sent a vision he received from the Lord into Holly Deyo for publication at  Tribulation-Now received that email, but quite frankly I had forgotten about it until Jeff reminded me yesterday evening.  Now what makes this supernaturally fascinating is that while I re-read the vision and made a mental note of the event-markers, I was wondering how this fits into our immediate timeline.  Basically the vision included:

  1. Mt. Popocatepetl (a Volcano) exploding
  2. An earthquake that destroys Mexico City
  3. A subsequent earthquake that destroys California (hmmm)
  4. And nuclear events (attacks) in the United States

Now minus the Mexico City Volcano-quake events, Tribulation-Now has been closely tracking the visions, dreams and prophecies indicating a California-Megaquake would soon occur leading up to the 1 Thess. 5 “sudden destruction” which includes the nuclear destruction of Babylon the Great (USA) by Russian subs among many other World War III cataclysms.  This “sudden destruction” happens at the same time as the rapture (according to a VAST number of prophecies and visions) AND according to the BIBLE since the scripture CLEARLY states that THEY  shall not escape (meaning the unrighteous); while the Bride DOES escape (Rev 3:10).

1 Thess 5:2-5
For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. 3 For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. 4 But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief.

So here you see the use of the pronoun THEY indicating clearly that the unrighteous shall not escape.  Then WHO shall escape?  Obviously the brethren spoken of in verse 4 because they are living in holiness being obedient to the LORD Jesus.  Anyone who cannot see the rapture of the Bride written all over these verses needs to seek Jesus with all their heart.

Ps 66:18
18 If I regard iniquity in my heart,
The Lord will not hear.

But this article is not intended to be an exhaustive teaching on the Rapture scriptures.  For that you may listen to the Radio Show available HERE.

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And I warn you about two things.  First, ONLY those practicing righteousness (1 John 3:7) will be raptured (Ephesians 5:27).  Second, ONLY those who are going up in the rapture will actually hear the trumpet and shout.


This means the devil’s minions, and global leadership will LIE to the rest of the world and tell them the “ALIENS” took the people.  And the church that is left behind will suffer greatly due to this deception; that’s sadly being promulgated even today by people who believe they are serving God (ref. John 16:2).


Warnings of Popocatepetl Blowing

The prophetic vision Jeff sent me became especially interesting when I noticed he included a link to a news article that indicates that Popocatepetl might blow its top soon.


Does this mean Popocatepetl is actually going to erupt like the vision suggests?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  All prophecies and visions need to be placed upon a metaphorical shelf and watched with a careful eye.  We all see through the “mirror dimly” and this means that in some cases parts of a vision or prophecy might happen and parts may not.  This does not mean the person is a bad person.  It simply means they did not remember or communicate the details with accuracy.  Nevertheless we must watch and pray. (ref. Duet. 18:22, 1 Cor. 13:12).


The Iran Earthquake Requirement

As I excitedly read through the events in this vision, noting the possibility that Popocatepetl was experiencing some warning signs, I got to the bottom of the text and saw a warning about an earthquake in Iran that must take place FIRST.

This was last night.

I thought to myself this may never happen.  I thought to myself this might be the “deal breaker”.

I was wrong.  GLORY TO JESUS!


This JUST happened this morning.  Remember I was reading this email from Jeff LAST NIGHT.  These things cannot be coincidences!



A Vision of What’s Coming to America

And now for the prophetic vision Jeff sent me via email last night.  It was originally posted on Millennium-Ark (   If I were to read this vision alone I would simply “put it on a shelf”.  However, since this vision was JUST sent to me last night and it required an Iran earthquake as a precursor WHICH just happened the following morning (this morning, 2+ hours ago) …. NOW its getting supernaturally amazing.  PRAISE GOD.


Vision of What’s Coming to America

Aug 13, 2012
Randy Hecker

Hi Holly

I want to share with the two of you, and whomever else you wish, the sequence of upcoming events as I have received them from the Lord. I also have some of this posted on my YouTube which I invite you to watch at I haven’t recorded anything there recently (I need to) because the afternoon light around here (which is the only time I have enough light to record) has been really dark because of all the rain storms going through. We definitely need more rain.

Anyway here goes. The sequence I am watching (as a Watchman of the Lord) begins with Mt. Popocatepetl in Mexico. There will be a sudden very powerful eruption that will blow its lid off. Within hours an 8+ magnitude earthquake will strike Mexico City and virtually level it. Thousands will be killed. Hundreeds of thousands will be injured. And millions will be displaced from their homes. The economy of Mexico, bad as its, will collapse except for precious metal values. There will be anarchy throughout the land.

This event will radically increase pressure on the San Andreas Fault to the north. The fault is locked up in an area from Palm Springs in the south to Palm Dale to the north. HAARP will be used to create a super earthquake in this area. The magnified and duration n of the quake will both be magnified. The earthquake will strike (I believe) in the afternoon either this coming October or the following May. It will occur just after a complete economic meltdown of the American dollar. The magnitude of this quake will reach somewhere between 9.5 and 10.5 and it will last for nearly three minutes. Two to three million people will be killed outright. Millions more will be injured.

The worst part of this is not the earthquake itself but the events that will be associated with it. The ground shock from this quake will cause every other stressed fault within 1,500 to 2,000 miles to release all pent-up stresses. As the ground shockwave moves to the north the Sierra Nevada volcanoes will be triggered, the Cascadia volcanoes, and also the Yellowstone super volcano will also be triggered. This is both a blessing and a curse.

The nation will be so disorganized after this event that martial law will be declared , but it will be completely unenforceable.

Two to four days after this earthquake America will be further devastated a nuclear sneak attack on American cities, that will coordinated and started by our own Shadow Government. There will also be some Russia n and Chinese nukes as well. The world will very quickly descend into global thermonuclear war (Gog Magog war).

All of this must happen before The Destroyer passes through the inner Solar System.

To step back a little bit, I have said that this begins in Mexico. For North, Central, and South America this begins in Mexico. But there is one extremely critical event that most happen first. This involves a 7 to 8 magnitude earthquake north of Mosul, Iraq. The mountains there are riddled with vast cavern systems. In one of those caverns there are three immense locked gates. The link s in the chains that keep these gate’s secured are three to four feet wide. The locks are bigger than a man. These are the gates to the three hells.

The earthquake there will cause the overlying rock structures to collapse. One of our current world leaders will go there on a “humanitarian mission.” He will secretly go to the gates and there he will meet the angel with the key to The Bottomless Pit. The spirit Abaddon will be released and it will possess the man. At that moment he will become the Anti-Christ. To facilitate world power, he will unleash global thermonuclear war upon the planet.

Again I am expecting this no later than May 2013.

The war will suddenly end as The Great Deception unfolds upon the planet. He will appear in Jerusalem, fill the world will lying signs and wonders, and declare that he is the messiah. E will declare that he has stopped the war in the interest of world peace.

Because of the war few will notice the approach of The Destroyer. When the Lord showed me the effects of The Destroyer, I did not believe that the world of man could survive. It is important to understand d that The Destroyer is the sign of the return of the Lord in great glory.

I do not know how close The Destroyer will come to the Earth. It will pass to the south of the Earth. Then on its return to deep space uit will pass over the Northern Hemisphere. Already it has started crustal deformation in the Southern Hemisphere. There will be a steady increase in volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and severe weather. Continent will eventually be torn apart. Winds will rage at 300 to 400 miles per hour. Mega tsunamis will go back and forth across the ocean basins and will reach thousands of feet high. The poles of the Earth will flip over many times before settling down to a new orientation where south becomes north.

And then the same events will be experienced in the Northern hemisphere.

As I stood next to the Lord watching all of this play out on a miniature version of the Earth. As I stood there I was taken by the incredible devastation I was watching. It will be beyond d imagination. I said to the Lord, “How can I survive; how can my family survive; how can anyone survive?” I expected Him to say, “Least these days no flesh shall survive, but for my elect I will shorten them.” But He didn’t say that. What He told me absolutely floored me. Even now it fills me with such a sense of awe for the power of our God.

What He said was this, “For a time my Father will take death from the world.” During the very worst effects of the passage of The Destroyer no one will die. And during that time God will show every person their record in His book of Judgment. Those who have set our Messiah as the center of their life will have the great joy of hearing Him say, “This one is min e, Father”, when their record in the Book of Judgment and they get to see their names removed from it and they will see it placed in the Lamb’s Book Of Life. The seal of the Lord will appear upon their foreheads. And they shall be forever sealed up in the Lord.

This is getting a little long and there are things I need to do. I hope the two of you will check out my YouTube channel. I also hope that you will be receiving some of the rai n we are getting here. Have a wonderful afternoon and evening.

Your brother in Jesus Christ,

Randy Hecker

(Author’s note: The location of the Iran earthquake is not precisely where Randy recalls in his vision; instead it is to the South.  Could Randy have actually heard “south” in his vision? Hmmm.  Either way be ready just in case)


1 Thess 5:19-22
19 Do not quench the Spirit. 20 Do not despise prophecies. 21 Test all things; hold fast what is good.


Summary in Jesus Name

Waiting upon the Lord is a phrase in the Bible that is repeated over and over again.  We are to “wait upon the Lord”.  Amen?  But does this mean to literally “wait” (define: To stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens).  Actually no.  That’s not what it means.

Let’s see. 

Ps 27:14
14 Wait on the Lord;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord!



qavah (kaw-vaw’); a primitive root; to bind together (perhaps by twisting)

We are to BIND TOGETHER with the Lord and draw closer to Him.  This is an action word.  Forget the inferred figurative meaning because in this case it’s clear that we are to “bind together” with Him.





The Day is Coming