Men in Black Testimony from Joseph Spencer

This is a fascinating (supposed) death bed confession of Joseph Spencer (unconfirmed).  But nevertheless, probably at least mostly true.  The only part I disagree with is his claim that the alien invastions that are coming are fake.  Isaiah 13, Joel 2, 2 Esdras 15:28 all speak of “Day of the Lord” REAL alien invasions.  In some cases they will be fallen angelic beings lying as they always do (see Jude, twice dead, strange flesh), but in other cases (Isaiah 13 for example) God sends beings form the far ends of the Heaven (check  your enhanced Strongs for the world Heaven which says “where the planets revolve”).  God bless you.  Could it be a combination?  Maybe.  But I see no scripture to back it only visions and testimonies to the contrary.

GOD BLESS YOU – Let’s hope we make the Barley Harvest and pray Luke 21:36 always; so we do not have to find out in person.

Author: John Baptist
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