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Putin is Taking out the Klaus Schwab Nazis (Daily Updates)

The Rise of the Fourth Reich I know people are slammed busy and confused by everything that is going on.  I praise God that I have clarity and confirmation now…

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US Military Report States COVID-19 Was Created by a US-Funded EcoHealth Alliance Program at Wuhan Institute of Virology

The following article shows project Project Vertas information collected through a Freedom of Information Act inquiry that aligns directly to the claims made by PLANDEMIC documentary series.  For those of…

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Has a Large Portal been Opened from the Demonic Realm?

Folks I have been doing this weird fringe Holy Spirit led work for 11 years now and covered far more supernatural subjects than anyone or any source of which I…

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Life Insurance Company Reports Post-Vaccine Death Rates from 18-64 are up 40%

What if the largest experiment on human beings in history is a failure? https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/what-if-the-largest-experiment-on A report from an Indiana life insurance company raises serious concerns. By Doctor Robert W Malone…

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BOMBSHELL: 20 Million Americans Sick From COVID Vax

While not containing all the dirt, this video discussion is one of the most comprehensive and damning out there. The dialogue is worth every minute and shares verifiable facts on…

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The Global Human Mind Control Grid is Nearly Complete

With the injection of the nano particles (Graphene Oxide) which are likely nano-bots of some type, and this Hydra creature into approximately 6.44B people (at least with a single injection…

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Biden Intentionally Blocking American’s Escape from Afganistan

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Proof that Biden is a Reptilian

  “I saw watchers in my vision. I asked them, you, what are you? They answered and said ‘We have been made masters, and rule over the sons of men.’ …

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Fauci’s Identity Revealed

Double click the video to maximize it and then look very carefully at the neck line of his skin just above the shirt. These are “entities” masquerading as whatever. The…

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FEMA Camp Origins (videos)

FEMA camps (for the imprisonment of American citizens) are nothing new to the vast majority of us who have been awake for years, even decades.  This article is not intended…

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The NIH Knows Colloidal Silver Works (Verboten)

The origins of colloidal silver reportedly occurred because people had noticed that the aristocracy of Europe were unaffected by the Bubonic Plague (the Black Death).  Evidently, through logical deduction, people…

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The Johnson & Johnson Miracle

­ SUPREMELY AMAZING GOD In the show we did last night entitled: “Revelations from Heaven with brother Randy Kay”; Turns out brother Randy was taken to Heaven and spent amazing…

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Dominion (Diebold Machine) Fraud Demonstration

  The Diebold machine used in this test is the machine that was used by Dominion during the Donald Trump election fraud.  Evidently the individual leading this live-filmed demonstration is…

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Two Moons Filmed in Sky in Dubai (video)

  Planet X – The Sign of the Son of Man (Matthew 24:29) Regardless of the multitude of opinions, videos and books written, my 15 years (give or take) of…

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Iranian US Attack Next False Flag?

  Seeing as how there is no question a multitude of false flag attacks are being executed against Donald Trump, it may be most suspicious that The Washington Times just…

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Testimonies of Vax Side Effects

A Web Page Full of Testimonies of Vaccine Side Effects For those of you who do not have Telegram and belong to the Covid Red Pills group or listen to…

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Fauci and the Coronavirus Bioweapon Patent (Video)

World War II Nazi Germany Happening Now! Fauci and Gates (with the assistance of Obama) are mass murdering the global population through a Nazi program known as Eugenics.  The Nazi…

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  From the Dead Sea Scrolls: TESTAMENT OF REUBEN > “For they changed themselves unto the shape of men” –Testament of Reuben Therefore flee fornication, my children, and command your…

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Brit Hume Tweets Shock, Discovers Captial Riots was False Flag


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Biden Openly Threatening State Governors with FEMA Camps

Florida has only distributed 50% of COVID-19 vaccine supply, WH press secretary says   A Little FEMA Camp History Rex 84 (round about the year 1984) was the original Black…

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