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Red and Blue List, All Seeing Eye and Detention Centers

The Most Blatant Depiction Thus Far In the eleven plus years I’ve been doing Tribulation-Now, I have never seen such blatant in-your-face depiction of what’s coming directly on main stream…

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Vision of the Rain of Fire (Jan 2009)

Vision of the Rain of Fire    1-06-09 Susan Cummings In the vision, I was looking at the world from a suspended position. I could see people and areas from a…

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Cosmic Spheres and Blue Light Streaks, Stars, and the Number 21 It seems like every day, new visions of the “rapture” of the “Church of Philadelphia” surface.  This matches up…

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NO GUNS … Christians NEVER use GUNS

NOT EVEN IN SELF DEFENSE!!! Aren’t We to Be Like Jesus? Your Last Decision is Your Last Rev 13:9-10 9 Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand. 10…

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The Pleiadians are Liars

A Blast from the Long Ago Past.  PRAISE JESUS!!   Colleen Thomas on Russia Today (RT) report:   Colleen Thomas on Tribulation Now – The Pleiadians are Liars (Part 1)…

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How Satan Stops Our Prayers

COMBAT IN THE HEAVENLY REALM by John Mulinde, Obsteig, Austria, Nov. 2000       www.DivineRevelations.info/COMBAT I would like to share with you part of a testimony of a saved person who once…

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Planet X and The First Trumpet – Connecting the Dots

What Do “They” Know What “Should” WE Know I recently received a confidential briefing on the impact and causation of so-called “Climate Change” from a very reliable source.  The briefing included a…

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The Obama Martial Law Antichrist Prophecies

The Obama Martial Law Antichrist Prophecies Please Note: Many of the words in these prophecies may still come true; we have to watch and pray and see how this all…

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Imminent Terror Approaches (Repost)

Why is it Taking so Long? FEMA Camps, Guillotines, New World Order, and UFO Disclosure You can call it “The Rise of the 4th Reich” or the New World Order. …

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https://youtu.be/6q-TxUjNRrA PRAISE JESUS PRAISE JESUS PRAISE JESUS PRAISE JESUS PRAISE JESUS This video says it all glory to GOD.  Pay close attention to the healing revival at the ten minute…

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Hidden Demons Manifesting In Your Loved Ones?

A PRIMER ON THE BASICS OF SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE And Dissociative Identity Disorder or “Multiple Personalities” As a person who has been under the direct attack of a “programmed” SRA…

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What is True Christian Love?

What Does it Truly Mean to Give? How Rewarding is it when it is from LOVE? If we lived today as the original Christians of the first century, during the…

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Multiple Raptures – A Multi-Phased Rescue Mission

  An Analysis of the Prophecies in Hosea to Defend Multiple Raptures In April of 2011 I wrote an article (see below) entitled Multi-Phased Rescue Mission which pointed to some…

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Fox News Just Said “The Only Way to Heaven is by Jesus Christ”

Credit – Getty Images and:  https://nypost.com/2018/05/14/mitt-romney-calls-pastor-delivering-us-embassy-blessing-a-religious-bigot/   UNBELIEVABLE! Shepherd Smith just said LIVE on Fox News that there are those who are stating that Robert Jeffress should not have been allowed…

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How to “Press In” for Anointing in Worship

The Days Ahead will be Difficult How to Overcome the Anxiety and Stress of the Moment(s) While this entire message is important, here sister Glynda Lomax explains (at the 5…

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Russia to Attack the US Prior to 2019?

Photo Credit: http://allnewspipeline.com/ HOW IMMINENT IS THE SUDDEN DESTRUCTION? (1 Thess 5) Is it possible that the Blood Moon 3/4/3 pattern that started in 2010/2011 and ends in January of 2019…

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Be Prepared, Here is What’s Coming

A Detailed Chronology of What’s Coming A complete breakdown of the major events including the likely timing of the rapture Here below is what I see as a gift from…

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James 5:16 The “EFFECTIVE” Fervent prayers of a Righteous Man Avails Much

STEPS TO GETTING CONTROL AND REBUKING DARKNESS Purify yourself through prayer and crying out to the Lord (see: Rapture Prayers for Purification) Anointing yourself and your household with “Holy Oil”…

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Prophetically – The Tribulation Has Begun, Obama and the Pope will Rise Up

THE ANTI CHRIST OBAMA HIS THIRST FOR BLOOD WILL BE UNQUENCHABLE TRANSCRIPT: The Son of Perdition waits in the shadows; a man of lawlessness.  He has made preparations for this…

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The Lord’s Perfect Sign – Does This Mark the Start of WWIII?

Take a close look at this graphic and the IMPOSSIBLE math of the date separation of the blood moons.   MARK BILTZ ARTICLE: Mark Biltz talks about the recent blood…

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