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There is much verifiable evidence of the Japanese offering surrender to the United States prior to the dropping of the Atomic Bombs by the Truman Administration. While it admittedly breaks my heart to even think of this as a possibility, it does not surprise me when you consider the deep satanic powers that were driving the major events of WWII.

An outstanding resource for Luciferian history is:


This article in particular is an excellent primer on how Satanic ENERGY was a key driver in burning 18 million people in ovens during WWII (think “death by burning”, nuclear blast). This caused the releasing of “spiritual energy” into key ley-lines that ran along large geographic and interconnected PENTAGRAMS. As seen in the graphic below, the 5 most horrific cremation camps of the Nazi SS (The Order of the Holy See) form an enormous pentagram over Poland. This European pentagram’s ley-lines connect directly to Rome (Vatican City). And to no great surprise, the geographic pentagram in Washington, D.C. connects to the same place – Vatican City. Vatican City is (and has been) the spiritual power center of Lucifer. Washington, D.C. is the military center power center for Lucifer. This is very well documented information and can be easily researched. For an excellent 1 hour introduction to this demonic power structure see: http://www.thecrowhouse.com/calling.html
The Luciferian belief is that particular symbols combined with certain behaviors releases energy from the material dimension (Earth) in such a way that it can be captured and directed thus used by those who gain strength from it. The most core of these concepts is that the untimely death of a person allows this spiritual energy to be absorbed by the Luciferian (satanist) as the spirit leaves the body. Subsequently that energy is used by the Luciferian to conjure up additional power and focus (channel) it on their next horrific activity(s) and victim(s).

Below and until the end of this article is included much information (quotes and other references) to assist the reader in arriving at their own conclusion.
“It is my opinion that the use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were almost defeated and ready to surrender…in being the first to use it, we…adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages.”

—Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during World War II

January 1945 – MacArthur forwarded to the President a Japanese offer to surrender to which was exactly what we accepted 7 months later. Had it been accepted when first offered, there would have been no heavy loss of life on Iwo Jima (over 26,033 Americans killed or wounded, approximately 21,000 Japanese killed) and Okinawa (over 39,000 U.S. dead and wounded, 109,000 Japanese dead), no fire bombing of Japanese cities by B-29 bombers (it is estimated that the dropping of 1,700 tons of incendiary explosives on Japanese cities during March 9th-10th alone killed over 80,000 civilians and destroyed 260,000 buildings), and no use of the atomic bomb (200,000 killed).
5 April 1945 – Japan appointed Prime Minister Suzuki Kantaro who was known to be a peace advocate.
8 May 1945 – Japan tried to surrender through the Soviet Union.
June 1945 – Both the US Army and Navy recommended to Truman that he clarify the US demands in regard to the Emperor. It was recognized that he was absolutely essential so he could order his men to lay down their arms. Without him, there would have been anarchy in Japan.
11 July 1945 – Japan offered to surrender unconditionally, with one exception – they wished to retain their monarchy. They didn’t insist on retaining Emperor Hirohito. They were willing to replace him with his small son, for example. The US wouldn’t even talk to them – the bomb was dropped on them without the US ever responding to any of their peace feelers. Since we let them keep their monarchy (they never unconditionally surrendered – the US offered assurances to the Emperor on August 11 after both bombs were dropped, when they had the assurances they surrendered), there was no difference between this offer and what happened on August 14.
Every death after July 11, both US and Japanese, was a war crime committed by Harry Truman. In July Japan was totally helpless and was being shelled from sea and air. Japan had been bombed back to the stone age. Its population was facing imminent starvation. Much of the Japanese Army was stranded in China or scattered across islands like the Philippines or New Britain. The Japanese Navy had, capable of unaided movement, two aircraft carriers (one damaged) with no planes, three damaged cruisers, 41 destroyers, most damaged to some degree, and 59 submarines. There were 829 vessels incapable of movement, some lying on the bottom in shallow water, some floating upside down, some listing, others awash.

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