Swine Flu Created in LAB!

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Swine Flu Created in Lab Using Gene Splicing

Okay everyone, just one last quick posting on the Swine flu.
Remember the one that you “couldn’t get from Pigs” unlike all other animal transmittable flus?
Remember the one that appeared in Mexico after a ton of news media hype (how did they know?)

REMEMBER the one which they KNOW is going to kill thousands this fall?
REMEMBER the one that for the first time in history they’ve been able to predict months in advance?
YES the one in which the US government has already bought 15 million vaccines?
RIGHT the one that has already caused Glaxo Smith Kline labs stock to increase substantially?
YES that’s the one. The virus which allowed state governments to buy incinerators and other cities to prepare with mass graves.
That’s the one.


Remember to ask the Lord to put his spirit body armor on you every day.

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