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Euphemistically called the “Active Denial System”, this battlefield tested “crowd control” and “non-lethal” weapons system [depending on how they adjust the controls] is now being distributed across the U.S. At this time, local law enforcement agencies can use these to control unruly groups like the local Tea Parties. All it will take is one “false flag” / “Black Anarchist” staged Tea Party infiltration, and you may find yourself running down the street from one of these most sinister weapons.

Focusing an extreme high power, high frequency beam of 95 Gigahertz, the system is able to burn the upper level of the epidermis from over 500 yards away by boiling the water in your skin.

“The waves excite water molecules in the epidermis to around 130 °F (55 °C),
causing an
intensely painful sensation of extreme heat. “


“They were headed West towards Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and/or Spokane or Seattle, Washington,” an Infowars listener writes.

———— please ————
Keep your eyes OPEN FOR THESE.

These were purchases to control PEOPLE.
Particularly people that GATHER IN GROUPS.

Christians Take HEED.

God Bless You.

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