China – The Globalist’s 60 Year Success Story

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(Do not be confused, this is not Pittsburgh, PA at the G-20 Summit)


Recently there have been a number of emails flying across the Internet. They tell of the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of China as we know it today. This 60th anniversary takes you back to the date of 1949. This is the date of the Chinese Revolution. But this was not just any revolution (as China has had quite a few); No this was THE revolution. This revolution was the actual Globalist “TAKEOVER” of the Chinese government. It was the date that the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the financial manipulators of today’s global banking “Elite” (e.g. the Priory de Scion, The Elders of Zion, the RIAA (Royal Institute of International Affairs) and “Committee of 300”) power-mongers actually took control. Yes – control of China. RED China.

(Red like the Russians, Red like the Edomites, Red like Edom, Red like Essau – and God Hates Essau)

I am not at all surprised about the reports surfacing about our country’s apparent love for China. It is not the people of America that are celebrating China, it is the clandestine Satanic globalist leadership that celebrates. So be WARNED. From the perspective of the current globalist takeover, China AND Russia are but an experiment in controlling countries and people. The United States is the next major superpower to go down. Russia has been owned and controlled by the globalists since the Bolshevik Revolution and China has been owned since the 1949 Chinese Revolution. Both of these “events” were funded by the hidden underground deep in the bowels of Wall Street and ultimately via the Rockefeller and Rothschilds (and The Crown’s) interest.

This is what Rockefeller had to say about his Chinese “experiment” in revolution and takeover

“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”– David Rockefeller

Think about this statement. China is the most evil, murderous, regime in the history of the world. You can be imprisoned for life just for admitting you are a Christian. Tens of millions of people have been viciously murdered / slaughtered under Moa’s leadership. Today they continue to slaughter millions and millions of people. China is “Nazi Germany” alive and well on Planet Earth. Even Stalin would be amazed at the “efficiency” of China’s killing machines and slave labor death camps.

… and here we have Mr. Rockefeller praising its success

Like Bolshevik Russia, China is but one of Mr. Rockefellers best “country conquering and people control” experiments ever.



And NEVER FORGET the “Tale of Three Cities”

CITY ONE: The Power & Financial Center is “The Crown, Inc.” in London, England. (A City-State in a Country)

CITY TWO: The Spiritual Center is “Vatican City” in Rome (A City-State in a County

CITY THREE: The Military Center is “Washington D.C.” (A City-State in a Country)

These three cities CELEBRATE China!

One of their GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS of all time.


They are coming to take over the WORLD and USHER IN THE ANTI-CHRIST

Next to be conquered are the people / citizens of United States, and the United Kingdom and all her “Interests”. The people are to be conquered as the country leaders unite in a global celebration of control.

A New World Order

More Tidbits:

Lord Mayor of York’s Chinese Revolution mission

7:45am Tuesday 29th September 2009

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YORK’S first citizen was today moving in diplomatic circles as he prepared to promote the city by celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution.

The Lord Mayor, John Galvin, was the guest of the Manchester consulate of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China at an event to mark the state’s founding on October 1, 1949. Galvin hoped that as he mixed with other Chinese and British guests, he would make contacts that would help him when he travels in his official capacity to Beijing next April to promote York in conjunction with an unconnected graduation ceremony organised by the University of York. He stressed his presence at today’s event was apolitical and did not in any way show that he supported Chinese internal Government policy. “I am like everyone else,” he said. “I am not condoning the Chinese record on human rights or anything else. Categorically not. But at the moment, there are relationships between China and England and these have got to be fostered.

“At the end of the day, we had an invitation.

“You either accept or turn it down. I thought, well I am hoping to go to Beijing next April and it will be an opportunity to make some contacts here as well.”

The event was being held this evening at the Mauldreth Hall in Stockport, near Manchester.

Galvin said that detailed plans for his Chinese trip, which is being financed by an organisation outside the city council, have yet to be finalised. But he hopes that he can promote the city as a holiday venue for the Chinese, including its attractions such as the Yorkshire Museum and Jorvik Viking Centre. The York party may also use the trip to promote it as a potential market for Chinese businessmen.

The University of York is organising the graduation ceremony in China because it has many Chinese students.

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