We’ve Lost Our Minds

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God Speaks and We Don’t Listen!
Let’s Have Itchy Ears, Shall We?

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t think we are near the very “end of times”?  Am I all by myself?  Does anyone feel like nobody is listening?  I’ve got to tell you people I am truly at my wits end.

According to the Bible Encyclopedia, Jeremiah was the saddest and most “unbelieved” prophet in all the Bible.  He did everything he could to warn people about “stuff” and nobody listened.  Frankly I can imagine exactly how he felt.  I bet Steve Quayle can imagine exactly how he felt.  I bet most of you reading this article knows EXACTLY how he felt.


Trying My Best

I’m not a prophet.  Not even close.  I’m just a normal Jesus loving “bonehead”.  That’s pretty much it.  I have a lovely wife, an 8 year old step son, and a mediocre two-story house within a few miles of the gulf coast.  Right in the path of WHATEVER that thing is out there!

I’m subject to the emotions associated with the reports coming in like anyone else.  I’ve read all the prophecies and I don’t fib when I tell you I am okay with dying if that is my destiny.  I have been told everything from “You must stay with your wife because she is your partner in the Holy Spirit”, too “Get OUT NOW, your FIRST OBLIGATION IS TO GOD!”

Now frankly, I do believe that everyone’s FIRST obligation is to the LORD.  In fact, I recall that God spanked Adam pretty hard for following “Eve’s” recommendation to eat the fruit.  And NOW LOOK AT THE MESS WE ARE IN!

When I report on things like 2010 being the beginning year for the downfall / destruction of the USoA, I ALWAYS try to add some language into the article to let you know that GOD IS IN CONTROL.  He is in control.  But just because he is in control doesn’t mean we are in for a nice cozy ride.  Anyone who reads Matthew 24, Jeremiah 50, 51, and Revelation 18 that lives in the USoA that thinks “we” are in for a nice cozy ride into the Tribulation is utterly delusional. 


I’m pretty sure, if you haven’t already guessed, the great delusion is the flying saucer, fake rapture scam.  I believe that one  you can take that to the bank.  More on that later if I live long enough to unfold the details for you.

My point is that I really try to “weave in” language to help you understand that 1) this whole “plot” is all for our ultimate benefit and good through God who really does love us and WILL PROVE IT after this is all over and 2) NOTHING is guaranteed except the Word of God; and He holds the trump card and the final “check-mate” move – period.

The Whopper of the Day!

So as I fight all this “gloom and doom” and warnings of “death and destruction”, as I continue to “do my day job” and pretend like nothing is going on and I’m just a “happy go-lucky” “worker bee”, I get this email from a relative.  This relative is a fan of the “Elijah List” email-based prophecy network.  Have you heard of them? 

Listen, I am not one for “bad mouthing” other God fearing members of the Christian community.  BUT YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS!!  I am warning you for your own good.  If I DIE tonight in a tsunami born methane explosion, I will face Jesus with NO GUILT.  You must understand we all need a wake up call and it might (and sadly probably will) cost a LOT of born-again Christians their lives. 

Sadly it looks like this is going to be necessary to make them all FEAR GOD as they should instead of walking around in a fog of ignorant happiness.  We have a duty to be happy in JESUS but we also have the same duty to SAVE SOULS for Jesus and people are NOT READY for what is coming their way.

This is a PARADOX!
Welcome to MY WORLD!
The Elijah List Prophecy of “Happiness”
So today’s “itchy ears” happy prophecy from the Elijah List is from a blessed brother in Jesus by the name of “Chuck Pierce”.  Now I have no doubt the Lord loves Chuck or he would not have given Mr. Pierce the prophecy he gave him.  Wouldn’t you agree?  But you MUST remember Deuteronomy 18:22 where God warns people that even his TOP PROPHETS misunderstand what He (the Most High) is trying to say through “presumptions”.
Chuck calls attention to the Happy Part of His Prophecy
“Where you have been stalled, You will Start Moving in a New Way”
Chuck goes on to say “Below is a prophetic word to help you “Get Over the Hump” given our Wednesday “Over the Hump Service”.  Sounds pretty happy doesn’t it?  Frankly I feel all kinds of “warm and cozy” … don’t you?
Do I sound irritated?
Here is the Part of the Prophecy Chuck Did NOT Emphasize!

The first part, just below this sentence, is an email I sent to my relatives up North regarding “Chuck’s” prophecy.


HE (Chuck Pierce) IS misreading (his own) prophecy from the LORD.
This is NOT a prophecy of “good things for America”. It is exactly the OPPOSITE!

His “desire” to “think positive” is making him MISREAD WHAT GOD IS SAYING
Please IN JESUS NAME, take a look at what the LORD IS SAYING HERE

This prophecy matches all the other prophecies.

It speaks of a “tidal wave”, it speaks of devastation.

This is not good news this is a warning of WRATH.

========QUOTE ===========

[Emphasis Added]

“There are some occult spirits along that Gulf that the Lord is ready to move. I speak to Texas. I speak to Louisiana. I speak to Mississippi. I speak to Alabama. I speak to Florida. The Lord says, “Get ready. You are being delivered from an occult operation by MY supernatural power that is coming in some very unusual ways! I AM going to cleanse that area of divination. It is going to come through the power of MY display. I’m going to do this supernaturally. You’ve tried to do it with your brain and I’m going to do it supernaturally. You’ve tried to move one way in your thinking process.

“Watch Me go deep and push it out. I am going to start a move, and watch Me do unusual things in that Gulf Coast. I am going to go deep. I’m going to create swells. I’m going to bring in waves. I’m going to dispel things. Things are going to be thrown on land for you to wrap up and get out of the place. This is a beginning and this next year get ready to ride the waves for I will be moving people around. I will be changing locations. You get ready to ride the wave for I am going to push out that spiritual force that has held you captive and defiled the move of My Spirit. You are going to be released in a whole new way to hear Me and to move with Me and to prosper in a way you’ve not prospered.”

======== END QUOTE ===========

The prosperity the Lord is referring to
 is coming at a COST!


Why is this man, Chuck Pierce, not grabbing a megaphone and telling the people of the gulf coast to MAKE A RUN FOR IT?  Am I over-reacting?  Does anyone agree that I’ve been far more “fair and balanced” than any Fox News report you have ever heard?

Here is my “traditional” disclaimer.  GOD IS IN FACT, IN CONTROL.  And IF, “I mean IF’ … the LORD decides to “blow the gulf” (like this prophecy clearly suggests) … then “millions” of born-again Christians are going to die.  That’s how it works.  If you dont’ like this dynamic then you will have to take it up with the “Most High” when you face him.  But I suggest you will be “shaking in your shoes” and pretty darn humble by the time you get that far …. that is … IF you get that far.

We have a duty to “win souls” for our King Jesus Christ.  This duty is the most important duty of our existence.  Many of you will not agree with me, but I submit for your consideration that this duty TRUMPS ALL OTHERS.  It trumps your duty to your family, your children, and everything on this earth. 

Am I wrong?  I don’t know.  I struggle with the seeming paradoxes in the Bible the same as all of you do.  But I am pretty darn sure Jesus was straight up when he said you have to “hate” all other things (your mother, your family etc.) to follow ME.   (And you must understand there are serious translation issues between Greek and English so the word “hate” was not really what the Lord was saying) but it DOES make the point.

I dont’ know what I am going to do.

Beg for Mercy – YOU BET.

Ask for forgiveness?  You Bet!

As I have jokingly said to some of my better Jesus filled friends here from Tribulation-Now …

I am polishing up my surf board
I figure,
I can be in the Ivory Coast in about 30 minutes
If I ride that tsunami just right!
I’ve always wanted to visit Africa.

Lord please forgive me.
Save all of your saints from harm.

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15 thoughts on “We’ve Lost Our Minds

  1. There are "things" that are buried in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, that Mankind has forgotten about, or has never known about. But God is about to REVEAL these things .. as He hurls them on land for ALL to see and witness !

    And when you (anyone down there) begin to see these things being hurled on land .. GET OUT NOW !!! For the worst is yet to come !

    That's how I "see" this prophecy, or at least, that part of it.

    Great article ! And, I always appreciate your honesty, because your honesty is exactly what so many others are feeling and thinking, too!

  2. Excellent post John….i hear ya, and i am with you!! God Bless you and all
    you do!

  3. just happened to come across your site. good piece. you mentioned you're on the coast, i'm in friendswood, texas. around 30 miles north of galveston. peace to you brother.

  4. Johnny…i think you hit the nail on the head….i live in nw wisconsin….my family in the twin citys mn think i'm just over-reacting to this….that i'm trying to make a conspiricy-theory of whats happening….they believe its JUST an oil spill…end of story….Well I BELIEVE there is much more to this than JUST a spill….let me explain….my brother and his family have a 6 figure income, they have cars and boats and fancy home and all kinds of TOYS….BUT they go to church and claim to love Christ every sunday….I BELIEVE they're still in love with the material things which is why they cannot see….and I pray for them….John…In the last year I've had ALMOST everything taken from me…I HAD the 6 figure income with the fancy home and cars and toys….but in the last year…MOST of that is gone…I now RENT a small home away from the metro and one little '98 honda crv that gets me from A to B….AND i'm currently laid-off as I have been for months….NOW….it was easy at first to sit wonder what happened to everything….but then i realized…..GOD WAS TELLING ME SOMETHING….PRAISE HIM…cause if he didnt let this happen…I would still be wondering around lost…in denial JUST so i still have everything a little longer….materializism is very powerful…AND I BELIEVE is why people refuse to see the TRUTH………..but i dont know. i'm just a simple man….not a prophet or scholar…..HOWEVER i share you're frustration bud…..all I can do is pray and keep trying…..AMEN
    your friend,

  5. You are right. This is why the Lord tells us that in despair we are closer to him than any other time. Only those who truly understand the Holy Spirit, understand this "ridddle". God has to tear us away from the worldy in order for our spirits to be free enough to seek him at the level we need to be at.

    I have a praise report. Tonight a lost friend of mine just texted me while I was asleep (hence Im awake now) over and over again. The Holy Spirit paid him a visit while he was praising the Lord through music. He is flipping out and can't believe it. I don't even know what to say… God is so awesome.

    Time is short MacKenzie
    I can hardly wait …

  6. Dear "arnoldsimage" above …

    There are millions of trapped Christians near the gulf. BUT WE ARE NOT TRAPPED…. NOT REALLY. We are FREE and living "in Christ" Jesus. Do not be concerned, do what you can, even if we "don't make it" – WE MAKE IT – GET IT? WE MAKE IT! PRAISE JESUS!!!

  7. Ive been thinking about the bible verses and current events.. and trying to look at these verses and take their meaning literally. We were told several things .. not to take heed of geneology and this would cover these fallen angels seed/ offspring, this verse would also cover the itchy ears reference.

    we were told that their would be wars and rumours of wars, and also told to focus on living day by day.. to not worry about tomorrow, not to be concerned about food or any other goods, and to walk in the spirit.

    We were told the signs to look for in the book of revelation as a forewarning.. a heads up that the time is approaching and everybody but anybody can see this. BUT it does not tell us to become obsessed by trying to predict the date or times of any of these events that only GOD knows that.

    The whole purpose of the book of revelation was for the watchmen who looked for these signs to enable them to tell the people to REPENT before it is too late as the time is approaching and not be caught unawares by the thief in the night or that twinkling of an eye.

    we need to live day by day .. the two lambs being the example particulary the evening one that was an offering of atonement.. a remission of sin for that particular day.. we do not want to forget our actions or thoughts of the day that passed in case we do not see the morning


    One purpose for all of this! ONE. His name is JESUS. He is our KING. Nothing else matters. We use all this "stuff" for his purpose. Save people. Help them undestand the GLORY THAT AWAITS THEM!

    Its not an easy task.
    Its a DUTY.

    Hopefully some listen. Hopefully THEY will be sitting right beside us at the Marriage Supper!



  9. all this scares the crap out of me, and what scares me most is the wrath of the Lord, I fear standing before him cause I'm a sinner and have done alot of bad things in my life, I feel like this is just a temporary home we are in and once we die, it's forever a new life either in heaven or hell. I just feel very uneasy and like something isn't right at all, i've tried to talk to family about scripture and the delusion coming that I believe will be UFO/Aliens aka Fallen Angels and I just get the look like I'm crazy. I did start storing food and water but was put part-time, can't really afford to do much, like the other guy who posted, i used to make 100k yr, had a house, cars paid off, savings, etc. It's almost all gone now, savings gone, sold Escalade to buy a used Camry, all that is left is the roof over my head and my part-time job that barely pays the bills and food for my 2 sons. Funny though cause I feel more uneasy and scared about what is coming than losing home or job. Please keep me in prayer, some days I feel like I must be crazy and also it keeps going on and on in my head, why am I worried, I won't make it to heaven cause of all my past sins. Thanks, Maggie/California

  10. Maggie…pick up your cross, enter the strait gate and walk the narrow way; it leads to eternal life. There is a vast difference between conversion and regeneration. Keep knocking, seek with every ounce of strength you have. Don't give up. There are many good, strong Christians on this site praying for you.

  11. Thank you so much. In JESUS NAME BE BLESSED!! I took the liberty to add you to our list. Awesome.

  12. The warnings in Jer 51, esp. v 6 and v 9, are paralleled in Rev 18:4 – "come out of her, my people…"

    I just came across your site yesterday and many of the things that you wrote about e.g. Babylon, UFOs, the paranormal, are also commented on in http://www.antipasministries.com.

    You may not consider yourself to be a prophet but anyone who carries the testimony of Jesus Christ is a priest and prophet in the Father's eyes!


  13. Thank you DAVID FROM SINGAPORE. We are all part of an awesome "spirit" of Jesus Filled Energy and I am awed by your generosity all the way across this tiny Garden God created called earth. Thank you and BE BLESSED IN JESUS NAME!!

  14. About the 'waves' spoken about in the prophetic word from Pierce, let me put a fresh spin on this piece. I believe that tyhe waves being referred to is not physical waves from the ocean but spiritual waves from the moving of the Holy Spirit. Why do I think this way? I have been in the presence of greatly annointed believers and they have been given the nearly identical prophetic word of the same moving of the Spirit. I quote, "His Spirit will be moving across the land in the form of a sweeping wave, accompanied with mighty, mighty miracles. You have heard of these miracles occuring in other parts of the earth and thgis same move is coming to sweep across this land." I am just offering a different view of the prophecy Pierce has provided. Sometimes we may see multiple meanings of the same prophecy or perhaps it can legitimately be interpreted several ways, I am not sure. But I do know the word given to this prophet (the person speaking the message here doesn't recognize herself as a prophet but just a follower who has been given a gift) is genuine.

    Just a thought…

  15. AMEN! Thank you for that. I agree. I think one of the hardest things for all of us is to be able to separate the "literal" from the "allegorical" and God's prophecies have both often laced together.

    I pray in Jesus name that this whole thing is stomped out by the Lord's awesome mercy. You have no idea how wonderful that would be.

    We all need to have as much humility as possible and while you could interpret those words either way, nobody knows for certain.

    Thank you so much for that "take" on these words.

    Be Blessed in Jesus Name!

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