Special Report: We are Not Alone

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SPECIAL REPORT: We are Not Alone
Some Church Elders Do Have a Clue
Mutwa Credo – Zulu Shaman and Picture of Annunaki
Which He Memorializes in a Wall Mural

While I am not able to give out names (not that it would matter anyway), I met last night with an “elder” (senior pastor) from my local non-denominational Holy Spirit filled church.  My mission was to selectively unload on him a sizable sampling of the information published on Tribulation Now.  As I proceeded with caution, he saw me seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit.

This was a very hard thing to do.  I was at peace, but I knew the importance of my mission.  And I knew if I sounded too “fired up” he would detect that and it would discredit me.  The “Bloomin Onion” and “Walkabout Soup” helped distract from my “sense of urgency”.

What Did This Church Leader Know?

Here is a report of what he already knew and it may surprise you.

  • He is fully aware of the Nephilim onslaught of Genesis 6
  • He is fully aware of the continued genetic onslaught long past the flood
  • I confirmed he knew about the “grasshopper” references after the flood
  • He was surprised I knew that it was / is an attack against the Abrahamic blood lines of Jesus / humans
  • He understood that the leadership of the New World Order is blood line connected
  • He grasped the concept of the Committee of 300 and their blood connections to the “Black Nobility”
  • He agreed about the likeliness that all references to “Black” (e.g. Black-Ops) is Satanic
  • He was not in the least surprised that alien abductions were demonic in nature
  • He was not amazed that deeper hypnosis revealed reptile demons and military personnel
  • He acknowledged the probability this global cabal of Satanists were demonically infested through their bloodlines
  • He knew that 9-11 was not a result of just planes hitting the buildings
What Did He Not Know?

Now here is what he did not know and was reluctant to accept (in some cases):

  • He did not know about the FEMA camps but was not surprised
  • I told him they were “death camps” and he didn’t blink
  • He did not know about the FEMA Clergy Response Teams and was not certain the head pastor did not sign up for that service (since he is a huge law enforcement fan and does ride-alongs with the police all the time)
  • He did not know law enforcement is actively soliciting church pastors for information on “suspicious” congregation members (I told him I would be likely “one of them”)
  • He had met George W. and was extremely reluctant to accept he was “demonic” (which surprised me b/c of W’s obvious affiliation with Skull & Bones and Bohemian Grove). Never mind the book “Tranceformation of America” and seeing Georg W. “shape shift”.  He had no idea of that and I didn’t go there.
  • He could not accept that his “spirit of discernment” (which was keen) could let him down and he relied on that as his found stone of not accepting W’s demonic possession (not good for us involved – pray about this)
  • He was extremely reluctant to accept that the American Government was involved with this Satanic onslaught
AND He Knew Even More Than I Thought

Evidently he was a leading spiritual warfare guy with several organizations over the years and

GET THIS – he has personally seen one of the “reptilian” demons with his own eyes.

He was NOT surprised when I told him Bill Schnoebelen, a former Satanist and now a born-again Christian, reports of these reptile like humanoid demons walking around in the basement of the Mormon Tabernacle in Utah.

He told me amazing stories of demons he worked to rid from various locations using different methods.
AND he promised me he would read all 4 parts of Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel, & God!
AND he promised he would watch all four DVDs I gave him.
  1. AE 911 Truth: Blueprint for Truth
  2. Loose Change
  3. Invisible Empire
  4. Police State 4: Rise of FEMA
And he believes that God considers lying one of a group of unacceptable behaviors (minus forgiveness) – so I am certain he will indeed watch those DVDs and read the articles I printed out.
I also told him that I could potentially be a “marked man” and frankly do not care a less.  This is my mission in life and I am ready to lay my life down for Jesus Christ!

This is but a small hope for us all.  This hope being, that maybe, just perhaps … some churches will have a clue what is going on and soon realize the seriousness of the threat that we all face.


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2 thoughts on “Special Report: We are Not Alone

  1. John:

    You are blessed to have a senior pastor who believes/knows what you are talking about! No one in my church seems to know anything and my pastor is afraid to say anything specific about the (one-world government). When I tell fellow Christians about these things I get 1) vacant stares; 2) a look like I have two heads!

    Sometimes I feel like I am a freak of nature, but when it all comes down, are they going to be surprised! When I get to heaven, I am going to ask God why He let it get to this point.

    Question: I am thinking that demons cannot hurt born again Christians–that only humans working for demons can harm them do to "free will" if God allows??

  2. Thanks Chris. I think we all know exactly how you feel. Yes this man is very special. I think that is why God led me to him (more than one). The first day I met him was at a church function. I was grumpy and tired and expected the hotel to provide coffee and didn't want to pay 5 star prices for a cup. And he took me over and tried to buy me a cup … just because.

    We should NEVER forget how significant the little things are that we can do for others that has a MAJOR impact on their "spirit".


    This is tricky business. I recommend reading "He Came to Set the Captives Free". It might make you "re-think" this. Also – David Hogan's testimony (toward the very end) in the Youtube video series "Faith to Raise the Dead" tells of a horrific event where he and his team went to a VERY DARK place in central American to heal a woman and chase out some demons. The short version is that God told them to MAKE A RUN FOR IT and for darn good reason.

    The other thing to consider are the actual qualification of being able to adequately fight the worst demons. Being born-again implies true salvation (not mediocre salvation) but strong relationship with Jesus and a resulting Sanctification process. No just an altar call. There is a huge difference.

    The other thing is this. It is reasonable to suggest that virtually ALL the churches during the Apostle's walk on earth (the early Christian churches when they were known by the Romans as the cult called "The Way"), had the Acts 2:2 Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Why wouldn't they? Those were the days when everyone expected to get it and went after it aggressively. Even Simon Magnus the sorcerer tried to pay for the power before Paul told him to get lost. It was a "big deal" back then as well it should be ESPECIALLY today!

    David Hogan had the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues (as evidence) and God told him to "make a run for it.

    Everyone should listen to his testimony and everyone should read that book.

    I believe everyone should take the Divine Healing Technician Course AND the Spiritual Warfare course from John G. Lake Ministries.

    And Everyone should seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

    Being saved (born-again) is like first semester Christian-dom.

    Not sure if I would want to go up against such forces with only first semester training.


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