No Guts, No Glory

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We have problems for a Reason

Did it ever occur to you we are actually devolving and not evolving?  Think about it.  When Adam and Eve were on earth with God, they existed with Him in a spiritual realm that does not exist any longer.  Many argue, and rightfully so, they likely had a telepathic / spiritual communion of sorts with not only God, but also the animals as well.  Perhaps even the plant life and the trees.  What an amazing experience that must have been.  OH PRAISE JESUS for a time that we can return to such Glory.

Communion with God Hundreds of Years Ago

Imagine just 100 years ago.  Or better yet, take yourself back to a time in the 18th century or earlier.  You didn’t have electricity.  All you had was your work day, your family, and candle light to read by in the evening.  Books were critically important back then.  A book would cause your imagination to soar.  Your imagination, arguably even the “spiritual you”, became the essence of your existence. 

And the BIBLE!  Can you imagine how amazing it must have been to read the Bible back then?  Imagine sitting with your family at the dining room table in the evening reading the stories in the Bible.  Your children’s eyes would be lit up in amazement.  The appreciation for every word would be magnified to a level that we can not conceive of today.  Your spirit would be uplifted by the Glory of its power.  Your hopes and dreams would come alive.  Your faith in God would be such that every problem you had would be handed over the the Lord with the utmost of confidence.

Spiritual Devolution through Technology

Now the entertainment industry has taken over our imaginations.  Some would argue that it has instituted a level of demonic control that is unsurpassed in the history of the earth.  We have television, movies, video games, data cell phones, the Internet (praise Jesus with balance), and an endless array of THINGS that remove our spiritual awareness of our Heavenly Father and his desire to do good on our behalf.

We no longer seek HIM for our problems until we are in a “pile of crap”.  NO WONDER we have so many challenges. 

When you reflect back through the scripture, you see endless story after story of how indignant God became when He was ignored.  He expected the Israelites to praise him ALL DAY LONG.   But instead even back then, without any distracting television and video games, they still murmured and complained.  And quite frankly God was less than happy about it.

We have become MANY TIMES removed from the Glory of God.

Escapism is the Enemy of the Spirit

While I believe there is no question that the Lord put all the plants on the earth for us to enjoy, I do not believe we were intended to enjoy them for the purpose of escaping communion through Him.  All things in moderation is a truism when dealing with our Father.  This is why it is “not what goes into the mouth that defileth a man, but what comes out of the mouth”.  There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks.  And one could even effectively argue, that if it weren’t for the law of the land, there might not be anything wrong with enjoying other things the Lord has put on the earth that give us a similar feeling of euphoria.  BUT ALL THINGS IN MODERATION.

But therein lies the problem.  If you are “using” something that is against the law then its “against the law” so you shouldn’t do it.   And if you are drinking “something” to escape going to your Father, and praising his name and depending on his Holy assistance …. then you shouldn’t do it.

God never ever intended for us to distance ourselves from our problems by using His earthly gifts to “deaden our spirits”.  He NEEDS US to come to HIM.  He grieves when we do not come to Him.  Why do we let things spin out of control to a point of utter misery before we reach out to our loving Father for help?

Can you imagine how you would feel if your son or daughter ignored you month after month, and only called you when they were in HUGE TROUBLE.  I know how that feels.  I used to CRINGE when my daughter would finally call me.  I KNEW it was a car accident or something just as horrible.

It made me feel used.

It made me feel “unloved”.

Brother Kenny’s Fear

I have a friend.  He is a friend of our family.  His name is Kenny.

Kenny is staying at our home for a while and helping us with some chores around the house.  He is a dialysis patient.  Recently Kenny went up to the altar at our church and was “technically” saved by their standards.  Some might argue that he was even “saved” by the Lord’s standards and I pray in Jesus name that is the case.

Last night I awoke at 1:30 AM.  I came into my office and started to answer your emails.  Kenny stuck his head in the door and asked me if he could talk.  He was frightened.  His heart had been beating irregularly and he couldn’t sleep for fear of dieing.  My heart broke for him when I heard him says this to me.

I explained to Kenny how important it is that he talk to Jesus directly all the time.  You see, Kenny loves to watch television on a level that can only be surpassed by a 5 year old.  He loves to watch WWF (and don’t get me going on that demonic stuff).  He struggles with understanding how bad TV can be for someone spiritually.

We had a talk.

I asked Kenny why do you think so many people like to say the prayer”

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take”?

I had a long talk with Kenny about how vitally important it is that he grow his faith in Jesus every day.  No one knows when their life is going to end.  We must be perpetually ready to move on and greet our Heavenly Father with the utmost of confidence that being with Him is GLORIOUS.  There must be NO FEAR.




God never intended for any of us to have this wonderful problem free life.  Without the rain, we would not enjoy the sunshine.  Without the Winter, we would not be blessed by the flowers of the Spring.  We must have our downs, to appreciate the ups.

God draws us closer to Him through our problems.

No guts, no glory.



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11 thoughts on “No Guts, No Glory

  1. I almost asked you to pray with me yesterday. I had been neglecting time spent with the Lord and things at my job had started to cause me a level of anxiety that I rarely get to. I needed to make a decision and my spirit was agonizing over it. My parents weren't home when I called them. And as I was writing my prayer request to you my electricity went out.

    Since I didn't have the computer to distract me anymore and my phone needs electricity to run, I got on my knees and started praying, repenting and seeking an answer. My mind began to search for an example from scripture that would provide a solution. Up to that time, days of searching, I had not found a relevant story. While praying, while the power was out, I "found" the story I needed. Jacob and Laban. The weight of the decision was lifted from me.

    I got the message.
    It doesn't matter how badly your employer screws you over the Lord will always be with you. You just keep working and praising the Lord, He will deal with the obstacles you can't overcome on your own.

    So it's funny you should make this post immediately after I had this particular experience.

  2. WOW

    I am telling you AP we are all sprititually connected just like the scripture says we are.

    Awesome Praise Jesusssssss!!

    Reach out to me any time for prayer. I would be honored.

    You can capture my attention through Google Talk which I also monitor on my cell phone
    And email of course.

    In Jesus Name

  3. Hello John,
    I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I have learned a lot of new things. Your new one on the spirit of fear hit me hard. I have had this spirit of fear many many years now. I'm not afraid of dying but I am afraid of what's coming. Your messages have helped me learned how to pray to the Lord for help in this. Since 1993 I've had Horrible dreams of things that I think are going to happen to me. My first dream was of Jesus in the dream he told me to follow him and everything would be all right. After that is when all the other dreams started coming. I had to start taking sleeping pills just to sleep. I told a few people of these dreams but they look at you like your some kind of kook. Well thanks to the Lord and your blog It has strengthen me and made my faith stronger. God bless you John and your helpers stand strong in the Lord.
    Your brother in Christ Lee

  4. wow, Lee, your comment hit home with me, I feel the same way. Fearful, afraid, anxious and I always have the little voice in the back of my mind saying why am I even reading my bible, these blogs, etc. cause I'm not going to make it to heaven anyway cause I'm a sinner.

  5. What I've come to learn, rather painfully I might add, is that every time I try and stand on my own two feet, I fall. I believe that God wants us to completely trust in Him, no matter what the circumstances.

    He does want our attention all day, everyday, He deserves nothing less!

    I say this as a man who has backslidden many times, who nearly lost his wife to divorce because of a pornography addiction. Each and every day is a struggle. When I go several weeks without it, and think I have conquered it, thats when the real assult begins. Let me tell you, spiritual warfare is real!

    I am growing from spiritual milk to meat, but I have not reached the level of a true warrior for Christ yet. Fear and doubt hold me back when I should have neither. Christ is my Redeemer, He is risen and victorious, but the enemy knows my weak spots to attack. A suggestive picture on the web, or a pretty lady walking down the street, and my mind goes to places I wish it wouldn't. It not only hurts my intimacy with my wife, but also my intimacy with the Lord.

    I feel the call to be a sheepdog, a guardian of the flock, and the enemy tries daily to take me away from that, to put my thoughts on earthly desires, and not the Lords desires. I feel shamed every time I fail Him, like He would never want me back. But He gives me another day, another chance to do His work.

    The unholy armies of hell are preparing to march, we must all be sober and vigilant. All of us must stand, and I would covet your prayers as I walk through the valley.
    In His name,
    Sam Coy

  6. SAM – AMEN!

    Boy can I relate on so many levels. Praise – constant continuous praise and surrender is what pulled me out of that tail spin.

    Right again – we don't have any more time to fumble around. Focus and spiritual warfare is key in JESUS NAME!


  7. Johnny…You know…every time I have worldly problems…and every time I get depressed from these problems…You come out with a new post that seems to be talking to me specificly…I don't know how you do it, but it just happens….and it puts tears in my eyes…..THANK YOU…AND PRAISE JESUS FOR SENDING YOU TO ME….
    Your friend,

  8. In my walk with the lord, nothing is givin easily, every inch I get, I earn. When too much is given at once, my fleshly self, usually ruins it. I appriciate things the lord has given me through intence prayer and obeidience. If the prayer ain't there, I don't expect much. Closed mouths don't get fed. I ask repeatadlly, over and over. God answers in three ways, yes, no, and wait. In my case its usually wait. Its like the old saying, to who much is given, much is expected. I choose today to follow my savior and creator of every breath in my body….. I love u lord.

  9. Wow. If only we all could learn to have such utter respect for our Heavenly Father, the blessings we might receive are awesome.

    I pray I can continue to walk in such grace and love.

    Thank you Chris and BE BLESSED IN JESUS NAME – AMEN

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