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Rendered Utterly Powerless
Too Many False Alarms

Little by little I am coming to a sad conclusion.  It appears that the enemy has done an excellent job of making us look like “Chicken Littles”.  No matter what, I still refuse to give up.  But here I sit with my high speed DVD duplicator wondering if it will do any good.  After all, I have executed similar warning drills before. And they did nothing less than make everyone I know think I am an alarmist. 

I have received emails from multitudes of awesome people that have experienced the same problem.  Everything ramps us so slowly.  I remember right after the Alex Jones movie “End Game” was released, I met with an old friend over some Sumerian Ale.  My friend is a science buff, and an utter atheist.  I emphatically told him it would not be long before the U.S. government started to confiscate guns. 

For him, this was going for the throat, because he is a big “gun buff”.  He just looked at me and said “When is this going to start happening?  I’ve been hearing crap like this for years.”  Well I stuck my neck out and told him I estimated it would happen in no less than a year from that date.  He smirked and told me to keep him informed (with a wink).  This was even AFTER I showed him the Katrina videos. 

Hurricane Katrina was 2005

Our discussion was in 2008

It’s Fall of 2010

We have 803 days left until 2012


I wonder how much of this “stuff” is going to continue ramping up in such a fashion that many of us (most people of the world) will become slowly “numb” to it all (as they have been all along)?   It appears it is extremely likely that NONE of our alarms will be effective. 

Please Jesus don’t let us all look like that crazy woman in Stephen Kings’ movie “The Mist”.


The Next Big Alarm

In my recent research it appears that evidently this “Planet X” MIGHT have been affecting the earth now for quite some time. Even so, the increase in hurricane, earthquake and cosmic / geographic anomalies has been shocking BUT fantastically slow ramping up. So if you look at the overall number of these types of “events” from the 80’s and compare them to today the difference is utterly horrific – but nobody really takes notice unless they are studying it. 

Yes it appears that ALL of these events, whether it is gun confiscation or Matthew 24 earthquakes, are ramping up really slow. 
It seems it is possible these types of anomalies could increase dramatically, but slowly enough, that no matter how LOUD we ‘broadcast’ the danger – everyone will be

It looks like we are all going to empathize with Noah on a scale we never imagined.  How horrible that must have been for him.  What utterly blows my mind is HOW DID HE GET HIS FAMILY ON THE ARK??
My own family thinks I’m hitting the “cool aid”.  What did Noah say to his family to get them on that boat?  Did they get on the ark out of respect and family discipline?  Was it the fear of getting their Old Testament butts kicked that made them get on the boat?  How did Noah pull that one off?
Understand this.
When I tell you I am “feeling” resistance from my family you have to realize the type of people I am talking about.  These are people that SHOULD KNOW this stuff is coming.  Perhaps it is because it is coming from a “family member”. 
Matthew 13:57-58
57 And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house. 58 And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

On the other hand, everyone gets tired of hearing warning bells all the time. 

I believe this has been part of the enemy’s strategy all along.  I believe THEY have intentionally done things and LEAKED information to make us all “freak out” and start “sounding alarms”.  I believe “they” KNEW this would make us all seem incredible.

Need I make a list?  It’s the same old list.  Gun confiscation, loss of civil liberties, Presidential Directives, Martial Law.  Heck just look at the list on the right side of this web page!! 


Preparing the Planet X Warnings

Again to me it appears all these “things” have been put into place for a “grand event”. 

I remember when I went on my little 3 day cruise to the Bahamas, I was sitting on the side of the ship and looking over the city of Miami from the waterfront.  Miami was huge.  I thought to myself “How in the world are “they” going to pull this Martial Law deal off?”.  I tried to imagine thousands of troops marching through downtown Miami in a gigantic Martial Law takeover.  I just couldn’t see them being able to do it.  It seemed like the cities were too big, the surrounding suburbs were huge, many homes had guns, and there were too many of us and not enough of them. 

I digress.

So the next alarm bell is Planet X … right?  Assuming “they” don’t execute some other “false flag” murderous lie in the mean time, Nibiru takes front and center stage.  Okay fine.  Let’s get to work shall we?

So I ordered the John Moore DVD from The Prophecy Club entitled “Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars”.  It is excellent by the way and worth the money.  Unfortunately the head guy for the Prophecy Club filled in the presentation with a LOT of his own speculation and preaching which I do not agree with.  I would have been happy with just 60 minutes of John Moore’s research.  Now instead of just burning the DVDs I have to EDIT them (Arrrgg!!).

Enter and Exit – Doctor Harrington

Did you know in August 30, of 1990, Doctor Harrington of the United States Naval Observatory, told everyone in a public conference that 1) Planet X was a FACT, 2) it was 3 times the size of Earth, and 3) it is capable of supporting LIFE FORMS of one kind or another?

Did you know that Doctor Harrington was the head scientist there?  This observatory is arguably the most prestigious in the world.

At this conference, Dr. Harrington announced, he was going to tender his resignation, pack up his telescope, and head to the antarctic to study Planet X full time.

90 Days Later
Doctor Harrington died of a Rare Fast Acting Cancer

What is the Formula?

After I took notes on the John Moore DVD and listened to the entire thing I realized if I simply duplicated it, it would not be very effective.  The problem is that while John Moore’s lecture is highly effective, the other “Christian” perspective woven around it was highly speculative and uninformed.  For Christian listeners that did not know the entire story (such as my family) it provided enough “doubt” that anyone who “didnt’ want to hear it” would assume it was conjecture and not to be taken too seriously. 


The other issue is if this DVD were to be played to a non-Christian audience, the very fact that it was a “Christian” venue would have demonstrated unacceptable BIAS. 

This is also BAD

I need a presentation that is NOT BIASED.  It has to include …

  1. Multiple Sources
  2. Un-related
  3. Un-biased
  4. Fact based with confirmable data

Summary of Frustration and Endurance

We all need to “hang in there”.  I am afraid we are going to learn EXACTLY what it feels like to be “Noah”.  How horrible that must have felt.  It’s bad enough to be “pelted” with insults and made fun of in public.  It’s also much worse to have the agape Love of the Heavenly Father and really want to save these people from eternal fire and realize you have been rendered utterly powerless.


Ezekiel 33:6

A) But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, that person is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand

Ezekiel 33:8

If I say to the wicked,(B) ‘You shall surely die,’(C) and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked person(D) shall die for[a] his iniquity,(E) but his blood I will require at your hand

On the other hand we have a moral obligation to be SMART about our warnings.  So I will compile and edit the John Moore testimony as necessary from YouTube and other sources so it is not so “Prophecy Club” flavored and biased.  I will add in the Lucas material from This is critical because Lucas is NOT a Christian and sticks to data that he considers to be “just the facts”.

I will also add the Jesse Ventura “American Conspiracy” show clips to the mix.  Just one more non-Christian un-biased set of testimonies.

Perhaps I will print out brochures with the actual reprints of the press releases from the 80’s on the search for Planet X to add to the packet.

I dont’ know.



I would rather be wrong, than watch millions of people die, having done and said nothing.

Perhaps that’s how we should feel about preaching the Gospel.

After all, dieing once is much easier than dieing and burning for all of eternity, isn’t it?

Where is our EMPATHY?

Dont’ Just Save People – Create Disciples!!
Be Blessed in Jesus Name 
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3 thoughts on “Cry Wolf

  1. This is a very difficult topic because while everywhere we look we see the whole world coming apart at the seams as well as our families and our lives. We cling to Jesus while wondering if there is a rapture or is that is another false flag to take our eyes off of the ememies plans to destroy all of us.
    Mr Harold Camping of the short wave radio broadcasts states that he has the end rapture date set at may 21 2011. He says that computers have been crunching the numbers and new revelations from the bible give the date in stone..It will happen then..This gave me a shiver when i heard the date but at the same time I recall the Jehova witness and 7th day adventists also had the end dates wrong and it really almost ruined a lot of people.
    So, what to do? Continue to read this website with one eye on the sky and one eye on Jesus for sure. The bible gives a lot of predictions that have not happened yet (mark of the beast, beheadings, one world church, antichrist, etc…), but some scholars say we mistake these for things that have already happened and others say these are spitual not factual.
    I have encountered a demon face to face in the flesh twice in my life and it is as real as the dirt under your feet, so we can not ignor them or dismiss them. What God wants us to do is this: do not spend too much time trying to reason out why things are going as they are. God is in control. Just walk with Him and love Him….Pretty simple..and do not forget to put on the whold armour of God…

  2. Thank you so much for your last few threads…"Cry Wolf" hit my life story for the last 2 years perfectly! Its encouraging to know that there are others out there that feel the same way. You want to do the best at keeping people awake and aware because part of being "ready" is just that…being vigilant to the deception that is engulfing us like a 1000 foot tsunami! It so so frustrating to deal with these people who just say "oh, have peace in the Lord", "why are you getting so worked up….just have faith!" when they are the same people sticking their heads in the sand saying "pre-trib" "pre-trib" thinking they have nothing to worry about because they will be whisked away before they have the chance to scrape their comfort bubble! It sends me into sign waves of fatigue and apathy because the very people (the church) who need to care just dont and we spend waking hours of the night trying to be watchmen because this is our calling and He has given us a gift that few have. Your wisdom will be rewarded….we work not for the accolades of this world, we work for the eternal! My mom was the alarmist 30 years ago and people are starting to call her now decades later out of nowhere first apologizing for not appreciating her call and second, to get spun up on the last quarter century of hidden knowledge and prophecy because they woke up with a gauntlet in front of them and freaked out once the blinders fell off. People will flock to you when everything hits the fan because they wont know where else to get the truth and they will remember what you said. I can assure you all the pre-tribs will have to reengage their broken eschatology because He didnt motivate the persecuted end time saints for nothing!
    'It was given to him (world dictator) to make war with the saints and to overcome them …" (Rev 13.7)
    I attached a good study my mom (Trish Heath) wrote to refute the pre-trib rapture stance….people need to get "ready" not only with the points you laid out as a foundation but they need to prepare mentally for a reality flipping roller-coaster ride…our faith will be tested to its limits! But who said a Christian life had to be boring…." I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly " as Jesus said so we can take that to the bank!

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