Nothing is Secret that will not be Revealed

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Final Warning Revelations
A New Understanding of Excitement

Praise the Lord and Glory be to Jesus.

What an amazing journey the last 4 weeks have been.  On December 31st, my contract ended and since then I’ve been unemployed.  And God has put me to work indeed.  I embraced the verse which says “Seek Ye first the Kingdom, and all these things will be given unto you”.  Well indeed that includes the basic necessities of life.  Perhaps it doesn’t include that new Mercedes you wanted.  No surely not.  But you can count on the Lord to come through for you.  Particularly if you SEEK FIRST the Kingdom.  Amen.

I wonder how many of us throw ourselves at our Father’s feet when times get difficult.  I mean, do we “pray” for the Father to help us and then just go about life as usual, OR do we truly “Seek Ye FIRST, the Kingdom”? 

Both times I was “out of a job” in the last year, I spent 100% of my time serving God.  I didn’t bother to pray over and over to God for a job.  Not really.  I would pray and ask him “that His will be done” even knowing that I might not like the end result.  And it’s scary, I assure you.  The last job interview I went on, I struck out real bad.  I was dumbfounded.  I never strike out.  All my life I always got the job. 

Casting of Lots Again in Jesus Name

On January the 3rd, while Jonathan was “encouraging me” he said, “Why don’t you ask God for wisdom, for he gives liberally and without reproach”?  He said, get alone with the Lord, and throw yourself at his feet and ask him when you will get a new job.  He said “Do it, Johnny, just do it”.  So I did.  And I used that Thesaurus and asked for Him to show me when I would get my next job.  And it opened to the word “FAR” with phrases like “far, far away, long distance, etc.”.  I was in utter disbelief.  That book could not be telling me the truth.  I did not like that Thesaurus at all.  I did not like what God was telling me.  While laughing, Jonathan reminded me that sometimes you aren’t going to like the answer but that’s just how it is.  But he was thrilled that God was talking to me.

Since then I have thrown myself before our Abba Father a number of times and have started to mark the pages of that book.  The testimonies and results, for me, have been nothing less than supernatural.  I have had my sister say things like, “Well you better be careful because demons can flip those pages too!”  And I responded yeah but does the Word not say “Resist the devil and he will flee from you?”  And she said, “Oh yes.  So it does, Amen”. 

I can assure you with all my heart, I am in constant praise and there is NO ROOM for the devil to enter my realm with the Lord.  My “channel changer” is locked onto the Jesus Channel.  Amen.

Seeking Ye First the Kingdom

Jonathan has reminded me, time and time again, that God has us right where he wants us, and to “BELIEVE”.  He likes to call it being like the “Kung Fu Panda”.  You must BELIEVE!  But as the weeks went by, and the money was running out of the checking account.  It got tough.  With no solicitation whatsoever, I have even had people ask me to take “tithes” through things like a “PayPal” button.  One beautiful Jesus filled lovely lady even sent me a surprise $50 bill in a letter with some wonderful revelations she shared with me. (God Bless You Willow!!)  I was speechless.  I still have the wonderful greeting card she sent.  But I KNOW the Lord is going to provide and I have to BELIEVE.

January’s Journey of Amazement

If you go to the articles links on the right hand margin of Tribulation-Now, you see the work that has come through me via God’s amazing revelations during the month of January.  Endless “coincidences” via cell calls and meetings, with some of the world authorities and prophets on amazing new wonderful information hidden in our Bible and other books.  In fact, if I would have had a job, then the “Final Warning” video series would not have happened in the way it did.  My flight to San Antonio to film it with Jonathan was nothing less than a miraculous coincidence resulting from a free voucher given to Jonny because he gave up his seat when he returned to his home, from mine, on Christmas day. 

And just last night, a friend of mine who is finding his way to Jesus, called me an listened to this wonderful news too.  He wants to be on “the flight out”.  People want to “go home” to be with their King.  They are no longer seeing this as some “nebulous transformation” into the metaphorical “Heavens”.  They are seeing it as a return to their King and their “first estate” and they are excited to get back to the world of Jesus. 

Glory be To GOD!

A Supernatural Peace

After I published the article “Oil in Your Lamp: The Plane Ticket Home“, a supernatural peace came over me from out of no where.  I noticed it and was confused.  I had this “sense of urgency”, even a type of anxiety, associated with “getting this information out”.  But for weeks now I have been anxious.  I didn’t understand it.  But it was intense.  I kept doing brain-dumps until I finally got that article above completed.  And once it was done … there was this unexplainable peace.  I could hear that “still small voice” saying “Job well done“.  It was really amazing.  I still have that peace today.

And wouldn’t you know it.  Today I had an interview with a very large company in the area.  PRAISE JESUS.  Upon entering the interview room, the hiring manager told me that he knew the Director that hired me from a previous company.  It was more like “High School Reunion” than an interview.  By the time I left, after talking to 5 different people over the coarse of two hours plus, he said to me “I WILL be in touch with you real soon!”.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  It was too good to be true.  I knew that the Thesaurus had told me “dividend, pay back” but I wasn’t sure what that meant.  I believe the Lord opened the pathways for me to receive that blessing because He knew that I was …


Wonderful Testimonies Continue to Flow In

God has a way of constantly telling me that “I’m hearing him right”.  God sends me emails from people I’ve never talked to before at the darnedest times.  These are supernatural confirmations.  They are indisputably from HIM. The Most High God.  The most AWESOME GOD EVER.  I love our Heavenly Father with all my heart and without the sacrifice of His incredible Son and my personal KING, Jesus, I don’t know where I would be right now.  I could fill pages and pages full of stories and testimonies of how God has started to talk to me as of late.  I am finally staring to hear his voice.  It took awhile, but now I know.

When you know …. well …. you just know.  And it’s WONDERFUL!!
Here below is another unbelievable and supernatural confirmation from our Heavenly Father that the information presented to us is …. well …. “from another place, not of this earth” …. Praise God.


The Testimony of Sheri

Hi John

My name is Sheri. First, please sign me up for the Trib Now email distribution list.

I emailed you back in August about Glenn Beck’s revival. Thanks for emailing me back your thoughts then. I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile now, maybe a year.. can’t remember. I just “happened” to stumble upon it one day after reading Steve Quayles sight, really I believe God directed me to you.

The latest blogs about who we are, Sons, Souls, Elohim and Angels series “blew my mind” yet so resonated with me at a deep level.

When my eyes came upon the word ophannim, something just rang a bell within me, as if I woke up and I recognized the word even though it was my first time reading it. I’m sure others have expressed that these writings are almost unbelievable, but the more I read your articles, the more I learn. I watched Johnathan Kleck’s series Final Warning and wow!! I’m going to watch it again and keep learning. I read your articles and then also do research myself based on things you wrote.

I’ve visited fallen angels tv, the, ken klein websites to read and learn as well. I watched the Final Warning series, took lots of notes and then just let the information percolate. As I went to sleep Wednesday night, I prayed and asked God to confirm that this information is true. When I woke up yesterday morning, again I prayed asking God to confirm what I was learning. Here is the series of events that occurred in response to my prayer.

Yesterday morning I was reading in a Bible called the Women of Faith Study Bible (NIV). I now read from the KJV, but for some reason picked up this Bible. I was directed to read Luke 19:10-For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. Then I decided to reread a scripture verse from the Final Warning series Luke 20:34-36 where Jesus tells us what we’ll be like, equal to angels. I prayed, ok Lord, confirmation please.

Like Johnathn uses a thesaurus and God speaks, God did that for me, but with this Bible (and he does with other things as well). The Bible has commentary with titles. I just turned the page and these titles are what jumped out at me: Eyes that See, Open Minds, The basics of belief in Jesus Christ-John1, The Word,Lamb of God. No appointment needed, Only on Pause, Born Again. I wrote that down in a notebook which already had this written in it from a long time ago-More times you hear something, more you take from it.

I was amazed and for me that was confirmation from God! But I kept praying, Lord show me more please.

Then I began to review my notes from Final Warning and look up words in the Strongs NT1121. My eyes were drawn to a number I had circled a long time ago, 1127 gregoreo [1453] to keep watch, be on guard. What’s weird is that for a long time, back in 2007-2008, God would wake me up at 11:27 at night and I wondered why. Back then I wrote the number down and did a word study on it using my Strongs and the Bible. It didn’t make sense to me back then, but it does now! Back to yesterday.

So then I looked up NT1453 and it said egeiro [1127, 1235, 1326, 1454, 1825, 1892, 489] to arise to stand from a prone or sleeping position, to wake up from sleep, to restore from a dead or damaged state, to heal, raise up to life, to cause something to exist, raise up ( give birth to). More confirmation for me about what you wrote in the articles about us being fallen angels who accepted God’s judgement to take on flesh and work our way back to God.

Then I looked up each of those numbers.

1454 egeris- resurrection

1235-diagregoreo-to become fully awake

1326-diegeiro-to get up, arouse, stimulate

1825-exegeiro-to raise, awaken[from the dead]

1892-epegeiro-to stir up arouse excite

489-antimisthia-an exchange,penalty, recompense.

For me, this is just more confirmation! I’m amazed, awed and just wanting to learn more. Scriptures make more sense now. I even ventured into telling my husband what I learned… you have to understand, he’s been quite stubborn in believing what God’s Word says or things I learned. I’m blessed to be a SAHM and able to spend much of my day with the Lord, in His Word, studying, praying. It’s my job he’s called me to do. I do co-lead a Christian recovery ministry with my husband and teach people God’s Word through lessons.

Anyway, this morning, I decided to try to tell my husband what I was learning. I took a risk that he’d reject what I said and not believe me… I sensed I was to tell him after praying and just jumped in. I gave him a synopsis of what I had learned and amazingly he said, Makes sense. He believed me! And he’s willing to learn more and possibly watch Final Warning as well.

Thank you for your time put into studying, writing, and obedience to God to write what He tells you!! I’m praying for you!

In Christ




… that says it all.

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7 thoughts on “Nothing is Secret that will not be Revealed

  1. Hi John:

    I just wanted to comment on the e-mails I received from your ministry today. It is a blessing to see how the Lord speaks in confirmation to his children and after reading your recent accounts of just this type of thing, I wanted to share with you just one way the Lord has done that with me as well. Many years ago, approximately 17 years ago I was a single mother with a 2 1/2 year old little girl who had just lost my job. I had no way to support my child and didn't know what to do. I had many years experience in office type work but didn't know where or how I would get a new job, especially since I had recently been saved at the time and wanted to really be home to raise my little one. Well, the Lord lead me across some information about doing a day-care business from my home that would enable me to make an income and be at home for my child as well. But, that is not what I wanted to do. I wasn't sure what I did want to do or what I could do from home but it seemed that the Lord was telling me to do the day-care. In my disobedience, I decided that maybe I wasn't hearing from the Lord and that I would take a testing book out of the public library to test my skill sets to see which type of career would be best for me. It took me days to complete all the complicated charts and questions and in the end what was the conclusion…the book said the best career for me would be doing day-care or a day-care supervisor…LOL, God will speak to us from anything, even a public library book to get His point across to us. I finally submitted, realizing I couldn't outsmart the Lord and that indeed that was what He wanted me to do. I realized that doing the day-care from home was His way of allowing me to be there for my little girl and still make a decent income and at the same time He allowed me to sow seeds of faith into those precious little souls that I was in care of each day. I did this for a total of 5-6 years and can't tell you what a blessing it turned out to be and I pray that those children who are now young adults will be in heaven with us praising our King. So, to sum it up, the Lord is faithful, even when we aren't, to lead us and guide us and speak to us…Let us always keep humble hearts to listen. God bless

  2. Glory be to Jesus!! What a fabulous testimony. Praise God for wonderful souls like you. This is awesome. Amen. I am going to publish this in the comments section below today's article to edify the Kingdom. We are going home really soon. PRAISE GOD!!

  3. Thank you!
    All I can say is Praise be to God!!!

    Thank you for all your information and thank you for caring

  4. I gotta tell you that I've had more peace too, since you wrote these last few articles. I still don't think I'm exactly where I need to be with everthing, but I've been praying and trying my best to listen to Him. I severely DON'T want to be left behind either!! I do also feel like a weird detaching happening from this place, for example, I was worrying so hard that I wasn't storing up enough food for us and the kids; but now I'm like well the Lord will take care of it or we won't be here. Hopefully the latter!!!! 🙂 I agree with her that the Lord has used you to help those of us along who already had open minds, but needed guidance. I gotta say too that I'm so glad that the Lord revealed to Jonathan Kleck what He did because it kind of confirms for me that it was God that was telling me to "find out what aliens are" (I used to think this was just to get me to wake me up, but now I realize its pretty foundational for understanding our plight on earth) (wow, I almost sound smart there!). So, thanks, you guys are putting puzzle pieces together for me, but even more than that, you are helping us figure out how to get where we are trying to get to. Or rather, Who we are trying to get to. YAY!!

  5. I know I'm so excited I can't stand it. Praise God …. Let's get outa here and go "rule and reign" with the King of Kings.

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