Doom Tards for Jesus!

Shouting Doom and Gloom!
Glory to the King of Kings

Ever hear of “Trucking for Jesus”?

Who were those “masked men” (and women?).  Who said the space shuttle would get hit by a comet?  Wow.  What an amazing series of events to watch unfold (or not).  Makes you wonder where all this information is coming from.  Right?

Sure does me!

Some tell me it comes from the “all seeing eye”.  Hmmm.  Arent’ we all influenced by the “fiery darts” spoken of in Ephesians?  Sure we are.   Do we know for sure when a “vision or dream” is going to come true?  Nope.  What about all the other information and “coincidences” that line up with the possibilities?  It’s mind blowing.

Someone made a comment calling those of us watching such things “doom tards”.  Okay.  Amen then.  I suppose I am a “Doom Tard for Jesus”.

Jude 22-23
22 And on some have compassion, making a distinction;  23 but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.

I will take whatever label you want to give me.  Glory to the King of Kings, no matter what the label we are given, TIME IS SHORT!


Coming and Going

Folks, in Jesus Name, I get it coming and going.  You bet I do.  No wonder folks that run other  web sites (and similar ministries) don’t bother to answer people’s emails.  The Lord made it very clear to me that I  had to treat the “sheep of the Kingdom” with respect and answer emails and talk to people.  So I do.  But along with listening to people and responding to their emails comes some “ups and downs” that are hard to deal with.

I get everything from “the rapture is any second now” to, “the end is not near”.  Amen?  I’m not talking about a few random emails here and there.  I am talking about really prominent people working for the Kingdom that should know better.  Who is right?  I don’t know.  And quite frankly “I don’t care”.  Sometimes it bothers me, I admit, but it shouldn’t.

We all have to TARRY!

We can NEVER FORGET that until “that which restrains is taken out of the way” and the “fullness of the gentiles is brought in” to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ ….


God and Lucifer are

We are future Royalty in the Kingdom of Heaven and we need to TARRY …



Radio Shows of Promise and Salvation

My wonderful brother in Jesus, Jonathan Kleck, is now doing a wonderful radio show for the glorification of our King.  Amazing.  I am so happy for him and this great opportunity to bring people to the understanding of the mysteries of our God.  Jonathan is the LAST person on the earth I would have thought could host a radio show and WOW … praise Jesus.  People are coming to Salvation in a HUGE way.

His radio show is called “For the Lord” and airs between 9pm and 11pm central time here:

Glory to God.  I have heard fabulous things about this show and all I can say is … I am truly humbled before God.

I expect to join him on his show Friday night, (tomorrow), July 22nd.  We need to take any opportunity we are given to bring people to an understanding of the times we are living in.



Summary in Jesus Name

I come to find out today that Steve Quayle has been talking about Planet X since the early ’90s.  How about that?  I love it!  Praise God.  Tribulation-Now’s thought-leader, Kenneth Beer, used to do “intel” work for Bill Cooper’s operation back then.  He told me Quayle used to “talk up” Planet X way back then.


I found out today that maybe, just maybe, I might be given a time slot on Liberty Broadcasting Network as well.  Who knows.  We all need to do whatever we can do to bring in “the fullness of the gentiles” so we can get OFF THIS ROCK in Jesus name.

Yes some will be brought home in the Great Tribulation, Amen.  But anyone we can save from that horrible time is a CROWN in our salvation for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Never forget!

1 Cor 3:12-15
Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, 13 each one’s work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire will test each one’s work, of what sort it is. 14 If anyone’s work which he has built on it endures, he will receive a reward. 15 If anyone’s work is burned, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire.










… be Blessed in Jesus Name


Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

15 thoughts on “Doom Tards for Jesus!

  1. Praise the Lord,
    I have been following this site for a short time but I have learned alot. Let us persist in prayer as we wait for Jesus to come, He surely will come very soon. Let us be like the five wise virgins and make sure our lambs have oil plus we MUST carry extra. May Jesus bless you all.
    In Christ,

  2. John,

    Just wanted to say “Thank you” for all your work you do, as a watchman. I, too, know what it is like to pass on warnings, that don’t come to pass……as I have been a “watchman” for some of my friends and family for the last few years…..and for quite a while had expected the Great Tribulation to start in mid 2010 (because of an existing 7 year covenenant with many nations and Israel that had a mid-point, 3/12 year reveiw set in mid 2010). There were sooo many things that seemed to be building to that happening that it seemed like it had to be the real thing. But that obviously didn’t turn out to be the case.

    Having been in your shoes, I very much appreciate your humble attitude when things don’t turn out to happen as you expected, as well as your perseversence in remaining a watchman. At the same time I wanted to let you know you are doing a great job of presenting things believers need to know about. You truly do have a gift for taking complex things and simplifying them for the average Joe.

    Nonetheless, I think God uses these experiences to humble us……as that is certainly what has happened to me when I found out I hadn’t figured it all out like I thought I had.

    Anyway, it certainly seems like Satan likes to set things up to trick believers into believing something will happen at a certain time (possibly even sending false dreams to believers)…..and then pull the rug out… others will quit listening to us, or so we will get tired of “watching”….and go back to our regular lives… that when the real events happen we will be caught flat footed.

    Along my journey with the Lord, I have been led on a varied path of watching the signs over the last few years, (many, many false signs included), and found there is one particular lady with a website, whom I have come to trust, as far as her prophetic words…….because from my observation, she is the strongest proponent I have found for testing every word, dream, vision she gets to make sure it is from the Lord and not an evil spirit…..and I have not seen any false words come from her. She also is very humble, doesn’t sell anything and isn’t a celebrity, nor does she seem to aspire to achieve celebrity status. Since it seeems Satan is working overtime to deceive us in every way possible, I especially appreciate her diligence in testing the spirits, because as she has mentioned, the enemy can send false dreams/visions/words that appear to come from God.

    And as far as I can tell, her prophecies are true. In fact, one year before the event, the Lord gave her a prophecy concerning the Japan earthquake, and it’s connection to California, which had a much smaller tsunami as a result.

    In recent prophecies, the Lord did confirm to her that Elenin would come between the earth and the sun, but didn’t say when. He also said there would be earthquakes in the U.S. as the brown dwarf came closer to earth……and that there would be other effects from other objects. He didn’t say what Elenin was…..or that it was the brown dwarf… it’s possible Elenin (as one pastor put it) is part of the entourage that we’ll see before we encounter the brown dwarf.

    I can imagine that if Elenin doesn’t cause that much damage, people will let their guard down and think the danger is past… that most would be unprepared and totally surprised when the brown dwarf comes. This would be exactly what Satan would want to happen.

    All this to say, you might want to check out Michelle’s website, which has many prophecies concerning the extraterrestrial/fallen angel issues, that God has apparently been extensively preparing her for. I’m also including a link to a page on her site with some recent words form the Lord to her…. containing more details on the Elenin issue.

    Here is her index page:

    Once again, thanks for providing all the research you do to the body of believers.

    Blessings to you my brother,

  3. Just a thought concerning the “7 Trumpets of Atlantis” . . .
    Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but has anyone considered that if you were the Enemy & wanted to discourage humans from believing in the rapture, a good way to do so might be to give false-visions/dreams to sincere Christians so that when the visions/dreams failed to come to pass, it would discourage folks from expecting/anticipating the Lord’s “rescue plan”? It’s not fun playing “Devil’s advocate”, but if I wanted to ruin a Christian’s Blessed Hope . . that’s how I’d do it.
    Again, not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, but the Enemy is shrewd & we should be aware of his tactics.
    Love to all !
    Matt (P.S. The Rapture is STILL imminent & Jesus is STILL Lord!)

    1. Submitted on 2011/07/22 at 10:45 am | In reply to Matt.

      Amen. There is absolutely no question that scenario is part of the overall equation. Nevertheless we still must remain vigilant, and part of this vigilance, is a duty to keep people ready for any possibility and to report on and watch for the “signs” Jesus spoke of throughout the Bible as well as “other prophecies and dreams” that might indicate his return and the rapture.

      For example, part of Christianity’s JOB is keeping people ready and as sin free as possible at all times. If you report on “possible” signs that indicate an imminent rescue mission, you accomplish that task albeit at the risk of some disappointment. However if you DON’T report on those possibilities you DEFINITELY FAIL to keep people ready for what “could” happen.

      No matter how you slice and dice this dynamic, you have no choice but to report the possibilities for both those who are “ready” and to warn those who “are not”.

      If some people become discouraged and fall away from their state of readiness, they simply won’t make it.

      On the other hand, if you don’t keep them “on the edge of their seat”, these SAME people will DEFINITELY not make it.


  4. I too, experience disapointment when dreams from especially, innocent children turn out to be just that, dreams! I wish folks would lighten-up and understand that the LORD has put you into a very unique role, I have gained such an excitement and urgency about HIS return by reading your emails/blog. Tha is the point for me, I am much more likely to share about the times we find ourselves living in today then I was a few years back and I have you, and others such as yourself, to thank for that! Your excitement is contagious and I think that is wonderful! Be encouraged and I hope you’ll continue to inform the “saints” regarding new intel as it comes in. It is up to us to take it before the LORD and see what HE would have us do with it. Thankyou, Dear Brother! SHALOM…debra

  5. AMEN ! Praise you and all of us DOOM TARDS! Who cares right! Jesus Cares and that’s the Final Say in all this!

    Was reading and studying last night (didn’t go to church – can’t) get more thru God and Bible by my quiet time. They don’t listen to me.

  6. Hi Mr John Baptist,

    I read GLP all the time, godlikeproductions , that is like god – but not christians, on there. they aren’t christians. Everything is a sun tard, moon tard, global warming tard. You can’t let the heathens get you upset. They don’t know Jesus.

    And we never said it would happen, only that it might. And it looks like Matthew 24 is serious about not being decieved, the devil is pretending to be Jesus and giving people words, dreams and visions to throw us off, make us look stupid and keep people from believing in God and Jesus and getting saved.

    Thats his job. You are doing the best you can do. It is sad, the shuttle came down, and we were made to look like fools. And the devil is laughing at us now. But God will have the last laugh.

    God bless you


    oh yeah, nibirutards too, lol

  7. John,

    Your work and your writing reveals how intimately sweet your relationship is to Messiah!!! GLORY!!! Doomtards? YEAH!!!

    Because, I hear Father saying, “Be wise as a serpent, and gentle as a dove” and also, “My people perish for lack of knowledge…”

    So, Blessed Brother, keep informing us, keep doing what the Lord tells you!!! GLORY!!!!

    Blessings and Love in Messiah,


  8. I’m still with you! I believe your work is sincere and whats better, you are excited to meet our KING! Secretly I believe we all want these dreams visions n such to come true now b/c it means we are outta here…but wishing and hoping as hard as we can won’t bring the Lord here quicker,…I myself have been reminded to be patient, because there are still people out there that need to find there salvation. And God is going to patiently wait for them as He did with each of us already saved. like my husband for instance…he is a work in progress. he’s almost there but still hanging onto his alcohol and depending on himself for everything. The other night when I was crying, saying “please Lord I want to go home the things of this earth are so painful” He revealed to me that I have to fulfill the work He’s assigned me. That is to continue teaching my little family about salvation through Jesus. First, He comforted me in my time of grief and discouragement, then he reminded me of the work I must do, then He gently reprimanded me over petty fights. The scripture that was revealed to me was the book of Nehemiah. In the brief description of the book before the scripture starts, it mentioned “It is the principle of 2 timothy chapter 2.” So I read 2 Tim 2. and boy was it fulfilling. ~wanted to share that with you for some reason 🙂 ~

    anyways I want to thank you for always being so encouraging. Your enthusiasm for the Lord helps me with my walk so much. In these times, one who loves the Lord can feel so alone and through your posts/e-mails AND the ability to just e-mail you helps me feel not so alone in this world!

    and God bless as always 🙂
    -Candace (fellow doom tard for Jesus)

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