No Solomon’s Temple, Obama the Antichrist Flees to Saudi Arabia

antichrist in blue turbin

We are All In for a Big Surprise
No Solomon’s Temple, Three Days of Darkness

Obama is complicit in the planned destruction of the US.  It’s obvious.  The writings of Sir. Francis Bacon in the New Atlantis makes it evident that the USA is a sacrificial lamb (a dying Phoenix Bird) that is to be “burnt to the ground” (See Revelation 18) so that out of it’s ashes rises the New World Order (Rev 13).

America was designated as the New Atlantis that would lead the world to the Antichrist. The original national bird envisioned by our Masonic leadership in the late 1700s was not the American Eagle, but the Phoenix Bird. This historic fact strongly suggests that, at the right moment in world history, with the world entering through the portals of the Kingdom of Antichrist, America might suddenly be immolated in fiery flames, burning to the ashes; out of these ashes, the New World Order would arise.

—David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries (ref. Tom Horn, Zenith 2016, Kindle loc. 1826)

In 1978 my mother told me the Lord gave her a vision of the Antichrist. She was told that he was a mulatto man about my age; which is unreal considering it was 1978 and I am almost 53).  The odds of her saying that in 1978 is about some subordinate Antichrist “like” figure has got to be 1 in a million.  And soon thereafter I was informed that David Ebaugh, a well known Bible teacher in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was given a vision of the Antichrist and he was wearing a BLUE TURBAN (note the photo above; it is out on the Internet and I had nothing to do with its creation).


Shock Discovery! No Third Temple in Bible Prophecy with Carl Gallups

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I know the Bible says there are more than one Antichrist AND I know very well that the “fallen angelic beings” will come to the earth parading as “Ascended Masters” with Sananda their “fake Jesus” and heal the sick and do all sorts of “power, signs and lying wonders” ref. 2 Thess 2. and (see the V for Visitors). But I know Obama is a Muslim and I know he kissed the Saudi King’s Ring; and I know they are NOT going to rebuild the Third Solomon’s Temple ….

pope koranI also KNOW that the papacy is in bed with the Muslim world.


If you have eyes to see, the scripture makes this clear.  God bless you.


See this scripture.  Pray about it.

Matt 12:39-42

“An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign [ the Third Solomon’s Temple], and no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.  40 For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish [Three Days of Darkness, Rev 6:12 sun turns black], so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.  41 The men of Nineveh [A Type for the USA burned by fire see Nahum] will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it [The Muslim nations condemn the US for its “westernization” which is actually an abomination to God] , because they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and indeed a greater than Jonah is here.  42 The queen of the South[Saudi Arabia, etc.] will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon[Solomon and the Queen of Sheba]; and indeed a greater than Solomon is here.


After the USA is nuked by Russia, Obama (who is complicit) will go to Saudi Arabia and establish the NWO in Israel from the Temple Mount in the Mosque.  60% of Russia will also be destroyed and Rome and Saudi Arabia + China will establish the NWO




Author: John Baptist
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21 thoughts on “No Solomon’s Temple, Obama the Antichrist Flees to Saudi Arabia

  1. Exactly this – I became convinced long long ago that the NWO was somehow to operate via Islam. Seeing how Obama and the Vatican both are ‘in bed’ with Islamists, one can pretty much figure out who is going to usher in the one-world-government with one of the (or perhaps many) Antichrists heading it. Even if Obama is just ‘one of’ the antichrists, we can still be quite certain he is one of the most important ones. Now here is what I feel: With Muslims also anticipating the return of their version of Jesus (Isa, the false christ) [see, and with our Christian brethren also quite convinced about the true Jesus’ (Yahshua HaMashiach’s) imminent return, doesn’t it become quite easy to befool many well-meaning souls by presenting a false Jesus at this point in time? Most of the Christians are expecting Lord Jesus to return very very soon (many say in 2015) because of the numerous signs of the Scripture being fulfilled in rapid succession (the most known of them being Solar eclipses and Blood Moons). I understand this (and even I myself believe that at least the rapture, if not the Second Coming, is pretty imminent), yet there are some other very crucial issues that need to be addressed. According to the HuffPost article I mentioned above, Muslims worldwide are expecting Isa (their version of Jesus) to return and defeat the ISIS pretty soon. With the Christian world believing Jesus’ return to be in 2015-2016, and with the Muslims believing the same, one can certainly smell a conspiracy here. For if Isa (the false Jesus, the ANTICHRIST actually) enters the world scene and defeats ISIS, certainly many Christians too will believe him to be the actual Jesus. Meanwhile, IF he (the false Jesus) orders the 3rd Temple to be rebuilt, even the Jews would recognize him (falsely) as their Messiah [remember our Lord said the Jews didn’t accept Him who came in the name of GOD, but they SHALL accept the one who comes in his own name i.e. the false Messiah?]. With Muslims, Jews, and sadly a majority of simple-minded Christians too, hailing him as the ‘messiah’, it would not be very surprising if he establishes his One World Government in a jiffy, hence establishing a false peace and security. I hope I am making my point as clear as possible. Their plan is that the Muslims create the ISIS themselves, then they get it destroyed on purpose by their false Jesus, so that everyone might acknowledge him as the real one. The false Messiah defeats the so-called infidels (ISIS), establishes a 3rd Temple, enchants all the world to accept him as messiah – what else is needed for a ‘Great Delusion’ to function? Paul said that let no one deceive us, because the end will NOT COME until a ‘falling away’ comes first, and the ‘man of sin’ is revealed, the ‘son of perdition’. As far as I have collected, many well-meaning Christians are too to fall in this trap when the false Jesus destroys ISIS; as they will think he saved the Christians (‘his people’) by killing off the militants. It would be so very easy to accept such a one as messiah – and here is where the great deception lies!
    Besides, many Christians also believe the rapture to be on this year’s Feast of Trumpets. I say, Amen to this, I too want the same – but WHAT IF IT DOESN’T HAPPEN? Perhaps many impatient simple-minded Christians would ‘apostate’, revoke their belief in Jesus, fall into despair; in essence, FALL AWAY! Exactly as Paul told us! There is a very massive plan against Christ-followers in action – and the Muslims, Saudis, Obama, Vatican, and the filthy fallen Pleaideans/aliens/demons are ALL EQUALLY INVOLVED IN THIS! The fallen angels are first going to set the stage for a NWO through their petty minions here on earth; only AFTER this NWO is established will they themselves descend onto Earth to take full control of an already-brainwashed surviving population. The alien/demon strategy is first to do away with the monotheistic religions and their followers by luring them into accepting their false messiah. Once their false christ gets accepted by the monotheists, they’ll proceed forward to personally coming here on Earth, and declare themselves our original creators (Exactly as brother John Baptist has said many times here!). When they declare themselves our ‘creators’, they’ll basically be exalting themselves above God or anything of God – exactly as the Bible prophesies! Now I’ll just say one thing; remember folks, OUR TRUE JESUS COMES AT THE END! Anyone appearing before is NOT OUR LORD JESUS, no matter what he does! On that note, has anyone looked at this January’s The Economist cover page? If not, then I humbly beseech you all to see it and decipher it for yourselves [] Notice especially the Pied-piper symbolism – doesn’t it hint at an attempt at a FAKE RAPTURE? Like the blue-beam project or something? Whatever it is, you bet there’s nothing too good going out there!
    I have never posted comments over anywhere, I am what some may call a ‘silent reader’. But I posted all of this today specifically because the Holy Spirit itself pressed me to do so. I may not be right, I may have got it all wrong – but all I am saying is that what I wrote above is actually POSSIBLE, if not entirely true. We must consider ALL of the possibilities these days, because the turmoil which is going to ensue shortly is such that even our blessed Lord warned about it being unparalleled since the entire history of mankind. May the grace of God be with all God’s people – Amen and Maranatha!

    1. Thank you N. Finally someone to corroborate what I’ve been trying to tell many people for some time, all the while all of them scoffing and laughing at me behind my back, saying how stupid or crazy my ideas are. Most of them agreeing with the others that I am apparently more intelligent than most, just a bit more fanciful in my thinking, even gullible sometimes. I have always in my own mind tried to consider all possibilities and scenarios, even those that might on the surface seem too bizarre to be even possible. I’ve found the unlikely is many times closer to the truth than what seems to be the easiest explanation, especially concerning spiritual matters. It has usually worked out that after expressing my ideas on a subject and having people dismiss them immediately without any serious consideration, after a period of time passes and the situation progresses and more is understood about it by people, most come to me and ask questions about more info, even apologize for not believing me and telling others about the subject. I too always tell folks that I too could be completely wrong but just because something seems to outrageous to believe or too far fetched doesn’t mean it’s not true or at least possible. If everyone remained this close minded we would not have Einstien’s theories on physics, Newton’s works nor any of the other forward thinking ideas throughout history that have made modern life and our understanding of the world and the universe possible. I hope people everywhere take this seriously and tell others about this and enough get word that we might help as many as possible deal with all that happens as well as possible and minimize the struggle ahead and help bring as many as we can to God before it’s too late. God bless you all and until we meet in the next reality under better circumstances, Vio Con Dios.

      1. Exactly brother, our simple-minded folks ought to understand that what is about to unfold cannot be fully captured even in their wildest imaginations – such would be the magnitude of the series of great delusions about to manifest. For one thing, we all should stop scoffing at each other’s ideas and listen to all the brethren lovingly and patiently, because we never know through which brother or sister the Lord Himself would be talking to us. Even the most apparently ‘queer’ things can be (and actually are) possible in these times. When I actually broke my silence and stepped out to post these things about the real danger of Islam, I did not do this on a sudden whim. To tell the truth to my brethren over here, I myself had once been a practicing Muslim [born in a Muslim family in a strictly conservative country] until our blessed Lord Yeshua Jesus Christ made the scales fall off my eyes and I became able to discern the TRUTH. As our precious Lord says “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life”, so have I made Him my everything. Glory be to Our Heavenly Father and our awesome Lord Yeshua Messiah, for ever and ever, Amen!
        And I would humbly request my brothers and sisters over here to please at least pay only a little heed to what I have said here – because as I have had a first-hand experience of the official ‘religion’ of the very Devil; so an insider’s information about it should at least be considered. May the peace of the Lord Yeshua Jesus Christ be with you all to the ENDS OF THE EARTH – Amen!

  2. Thank you. Finally someone who, like myself, understands the importance of thinking a problem through, considering all possible scenarios, however unreasonable or far fetched and unlikely, at least to most. I’ve always been looked at by friends and a quintana as a person who is very intelligent but who’s ideas are just a little bit too fanciful to be taken seriously, that I’m only making things up for attention, at least til time passes and the situation evolves and my “ridiculous” ideas not only seem a bit more possible but now have been proven to be reality and sometimes almost prophetic. While I always try to tell people anything I ever say could certainly be wrong and never claim to know all, but much more often than not, after something I’ve commented on and expressed my “whacky” ideas about later proves to be right after all, most people will come to me and apologize for not taking me more seriously and will want to hear more of what I think on the same or other issues on their mind at the time. I’ve never I know it all or said can never be wrong, and that some of my ideas are no more than just that, ideas or possibilities. Anyway, God bless you, keep up all your good works and my hopes and prayers to all in the trying times to come. God bless and Violence Con Dios.

  3. Does God have any say in the Obama/ NWO plans? Do you think he knows about these plans? Do you think he may have some plans of his own?

    Better to plan around and focuson His plans because He wins, regardless of what the enemy plans.

      1. OPERATION JADE HELM 15 Obama the anti-Christ is going to be beheading us Christians anytime now!

  4. Peace,

    I don’t think Obama is the Antichrist, my thoughts and opinion is that Obama is hated and my understanding is that the Antichrist when he appears will be loved and praised. Just my opinion who used to vote democrat but was fooled. I don’t believe or trust any party but only in God.

    Thank you.

    1. I guess we will have to wait and see. The prophet George Pennicuf said on TruNews before he went to be with the Lord that Obama IS the Antichrist. Personally I don’t care I just want to get out of here after I serve Jesus.

    2. I agree, Obama is hated by many, and even a lot of the people who originally loved him when first voted into office, are beginning to see that he’s hurting our nation.

  5. Didn’t Nostradamus say something about a blue turban wearing antichrist coming out of the middle east in one of his quatrains?

  6. Operation Jade Helm 15 Obama the anti-Christ will be beheading our Christian brothers and sister any hour now!

  7. Good site but you are driving me nuts with the misspelling of Martial Law–not Marshall! A “Marshall” is a law enforcement subgrouping. It is MARTIAL LAW, not Marshall Law.

  8. Why are you using words like MF on a Christian site? God forbids profanity. It’s in league with the enemy. Please refrain from using such words among Christians here. It’s very inappropriate and God doesn’t approve of it. Thank you!

  9. I’m not convinced Pres Obama is the antichrist, regardless of who says he is. I don’t think he has the intellect to be, considering how he’s related to the world and how he’s run the country. I know many have had dreams about him and I have too. But I don’t think he has the background or Biblical description. It doesn’t fit.

    1. We shall see. The problem is that Obama has not had Lucifer incarnate into his “body” yet and when that happens things shall change. So judging him now is not fully qualified as yet. Again we shall see.

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