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Author: John Baptist
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  1. John,
    On your August 12th show, you mentioned that none of the prophets you’ve heard have mentioned anything significant happening in Sept 2015. John, I’ve heard two prophets that have mentioned Sept 2015 as the time when financial collapse happens and famine begins. Buck Stephens, a financial analyst, was on The Eternal Planner, in Nov 2014, and he mentioned September 13th, 2015. Then, on Rick Wiles TruNews on May 7th, 2015, Mena Lee Grebin said she was shown Sept 2015 is when the black horse of Revelation will begin his journey across the U.S. You should seriously make the effort to watch these two videos. I truly believe that your understanding of what is coming and when is incomplete without the insights contained in these two videos. They are the only two prophets I know of that point to a specific month, and Buck Stephens points to the specific day, when the economy will collapse. You really ought to see these two videos John. And by the way, if you haven’t been storing up food and water to sustain you for what’s coming, then you’d better start storing up now, and you’d better move quickly. I started on May 14th, and I don’t believe I’m finished yet. If we have until September, and people haven’t been storing up, they will be crying when trouble comes because food will be more valuable than their money, their gold, and their silver, and food will be hard to get hold of. Famine is coming SOON. The time to start storing up began months ago.

    Lewis in Albuquerque

    1. Right but Mena Lee was not “prophesying”. We have to be extremely careful to tell the difference between an actual prophecy and a person making a best guest estimation of what they think might happen on a certain date or time range. Its very tricky when a person who has occasional visions / dreams etc. makes an estimation, many times the listeners mistake this as a prophecy but it’s not. It’s very trick believe me I realize this. Listen carefully for phrases like “I believe” this or that or “I think this might happen” because these are yellow flags that the person being interviewed is “guessing” or estimating a possibility.

      God bless you

      1. John , First of all how are you sir? I hope and pray all is well with you and your loved ones I have a quick question for you….I am hearing everyone say store up on food ,water etc. Do you believe that God will provide for you during the hard time’s ahead? I feel like we are all getting in a panic and all’s I can think is where is everyone’s faith at these days? My faith is very strong and I believe God our heavenly Father will always take care of his children. I don’t think we need to go to crazy with this. What’s your thoughts? Am I having to much FAITH or delusional? Please be blunt and honest with me Brother John.I TRULY want to know your thoughts. Sincerely AND Respectfully your Sister in CHRIST, Lisa

        1. If we stock up on supplies we need to “give them to people” and witness to them about Jesus. Whatever supplies we stock up on, they will run out very fast and then God will provide “supernaturally” manna food and water for us. But we have to be truly holy and righteous saints who “FEAR” God to receive that amount of protection (according to the Psalms that speak of supernatural protections for the saints). So I am not worried at all. I just want to help as many people as I can, witness to them about Jesus, and bring them along. If God provides as I expect Him too praise Him. If He does not for whatever reason, then Praise HIM.

          Job 13:15
          Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.

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