Trump Talks About Jesus

Trump Has Never Repented

Is it possible for a person who has never repented, and doesn’t really know Jesus, to be saved? Are we being told the truth by the “evangelical leadership” of America, or is Trump a Mason and actually part of the darkness ushering in World War III?

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Christianity Today

Paula White Led Trump to Jesus in 2015?

Her behind-the-scenes counsel became news as Trump prepared for the presidency. It was White who arranged a meeting at the Trump Tower for fellow televangelists (including Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, David Jeremiah, and Jan Crouch) to anoint him in prayer back in 2015. She defended the sincerity of his faith to fellow Christians, and continues to network Trump with members of his evangelical advisory board to discuss appointments and policy going into office.

“I’m the bridge-builder,” said White, pastor of New Destiny Christian Center near Orlando, in an interview with Christianity Today. “It really, truly is the board and the wisdom of so many great men and women of God.”

But White’s involvement carries major baggage, especially for evangelical leaders who have for years lamented the endlessly positive health and wealth theology associated with her ministry (even doing so in rap). Critical voices within the church worry that White’s political prominence will push the prosperity gospel mainstream—or prove that it’s already there.

“The massive congregations and television and Internet audiences that people like Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, T. D. Jakes, and others enjoy show us that this theology is already mainstream,” said Leah Payne, who directs the Center for Pentecostal-Charismatic Theology Practice at George Fox University. “I don’t know that Paula White’s position will normalize these teachings any more or less than they already are.”

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Trump Chronicles – The Ties to Masonry and Darkness with Nathan Leal


Summary in Jesus Name:

Does Trump need prayer?  Absolutely.  Do seven billion people on earth who are lost and need Jesus, also need prayer?  Amen!  Is this article intended to be an idictment on anyone mentioned herein? Absolutely NOT.  We must LOVE one another and pray fervently in travail for one another; but we must NOT be gullible and think everything is “okay”.  We are on the edge of World War III and we need to prepare in earnest and spiritually draw closer to Jesus, in righteousness, holiness, fear of God and fervent prayer.

Believing that our Father God has given the United States of “Babylon the Great”  a hall pass will lead many to backslide and fall further away from seeking Jesus and repenting.  American “christianity” (lower case c intended) is in great danger.  Promulgating the notion that America is blessed by God (and has His stamp of approval) is clearly not what our Bible says.  America is Babylon the Great in Revelation 17 and 18 and she will burn in one hour in fire.






Author: John Baptist
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3 thoughts on “Trump Talks About Jesus

  1. Shalom!
    There was a prophecy about Trump in 2011. There his enemies said, that he knows all their tricks, it is clear that he comes from their camp. But we know, that Trump fights them and that they want to get him fall. If Trump came to the Lord, he is still a baby, but God can use him anyway (Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus).
    If H. Clinton would be elected,judgment for the US would have come premature.
    Now there is a short time for revival to come, where God is pouring out His Spirit, that we are ready for what is coming. The Lord is coming sooner as many Christians think. They that are busy with the things of this world and are not seeking the Lord and do not repent, they are the foolish virgins and are not ready for the Rapture, they will be left behind or even worse, will fall away and take the mark of the beast.
    Our Salvation is in the Lord Jesus Christ, He is the ark that carries us through.

  2. The seeming “conflicts” eg. Democrats -Repubs, left-right, sunni-shi’ite etc. etc. ad nauseum, are satan’s whelps fighting for his ‘hind teat’. 2 Thes 2:11


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