Hidden Demons Manifesting In Your Loved Ones?

And Dissociative Identity Disorder or “Multiple Personalities”

As a person who has been under the direct attack of a “programmed” SRA DID victim, the Lord has powerfully led me to help people understand the magnitude of the problem and how pervasive it is throughout our societies (worldwide). My best-guess estimate of today’s problem is that 1 in 50 people have been unwittingly abused in this manner but do not remember it.  This is a GRAVE situation for an unprepared “Christianity”.  GOD HELP US; may we all learn to effectively (James 5:16b) come against such darkness.

A Starting Point

A good primer on the significance of this problem (on a global level) is the booklet written by Fritz Springmeier HERE.  It’s important to note this booklet was written in the 90’s (more than 18 years ago) and this has been happening for at least another 50 years prior (to the best of my estimation).

But before you dive into that material, it’s vital  you understand how pervasive this is across the entire earth.  You may be married to a victim and have no idea.  In fact, the victim themselves have no idea because as part of the attack/abuse/trauma methods “they” program spirits of forgetfulness into their victims, thereby leveraging our Father’s trauma protection mechanisms built into us at birth.  This is why when we are in a bad car accident, we often are unable to remember the details. The devil (and his workers) have been exploiting this attribute for decades.

2000 Years to Make Matters Worse

Consider this.  Satan has had more than 2,000 years (through his workers), to perfect this horrible method of creating a process by which even the most “anointed” Holy Spirit filled Christians (and deliverance ministries) are ill-equipped to deal with the problem.  It can take a lot of time and you have to understand the rules and how to deal with it in a loving but empowered manner.

The Typical Diagnosis

Most of these people will be diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, or (in the worse cases) Schizophrenic Disorder.  These are clinical terms assigned to people who have trauma-induced multiple personalities which have powerful demons injected into their “soul splits” or “soul rooms”.  These soul splits (or Alters; e.g., “alternate personalities”) are each created through various horrible acts committed against them.  Each time one of these horrible acts (e.g. rape, and much worse) occur, the person “disassociates” the event, and it becomes  hidden deep inside another soul-room (another hidden personality). Then the attackers perform rituals and place curses on those split personalities and hide the demons deep inside and program “trigger words” and such to cause the demons (inside the alters) to do awful things. And they are always injected with a demon of suicide as a control mechanism so if they do not “cooperate” the Satanic attackers (through Astral Projection and other methods) will TRIGGER the suicide program to kill the victim.  However their primary goal is to keep the victim alive to wreak havoc on families, and society and much worse.

Strong psychotropic drugs are often prescribed (such as Lithium, Thorazine, or worse) to help the individual maintain some semblance of control.  However in reality they are subduing the person’s normalcy to a point whereby even the demons are unable to manifest.  This can sometimes make deliverance impossible and they may (if they are willing) need to cut back on the stronger meds; so they can function, and be delivered. But this carries with it certain risks that can be less than desireable (to say the least).

Technological Threat Vectors

To further exacerbate this already dark and twisted problem, the forces of darkness are able to leverage technologies such as video games, mobile devices (think Pokemon Go, Charlie Charlie,  etc.) radio waves (like WiFi), some pop music, CERN, microchip implants, chemtrails (with nano-bot technologies), computers and the Internet to “inject” programming into people who do not practice strong spiritual warfare defenses in their lives.

Moreover, these global Satanic covens can network together across the world and can work through the astral realm  (the spiritual realm) to come into your (unprotected) house and attack you (cause heart attacks, and even take your spirit person into the ether and do horrible things to you; note: I’m leaving out the gruesome details).

The very fluoride in our water system attacks our Pineal Gland which is the single part of the human body responsible for our spiritual connection to God.  Without us being heavily “Prayed UP” we have little or no defense over these things.  And I would venture to estimate that probably 98% of Christians have absolutely no idea about any of these things. The unbelievers are “sitting ducks”. According to Bob Larson, one of the best known deliverance specialists in the world, a very large percentage of the people who have strong demons inside of them are born-again Christians. What’s even more troubling is Larson admits he does not deal with serious SRA DID cases because it is too complex and takes too long recommending other counseling.

The Cost Associated with Long-Term Help

Often the SRA DID counselor services are disparaged by Christians because they see scriptures like “freely you received and freely you shall give”, but the critics do not realized these specialist are working a full-time job, often times day and night, to help these people. They have no other means to support their families and pay for their homes and offices. And in the day and age we live in, where love has waxed cold, so-called “love offerings” do not keep the lights on.

While there are those deliverance ministries  “out there” who clearly charge absolutely ridiculous prices and will have to be dealt with by the Lord, paying prices in line with other counseling services are to be expected.   Personally I pray more common deliverance ministries, even those found in the “everyday” church, will become more adept at dealing with these challenges.  God bless them all.

The more serious cases can take years of counseling to fully deliver the person. And if that person let’s their guard down, and slips into sinful behavior, they can be attacked again and it can get worse.

Personally I wish more of us would become skilled at dealing with these matters so there was free help for those who need it. And while there is some free help, the more severe cases may need to be handled by councilors that do this as a full time job.

A Letter to a Man Whose Christian Wife Is Now Manifesting

Here below is a letter I wrote to a man who has recently discovered that his wife is a victim of these things.  The news is not good news because the devil has leveraged exceeding complex methods that go FAR beyond “Prayer and Fasting” as you must deal with each hidden personality one-by-one and this can take some serious time.  Anointed traditional deliverance ministries do an outstanding job using Biblical methods to cast out the demons; HOWEVER they are only casting out the demons from the “Primary Personality”.  And then later, matters tend to get much worse.

I hope you find this helpful and I pray you are led to a proper qualified and anointed SRA DID specialist that understands these dynamics and can help the victim overcome this awful assault on our brothers and sisters.  Many who love Jesus with all their heart.

===== THE LETTER =====

Sorry for the delayed response.  Demons LIE.  So it’s not that “she” wants them there, it’s because likely there are “Soul Splits” (alternate personalities, soul rooms) inside of her where the demons reside.  So  you have the “Primary Personality” who loves the Lord and is a good person, but hidden deep inside are “other people” (alternate personalities) and INSIDE of those “Alters” (which are NOT really your wife but are where  the “trauma-based soul compartments, ‘reside'” the demons that have a legal right to be there.  WHY?  Because you have to look at each Alter as a different person.  And until THAT PERSON (Alter) confesses of their sins, the demons can legally stay.

As hard as this is, you have to think of the “Alters” as completely different people.  During the trauma events (however they occurred) bad things happened.  A person’s remembrance of these “bad things” does not usually surface until they are in their very late 30’s or early 40’s.  They (the trauma inducer)  “program” suicidal tendencies into the alters to maintain control. The paranoia and anxiety is a side effect of the trauma resurfacing to their primary personalities remembrance.  WHICH by the way “terrifies” them beyond our understanding.  So much so, that the primary personality does NOT WANT to remember them or face them because they are too horrible. You have to think of it as a woman who saw her child get brutally raped and murdered and blocked out the memory because she had a nervous break-down.  This is a feature in our DNA that God built into us to protect us so we can continue to function BUT the devil (and Satanic workers) leverage that feature and inject powerful “strong men” demons into the alters (soul compartments).
So your spiritual warfare tactics ARE effective BUT only against the “primary personality” UNTIL those memories are “voluntarily” called out by the victim (your wife) and she confesses of them herself before God.  THIS permanently removes the legal rights of the demons to stay.
Attached to this email is an SRA DID step-by-step manual.  Now our tendencies (and those of the victim) are to claim there was never “Satanic” ritual abuse.  However SRA can occur in a zillion different ways.  It doesn’t have to be rooms full of chanting, cloak wearing Satanists with pentagrams painted on the floor.  There are other methods they use AND they always use curses and demonic powers to “eradicate” these trauma memories “on purpose”.  They have multiple goals for doing this  Too many to mention. Sometimes it’s to take down a ministry.  Other times its to program murder triggers.  Sometimes it is a whole bunch of different reasons.  But they want to maintain control of the individual – this is primary and it is why the suicide programming is always there.  They can get “triggered” by dozens of events, words, commercials on TV, “you name it”.  Search YouTube on the term “Targeted Individual” or “TI”.  There are many. They are victims.

Help is Out There But it Take Learning and Time

This attached booklet is the best I have seen out there.  The greatest challenge (and it’s a big one), is to get the victim to participate.  Without their participation all you can do is go after the alters one by one, confess of their sins, their Fathers sins, and their Father’s Father’s sins on their behalf.  Then you renounce ALL things spoken of in the darkness (on their behalf).  Then you “break” all generational and bloodline curses placed against them throughout ALL branches of their family trees UNTIL THERE WAS BEFORE TIME.   You are essentially doing what Nehemiah did on behalf of Israel in Chapter 1:6.  THEN you “Call Forth” the demons inside of the alters with authority “COME FORTH IN JESUS NAME” …..  I LOSE your legal rights to her alters and BIND YOU (Matthew 18:18) and cast them into the PIT.
Also you need to SEAL THEM into the pit by pleading the blood of Jesus to SEAL the demons away.
BUT remember this is a daily continuous battle of prayer UNTIL you can get her to voluntarily participate in repenting / confessing of the sins from EACH ALTER. Once she takes control over the situation voluntarily, you are on your way to full deliverance.  And it can take some time. But once she starts participating, you are “on your way” to setting her free and “binding” all the alters into her “Primary” personality.  Remember the alters are victims  Don’t be mean to the alters or they will recede and not cooperate.  Speak with LOVE to the alters and assure them that Jesus loves them and wants to help them.  It causes them to feel safe and want to cooperate.
Sound complex?  Yes.
Read this manual and pray about it.  Look very carefully at the Petitions (prayers) and their purpose.  LOVE conquers the darkness and it is the LOVE of Jesus that will help you through this.
If you can find an SRA DID counselor in your area (they are very very rare), she may need to attend counseling because these people are “experts” (through experiences) in discovering the hidden alters and helping them come forward to rid the demonic infestation.
My heart breaks for you brother like you could never know.  I am here to help in any way I can.  This takes patience.  Do not be afraid of the medication because it keeps the demons at bay.
HERE IS AN EXCELLENT PRIMER.  A Step-by-Step Manual on dealing with SRA DID victims and working (over time) to get them delivered:
And you can also look into any assistance you may be able to get from Dr. Preston Bailey with Bride Ministries HERE:




Author: John Baptist
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