The Global Human Mind Control Grid is Nearly Complete


With the injection of the nano particles (Graphene Oxide) which are likely nano-bots of some type, and this Hydra creature into approximately 6.44B people (at least with a single injection as of Oct 8, 2021), it appears with some reasonable assumptions that the human race has been unwittingly enrolled into a Borg-like electromagnetic mind-control communications grid that will become fully activated when the actual “Mark of the Beast” is given out at some later date.  The actual Mark of the Beast (as the Bible states) will leave a mark on the right hand or forehead (which the vaccine does not – hence ruling it out).  However, the advanced electronic tattoo technologies that have been developed to enable video games to be played by just “thinking” of the next move, is a type of electronic-tattoo integrated system that would complete the Human 2.0 control grid.

What we are seeing here is the establishment of the framework on a worldwide level complete with Nazi eugenics to kill off the old, weak and reduce pregnancies (that is “population reduction” on an Auschwitz-like level).

Four Words sum it all up.

Georgia Guidesones + Human 2.0



Here are Prayers Against this Thing




For prayers on how to burn this out of you with Holy Fire from God (Zechariah 2:5)

Author: John Baptist
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