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On September 17th, 2009, an article was posted on the INFOWARS web site. The title of the article was / is:

Police and Military Train To Intern Swine Flu Vaccine Refusniks
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Let us discuss this article and its dark ramification for just a moment.

  • As you can see in the Video above, it appears that at least one military person has turned whistleblower
  • She claims to be a Christian and is either highly troubled and worried or one of the best hoax creators around (frankly I am hoping for a hoax)
  • She says that she has been training with local and state law enforcement
  • They are training to perform Flu Vaccination Road Blocks
  • When stopped at the road block, if you have not had your vaccination or carry proof of such, you will be required to get vaccinated at the road block immediately
  • People who proove they are vaccinated or get vaccinated at the road block will be outfitted with a non-removable bracelet with an electronic ID / beacon
  • This bracelet shows law enforcement that you have been vaccinated and are no longer a threat to the community (tongue in cheek)
  • If you DO NOT ALLOW them to administer the vaccination on-the-spot you will be forced to board a bus at the check point. (your car will be towed)
  • Those refusing will be bused to a detention center [FEMA camp if near by] and held against their will until they take the vaccination and get the ID bracelet with the electronic ID.
  • If this happens you can expect the NEWS to make a big deal about telling everyone these measures are necessary and encouraging you to get your shot and your bracelet
  • You can expect major employers will require you to SHOW your bracelet to be allowed to go to work (after all without it you are labeled a threat to others)

Moreover on the INFOWARS article there is another video. This video is from last year and it has what is described as an x-police officer speaking authoritatively. He confirms, during what appears to be a conference of some kind, that this notion of using a bracelet is not new and it is going to happen. What is a bit unnerving is the fact that *this* video is time stamped with a date from LAST YEAR. So that implies that more than a year ago, there were potentially qualified whistleblowers warning people that electronic ID bracelets will be forced up the American public.

When you combine this military lady’s testimony at the top with this other gentleman’s testimony you come up with a most disturbing level of assumed credibility. Certainly one would guess that this was not an orchestrated hoax. Most reasonable people would not even believe that these two people knew each other at all. So here you have 2 different sources warning of the same forced ID bracelet / Road Block scenario forthcoming on the U.S. citizenry.


Like it or not we MUST consider the darker side of these claims. First we must step back from these immediate reports and ask ourselves if there are other sources that suggest ID bracelets or electronic IDs of some type will be issued to the American public. We know about the National ID Card and all the hubbub over that. We know the U.S. Government has already begun placing RFID chips inside our passports. We know our animals are being chipped routinely. Cows and pigs are being chipped. Warehoused goods are being chipped. Soon an entire cart of groceries will be pushed through an RFID reading cash register and the whole cart will be totalled in seconds for speedy cashier-less checkout. So these RFID chips are taking off gangbusters.

Moreover there are endless articles from gobs of reliable sources about organizations that are making personnel chipping mandatory. Boarder control agents, military personnel, and health care workers are just a few of the targets of this mandatory “chipping” surge.

And the “claimed” benefits are endless. If we are chipped, so are the criminals. If law enforcement can control us via chipping (track, activate, deactivate, allow / disallow selling, turn off / on debit cards, etc.), then they can control the bad guys. If a large terrorist attack or government sponsored false flag terror attack occurs it will be easy to inventory people and find out where they are and what hospitals they are in. If a large epidemic breaks out, we can use these electronic IDs to make sure everyone gets their shot so the general public is not made sick by a few dissidents or “refuseniks”. Right?

So without a doubt, there are some saleable advantages to getting your CHIP.

There are also some very dark ORWELLIAN reasons for you to get your chip as well.

But arguably the worst reason is what the Bible says:

Rev 20:4

“Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands.”


Reading Revelation 20: 4 it seems there is no question some Christians will have the courage to resist this “Mark”. These Christians were so special they warranted their own verse in Revelation. Amongst all the commotion on the heavens present during John’s vision, these beheaded brave few REFUSED to get this mark and got their heads cut off.

One must step away from the present day for a moment and look into the future. What can we safely assume is accurate? Well we know there is going to be some type of “mark” that is required for you to function in society. We know that, thus far, there has not been such a mark. We know this mark is to be placed on your forehead or hand.

We know that Satan is behind the “Mark”. After all it is HIS MARK. Now let’s take a look at the REAL WORLD for just a minute. Do you believe that Satan himself, in all his horrific dragon-like winged splendor, is going to be standing behind a table stamping bar-codes on people’s hands? Nah. So how is it this hand “marking” business might actually unfold? Are there any indications in the current news of today or any leaked reports of a plan to chip people? Is there anything even slightly tangible that might allow a reasonable person to say “AHA!” – that’s how they will do it. That’s how they will chip us! Maybe there is.

Arron Russo, the Hollywood Director of the movie Trading Places, testified in more than one documentary that Nicolas Rockefeller told him there IS a plan in place to CHIP the entire American population.

Click HERE to see this one of the many video clips.

Click HERE to see yet another interview with Mr. Russo about chipping

Arron Russo died of cancer not long after these interviews. He knew he was terminal. His dying wish was to get this information out to the American people. He had no reason to exaggerate or lie.

The Rockefellers, the Elite, the New World Order, the Global Bankers want us to be CHIPPED. Why? They want to control us! CONTROL US.

But wait for just a minute. What in the world is their MOTIVE? Certainly they have all the money in the world, right? Yes. Why would they want to chip us?

This is where the story gets REALLY DARK. REALLY VERY DARK.

Here is the nuts and bolts of why we will be chipped. Never mind the Bible says we will all get a mark that obviously has the power to prevent or allow us from buying or selling. Never mind the Bible makes it clear that such a mark is the mark of Satan himself. Let’s look at who, here on Earth today, would be able to start this MARKING BUSINESS and get the ball moving forward. After all, we aren’t‘ all going to wake up one day and see a mark on our heads while we are getting ready for work now are we? Nope.

Here is an excerpt from an email discussing this issue with close friends an family. This is a list of thoughts / facts / rants / whatever that explains the DARK SIDE of this CHIPPING THREAT.

“The Satanists have to start applying the mark to people sooner or later.
Sooner or later, if this “chip” is the early beginning of the Mark,
(which I believe, it is possible this might be the first REVISION of the Mark),
then they have to start chipping people sooner or later – right?
It’s a common sense fact.”

“If H1N1 isn’t the beginning then something else WILL BE.”

“I believe we do not realize how far into Revelation we already are (remember thief in the night?). I believe we, as Christians, need to start calling out in UNISON to the ALMIGHTY for his Mercy and Peace. I believe every scripture verse that promises us deliverance from the wrath of evil forces must be MEMORIZED NOW!

I believe prayerfully putting the LORD’s Armor on Every 24 Hours is MANDATORY

I think this is the beginning of some bad things that I would rather happen after I am already dead (with the LORD)”

“I think the Rockefellers and Satanic rulers of this world are going to “microchip” every single person. Every person in the world eventually, but starting with the United States. Those not chipped will be killed.”

There is a reason the Bible says WOE to you.
Think about what “WOE” means.
Do you think the Bible was over stated?
I believe the Bible was grossly understated
I don’t think we really know what the word “ABOMINATION” truly means
I don’t think we have the capacity in our heart to FEEL what the word abomination means
That scares me

WOE is not just a bad day that you cannot pay your bills.
WOE is not just a bad week when you get kicked out of your home because you cannot pay your mortgage and lost your job.
WOE is not just realizing you are now homeless and starving and living in the streets
WOE is freaking horrible.
WOE is praying out to GOD to kill you now and spare you of the anguish, horror and wretchedness
WOE is gas chambers. Mustard gas chambers that slowly melt off your skin
WOE is being burned alive and then living
WOE is FEMA Camps. Death Camps, Mass Murder, Nazi Germany. Death, Pestilence, starvation, food shortages.
WOE is watching dead people being carted out of your neighborhood each morning because they are dying from starvation
WOE is watching your spouse die in your arms from a disease or a bullet

“They (The Satanist / Illuminati Rulers) want 2/3rds (or more) of the world’s population to be killed.
We are cattle to them.
The microchips make us like cattle.
They press a button and we start walking into the slaughterhouses”

“Trust me, You do not want to hear about the HATE.
The HATE that these people have is very dark and very intense
These people INTENSELY HATE Christians
More than anything they want to kill Christians
They intensely deeply HATE Jesus Christ more than anything we can understand
They routinely have ceremonies where they hang live people from a cross upside down
They burn, stab, tear the skin, urinate and defecate on their dying bodies and then eat the FLESH
They lay little babies on a table and cut their hearts out and EAT THEM while they still beat
This is not a movie. These people do this in groups, by the millions, multiple times a year, across the world.
These Satanic rituals are often synchronized on the same evil Holy days simultaneously
They generate HUGE AMOUNTS of evil spiritual Satanic prayer POWER all at the same TIME!! (unlike we Christians)
They ALL go to their Black Masses and ceremonies and they DON’T MISS THEM
(many are scared not to go for being killed by their own)
They are far more religious and dedicated than are we Christians

“You and I do not understand the word HATE
And we damn sure do not understand the word WOE”


The LORD Jesus Christ is our only protection. We need to start praying in UNISON now as Christians for the protection of the BLOOD.

PS: Did you know the word “illuminati” is included in your spell checker … hmmm. But we are all crazy conspiracy theory nut-cases just like BILL O’RIELLY says we are … right?

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