Lucifer’s Army and the Global Takeover (A Short Chronology)

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(A Chronology of Events from Ancient Egypt through Today)

Below is a list of events that attempt to describe how Lucifer’s army has progressed from ancient Egypt until today. This is sketchy at best and only version 1.0, but great for research. This list is very hard to communicate with accuracy and brevity and needs work. Several research books later and a few more controversial documentaries and eventually you have to make a list just to clear your mind. Even if it is not cohesive, complete, or absolutely flawless, this list had to be made. So here it is.

(Version 1.0)

Lucifer’s army has been on a march since before God met with Abraham

This army of human beings are demonically possessed at a level most do not understand (google / youtube “perfect possession” and Father Malachi Martin)

This army of Lucifer is FAR more passionate about their Lord than the Christians of today typically are about Jesus. Satanists that are possessed with powerful demons or people that are “perfectly possessed” know the Bible and can recite it far more accurately most Christian evangelists.

These Satanists have been COVERTLY practicing Black Occult Arts and Satanic Rituals since Egypt and Babylon. This is human sacrifice, blood rituals (drinking) and flesh eating of the dead. This includes conjuring up powerful demonic entities and inviting them into your spiritual body for power.

This information is RIDDLED throughout the Bible but most Christians do not even see it when they read it.

Simon the Magician (Simon Magnus) offered Peter money for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (in Acts 8) because he saw the POWER it gave them and Satanists covet spiritual power more than anything. Peter humiliated Simon publicly because of his request. Because of this, Simon hated Peter and everything that had to do with Jesus. He then started an anti-Christian cult later referred to as “Gnostics” (illuminated, all knowing). The purpose of the Gnostic faith (from then until now) was / is to mimic and create FORGERIES of all things Christian

Gnosticism and Paganism (Satanic Babylonian Mystery Religions), was woven into the merger of the faiths under Constantine of Rome to calm everyone down as they were fighting in a huge way. This created a compromise church called Catholic (Latin for Universal). This church included Satanic Rituals mixed with some characteristics of Christianity. But it was NEVER true apostolic Christianity. It was SATAN and pagan rituals mixed with some Christianity. This is why the Catholic church has ritualistic masses. If you study the Satanic Black Mass, you will see parallel ritual behaviors for almost each act in the Catholic Mass right down to the use of incense and the construction of the altar.

In and around 1100 A.D. via Pope Innocence II, the Knights Templar were established at the Council of Troye. The Templars became fantastically wealthy very fast. They created the first international banking system by starting with the lending of the equivalent of “American Express Travelers Cheques” to people visiting the Holy Land (because they were being robbed by Muslim bandit nomads). The Templar’s secret side was one of international banking mixed with Satanic worship. They are the predecessors of the official founding of Freemasonry. They worshipped the Baphomet and were highly controversial even during their time but they were strongly backed by the Papacy.

Shortly thereafter started the *official* founding of Freemasonry. However, Freemasonry was actually the ORIGINAL SECRET SOCIETY as “mason” groups existed as part of Black Magic fraternities during Ancient Egyptian times. They were involved in the building of all the temples.

Freemasons, Knights Templar, the Papacy, the Jesuits and all the medieval crusaders were driven by Satan worshipping leadership behind the scenes with tons of money made through illicit means.

These organizations have a COMMON LINK. This link is called ROYALTY
(google – The Black Venetians)

This “Royalty” is linked heavily to SECRET SOCIETIES. The secret societies have historically, and are currently, the executive and enforcement ARM of the Royalty.

Knights Templar, Catholic and Royalty bloodline offshoots / descendants started the East India Company under Queen Victoria (study Queen Victoria – she was very very Satanic) and made TRILLIONS feeding the Opium trade to China. There were wars over selling opium to China. Buy the “opium” or they would bomb you straight to Hell. EVERY WEALTHY family dynasty has behind it ties to CRIME. The Flesh Trade, the Drug Trade, all linked to Royalty.

One way the Bush family made its millions was via funding Hitler through Prescott Bush (google it). The Kennedy’s were moonshiners. There are many examples of this through history.

The head of the financial control center is known as THE CROWN, INC. This is the banking district in downtown London. It is made up of banking interested owned by the Morgans, the Warburgs, the Rockefellers, the Oppenheimers and the Rothschilds (to name only the most popular) there are many many more.

The Crown is the Financial Center of Control. The Vatican is the spiritual control center. Washington DC is the military control center. These 3 entities make up the controlling infrastructure of the GLOBAL CABAL.

Perfectly possessed Satanic global leadership that funded the Bolshevik Revolution through Marx and the Chinese Revolution in 1948 through Mau Tse Tung. The “REDS”. (Gog and Magog / The “Edomites” of Essau).

AND NOW the United States has a president that is accused of being a combination of Marxist and Fascist. But alas it must be only a coincidence because the Holy Bible is just A MYTHOLOGICAL TALE and none of this can be happening – right?


The Crown, Vatican and Washington D.C. are owned by leadership from secret societies

Obama’s administration has over 60+% members of the Council on Foreign Relations.
The CFR and Trilateral Commission (now sponsors of the G20 and the G7) are led by the Royal Institute of International Affairs or the RIAA and The Club of Rome. The RIAA were established via Ceicel Rhodes (yes the Rhodes Scholarship). They are also known as Chatham House.

The Rhodes Roundtable’s executive arm is the RIAA. The RIAA drives the orders down to the CRF and through the Bilderbergers. These groups are dominated heavily as active members of the G20 and G7.

At the Pittsburgh G20, a decision was made (by whom you say?), to make the International Monetary Fund the GLOBAL CENTRAL BANK OF THE WORLD. It’s hidden RIGHT UNDER OUR DISBELIEVING EYES.

(Hosea 4:6 – My people are destroyed from Lack of Knowledge;” – READ)

The Black Operations of the United States, (e.g. CIA Black Ops / US Military Black Ops, etc.) are not run by the United States. Black Ops, CIA, MI6 and the Mossad take their orders from the RIAA cabal and members of the Committee of 300 (offshoots / born from the now British East India Company – drug runners, child pornographers). You already know about the CIA links to drug running – they are true. Herbert Walker Bush was a pilot for Air America, which was busted running tons of cocaine into Central America. He later was appointed as the head of the CIA under Gerald Ford. (LINK to more information)

These people are the OFFSPRING of the
Satanists from Ancient Egypt and Babylon

Their families are “perfectly possessed”. They say they believe in “reincarnation” but it is not the HUMAN SPIRIT that is reincarnated – it is the DEMONIC SPIRIT that moves from the Father to the OFFSPRING.

This is Lucifer at work setting the stage for the big battle of Armageddon and the prerequisite 7 years of the Antichrist’s reign

The Battle of Jehoshaphat is upon us with the IRAN war that is pending. Israel, Washington D.C.’s partner in the Military Industrial Complex, assists in pushing for the this forthcoming “World?” War.

The establishment of Israel in 1948 was funded by the Rothschilds, starting with Baron Edmond de Rothschild as far back as 1883. The Magden David (Star of David) is NOT A JEWISH SYMBOL. It is a Satanic Symbol. It is the SEAL OF SOLOMON and the Star of Ba’al. Israel is a puppet of the Military Industrial Complex and a partner in crime with Washington D.C.

Remember the Bible speaks of The Great Deception?

Remember the book Holy Blood / Holy Grail?

Remember the movies Angels and Demons, etc.

This is all setting the stage for the great deception that will confuse even the ELECT!

These Satanic powers will try to convince the world that Jesus had a family, was Married to Mary Magdeline and their offspring became part of the MEROVINGIAN DYNASTY or bloodline. (see Leonardo Da Vinci’s rendition of the Last Supper – it has Mary Magdeline (female) sitting to the right side of Jesus – Leonardo Da’Vinci (aka the Da Vinci Code) was one of the Grand Masters of the actual Priory de Scion. These are NOT FAKE organizations; they are historically verifiable).

These Bloodlines are very important to the Bible and the lines of David etc. AND the forgery to come. These bloodlines were so important to protect, a powerful and extremely wealthy organization called the Priory de Scion was created just for that purpose. The Priory de Scion are arguably the same organization as the infamous and secretive “Learned Elders of Zion” who authored the controversial and deadly “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. These “protocols” are a documented and sinister plan to take over the World. Many have lost their lives over this document.

The Merovingian Bloodlines are protected even today through inbreeding. This is why Dianna was killed. She was pregnant with a MUSLIM baby. Not acceptable. There is STILL INBREEDING in the House of Windsor.

The British Royalty (The Windsors) are offshoots / descendents of the early Phoenicians, which became the Black “Venetians”, who then became the Franks of the Frankish Dynasty and finally the Merovingians (simplified). This bloodline history of the Windsors can be traced back to the PHOENICIANS and Babylon. This is the link to the Satanic Black Mass, the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Religions, the sacrificing of babies to Ba’al, the blood drinking and abominations in the Bible!! And the Windsors are not the only living Royalty linked through these bloodlines.

What’s worse is this list makes up just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG!

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