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God At War
Enter … Leviathan

I believe if we could see past our earthly existence, we would see “things” that would strike utter horror into our minds.  The Bible is rife with descriptions of all sorts of creepy things and abominations that our “peanut brain” imaginations cannot grasp.

Ezek 8:6-10

6 He said furthermore unto me, Son of man, seest thou what they do? even the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here, that I should go far off from my sanctuary? but turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations.

7 And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall.

8 Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door.

9 And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.

10 So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, pourtrayed upon the wall round about.


So what do you think “every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts” means?  REALLY.  Think about that for a minute.  Well you simply cannot imagine and frankly neither can I.  It sends chills down my spine to realize that these “things” almost certainly walk among us today.  Some hidden away by Satan’s army, some perhaps working directly with them, and others actually living inside of people in the form of “walk-ins” or other demonic entities.

We are in for some serious trouble in the very near future fellow followers of Jesus, our King.  The Bible is an UNDERSTATEMENT, and hidden within its text are warnings that we glaze over because our imaginations cannot fathom the power of the enemy we face.

My Mind is At Battle Stations

Honestly I am not sure whether it is my mind that is at battle stations, or if it is a combination of the Holy Spirit and my mind at work.  I find it most troubling to realize I have been warning of forthcoming doom and destruction for over a year now, and when it stares me straight in the face, I dont’ want to believe it.  I don’t want to quit my job in a bad economy and make a run for it.  I don’t want to convince my wife to leave her 8 year old here with her “X” and come with me.  I wonder if I can convince her “X” to come with us.  And what do we do about the stinking house.  It is a prison.  A prison of MAMMON.  But these are the grim realities we will all eventually face. 

And many of us won’t leave.  Even I struggle with leaving.  I pray every day that the Lord give me a sign.  Am I stupid?  Am I one of those “people who will be destroyed for lack of knowledge” in Hosea 4:6?  With all that I know, all that I have learned, and all the things that have happened to me in the last 4 years plus, you would think I would have a clue.  You would think I would already have a U-Haul in my driveway packing up and getting the HADES .. OUT OF HERE!

The sobering reality is indeed God is at war and there will be “casualties” of this war.  Some of those casualties will be born again spirit filled Christians.  Either we follow our “heart” (or arguably trust in the spirit), or we face dire consequences.  I think the time will come VERY SOON, that most of us will not want houses, and wish to remain entirely free to move at will.

The Volcanic Gusher Called OIL (but not oil)
(sort of like “Jews who are Not Jews”)

Folks … they screwed up big this time.  The Satanic “Elite” followed the instructions of their demonic leaders and did exactly what they were told to do. 

They sold their stock before this disaster and made millions, arguably billions (through hedged bets).  Indeed they drilled ever deeper.  In fact, 20 hours before the Deepwater Horizon’s devastating explosion occurred, our demonic friends, Halliburton, were pumping untold gallons of an unknown substance directly into the hole that had already been drilled into a layer of “strata” far deeper than anyone has ever drilled in the history of the world.  This includes the Russians who, 4 out of 5 times, had to use nuclear bombs to close up the lava flow they had released.  But when the Russians did that, it was above ground, not 5,000 plus feet under the water.  In fact, not only did they start drilling 5,000 + feet underwater, but they went an additional 30,000 feet below the crust of the earth. 

This is has never happened before and they are FREAKING OUT.  Satan’s army did NOT see this coming.  They sold their stock at the instructions of their “familiar spirits” (putting it gently), and they drilled and pumped chemicals into a hole doing exactly what they had been told to do by the demons of the power of the air.  And now they are scrambling like scared children, while the upper Satanic Elite, yes dare I say the Synagogue of Satan, laugh in hellish glee over the monster they have created.

Monster?  Hmmmm.

Will you “see” this “monster”?  I doubt it.  Do you see the demons sitting in the room beside you?  Nope.  Are they there?  Probably.  Are their guardian angels there too?  Maybe.  It depends if you are actively praising God.  The enemy cannot stand the presence of the Holy Spirit so GET BUSY.  PRAISE IS THE KEY.


I present to you the Pastor Lindsey Williams interview.  If you heard the Alex Jones show yesterday afternoon, it went into “overtime” and into the 5th hour.  This is because the information that Pastor Lindsey Williams was giving out was so astonishing that they could not stop the program at its normal 4 PM time.  If you can, I highly recommend you go an listen to the show yourself.  Moreover if you want more information in great detail, you can go to and click on the Store Link in the upper right corner.  From there you can buy Pastor Williams 3 + hour prophecy package and a special one hour audio program focused on this oil well catastrophe.


Note: This is greatly shortened due to time and space.
Also Note: I will add information / paraphrase for the same reasons

First Pastor Williams provides this information with the greatest of concern and dire warnings.  The following substances are bellowing out of the hole at alarming rates.  These are deadly toxins and they are moving through invisible clouds across the states of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, and more.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Hyrdrogen Sulfide

Allowable: 5-10 ppBillion
Now: 1,200 ppBillion


Allowable: 0-4 ppBillion
Now: 3,000 ppBillion
Leukemia, cancer, malignant, birth defects, deadly, brain disorders, headaches, rapid heart beat

Methylene Chloride

Allowable: 61 pp Billion
Now: 3,000-3,400 ppBillion


“The government has been saying we may have to nuke this thing”


“A nuke, because of the extreme pressure and angel of drilling that will take months.   We might succeed, but if we don’t, and crack the strata further, it will flow like this forever, that frightens me”

“1500 psi is a normal well.  This one has from 20,000 to 70,000 psi.  Far beyond anything that any oil company has seen on the face of the earth”

Halliburton Caller:

“I saw the timeline from the explosion, the first name on the timeline was Halliburton.  Within 20 hours after injecting “minerals” into the well, they almost immediately started having gas problems [hmmmm], it was within 20 hours later that the explosion occurred.”

“Then when they were ready to deploy about 20,000 feet of linear boom, the U.S. National Guard came in and said NO!  We have to count it.  And they moved it from boat to boat, and 5 days in, which that boom could have been deployed, instead they sat and counted it”


“Its weird.  Its like New Orleans, we have all this food and water stacked up, you can’t have it, and if you walk across the highway we’re gonna machine gun you.  We’re the government, we’re god!”

Alex THEN mentions the Goldman Sachs stock sell off prior to the disaster.


“I’m so glad you mentioned that because it gives me an opportunity to say this, otherwise I would not dare do it”

“I lived with these people for 3 years.  The average person has not the slightest idea the “mind set” of the elite.  I’ve written 3 books attempting to tell people how these people think, THE ELITE are PART OF THE OCCULT …. are you catching me folks?”

“Now keep in mind I’ve been a minister of the gospel for 50 years […] I lived with the elite for 3 years,  THEY ARE PART OF THE OCCULT.  You wonder why Goldman Sachs sell their stocks so many days ahead of time?  Their occultish connections [DEMONS] told them too.  You’ve got to understand we’re dealing with spiritual warfare here.  That is SO FAR AND BEYOND THE IMAGINATION OF THE AVERAGE PERSON!  Unless you lived with them you couldn’t understand why the BP president would sell this amount of stock”

“These people are part of the occult and as a result they knew in advance what to do. Not because they knew this thing was gonna blow [necessarily] but because their occult connections [demons] had told them so”


“Well the word is, and I am not into the occult, but I know well known business men, I’m not going to mention any names, but they have visited me, saying that “There’s going to be a catastrophe in the next few months, and this was before the spill [they said], there is going all this stuff happening, and its gonna get worse and worse going into July.  And because, you know, “the astrology” says it, [Big Eyes].

And I know Ronald Reagan made every decision he did , down to the minute of his speeches, and the color of his tie, off of his “astrologer” [divinist], and I’m not bashing Ronald Reagen, but when you go to mainstream news about Tony Blair, he goes all over the world doing these rituals, every morning he’s possessed by something called “The Spirit of the Light” and flops around on the ground, so is his wife, and Francios Mitterand, paid the architect to have, 666 pink pieces of glass to make the Louve pyramid, he has publicly said he worships Lucifer and yes they believe just like George Washington thought the god in the Bible was giving him guidance, …. These elitists believe, whether they are psychic or whatever, and then manifest it through the occult, they believe they’re being guided by their “spirit guides”.”


” AND THEY ARE!  You better believe they are!


“Well they sure believe they are getting this “Goblin Guidance”  All I know is that every one of these “creatures” started dumping their stocks before this thing happened.


“[…] Folks I must say that is was by the providence of God that I was ever allowed to be chaplain of the Alaskan pipeline and achieve executive status and allowed to be in their boardroom”.  They went into a strata that no one had ever done before …

Alex I stand here shuttering almost, Alex the Elite, even though they did not create this, even though they did not know this was going to happen, except it was set by their “occultic works” [demonic guides]”

“The Elite planned to use this disaster to accomplish their timeline of 2010 and 2012 EXACTLY as was given to me, by the 87 year old Elitist [Illuminati Satanist] .. and they told me they are going to use this Gulf scenario, as a method of accomplishing their timeline for 2010, and 2012. EXACTLY AS THEY SAID THEY WERE GONNA DO.


“And folks you are doing to see an event of such EPIC proportion, that it is going to devastate much of the finances of the United States of America, and will get Obama’s programs through exactly like he wants them.”


Here is a link to the entire interview.


While I did not have the time or the space to get everything in this article, there was much more said.  I pray I was able to extract the key information so you have a basic understanding of the significance of this event.  This event was orchestrated by the forces of darkness and their “elite” understudies were completely caught of guard.

But as Rom Emanuel said ” NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE”.

My prediction ..

I pray this is not going to happen yet, and I pray that “we all PRAY” this will not happen yet. 
Too many of our Christian colleagues still need woken up.
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