"Tetelestai" means "PAID IN FULL"

How Do You Defeat the Accuser?
Take Away His Ability to Accuse!

 The word “tetelestai” may very well be the most beautiful Greek word ever uttered.  For thousands of years mankind has pointed fingers at one another.  What’s even more unbelievable is that we “in Christ” continue to do the same thing.  It amazes me how little credit we give to Christ’s most precious gift.  We are so busy “covering ourselves” with “fig leaves”, we afford little or no time to doing Jesus’ work.  And going to church on a Saturday or a Sunday is NOT doing Jesus’ work nor is it fulfilling his commandments.  Not even close.  For we indeed have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God.  In fact if you really study the Word of God, you come to a really harsh conclusion.

We are all DOOMED!

What This Article Hopes to Accomplish

 All I hope to accomplish by writing this article is to give you peace.  For without peace, you cannot focus on sanctification, which is achieved through praise and a daily commitment to Jesus.  In fact, if you feel guilty for ANYTHING, this is a weapon the enemy will use against you.  For this reason alone, I must try to accomplish the impossible in a single, short and “to the point” article. 

 If I ramble on and quote endless verses of scripture that have been the driving force of demonic division between hundreds of “church factions” and “religions”, I will fail.  For some of you I will fail anyway.  But that’s okay.  It has been impressed upon my heart by the Holy Spirit that I must try anyway.

 My greatest hope is to help you feel FREE from the condemnation of sin.  To understand that when Jesus died on the cross it changed everything.  In fact, this single amazing act of “atonement” not only “raised the bar” but frees us from all expectation of the impossible task … the task of living “sin free”.

 Living sin free cannot be done.

But raising yourself up,
under the Blood of the Lamb,
blameless before him,

A human, the “Son of Man”?

 When Jesus walked upon the earth, he had a most challenging job.  He had to live as the “Son of Man” (a human), and be spiritually the “Son of God”.  We underestimate this challenge.  We all assume, in an earthly sense,  he had something more than we have.  We believe when he came down off the mountain from prayer with God, he “floated down” in a divine light flying like an angel. 

 We never consider that Jesus was actually a man, a person.  He didn’t “float around” in an aura of light.  He slid down those hills on his butt just like the rest of us.  He got dirty and and needed a bath, just like the rest of us.  He was a MAN in the flesh on this earth and was subject to exactly the same temptations and challenges we are – but was expected to rise above it and OVERCOME. 

 Just like us.

 Being like us, is what makes his “atonement” so amazing.  Not only did he feel our pain, but he felt our frustrations.  He got angry like we do.  He laughed like we do.  He was tempted just like us.  But because he knew what was at stake, more than anyone could imagine, he BEHAVED as he had to behave.  He “bucked up” and took the pain, knowing what was at stake.  And for us, he conquered all.

The Mercy of God Through Our Lives

 Before I came “back to the Lord” I had collected things in my life that were “not good”.  Both “behaviors” and “items”.  In fact, you might even refer to them as “abominations”.   Sometimes I think it sucks that I was Baptised in the Holy Spirit at the age of 9.  What a huge responsibility that is for someone.  Before you have lived life at all, you have this awesome rush of power come down upon you that slams you to the ground in tears of unspeakable supernatural peace. 

But then came LIFE.  Life took over as it always does.  I stayed anchored in Jesus and study for about 6 or 7 years but then the worst temptation God ever gave us came into focus.  Girls!  My God given “need” to procreate took on more meaning than God’s word.  One thing led to another and it was down hill from there.  For decades I went through a series of roller coaster rides and came very close to making some deadly mistakes.  As I reflect back through that amazing journey, I keenly remember times when I should have been killed or put in jail for years, but by a “miracle” somehow I escaped life destroying trauma or death.

In one case, with my hands on the hood, and six police cruisers surrounding me and my friends while the officers were rifling through my car, a loud call came over the police radio.  At ONCE, all the police looked at each other and one yelled directly at me and said “Tonight is your lucky night boy!  Throw all this sh*t out and get the hell out of here!”  And to my utter amazement as my mouth dropped open in shock,  every single policeman jumped into all six of their cars and drove away together. Suffice it to say, if I didn’t spare you of all the details, you would realize how significant that act of God’s mercy was on my life.  Even though that happened 25+ years ago, it is not unlikely, should the search have progressed, that I would be writing you this email from jail even today.

I always remember, during those “back slidden” years, when the crap was hitting the fan – I was always in immediate prayer.  I wasn’t saying “Our Father who-art in Heaven” … no.  I was praying in tongues.  I didnt’ even realize it until after things had calmed down and my hands stopped shaking.  But without even realizing it, the Holy Spirit was coming back upon me and manifesting his power “through” me in divine prayer of power to our King.

More than once, it saved my LIFE. 

Temptation vs. Contemplation

I often wondered how do you overcome this “sin” thing?  Frankly to me, it seemed utterly futile.  I mean please!  Think about it for a second.  When Jesus’ ministry was in full force, he “raised the bar”.  Under Jesus’ commands, it was no longer good enough not to kill someone, you couldn’t even THINK ABOUT IT!  Common!  Under Jesus’ commands, it was no longer good enough not to “have sex” with your next door neighbor, you couldn’t even THINK ABOUT IT.

Now if there is ONE PERSON reading this article that can tell me that you don’t THINK ABOUT THINGS that you shouldn’t think about … then you are probably kidding yourself.  Let me give you an example of “anti-sin futility”.

You believe you are as “sin free” as possible.  Fully sanctified.  You praise Jesus all day long.  You read the Bible all day long.  You are 100% dedicated to God and your relationship with Jesus.  THEN!  Someone cuts you off on the highway or pushes your child down and makes him or her cry.  Or someone shoves you in the mall and knocks you down.  Whatever the case.  For that SPLIT SECOND of time, a surge of hatred emerges in you.  Even the MOST sanctified person is PISSED OFF.  Many of us will “let go” and start throwing “F” BOMBS.  It might only last for a couple seconds, but YOU BLEW IT.  You sinned. For that moment, you failed to keep Jesus’ most important commandment, to Love one another even more than you love yourself.

Maybe that’s not the best example, I don’t know.  But we all “think” about things we shouldn’t think about.  Being “Christ like” in our thoughts and behavior is a “process”.  It happens slowly over time.  It takes “discipleship” (look up the definition of that word).  And if you mess up you have to get “back on track”.

The difference between “temptation” and “contemplation” is that the act of “contemplation” is SIN.  We are always being bombarded by the demonic.  In fact the vast majority of our subconscious thought comes from the demonic.  Lucifer’s army of demons have to “knock us off course”.  They MUST distract us from Jesus!  They do this in thousands of ways.  With video games, television shows, long hours of work (so we can keep our “McMansions”), and SPORTS!  My own pastor, bless his awesome heart, loves to watch Nascar.  But he wouldn’t know the New World Order if it bit him in the ass!

Sitting on the porch of a restaurant and having a beer with friends is not sinning (no matter what any of those “Holier than Thou” folks might try to tell you).  Talking to a pretty waitress is NOT SINNING.  And having a momentary thought of her being “more than a waitress” is not sinning either.  That is TEMPTATION.  You begin to SIN when temptation turns into “contemplation” and you actually start to “undress” the waitress in your mind and seriously think about “doing stuff”.

STOP at the point of “temptation” and you win that battle – In Jesus Name!

Fig Leaves Covered Adam and Eve and “Religion” Covers us Now

Right after Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, they covered themselves with fig leaves.  Symbolically that was the establishment of the first “religion”.  We try to cover ourselves with “religious doctrine”.  We see a series of verses in the Bible and we start to “freak out”.  Trust me.  Nobody who is a serious reader of the Bible does not have periods of utter panic when they THINK a verse (or verses) has condemned them to eternal fire.

Consider this.  In Luke 10:1-12, Jesus selects 70 people from the crowds and tells them to go out into the country and visit people in their homes.  But this is the BEST PART!  He tells them to HEAL THE SICK!  No Way!  Do you suppose those 70 people were all SIN FREE?  Give me a break!  Not only were they sinners, they didn’t even have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  They were just a group of folks Jesus picked in the crowd.

Now what does that tell you?

If you are like me, and you “think too much”, then you quickly realize DOING THE WORK OF JESUS has nothing at all to do with you being “sin free”.  We are ALL SINNERS.  Period.  We need to stop feeling like we are “unworthy” and get focused on establishing a deep and rich relationship with Jesus.  You NEED that power to heal, and you need that power of peace … now more than ever before in your life.

Jesus’ followers, indeed the army of the Holy Spirit, has been held down by “fig leaves” for thousands of years.  You MUST rise up, in Jesus name, and stop feeling guilty for being “human” and take what is rightfully yours through Christ’s atonement.

Every single day you must ask the Father, who art in Heaven, to forgive you of your sins, IN JESUS NAME.
If you really want to cover your butt, then ask for forgiveness, in Jesus name, more than once a day.
Put forth an effort.  Really TRY.


People, I have to share this with you, because it blew my mind and made me cry.  They were tears of utter amazement.  Listen to this!

Let’s assume you have already read the “Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel & God” articles (all four).  By the time you finish those articles, you should have a pretty good idea that the Bible is just a snapshot in time.  It’s just a road map to salvation.  But wait! Salvation from what? 

Ahhhh … now I got you thinking.

Do you really think the only thing at stake here is “Hell” vs. “Heaven”?  I tell you with all my heart it is much bigger than that.  We all condense the Bible into this “man made” 6,000 years nonsense.  We assume Genesis 1 happened just a few years ago.  But here is the shocker.  God created “wheels within wheels” of supernatural dimensions, universes, and spiritual beings.  Read Ezekiel 1:15-21 and consider what is being described.  Go ahead.  Try to put on your “earthly” theological “hat” and tell me what is being described.  Never mind.  Just read it.

The universes have existed for millions of years.  God created a smorgasbord of life.  Then Lucifer, his second in command, rebelled against him and God kicked him and 1/3 of the “angles” (supernatural life forces) out of HIS dimension … “Heaven”.  When God kicked them out of Heaven, he tossed them all over the place.  Some went into other dimensions, some got shoved into the bowels of “Tartarus” and even buried in the hollowness of other planets in the “deep”. 

When this happened, spiritual war broke out.  Lucifer’s band of rebels did not like God’s plan to created “man in his image”.  Lucifer realized what God was up too.  God was creating a new group of leaders to “rule and reign” with his Son Jesus in the Heavens.  God created “man in his image” as his most prized creation of all time.  Our mission is to TAKE CHARGE of these universes after this “test on earth” is all over.

We pray, in the NAME OF JESUS, to our Heavenly Father, because we are Jesus’ new LEADERS in the spiritual cosmos.  (and the words “spirit” and “cosmos” do not do this concept justice).  Jesus is sitting on the right hand of God the Father WAITING for us to GRADUATE to become HIS LEADERS!

We pray, IN JESUS NAME, because our soul purpose is to become Jesus’ mighty leaders and take over the helm of ruling the universes under our KING.  Don’t you see how this “rule and reign” in Heaven paradigm suddenly starts to make sense?


When I started this article, my intent was to try and help those who still allow themselves to be held in bondage by some contrived church doctrine(s).  I studied and took notes for hours on “The Seventh Day” and the notion so many embrace of the importance of the “Sabbath”.  Then just this morning, God sent me an “angel”.  Out of the digital void, an email arrived.  It came from someone I had never heard from before.  This “angel” told me that I was reaching untold numbers of people and they were posting Tribulation-Now’s articles all over their discussion boards.

Once again, the Holy Spirit, changed my course.

We forget the POWER of the ATONEMENT.  The “atonement” was the greatest upset of demonic power in the history of all time.  What a TURN AROUND!  Talk about changing the score of the game in the last 10 seconds of the inning?  Don’t you see?  The Devil is the ACCUSER.  If you can be “accused of anything” then HE WINS and you lose.  This is not acceptable to our savior. 

The millions of Angels in Heaven and the demons in Hell (and other dimensions) were all ASTONISHED when Jesus said “TETELESTAI!”  He utterly destroyed their most powerful weapon.  No longer could “they” use ACCUSATION as the right to attack us.  When we are held blameless before our King, the demons are completely powerless over us.

The problem isn’t just the “Sabbath”.  The problems isn’t just if you follow the Law or are saved by Grace.  It is MUCH larger than that.  Don’t you see?  YES your behavior counts!  But the bar was raised!  Its not about following “Levitical” ceremonial procedures. 

For example, did you know that in Israel they have “Sabbath” elevators?  You bet.  You see, the orthodox Jews believe (there’s those fig leaves again), that you cannot even PUSH AN ELEVATOR BUTTON on the Sabbath.  They ride up and stop at every single floor to prevent from breaking the LAW! 

Trying to NOT SIN, is a good thing.  But the sanctification “process” just happens automatically when you establish a personal relationship with Jesus your future KING!  Talk to him all day long.  Praise him all day long.  Praise is the KEY.  Everything else “just happens”. 

Before you know it, the spirit of God will come down upon you and your attitudes will change.  Suddenly you stop undressing the waitress at the bar.  Suddenly you stop watching porn on your computer.  Suddenly the sin starts to diminish.  It just “happens”. 

Please make no mistake.  If you feel passionate about following the 10 commandments and going to church on Saturday because you think this will make you called FIRST in Heaven (yes I have read all the verses), then DO IT!  But stop thinking you have it all figured out because of some Levitical ritual you’ve adopted to your own personal satisfaction because none of us have ANYTHING figured out.

We will ALL BE VERY SURPRISED to see who actually makes it into Heaven.  A LOT more people than we think are going to make it.  You will see DRUG ADDICTS there, you will see gay people there, you will see ALL KINDS OF SINNERS THERE.

Guess Why?

  • Because those sinners, were recognized by JESUS their KING
  • Because they tried and they asked for forgiveness from the Father in Jesus Name
  • Jesus Forgave their SINS


Luciferian Global War Scenario

Battle Stations II

What seems to be ringing true consistently, is that each group, (be it media, leading officials, religious, prophetic, etc.)  has “something” they bring to the table that is likely correct,  and other beliefs that just don’t “make sense”.  I have had a few discussions with some of my more knowledgeable associates, and there appear to be a number of possibilities unfolding.

 Most everyone accepts the oil disaster has an agenda behind it.  But thus far, it appears, that few have attempted to “stitch” all these occurrences together on a GLOBAL level understanding that LUCIFER himself is running the show.  When you build your estimations against this fact, the “Big Picture” begins to unfold.  And it’s not pretty.

First let me say that I am no better than any other analyst in this regard and I believe I must have errors in my estimation as well.  Saying this, I invite each reader to email me at jbaptist777@gmail.com with your “take” on this. 

One component I have NOT been able to “weave” into this scenario, thus far, is “where do the UFO attackers / demonic saviors, fit into this equation?”


First – Just the Oil Plot

If I were to *only* look at the oil spill situation, then I would come up with these three highly simplified scenarios:

  1. Intentionally drilled oil volcano
  2. Intentionally drilled oil volcano that they intend to detonate and make worse
  3. Complete orchestrated distraction (a.k.a. the Alex Jones plot)

While number 3, “the agenda distraction plot”, is most evident, the other two may also be included in the “master plan” as well.  Oil Plot scenarios one and two will make more sense after we “set the frame of reference”.

Combat Information Center in the Air

When you realize this is all being orchestrated “from outside this dimension” by armies of demons, you see a “Combat Information Center” located in the “air” above the earth.  Indeed, the “Prince of the Air” is in charge of this global combat group.
Now if it were me up there, calling the shots, I would execute ALL attack scenarios SIMULTANEOUSLY.  This way I add the effect of global chaos and utter confusion and totally befuddle even those “under me”.  The more confusion I add into the “rank and fold” of the global leadership, the more control I can take by giving “strategic orders” to meet pre-planned objectives.
So for this exercise of thought, we must first divorce ourselves from any single event being autonomous.  In fact, each event MUST BE inextricably linked together into the master plan. 

Identify The Objectives

Some of these objectives may appear to overlap because I am not certain all of them are to be met by this forthcoming conflict.  However for this exercise, let’s assume all of them might be met.
  1. Global population control, enslavement
  2. Global corporation control, fascism
  3. Elimination of country-based sovereignty

If the above three objectives are met, then all the “sub-objectives” automatically are met.  For example, food control and genetic modification become just a matter of “edict”.  Forced inoculations (human genetic modification) become simple.  Gun control is no longer an issue.  Population chipping is mandatory and enforced by the “death sentence”. 

In fact, if this “Combat Information Center in the Air” scenario unfolds, every single obstacle in the way of the Antichrist’s agenda is thwarted.  In the smoke that rises above the countries of the world, there remain no dissenters.  Every living soul is utterly exhausted and willing to do ANYTHING for relief. 

“END GAME” Phase I has Been Completed

The Global Combat Execution Plan

If we are careful, not to underestimate our enemy (who is sickening but mighty)  – then this scenario is not only possible … but “highly likely”.
  1.  Lucifer intends to conquer the world and sacrifice human souls en masse
  2. World War III will be used to collapse all governments into this singular murderous Nazi-like regime
  3. Simultaneously, in parallel, Israel attacks Iran, U.S. joins in, and all U.S. military assets are fully engaged in Iran
  4. Oil volcano is “detonated” and blamed on the “evil empire”, tidal waves, millions killed, U.S. in chaos
  5. U.S. has no military left, MUST “call in” foreign U.N. assistance (which is already on our soil, Chinese, Russian, etc.)
  6. Martial Law is instituted, after all, there is NO CHOICE, we are in “utter collapse”
  7. Russia, under the command of Lucifer’s army, (the Synagogue of Satan), then “nukes” several major U.S. cities
  8. Chinese soldiers (with Russia’s help) flood in and take full control of the US in preparation to divide up the spoils  globally


  9. All other countries are shown (by Lucifer’s leadership) how it was accomplished and completely FOLD under fear
  10. Eventually all this leads up to the final conflict, but not until Satan runs the world for a short time

Objectives accomplished include, 1) total domination, 2) utter devastation,  and a 3) slaughterhouse of living human souls left over for Lucifer’s army to “feed upon”. 


What Else Does This Scenario Satisfy?

 This scenario above, also fulfills many prophecies and “insider” predictions. You don’t need to worry about the “Amero” or the North American Union, because that is skipped over in the aftermath of the above scenario. You accomplish all goals while the minions of the world are in utter chaos. Ultimately every other agenda item automatically gets fulfilled and was indeed, nothing but a distraction or perhaps a “Plan B, C, or D”. 

  • Political predictions are fulfilled
  • Nostradamus, Edgar Casey, and other “Oracle” predictions are fulfilled
  • Christian visions are fulfilled
  • Christian prophecies are fulfilled
  • Biblical prophecy is fulfilled


If you have not already done so, you must now give your life entirely to Jesus Christ.  This is God at War here on earth and the battle is over our souls.  God’s enemy is trying to slaughter you before you give yourself to JESUS.  Ask Jesus into your heart right now. 

Say, “Lord Jesus, please be my friend and come into my heart and live inside of me forever”.  Tell him “I know you died on the cross to save me” and “I want to be part of  your army in the Heavens”. 
Pray to Jesus every day.  PRAISE him all day long.
“Praise You Jesus for Saving Me!”

Do not lose sight of the final vision. 
Life BEGINS after this “earthly war” is all over.


Running from the Kingdom

And having done all … to STAND
God may have you … right where he wants you

Authoring the articles on Tribulation-Now has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.  Folks … what a roller coaster ride.  My greatest triumphs have resulted from listening to you.  My greatest conclusions have come from peace.

Sometimes I see the Holy Spirit speaking through me.  Other times I see my “humanness” taking control.  Where is the Glory in all of this, if your “humanness” rises to conquer your peace?

As I reflect back through all the stories of the Bible, I cannot remember one in which God’s people were told to “make a run for it”.   Even when you overlay historical studies of Biblical times against the scripture, what you usually see is God’s people making a STAND.  At the very least, they held their ground, with the help of the Almighty God.

A Lesson from Ester

For example you see in the Book of Ester, God’s people being setup for a huge fall.  In fact the “setup” was so thorough, it would have resulted in the utter destruction of the Jews.  While my intent is not to lose you in the details of the history behind this story, suffice it to say that Haman’s plans were to kill not just Mordechai, but all the Jews in the empire.  Risking her life, the beautiful and God fearing Ester, coordinates a meeting with the King and orchestrates a reversal of the master plan to defeat the Jews. 

But the true moral of the story is not only the victory of Ester’s work, but understanding the results.  This “empire” was huge.  The Jews were spread all over the land in different territories of the empire.  If Haman’s plan would have been successful, not only would the Jews have all been slaughtered, but BY LAW they could NOT have fought back. 

The previous decree of destruction against the Jews could not be annulled, but the king allows the Jews to defend themselves during attacks. As a result, on 13 Adar, five hundred attackers and Haman’s ten sons are killed in Shushan, followed by a Jewish slaughter of seventy-five thousand Persians, although they took no plunder. Mordechai assumes a prominent position in Ahasuerus’ court, and institutes an annual commemoration of the delivery of the Jewish people from annihilation. (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Esther)

But This is Old Testament!

There are lessons to be learned from the Old Testament.  But you must be careful here.  When Jesus said “be gentle as doves”, you best take heed.  When he gave his most important and superseding commandment (to love one another more than you love yourself), you have to understand precedence setting.

If you are living under the atonement of Jesus Christ, and you intend to benefit by this atonement, then you must divorce yourself from the LAW.  The old covenant is dead to those living under the new covenant.  So take your position, under the Blood of the Lamb, but remember, do not confuse your obligation to abide by the rules of that covenant.  If you mix the two covenants together, you screw up.  You cannot have it both ways.  Either you live under the law, and die under the law … or you live under the BLOOD and you die under the BLOOD.  And the Blood of the LAMB is PEACE.  Are you hearing me?  LAMB = PEACE!


How Do You Know Which is Right?

So what is the single most discerning factor between ALL OTHER religions, and JESUS?  The answer is peace and love.  Once you get past the “tough love” dynamics of God trying to save his most prized human creations in the Old Testament, you see a most startling change occur as God “breathed” his Holy Spirit down upon his people in Acts 2:2. 

In fact it actually started to happen when the first human EVER received the Holy Spirit of God inside of him.  This blessed person was John the Baptist, son of Zechariah and Elizabeth.  John, unlike any other human, received the Holy Spirit into his life force, while still in the womb as a tiny fetus.  THIS MARKED THE END OF THE OLD TESTAMENT!

If you study all the writings of every other religion and “mythos“, you find turmoil, hatred, and destruction.  Lucifer, the great deceiver, is expert at weaving this “notion of peace” into a dynamic mixed with hatred.  You can detect this lying version of false peace, by the means at which it is achieved.  Lucifer’s version of “peace” comes at any price.  Lucifer’s version of peace does not result in peace at all … but instead results in the very destruction of your SALVATION.

Do not be deceived.  Ours is a mission of PEACE!


Praise Jesus,  I have No Other gods Before Him!

The Lord has blessed me, and I pray he continues to do so until I meet him in person.  Having other “g”ods before him has many deep lessons and meanings.  Fornication before the Lord is dangerous territory.  You do not “consort with the enemy”.  But alas, who is the enemy?  I say before you now, in Jesus name, anything that is not of JESUS and his peace is the enemy of your salvation.

What does it really mean when God’s word instructs us not to become “unequally yoked”?  This is a concept worth thinking about.  I propose to you that God’s word has multiple parallel meanings throughout.  I submit that any time you place ANYTHING above the purpose of Jesus Christ, you have become unequally yoked.  Think about it. 

This means even the pastor of a church who lives solely on the tithes of his congregation RISKS the possibility of becoming unequally yoked IF AND ONLY IF, he teaches “ITCHY EARS” prosperity doctrine and forsakes his mission to teach the truths of Jesus. 

I praise Jesus, I have NOTHING to gain by saying what I say to you.  I have my “day job” (praise God), and like the disciples of Paul’s time, I work for a living while I try to reach out to people and help them find “peace”.   I have no concern about losing your loyalty as a reader.  It matters not, if you “like” me.  I have only one GOD and that is the KING JESUS.  I have no bias, except for the Lord.  I speak only PEACE, encouragement, and LOVE when the Holy Spirit takes my hands and speaks to you through me.

Where is it, You Run Too?

Indeed, where is it you run?  Run …. run …. run away and hide in the mountains!  Run away to a hide out in the wilderness to survive.  Make sure you last every single minute you can on this GOD-FORSAKEN EARTH so you can avoid meeting your King as long as possible.  After all … it only makes sense you would want to last as long as possible so you can be shot by a demonic Chinese soldier and watch your children die at the hands of Satan’s army …. right?

I choose to do the work of my KING JESUS.  I will only run if the Lord COMMANDS me to run.  And the Lord will only command you to run if it is HIS WILL and he knows you will do WHAT HE WANTS you to do.  And he does NOT want you to hide in a wilderness fortress waiting to shoot at the enemy as they approach. NO!  He wants you to STAND and tell people …


God’s Fingerprint is Everywhere

Consider the lyrics of the Kenny Rogers song, the Gambler.

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.

Ev’ry gambler knows that the secret to survivin’
Is knowin’ what to throw away and knowing what to keep.
‘Cause ev’ry hand’s a winner and ev’ry hand’s a loser,
And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.”

And when he’d finished speakin’, he turned back towards the window,
Crushed out his cigarette and faded off to sleep.
And somewhere in the darkness the gambler, he broke even.
But in his final words I found an ace that I could keep.

Here is the ACE you can keep from these lyrics.  Your “ace of spades” is the Power of Jesus Christ.  Your “ace of spades” is being “saved by the Blood of the Lamb” which is PEACE.  Indeed, the best that you can hope for on this “earth” is to “die in your sleep”.  The “secret to survivin” is understanding there is no GLORY in “survivin” at all.  The Glory comes when your realize your victory is in JESUS.  Your true victory is living the life he told you to live and being harvested as WHEAT in his mercy and attending the banquet set aside for those who earn the right to become his “bride”.

Running from the Oil Volcano

Okay so do I run or do I stay?  One thing is for SURE … whatever the Lord leads me to do it will be in peace.  I have been so mercifully blessed with wonderful people from all over the world.  You have all written me emails and shared your ideas.  Some say to run.  Some say they will stay and STAND.  And I see glorious value in each of those dynamics.

I have not yet been given the necessary word from the Lord to go.  I have seen many leave.  Some years ago.  Some months ago.  But God has not paved the way for me to leave yet.  This means for now, I stay in peace.  Until the Lord impresses on my heart to leave, I stay.  I choose to STAND.  I will watch that tidal wave roll over this land in awe of our Lord and his MIGHT.  I will lift my hands up to him in tears and STAND BEFORE HIM, utterly blameless and bathed in his mighty LOVE and forgiveness.

If he tells me to go, then I will go.  But whatever the situation arise, I will go in peace.

And NEVER FORGET, God is at War.  There will be casualties of that war.  God can stop this OIL spill any time he wants.  That is why predicting anything with certainty is folly when you realize that God loves to humiliate his enemy.


A wise contributor to Tribulation-Now suggested how awesome it might be for him to trade places with me here in Florida if only for a short time.  He wisely pointed out the dynamics of the God at War situation.  He explained how the forces of the enemy are bringing forth their “Leviathan” from the bowels of the earth with this oil spill lie.

I found it fascinating that he suggested  it might be awesome to witness the rise of this beast from the depths of Tartarus and STAND before it bathed in the glory and power of Jesus Christ.  On a spiritual level I can see his point.  If the Lord wants me to stay and “command Leviathan” to be BOUND AND CAST OUT in Jesus name – then So Be it.  I am not a fool.  I know that I will not see a great beast physically rise from the Gulf of Mexico.  But I am wise enough to know, that he will indeed be there, rising from those waters of destruction.

If the Lord leads, I would consider it an honor to stand before that beast, and command it in Jesus name to have “no effect” on the saints of this earth.

It is the least I can do for our King … Jesus Christ.


Deepwater Nuke

Unraveling the Dark Web of Lies
The Inevitable Nuclear Reality

Here I sit, just East of the Gulf, trying to unravel the web of deception we now have before us.  As we had with 911, we also have now.  A complex mish-mash of sophisticated facts, woven deceptions, and expert testimony.  It is very hard to see the forest for the trees.  It matches the “modus operandi” of past false flag events to a “T”.  You have everything from passive ambivalence, to utter panic.

Let’s briefly look at some of the concerns that have “surfaced” (or should I say, “bubbled up”).

  • Pastor Lindsey Williams says this is all part of an Illuminati agenda to unfold a planned event in 2010
  • Hal Lindsey warned, in a 2009 prophecy conference, a Russian Scientist’s prediction of the splitting of the United States in 2010
  • A Tribulation-Now valued contributor and researcher of 30 years, points out Lucifer’s Ephod of Nine Stones in Ezekiel 28, which matches the 9 Candle Sticks of the Talmudic Menorah in the United States White House.  When the human sacrifice of 2001 is added to the Nine symbolic branches of the Talmudic menorah, you have 2010.
  • President Obama recently and openly compared 911 to the oil disaster (with hidden meaning) befuddling the commentators
  • A massive sell off of BP stock by known “elitists” (translated = Illuminatists) just prior to the disaster
  • A Halliburton insider testifies that Halliburton was dumping an unknown chemical into the hole 20 hours prior to the explosion
  • Numerous prophecies, from Stephen Quayle, to multitudes of other Christian leaders (over decades of time), telling of an earthquake event that splits the United States in half, up the Mississippi basin, ultimately leading to utter economic collapse and famine

The $10 Dollar Bill Prophecy:

To add insult to injury, you then have the TEN DOLLAR BILL PROPHECY, depicting graphically, an “off shore” nuclear explosion which results in a tsunami like tidal wave pouring over a 6 – 7 story building.

Here is relevant part of the prophecy given to Jonathan Kleck.

Behold the hand of the oppressor has been lifted against you. Out of the sea shall come fire and smoke and a devouring wind. Waters high as the walls of Jerusalem, shall cover the city by the sea and great shall be the destruction of that city.

And behold the great wall which holds back the abundance of the rivers, shall burst forth bringing the hand of the oppressor against you, for I have seen it. For mighty is the enemy which has risen within your own borders.

 You can find the entire series here:

And the next eleven videos start here:


Matthew Simmons is the founder and chairman of the Ocean’s Energy Institute of 35 years and an oil industry expert.  He is an insider who is attending meetings with top Washington officials and global energy scientists.  Simmons maintains the facts have shown since “day one” there was no reason to attempt drilling a relief well, because anyone who understands the industry and saw the “blow out” would have known the “casing” was no longer present in the hole.  This means it is not possible to drill a relief well – period.

Mr. Simmons said, “it was my belief, from day one ironically, [the casing was gone making the relief well an impossibility], just from watching the UNBELIEVABLE FLAMES coming out of the water”.

Simmons maintains there never was an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon and the resulting explosions and flames were bursting forth from the drill hole alone.

Indeed, this means the only option from “day one”, was to use a nuclear explosion, in the hopes of fusing the rock into a glass seal.

Matthew Simmons Testimony

Here are some key points brought up by Mr. Simmons in this interview:

  • Top scientists have been “totally, TOTALLY DISPUTING, what the BP scientists have been saying” all along
  • The research vessel called the Thomas Jefferson used an  “Ocean Floor Mapping Program” to try and figure out where this “ENORMOUS FIRE” was coming from that was “miles away” from the “riser head” (note: Underwater Fire)
  •  1100 meters below the surface of the gulf is an 300-400 meter “lake” of very heavy oil that has spread so fast it’s covered approximately 40% of the Gulf of Mexico (approximately the size of Maryland and Delaware combined)
  • They cannot detect where the “well bore” was because they can’t get within 3 miles of it, “because there is too much FIRE”
  • There is no metal there, because the casing is gone.  The only way they will ever put it out is “detonating something that will fuse the rock, right above the column, into glass
  • He said he would be “VERY SURPRISED” [his emphasis, not mine] if the administration was not already putting together a plan to nuke the hole

Summary Analysis and Considerations

  • Industry experts, from day one, knew the casing was blown out of the hole
  • Someone intentionally poured chemicals into the hole to cause this massive explosion
  • Why are THEY drilling a relief hole?
  • Why has their been a media blackout and mass media control for weeks?
  • Why are their troop buildups and reports of pending evacuations?

Could it be this event is more similar to 911 than we think?  Is it possible this entire scenario was planned from day one?  Did “they” know in advance there would be an uncontrollable blast that would require the use of a nuclear explosion?  Was this the event that is necessary to usher in martial law, topple the United States, and guarantee acceptance of the global government of the forthcoming Antichrist?


Dear Heavenly Father,

We come to you in awesome understanding of your will being done here on earth, as it is in Heaven.  Lord God, we ask you In Jesus Name, to warn your saints of this forthcoming danger and save those who you will.  Spare as many as you would from the forces of evil.  In Jesus name we ask that you help those of us who cannot escape this possible destruction, to have peace knowing they will be rescued by your mighty mercy.  Lord God, In Jesus name, open the doors for people that MUST BE OPENED, and help those who want to protect themselves from this wrath, Please Lord, DO SO with your mighty and divine intervention.  YOUR MIGHTY HOLY WILL BE DONE, 

In the Name of Your Holy Son … Yeshua, our King, Jesus Christ – SO BE IT.

You, But NOT your Teddy Bear!

But Don’t Bring that Teddy Bear!

Most people, particularly “Christians”,  believe they have everything figured out pretty good.

I’ve had people close to me tell me things like, “we know you are afraid” and then send me Bible verses about peace and trusting in God.  There is a big difference between fear and Godly duty. I have plenty of peace.  But I also have a duty to do what God wants me to do and if that is to find a way to save my family and be in a place where I can help them (even if they won’t leave with me) then that is what I have to “try” to do … somehow.

What About the Dogs?

If we are evacuated then the dogs will die. My precious wife will be a basket case and balling like a baby.  I am marginally fine (under the circumstances) with the dogs having to “go”.  But I have a duty to “try” and save my wife’s “teddy bears”.  Those teddy bears give her comfort.  I love her.  I am trying to do whatever it takes to make sure she is happy and comfortable in dark times even if it cost me my LIFE!

If you had to run away, YOU TOO, would make sure your baby had their teddy bear to take along for comfort.

Its one thing when the Nazi soldier takes away your child’s teddy bear, its another thing when you tell your child to throw away the same. The psychological dynamics are powerful and the hell to pay is permanent and scaring for life. If you were afraid and running from death and wanted to bring your cats and dogs into my home, I would not think twice about you bringing along your teddy bears.

People spend thousands to save the life of a stray cat that “happens to look” like a kitty they used to have.  Its amazing to me that friends and family are willing to turn their back on you over your “teddy bears”.  They don’t want to be “bothered” because your “teddy bear” might make a mess in the house or dig a hole in their yard. 

I pray, in Jesus name, I may someday forgive acts like these of cruelty and selfishness, but at this time my heart is in utter disbelief.

You can come, but

Some Day it Will Be Your Turn

People will not understand hardships until they go through it.  It’s just the way things are. And you will all definitely go through it eventually.

I personally believe, that many of the Christians alive today that have been blessed by God thus far, will be some of those that will challenged the most harshly.  God ensures that we all have to “learn lessons”.  These lessons prepare us for our assignments in the Heavens.

Many who have been “comfortable” and want to keep their precious “McMansions” untarnished by other people’s “teddy bears” will probably be hit the most hard by their own clinging to earthly comforts when things turn for the worst.

Every member of the body has a contribution to make. When we forget to love each other with all our hearts, and “feel” the pain of our fellow man for our own sake, we have failed to keep Jesus’ most important commandment … to love one another more than we love ourselves.

Country or the City

(Teddy Bears or No Teddy Bears)
The people in the city will be surrounded by soldiers and police.  You will be right where they want you to be. You will not be able to make a run for it. You will be trapped behind enemy lines. The soldiers and police will destroy your gardens. They will search your houses for weapons and arrest you for hidden food under the “no hoarding laws”.

The people in the country will have a chance of escape.  BUT they will want to keep control over the country people and they “fear” the countrymen. Those in the country and remote towns will eventually be “rounded up” and moved to the city limits or into FEMA Camps. They don’t want people hiding guns and fighting them. So they already have plans to come and get the people in the country to make sure they don’t cause problems.

Which one is the best place to be …. I don’t know. What I can tell you is that most Christians out there believe strongly that the country, with your own water supply and some cover, is the best place to be.

But only time will tell.

Family, Friends and All Their Teddy Bears

I had always hoped I would be together with family and friends through this stuff.  But now I am not sure that is going to happen. God will deal directly with each of us in his own way. Hold those Bible verses close to your heart. But while you pray to Jesus, you must remember the Bible is full of parables that strongly suggest you should have been prepared for the worst. And there is no question that true love is completely selfless.

If I had a home up North with a large yard, shed or barn,
I would tell all of you to come and bring
People, we all have some harsh lessons to learn.
We have truly forgotten what it means to love one another, as we love ourselves.
It’s unreal to think that even family will tell you to:
Come if you want,
but ONLY if you Leave Your “Teddy Bears” behind to Die
I have to add this one thought since some of you may scoff at people’s love of animals:
Nathan’s Story & David’s Anger

“Then the LORD sent Nathan to David. And he came to him and said, “There were two men in one city, the one rich and the other poor. 2 The rich man had a great many flocks and herds. 3 But the poor man had nothing except one little ewe lamb Which he bought and nourished; And it grew up together with him and his children. It would eat of his bread and drink of his cup and lie in his bosom, And was like a daughter to him. 4 Now a traveler came to the rich man, And he was unwilling to take from his own flock or his own herd, To prepare for the wayfarer who had come to him; Rather he took the poor man’s ewe lamb and prepared it for the man who had come to him. 5 Then David’s anger burned greatly against the man, and he said to Nathan, “As the LORD lives, surely the man who has done this deserves to die.”

Lucifer’s Ephod & 2010 Destruction

Author’s Note:
This is an excerpt taken from another article for impact. 
This is an important concept for us all to understand.

Lucifer’s Ephod from Hell

In Ezekiel 28 you see the description of the demonic King of Tyre.  But when you read it you realize this is not an earthly king.  No way.  Indeed it is Lucifer himself being described.  But what do you learn?  You learn, that indeed, Lucifer has these stones assigned to him.  These “stones” (gem stones) number a total of nine (9). 

These stones represent an EPHOD of destruction.  These stones mark a major milestone of the destruction of humanity.  In fact they mark the destruction of the United States.  A country whose sole purpose was never to be a Christian leader amongst nations, but instead to be used as an example of gluttony and to be “sacrificed” as a demonic example to bring the rest of the nations of the world to their knees.

The Correlation of Nine

 So how do these nine stones in Lucifer’s ephod correlate to 2010?  Praise JESUS for the people the Lord has brought to me.

 Each of these events have meaning to our enemy.  Deciphering these events and their timeline is KEY. 

 Remember 911?  911 happened in the year 2001.  Mark that down on your notepad.  In the year, 2001, Satan’s army murdered 3,000 people and sacrificed their souls unto their god Lucifer.  This was a monumental event in our enemy’s timeline.


The Talmud Connection

 Okay, now that you have that number down you must understand the Talmud.  In the Talmud, you have a menorah.  But it is the demonic version of the menorah.  Instead of 7 candlesticks you have ….. yep you’ve guessed it … NINE.



The White House Menorah

The menorah, in the White House of the United States, has NINE candlesticks.  Nine “Talmudic” candlesticks.  Are you hearing me people?  Nine.

NINE PLUS 2001 = 2010

The sacrifice of 911 was a countdown clock of the demonic world.  They know they have to make the timeline for their demonic astrological reasons.  They know the position of the planets and energies associated with the universe are key to raising Lucifer to his position of the “mack-daddy” Antichrist.  They KNOW THIS. 

We can escape their horrors, even if but, for a short period of time


The United States Ends in 2010?

Map of the United States – Post “this phase” of  Magog

Editors Note:

God is in control and the Holy Sprit is the restrainer.  Only the Lord knows for sure the time these things will happen.  While all of this information is backed through many credible sources, both Christian and others, Jesus is King and there is “no guarantee” this is going to happen this year even though there are many pointers that indicate this as a possibility.  Put all your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

A Different Flavor of Magog
THE END of the United States, as we know it today, is 2010?

2010 is the year the United States may be sacrificed.  2010 is the year that the United States could possibly end.  The information that our King has led me to is so diverse, and so dire, I can only hope that I give you the “tip of the iceberg”.  Maybe, by the divine providence of the Lord, you will understand.  Just maybe, your eyes will be opened and you will see what could possibly transpire.

However NEVER FORGET, the Lord our God draws the lines in the sand and restrains the forces of evil.  These things may not necessarily unfold this year, but there are definitely indications that they might.  Let us pray, IN Jesus name the will NOT.

 I do not like writing these articles.  I don’t like telling you that life as we know it, is coming to an end.  And indeed if I am wrong, I shall eat eternal “crow”.  But if I fail to share, if I fail as an assigned watchman for the Lord our God, then the blood of many shall indeed be on my hands.

 Like Noah, I will take my chances.  Like Noah, I will build this ark of information.  Like Noah, I will warn you to leave NOW in Jesus Name and seek your personal ark of salvation from the horrors of Satan’s army.  Otherwise, I pray you are blessed by a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and he shall spare you of the pain that will be inflicted upon those who failed to hear his warnings.

 I write you this article as my precious wife sleeps peacefully in our comfortable bed.  I’m sorry this article is so long.  But In Jesus Name you MUST READ EVERY WORD.

Vast Sources of Information

 As I have said, time and time again, I humble myself unto the word given to me by every contributor of Tribulation Now.  As each of you know, I answer all of your emails.   I not only listen to what you say, and answer all of your communications, but I often take your information to the Lord in prayer. 

 I am honored by this divine knowledge and hopefully am able to bring it to other’s attention.  The “body” principles of 1 Corinthians 12+ have taken on a whole new meaning.  Our contributions are diverse and come in many forms.  And so are the sources of information through which the Lord sends us warning.  I used to think all the symbolism in the cartoons and movies were signs from the devil.  Perhaps they were.  But perhaps they weren’t.  Or maybe, just maybe, God puts the fingerprint of his Holy Spirit in everything and it is up to us to find it.  Maybe God’s been trying all along to warn us of what is coming. 

The Wheat and the Tares must Grow Together Until the Harvest

Matt 13:29-30

But he said, ‘No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.


A Retraction of Thought

 While I still believe, with all my heart, that FAITH is everything unto our Holy Father Who art in Heaven, I also have been divinely awakened to the concept of “stewardship”.  The duality of understanding God’s word is extremely challenging to embrace.  Indeed, there is meaning in every drop of information in God’s word.

 Why do you suppose God felt compelled to tell us (among other things) that baby Jesus,  Joseph and Mary were brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh?  What do you think they lived on when they were in Egypt?  Why did they not take the local money of the time?  There is a divine message in all of the scripture.  Everything is a balance of spiritual wisdom and earthly wisdom. 

 We must learn to balance the earthly with the spiritual.  Indeed this lesson will be learned by the Holy Spirit filled churches in the most harsh way, in the very near future.  I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for leading me to this information, and my awakening, so that I may be enabled to help others in these dark times that approach …


We must be wiser than our enemy.  If we have the resources to prepare for dark times we must make those investments in order to HELP OTHERS.  If you have money in the bank – WOE UNTO YOU.  You do not see the writing on the wall.  May God bless you as you see it disintegrate into the cosmic void.  I plan to invest every dime I have on helping others in the name of Jesus Christ our King!

 Forget about credit ratings.   Forget about credit to income ratios.  We have been lied to and robbed by Lucifer himself.  All bets are off people!  This is WAR.  Give up your “McMansion” in Jesus Name.  It is time to buckle down and prepare to help others on a level that your worst nightmare could never grasp.  You will see, In Jesus Name, that I am right.  You will see, it is not I, but the Holy Spirit of God that is telling you this right now.  Time is extremely short and you are in for a huge awakening.

 I pray, in the Name of Jesus, you do not read this article in vain.

 A Lesson in Studying the Enemy

 If you read “Part One” of my article entitled “Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel & God” you know how I struggled with studying the enemy.  For more than four years I read every book, and listened to every lecture, from the bowels of HELL.  I worried about “consorting with the enemy”. 

 I panicked and destroyed books I discovered with filthy grimoires and powerful hellish incantations to summon the dark forces.  I bought anointing oil imported from Israel and blessed it in Jesus Name.  I put a dab of this oil on my forehead and asked God to consecrate me unto his work and cover me with the Blood of the Lamb. 

 Then I focused most of my study on born-again Christians who had been a part of Satan’s army.  Christians who for years had committed every filthy God forsaken abomination imaginable.  Christians who had run in horror for their lives from the Illuminati and their bloodline born upbringing.  Some who had even witnessed child sacrifices at the age of 12 in the catacombs of the Vatican.  If I told you what I heard, you would be utterly sick to your stomach.

 But then, a blessed born-again, Baptised Holy Spirit filled brother in Christ reached out to me.  In the deluge of emails he persisted to electronically tap me on my shoulder.  Have you seen the movie “Howard the Duck” he said to me.  I couldn’t help but think WHAT THE HECK is this guy talking about?  Howard the Duck?

 I had not yet stitched all this fantastic information together.  I still struggled with this whole “flying saucer” deal.  I still struggled with the reports of “alien” creatures being held captive in underground bases.  I somehow could not accept that there were some 40+ alien life forms our Black Ops people had seen with their own eyes.  And many of these witnesses defected from their jobs and went out telling people what they saw.  One of them was Phil Schneider.  Search on You Tube and watch his testimony.  He admits he was surprised they had not killed him yet.  And indeed they eventually did .  He was later found shot execution style.

 Boy do we over-estimate ourselves and BOY do we under-estimate our GOD.

 My blessed brother in Jesus helped me see the big picture.  He patiently talked to me for hours and hours.  I took pages of notes on his scripture based insight.  He, like me, has taken a beating from his fellow Christians for reading books that were “of the devil”. 

 BUT ALAS … I call your attention to ACTS 7:22 

Acts 7:22

And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds.


WHAT in Jesus Name is THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?  Please meditate on “that one” for a few minutes.  The Egyptians worshipped the demonic world.  The Egyptians knew about “alien” visitors.  Its all over the hieroglyphs.  They performed miracles with the powers of Satan.  They studied the mysteries of astrology and divining evil spirits from the bowels of the underworld.  And because of Moses’ study of the Egyptian “black arts” … he was MIGHTY in his WORDS and “DEEDS”.

Boy if you didn’t know that Moses had conversations with God himself, (and how amazing is that?), you would think he was an evil sorcerer.

 And then you have the last verse in the Gospel of John: 

John 21:25

25 And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen.


Temple Knowledge

Wow.  What did Jesus do?  What do we not know about?  Did it ever occur to you that Jesus was both the Son of Man (a human), and the Son of God?  Where are the writings about his upbringing?  What did he do all those years when he grew up before he met with John the Baptist?  How much has been stolen and hidden from us?  Do you think all he did was build picnic tables for people?  Do you think he might have been a “really smart guy” perhaps?  Was it just a coincidence that John the Baptist’s father was Zechariah the PRIEST?  Do you think maybe Jesus had access to all those books hidden in the temple?  Or did he just make “picnic tables”?

And don’t even get me started on the hidden mysteries of God’s plan spoken of in Isaiah and Revelation.  How clever do you think our Almighty Lord and creator of many universes is?  What do you think he has in store for us in this “great delusion”?  What do you suppose John saw during his vision of Revelation that God told him to “seal away” and keep a secret from all of humanity?  I shudder to think!

Oh if I had only become a missionary.  Then I could watch this unfold from a tent in Africa and pray for the saints from afar.

How Does God Really View America?

 See this most sobering article on entitled: 

Jesus People Pray That False Idol Will Save God’s Economy


Watch the You Tube videos.  Non Christian reporters are laughing at the so-called “Christian community”.  No where in the Bible is there a single verse that supports the lie of the “prosperity doctrine”.  But for them to actually “lay hands” on the BULL OF ZEUS, is an abomination unto the Lord that cannot be understated.  How utterly horrible.


What have we done?
Hos 4:6

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Because you have rejected knowledge,
I also will reject you from being priest for Me;
Because you have forgotten the law of your God,
I also will forget your children.



 We have been given a Holy “hall pass”.  Think about it.  The master plan of the Satanic army was to make a master Red and Blue list and capture all the enemies of the New World Order.  But they screwed up!  They rushed things to make their 2012 timeline and followed their demonic instructions.  BUT God stepped in with a big surprise.  We have an opportunity of which we may capitalize in Jesus Name.

 If they had their way, their demonic unwitting army would have mapped out all our locations with the 2010 census and their evil GPS devices.  Indeed they would have had the coordinates to send demonic drones to attack each of us at our own doorsteps.  But instead, they followed their demonic leaders.  They blew the oil rig.  They are releasing their Leviathan from HELL, but it was a trade off to OUR ADVANTAGE. 

Their hunger to meet their “astrological timeline” has worked in our favor.  They rushed the agenda and now they are scrambling to “put out the Holy Fire from the Deep”.  God uses this to his advantage.  We have been divinely warned.  And now it is time to GO.  Get out now and avoid their sinister plan to sacrifice your soul for the elevation of their demonic god.

Lucifer’s Ephod from Hell

In Ezekiel 28 you see the description of the demonic King of Tyre.  But when you read it you realize this is not an earthly king.  No way.  Indeed it is Lucifer himself being described.  But what do you learn?  You learn, that indeed, Lucifer has these stones assigned to him.  These “stones” (gem stones) number a total of nine (9).  These stones represent an EPHOD of destruction.  These stones mark a major milestone of the destruction of humanity.  In fact they mark the destruction of the United States.  A country whose sole purpose was never to be a Christian leader amongst nations, but instead to be used as an example of gluttony and to be “sacrificed” as a demonic example to bring the rest of the nations of the world to their knees.

The Correlation of Nine

 So how do these nine stones in Lucifer’s ephod correlate to 2010?  Praise JESUS for the people the Lord has brought to me.

 Each of these events have meaning to our enemy.  Deciphering these events and their timeline is KEY. 

 Remember 911?  911 happened in the year 2001.  Mark that down on your notepad.  In the year, 2001, Satan’s army murdered 3,000 people and sacrificed their souls unto their god Lucifer.  This was a monumental event in our enemy’s timeline.


The Talmud Connection

 Okay, now that you have that number down you must understand the Talmud.  In the Talmud, you have a menorah.  But it is the demonic version of the menorah.  Instead of 7 candlesticks you have ….. yep you’ve guessed it … NINE.



The White House Menorah

The menorah, in the White House of the United States, has NINE candlesticks.  Nine “Talmudic” candlesticks.  Are you hearing me people?  Nine.

NINE PLUS 2001 = 2010

The sacrifice of 911 was a countdown clock of the demonic world.  They know they have to make the timeline for their demonic astrological reasons.  They know the position of the planets and energies associated with the universe are key to raising Lucifer to his position of the “mack-daddy” Antichrist.  They KNOW THIS. 



We can escape their horrors, even if but, for a short period of time

Red Dawn

Time is short.   If you live on the Gulf Coast of “anywhere” you need to leave NOW.  In Jesus name.  Start packing.  I can only give you hints of this story and it’s up to you to balance your research with the ticking time-bomb of our future here in the good old US of “A”. 

 2010 is the ticking time-bomb of the sacrifice of souls, to release their god Leviathan, and destroy the country of the United States of Atlantis.  In “God” we trust was never intended to mean YHWH God.  No sir.  It has always meant Lucifer.  We were always created to bring forth the rebirth of the Phoenix, the “Eagle”, the rebirth of ATLANTIS.

And this is the year


911 + 9 Candlesticks of the Talmudic Menorah in the White House of the United States of Atlantis


If you don’t know already, Ezekiel talks in great detail about the attack of Magog.  This entire dynamic is completely out of the scope of this article.  Instead I call your attention to the fact that approximately 300 million Chinese troops are in position to swoop down on this country.  That amounts to one armed Chinese soldier for every person living in the United States. 

 Never mind the fact that Steve Quayles’ web site and their “audio reports” warn of Russian Blackjack bombers performing drills across the arctic from the “North” and coming within a “gnats ass”of Maine.  Never mind the reports of Russian submarines supposedly spotted in the Gulf of Mexico (unconfirmed).  Never mind the endless You Tube videos of Chinese troops unloading war machinery all across North America.  Never mind Clinton’s “chinagate” scandal and the fact that under his command, all of America’s nuclear technologies were handed over to the Chinese government.  No, this was all just coincidence.  Forget about Cosco and the attempt to hand over a U.S. Navy base to the Chinese.  Forget about the lies associated with the Fort Knox gold being given secretly to the Chinese government and replaced with fake bars.  These are all fabrications of the paranoid.




The Empire State Building of China

 Oh, did you forget?  On the 60th anniversary, the Empire State Building was lit up to commemorate the Chinese government.  In fact, 60 years earlier, the Chinese revolution occurred.  In fact, the Chinese revolution was fully funded by Wall Street and the banking elite … indeed the Synagogue of Satan.  Just like the establishment of Russia.  Just like the Nazi regime.  Just like the writing of the Koran.




Chinese Troops in North America

The Idiot’s Guide to China Gate

Chinese Troops on US Soil
(forget about this guy’s use of the “F” word – consider it a wise sense of urgency)


American Cities to Be Nuked with Map
(This is from a Christian’s vision on the Prophecy Club)



This vision included Russian submarines positioned on both U.S. borders.  The cities he saw destroyed with nuclear bombs included.


What About the Movie “Red Dawn 2010”?

 And what is most fascinating is that when the 60th anniversary lighting of the Empire State Building occurred, there was a media blitz on the forthcoming motion picture “Red Dawn 2010”.  But this motion picture did not have the Russian’s attacking like the ’80’s movie.   Instead, it had the Chinese attacking.

So I asked myself,  how could all this stuff happen in the next couple months?  After all, what would be the point of having this Red Dawn 2010 movie come out AFTER this massive MAGOG invasion from China?

So I looked it up.

Red Dawn 2010 has been all but CANCELLED.  The Chinese complained (or so we are told) and MGM is in financial trouble.  So the movie, which was originally scheduled to come out in November of 2010, has been indefinitely postponed. 




God’s Fingerprint is in the Details

Time to Build Your Ark

 All this time I was praying in tears to the Lord, PLEASE GIVE ME A SIGN.  Make it obvious Lord.  Show me, somehow, that I must leave.  Boy are we dense.  He has been telling me for a long time now but I didn’t see it.  Praise Jesus now, at this very late hour,  he has given me the wisdom to stitch this all together. 

 And now, I have to muster the courage to act.  OH HOW NOAH MUST HAVE GRIEVED!  What an awesome and difficult thing he had to do.  He had to believe, with all his heart, that God was speaking to him.  He had to drop everything and build this massive ark.  People were laughing at him.  His misery and struggle went on for years.  He had to BELIEVE with all his heart.  He could have given up.  But he didn’t.  And NOW look at us.

We must never forget God is in Control.  But this does not mean “kick back” and watch T.V.  You are expected to behave like the “Son of Man” and live like the “Son of God”.

Some final points to ponder.

  • Why did the pastor of my church when I was 9 years old move to Florida and many years later move back to PA because the LORD told him too?
  • Why did I recently lose my cushy job and only get a 6 month contract afterward?
  • Why did my precious wife go to the altar of our church in prayer and hear the word “GO” from God.  He didn’t say where.  He just said “GO”? 
  • Why did my x-wife and my daughter take their entire family up North to live with her mother suddenly.  She simply wanted to be near her aging mom.  Was there more to this than meets the eye?

A Final Word of Encouragement from STEVE QUAYLE

“I wondered why the Lord would give me the Bread Vision, and then it became apparent. FAMINE is going to explode through the land as a result of the Gulf of Mexico’s sea floor rupturing! Yesterday, as I pondered all that’s going on, I received an image of a jig saw puzzle with all the interrelated pieces being broken apart, and being tied to this event taking place in the Gulf. The famine that is coming to the US is heartbreaking in it’s ramifications. The slaughter and devastation is unimaginable. As the Great Quake literally tears apart the US mainland, all America’s external enemies including those “enemies within” will seek to destroy and devour that which is left and flee, but they will not succeed.”

Thank you Dear, Dear Brother in Jesus Steve Quayle
And I love each and every one of you.
For even more encouragement.