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An Amazing Story
An Amazing Name

I have been studying divine healing for a while.  It is my personal belief that when the scripture says that “signs follow” we should not take that lightly.  In fact, there are a number of scriptures that strongly suggest that if there are no “signs following” you might want to reconsider the validity of the claims made by those folks.  And naturally those “signs”might  get strange down the road when the “lying wonders” start to surface.  But if my hunch is correct, the “trained Jesus filled eyes” will quickly discern the difference between the lying wonders and the real wonders.

One of my biggest wake up calls in the last 30+ years of being a born-again “spirit filled” Christian was realizing that even “I” could use the power of Jesus “in me” to “heal the sick” and “cast out devils”.  For some reason I grew up my entire life basically believing that these were “special gifts” of the Holy Spirit and not for everyone.  When I realized this wasn’t true, and any born-again Christian can command the devils to leave and the “flesh” to heal … I got pretty excited.  Of course understanding how this all works requires quite a bit of “un-learning” the misconceptions and building new levels of faith etc. but it’s exciting and arguably the most rewarding thing you can take part in.

For anyone wanting to know more about this topic, I cannot more strongly recommend you taking a look at John G. Lake Ministries and considering an investment in their “Divine Healing Technician” training seminar series. 

Here is a link to their “formal” training DVD series:


And I believe they have some free training available on You Tube as well.  All of their “in person” training is free but you have to be able to get to their training locations to participate.

** This just in: The entire healing series can be downloaded for free at http://www.spiritlessons.com/
(Thanks Tom)

Destroying the Works of the Devil

In my article entitled “The Baptism of the Holy Spirit” I wrote up a little something on Smith Wigglesworth.  John G. Lake, Lester Somerall, and Smith Wigglesworth were three of the most amazing spirit filled Christians EVER.  And boy did the healing power of Jesus Christ follow them wherever they went!  Amen! 

Here is a link to Smith Wigglesworth’s web site.  It has some sermons of his that are fabulous.


Anyway I got a book the other day entitled “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing”.  Nothing makes me break into tears of joy faster than listening to real life testimony of people being healed and delivered from demonic attacks.

Get this verse from the Bible!

1 John 3:8

” For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”

So when you think about it, the “Son of God” was manifested for the purpose of “destroying the works of the devil”.  Hmm.  And WHO ARE WE?  Well we like to call ourselves the “Sons of God” don’t we?  We like to tell everyone that we have Jesus inside of us … don’t we?  We like to believe that we are going to reap the rewards of the Kingdom of Heaven as heirs to the crown … don’t we?

… when is the last time you DESTROYED THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL?

Arent’ we ALL supposed to be out there Destroying the Works of the Devil??


So how do you do that?

Three Ways to Destroy the Works of the Devil

Now I might be wrong about this so don’t beat me up too bad if I am, but are you aware of any other ways you can destroy the works of the devil?

The only ways I can think of that WE can do what Jesus said to do, and be “like Jesus” and “destroy the works of the devil” are:

  1. Save Souls for Jesus (create disciples not just lip service)
  2. Cast Out Devils
  3. Heal the Sick

In all fairness technically “good deeds”, encouragement, and prayer can potentially do some damage to the works of the devil etc., but arguably the THREE BIGGIES are those above.


(Dont’ worry I intend to write some articles to ‘get you going’ on these subjects, so as I figure things out I will share)

An Awesome Smith Wigglesworth Story

Anyway, so last night I was reading this new Smith Wigglesworth book, and the very first story BLEW MY MIND.  I am still loving this story.  These are the kind of lessons in Christianity you just don’t hear enough of.  Why is that?  In fact this story is so important for all of us to know about, I decided I am going to re-type it into this article manually right from the book for your edification.
Now remember as you read this story that these are different people than we have around us today.  These stories are from the early 1900’s.  Frankly these people sound A LOT MORE COOL than anyone I know alive today.  But that’s just me I guess.

I want to instill in you the power, the virtue, and glory of that name. 

Six people went into the house of a sick man to pray for him.  He was a leader in the Episcopal Church, and he lay in his bed utterly helpless.  He had read a little tract about healing and had heard about people praying for the sick. 
So he sent for these friends, who, he thought, could pray “the prayer of faith” (James 5:15).  He was anointed according to James 5:14, but because he had no immediate manifestation of healing, he wept bitterly.  The six people walked out of the room, somewhat crestfallen to see the man lying there in an unchanged condition.
When they were outside, one of the six said, “There is one thing we could have done.  I wish you would all go back with me and try it.”  They all went back and got together in a group.  This brother said, “Let us whisper the name of Jesus.”
At first, when they whispered this worthy name, nothing seemed to happen.  But as they continued to whisper “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” the power began to fall.  As they saw that God was beginning to work, their faith and joy increased, and they whispered the name louder and louder.  As they did so, the man rose from his bed and dressed himself!
The secret was just this: those six people had gotten the Lord Jesus Himself.  Their faith grasped the power in His name.  Oh, if people would only appreciated the power in this name, there is no telling what would happen.
I know that through His name and through the power of His name we have access to God.  The very face of Jesus fills the whole place with glory.  All over the world there are people magnifying that name, and oh , what a joy it is for me to utter it.

– Smith Wigglesworth – “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing”, pp. 14

Summary in Jesus Name
Maybe its just my sappy imagination but when I envisioned that testimony unfolding it brought tears to my eyes and it still does.  Nothing is more awesome than seeing the power of Jesus Christ come down on another person and heal them.  Not just “heal” them of their physical sickness but heal them of their “worries” and “pains” in daily life.  There are a lot of ways to be healed and each of them SNATCHES a victory out of the devils hands and puts it into your KING’s hands.
In future articles I hope to share ideas with all of you on how together we can …

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