The End of the World

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Is This For Real?
Everybody’s Talking Now

Praise God.  We are living in THE most exciting times EVER.

Last night I was like a kid staying up late on Christmas Eve.  I couldn’t go to sleep.  I was honestly hoping with all my heart that Jesus might show up at any time.  I stayed up until 2 AM catching up with the news, waiting and watching.

… wondering.

God Speaks to Kristin

Can you imagine what it must be like to be “my daughter”?  Most “20’s something” young adults would be convinced their father had “lost his mind” if they were in my daughter’s shoes.  Amen?   And I will be perfectly frank with you, she has been struggling with this whole “end of the world” paradigm.  After all, she just got married and has been looking forward to starting her new life.  So all this “Planet X” stuff has taken a toll on her, EVEN THOUGH her young husband is a super smart guy that knows “all about” the New World Order, and this “Nibiru” stuff.

In fact, you would be amazed if you were in my shoes.  The truth of the matter is that the “youth” of today KNOW things are “a miss”.  The youth of today KNOW about Planet X.   It is the “adults” that don’t “get it”.  It is the “church elders” that have “blinders on”.  The youth know exactly what is going on.  Every single time I am witnessing to someone in public, someone under the age of 30, speaks up and comes over to me and says “Wow so you know about this?”.  They are always surprised that an old guy like me (said tongue in cheek) would know about this stuff.

Last night I texted my daughter and told her I took a random picture of the sun at about 4:30 PM from downtown Tampa.  I took four pictures.  2 regular pictures and 2 “negative effect” pictures.  I held my camera out the window of my car while waiting at a red light, and randomly snapped off four shots.  I didn’t see anything in the pictures right away.

However later that evening I put the pictures on my computer in my office.  I have a 25″ wide screen monitor.  I maximized the images and was in complete AWE.  THERE IT WAS!!  Amen!  The dog-gone thing (Planet X that is) was right smack dab in the upper right of the image.  And sure enough I could see it in the “negative” view as well.  It’s kinda like seeing the ocean for the first time.  You can see the ocean in movies all your life, but until you see it with your “own eyes” it is simply not the same.

Regular Exposure – Nibiru at 1-2 PM
Negative Exposure – Nibiru at 1-2 PM

I texted my daughter Kristin on the phone.  I told her about the photos.  When she got home, Josh and her came up to my office to see the pictures.  They couldn’t believe their eyes!  Sure enough, clear as a bell, it was there.  Planet X … the Sign of the Son of Man!! Amen!  It was so evident it actually resembled the scene in the movie Deep Impact where they show the Capital building in D.C. with the subtitle “Four Weeks Until Impact” at the bottom.

Kristin’s Testimony

Then Kristin tells me what happened to her the night before.  She said her and Josh went to the mall (which I knew about).  Get this!  They took the city bus.  She said that while on the bus there was a group of young people excitedly talking about “Planet X” and the end of the world.  She said she could hear some saying “Jesus” over and over.  And she could also hear the “nay sayers” disagreeing.  But she made it perfectly clear there was quite a bustle of discussion going on about all this stuff


But here is where it gets REAL INTERESTING.

In my office last night, she stood beside Josh in tears.  She had a pamphlet in her hands.  She said, “Dad you are not going to believe this but I have to tell you what happened to me”.

She explains that her and Josh were sitting outside the mall in the dark waiting on the bus ride home.  It was very dark.  She told me that she prayed to the Lord, and asked Him if this was really the “end of the world”.

Out of the darkness came a young woman.  The woman did not look at anyone else, not even her husband.  The woman walked directly up my daughter and handed her a pamphlet, then turned and walked away back into the darkness.

Kristin opened up the pamphlet and this is what she saw …

We immediately went downstairs and had communion together.  I read from the book of Matthew on the Last Supper.  We broke bread in remembrance of our King.  I consecrated them with Holy Oil unto Jesus Yahushua our Messiah.

They ended the night together watching “The Passion of the Christ”.  Joshua had never seen it before.

Summary in Jesus Name

Please do not email me and tell me you can’t see Planet X in the pictures etc.  Also the mechanics of the Solar System are complicated and you have to be persistent and keep trying if you want to take your own shots.  There are thousands of pictures of Planet X all over the Internet.  Go to (The Big Wobble) if you want to see pictures please.  I am trying to focus on people’s salvation and relationship with Jesus … Amen?  God Bless You.

These are indeed super exciting times we live in.  Remember sooner or later you will have to go “meet your maker” Amen?  Why not get yourself RIGHT with your TRUE Creator and Maker …


The cool part is, if you do it “before hand“,  you get some really cool fringe benefits.

Matt 16:25-27

For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according to his works.


And in the Name of Yahushua Jesus our KING OF KINGS, I will close this article with a picture.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

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3 thoughts on “The End of the World

  1. This was beautiful! Our Father is coming! Praise be the Lord! It is time for the King of Kings to take HIS PLACE! I am ready, I pray that all who read this Blog and my post come to grips with reality because whether you are ready or not, HE is COMING! Prepare your soul to meet the GOD of the UNIVERSE! Jesus! Yeshua! Praying for you all!

  2. The false one comes first. The rapture which in greek is raphere meaning abduction or seize. The abduction of the church…which is already taking place…by the false one and anti christ movement which is very popular now. The bible says the the saints are patient. The son of man is also waiting to see who will be deceived by the false one. Those who choose to save their life shall lose it…meaning those that fall for the first trick…don't be the first one taken…"be" the second one left behind…the saints are patient. Don't be tricked into the first one coming…he is not your friend.

  3. Greetings Brother John

    I have no proof what I'm about to suggest, but it just came to me and wondered what if. What if Elenin is actually a Moon for Planet X? A moon could cause damage like what happened to Japan. I just saw on a couple other websites where people say a comet could not cause that kind of damage and it just made me think. I mean a planet the size of Planet X is gonna have numerous moons around it.

    Jesus is the answer

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