The 7 Trumpets of Atlantis

More Amazing Shuttle Confirmations
Soon and Very Soon, We are Going to See the King

Over the last week or so, Glory to Jesus, we have continued to receive an amazing number of new reports on “space shuttle” related confirmations.  Are they simply “jaw dropping” coincidences? Who knows for sure?   Only God.  However this information has been a huge source of discussion behind the scenes.


List of Amazing Shuttle Related “Coincidences”

Here below I will present to you this list of space shuttle related tidbits that seem to indicate that “Soon and Very Soon” something big might be on the horizon.  As with the previous article, “The Lost Shuttle of Atlantis“, many of these data points strongly indicate the “rescue mission” or “rapture” of the Bride of Jesus Christ maybe about to take place within days.  No matter what, we must all remain imminently ready.  It’s also very important that NO ONE becomes discouraged if nothing happens.  Glory to God!


Atlantis Mission Number 33

By now it should be very evident, the forces of evil use symbolism and hidden “occult” messaging in media.  There are hidden alien faces on many of our automobile logos, and there are few T-Shirts you see the youth wearing today that are not jam-packed with Satanic messages.

It’s also important to note that at times God’s fingerprint can be found in our media as well.  For example the movie “Melancholia” has a plot based around a “Wedding” all the while “Planet X” or a similar cosmic destructive body is heading toward earth.

Not only is the Atlantis mission the final space shuttle mission ever, but this particular mission is the 33rd.  There are 33 levels on the pyramid of Giza with the All Seeing Eye on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill.  There are 33 levels of progression in the Masonic and Scottish Rites.  Arguably the number 33 is one of the most ominous occult numbers ever.

This is the shuttle Atlantis’ 33rd mission.


The Imagery of the Seven Trumpets

On the Atlantis “Mission Patch”, the exaust coming out of the bottom of the space shuttle is depicted with what clearly appears to be Seven Trumpets pointing downward (see image above).  These Seven Trumpet “judgements” were touched upon in the table shown in “The Lost Shuttle of Atlantis” article.

Whether or not the events surrounding this mission usher in the beginning of the Trumpet Judgements in Revelation is anyone’s guess.  But when you study the data presented in the first article, it sure seems possible.  Praise and Glory to Jesus the King of Kings.


The Strongs 726 Coincidence

While this is likely a bit of a “reach”, it is rather fascinating to note that in the Strong’s Concordance the number 726 actually refers to the “rapture” or the “calling up”.

Strong’s #726 ἁρπάζω harpazo {har-pad’-zo} From a derivative of G0138

Makes you wonder.  July 26.  Hmmm.


Amazing Movie “Coincidences”

It’s no secret the “Illuminati” freaks signal each other of forthcoming events using Hollywood movies.  On June 22nd (I believe), National Geographics presented a documentary entitled “When Aliens Attack“.   This documentary faded in from commercials showing the statue of Jesus in front of a huge mothership.  This was done to send the message that when these motherships arrive, Jesus will be a “non-issue” as will all religions.  That is what Paul referred to as the “falling away” in 2 Thes. 2.  The movies and documentaries (such as Ancient Aliens) are JAM PACKED with this stuff.

However it’s more important to note that our Heavenly Father sends warnings through His prophets prior to things happening.

Amos 3:7
7 Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

And don’t forget what happens in the very end of times:

Acts 2:17
17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:


The Movie Armageddon

The movie Armageddon actually opens up with a scene that includes the space shuttle ATLANTIS being hit by “meteor shower”.  Here is a snippet from the plot write up on


When a meteor shower destroys the Space Shuttle Atlantis and bombards parts of New York City, NASA discovers a Texas-sized asteroid will collide with Earth in 18 days, creating another extinction event.


The Movie 2012

In 2012, the movie, the character played by John Cusack is an author of ONE book.  Here is a snippet on the movie from Wikipedia again.

The plot follows Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) as he attempts to bring his children, Noah and Lilly (Liam James and Morgan Lily respectively), ex-wife Kate Curtis (Amanda Peet) and her boyfriend, Gordon Silberman (Thomas McCarthy) to refuge while trying to escape the heightened change in the elements. The film includes references toMayanism, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar and the 2012 phenomenon in its portrayal of cataclysmic events unfolding in the year 2012

What isn’t obvious unless you are paying very close attention is that the title of this author’s one book is …



And DONT’ FORGET, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, arguably one of the most renowned Mayan scholars alive today, says that the Mayan Long Count Calendar actually ends OCTOBER 28, 2011!

Mayan Calendar & Transformation

Thursday June 23, 2011
Mayan Calendar & Transformation
Thursday June 23, 2011

Mayan calendar expert Carl Johan Calleman Ph.D. appeared during the middle two hours to discuss the changes he sees on the horizon and why October 28, 2011 is more important than December of 2012. First hour guest, researcher Steve Quayle…

Host: George Noory

The Movie Super 8

While I haven’t yet seen this movie, a wonderful email list member of Tribulation-Now reported that a monster in this movie throws some debris into space and hits the “space shuttle”.

Are you kidding me?


Other Amazing “Coincidences”

If that weren’t enough, there are even more coincidences that tie into this time period.   Praise Jesus for all the wonderful email list members that have contributed to this body of knowledge.  Glory to God.


Dr. Owuor’s Revival Prophecy

The prophet Dr. Owuor, recently prophesied that the rapture would take place during one of  his revivals.  It turns out that Dr. Owuor will be holding such a revival in the next couple weeks in Oslo, Norway.  Glory to God.  Makes your head spin doesn’t it?  Or should I say “spiral” Amen?

Here is Dr. Owuor’s Schedule for the Oslo Revival

Norway, Oslo Conference
22-24 July, 2011

Ebbelsgata 1,
Oslo, Norway.
Tel: 96811017/93813440

Saturday 2pm-5pm
Sunday   5pm-8pm


Revisting the “Little Girl’s” Prophecy

Here is a little girl’s prophetic dream sent in to the 5 Doves web site.  It was sent in by Raul D.

From 5 Doves~

Angel seen in clouds with trumpet to mouth”

My daughter Victoria on Thursday June 23, 2011 was playing at her school yard when she looked up to the sky and an Angel in the clouds with a trumpet ( shofar ) to his mouth was seen.

The angel did not blow the trumpet just kept it to his mouth, I don’t know if it’s an open vision or if a veil from her eyes was removed.She told me she had her eyes open when looking up.

The first trumpet dream she had was on Dec 13, 2010 and the angel was in heaven, and now the angel is seen by Victoria awake and in the clouds not in heaven, amazing we must be really near now.

Wed June 22nd at night Victoria had a vision every time she closed her eyes, she saw the Lord above the earth smiling at her, and angels are behind Him in two straight lines.

While telling me what she was seeing with her eyes closed I asked her, “do you see the book (scroll )? She said no, and then said,  ” let me ask”   She talked to Jesus and asked Him,
“can you please show me the book”, and then she said I see it now.
When I asked her to describe the book (scroll ), she said ‘its red in the outside and July written in gold’    I asked ‘can you see and spell the word’? , she said, ‘each letter individually is J-u-l-y  ,   and July is what she told me.

This is just more confirmation July is it.

She confirmed to me more than once that one of the 4 astronauts, Sandra H. Magnus was seen in her dreams, and that the shuttle Atlantis was seen being hit from behind by a rock,   and the dead being awakened then next the living,   and that this will happen in July. Rapture will happen after an astronaut does a space walk and the shuttle is hit and before the meteors fall to earth.

So sometime
between July 8-31st
Raul D

For the record, the astronauts perform their “space walk” starting tomorrow (July 12th) at 8:44 am Eastern, 7:44 am Central.  It is to last until approximately 2PM Central.


Fox News Report: Space Junk Could Come Dangerously Close to Atlantis

Just yesterday, NASA announced they are tracking “space junk” (e.g. rocks or debris) that is destined to come dangerously close to the International Space Station and Atlantis.  While listening to NASA TV today, during a press conference, the NASA representative admitted the debris is expected to come within 14 miles (approx) of the Shuttle.  They are not taking any evasive measures.

Amazingly, the “space junk” will be passing by (or impacting the shuttle) right around the time the “space walk” is taking place, Tuesday, July 12th.



The absolute MOST ASTONISHING prophecy “to me” anyway, is the “Soon and Very Soon” You Tube video prophecy.   When this was sent into me, I broke into tears watching it.  You see, there is simply no possible way to explain this away as a mere coincidence, in my opinion.

First a little background.

Evidently a person uploaded a You Tube video WAAAAY back on December 1, 2009.  Yep!  2009.  That’s fine.  While there are thousands of gospel songs uploaded to You Tube, NOT ONE, is anything like this one.  Not one.

This You Tube video plays the song “Soon and Very Soon, We are Going to See the King”.

But what’s AMAZING is that this video shows the Space Shuttle Atlantis taking off into space during the entire musical rendition.  WHY IN THE WORLD would someone show the a space shuttle mission while playing “Soon and Very Soon” in the background?  This HAD to be either the most amazing coincidence in the history of Christianity, or it was an act of God.


Click the Picture Below to Start the Video

description=” Soon ”

Here is a link directly to the You Tube video:

Soon And Very Soon Were Going To See The King:


Other Important Information

While not necessarily directly related to a possible “rescue mission” in July, some additional information has surfaced as well.  Many of you may have already seen these videos and many, perhaps not.



Planet Behind the Moon

Here is a You Tube video shot with high magnification of the moon.  In this video you will note the videographer seems rather alarmed and continues to point out this is “exclusive”.  You will clearly see what appears to be a large planet “like” object just behind and below the moon.  If you study it closely enough, you will note the illumination of the sun against this blueish colored object matches the suns reflection of the moon perfectly.

This appears extremely legitimate and is nothing less than astonishing.

Planet Behind the Moon



Video of “Winged Planet”

In this video you see what appears to be a videographer filming a “winged planet” or star.  It is reportedly showing up in France in the early part of the evening.  The presenter cuts back and forth to the various symbolism of the Winged Disk or Winged god “Rah” which is prevelant in Sumerian and Ancient Egyptian artwork ultimately representing Nibiru and the arrival of the “star gods”.




South Pole Picture and Interview with Nibiru Insider

Last but certainly not least, is this video of the South Pole station showing some unusual cosmic anomalies followed by what appears to be an interview with a Planet X “insider” telling what he knows about what is coming upon the earth.

This is some powerful testimony.

South Pole Pics & Interview w/Nibiru Insider on 6/6/11




If you want to “stay tuned” to what is happening live on the Space Shuttle Atlantis, you can watch streaming live NASA TV by going here:

If you have a Droid data phone, you can also load up a free app called “NASA TV” to watch and listen when you are away from the house.


NASA Admits to Brown Dwarfs

Also here is yet another amazing “news release” from NASA.  After all this time they have finally come clean and admitted there are a number of “rogue planets” out there (in so many words).

Here is a snippet from their recently published article on this topic.  Isn’t it fascinating the timing of all this?

Previous observations spotted a handful of free-floating, planet-like objects within star-forming clusters, with masses three times that of Jupiter. But scientists suspect the gaseous bodies form more like stars than planets. These small, dim orbs, called brown dwarfs, grow from collapsing balls of gas and dust, but lack the mass to ignite their nuclear fuel and shine with tarlight.
It is thought the smallest brown dwarfs are approximately the size of large planets.

Here is a link to the article:

Free Floating Planets May be More Common than Stars:



Summary in Jesus Name

If you are at all like me, you are excited as HECK!  (and that wasn’t my first choice of words).  The true Bride of Jesus Christ is going to be so excited she cannot see straight.  We are the most privileged people since the foundations of the world, to have an opportunity such as this.

Praise God for all the Tribulation-Now contributors that provided content for this article.  Thank you all so much.  Patti, Todd, Jeff, Greg M., Linda, Greg D., Cathy … the list goes on and on.  Praise Jesus for YOU ALL!

In the ancient Jewish weddings, the Bridegroom would often leave the future bride waiting for an undetermined period of time while he went back to his father’s home to build on an extention to the house for him and his new bride.  In the middle of the night, often around midnight, he and his wedding party would surprise the excited bride with a SHOUT!

Anyone who makes fun of us for being excited that time might be THIS SHORT has no idea what it means to be the Bride of Jesus Christ.

If you want to be found worthy to escape all these things which come upon the earth, then in Jesus name please repent and get yourself right with God NOW.

Go back and read the article entitled “Revelations of the Real Heaven” and listen to the videos.  Follow all the advice to a “T”.  When you repent you have to MEAN IT.  If you are living out of wedlock with a member of the opposite sex you need to STOP NOW.  Whatever it is you are doing that you feel needs fixing …. DON’T DELAY.












…. and most of all



Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

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  1. Wow! I just sent my mom an email that had all the same information you have more eloquently and completely displayed here John. I wrote her back and said “never mind what I just wrote, read this article!”

    I also want to share something I have only told one other person. This happened back in March, my friend and I were on the phone staying up talking about what the Lord was teaching us as we were reading through the Bible together and ‘My Utmost for His Highest’ devotionals, and in the middle of her sharing my brand new iPhone4 made a radio ‘cut-out’ sound. Annie’s voice was instantly replaced with a mature woman voice that simply said “Don’t be afraid; we are coming soon.” and then Annie’s voice was heard again, she was continuing the conversation as if nothing had happened. She didn’t hear the lady’s voice. I didn’t tell her about this for a few weeks because I didn’t believe what I had heard, was it a glitch in the satellite, was I hearing someone else’s conversation? I don’t know for sure, but I thought I would share it.

    God bless, and may we all pray fervently for God to protect and provide for all his children, especially those people that are going to have to remain on Earth when Satan unleashes his ultimate mind-assault on Jesus and His followers.

    God bless you John for all your hard work. Can’t wait to meet you in Heaven one day my friend.


  2. Just for note my e-mail address is Italian for “Caught UP” I have had two visions of what looked like stars falling from the Sky. It happened both times at night and it was a beautiful warm night. It wasn’t too late either, around 9-11 p.m. These two visions were exactly the same except I was in a different place. The first vision I was standing on the ground, the second vision, I was on a roof top. Maybe there is meaning there, I don’t know?? These two visions happened with in a month apart in 2010. I have been blessed by God to see what others can’t. I share everything I see. This will come to pass, and it looked like stars falling, but it could be little rocks on fire…. I didn’t feel that these little rocks or whatever they were could hurt us at the beginning, but I fell down on my knees in each vision and told everyone around me TO REPENT THE RAPTURE IS AT HAND!!! People get ready, we are going home!!!!!!

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    1. Well, no need to go judge them as “doomtards” but i do think these things should be used to keep us with a degree of humilty that none of us know for sure how God will do it all. He shocked people as the suffering servant the first time he came and suspect he will again, even among those who think they know scripture so well. God will not be bound.

      Now, the economy is something we can clearly see by just reading the numbers that we are heading for a collapse, no theories needed. I always did struggle with idea of a moving solar system or Planet X or even an asteroid coming that close as it seems a very unlikley certitude but i’m open to wahtever god wants to do or allows.

      REgardless, we shudl be ready at all times.

      1. I am honored to be a “Doom Tard for Jesus”. The very fact that people who would use such a term are watching speaks VOLUMES. While there is no possible way to know for certain which dreams and visions are going to happen, where we are today in the end-times timeline cannot be disputed. GLORY TO GOD some people are waking up.

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