Crucified with Christ

Complete Surrender
Jetison the Jellybeans

As we all watch hoping and praying for the glorious day we shall see our King Jesus Christ, a state of utter surrender must take over.   Everything we hold dear hear on earth, has to take a back seat to the glory of Heaven, and the Kingdom of Jesus.  This is often not an easy thing to do.


Putting Father First

All of us have our metphorical “Jelly Beans”.  Maybe it’s our Sunday hugs from the folks at church.  Maybe it’s or big dinner while watching TV in the evening.  We all have some “surrogate Father” we tend to hold on too, instead of seeking the Father directly in all things.

If God had it His way, we would thank Him for every drink of water.  If God had it His way, we would thank Him for ever bite of food.  Every decision we would make would be “in the best interest of the Kingdom” first and foremost.  Everything would take a back seat to the Kingdom of God.   For if God lifted His hand of grace from our existence but for one second – we would seek to exist.


Soon It Will Be Too Late

And indeed we won’t understand how foolhardy our priorities have been, until we face our King in Heaven.  Until we see HOW BIG forever really is.  Then, we will wonder what we were thinking.    Then      ……………………….      instead of now.

Now is the time to make the change.

Now is the time to put Jesus first in every thought you make.

Now is the time to mold your eternity and establish your inheritance.


God Bless You … I leave you with this song.
Have a Blessed weekend in Jesus Name.



Crucified with Christ

Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Crucified with Christ

  1. Johnny B!
    Awesome awesome awesome song -absolutely powerful song and words, thanks for posting this. Thank you for the encouragement of this post. The Lord want our all – every fiber, every cell, very thought taken captive for Him. I truly believe the door of Heaven, our “Ark who is Jesus, is closing very very soon and this is the Lord’s last and final call to all who will repent and come to his mercy and grace. I am in Dubai visiting the hubby. This is the Las Vegas of the Middle East and when I look at all the amazing splendor and dazzle of this place, I think they’ve got NOTHING on what awaits for us at the Wedding Banquet of the Lamb and of the place Jesus has been preparing for us for 2000 years. As I was leaving my home to come here, I distinctly heard the Lord whisper to me “DON’T LOOK BACK.” I agree that NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING on this Earth is more important and when the time comes and He calls us, to not look back like Lot’s wife. Oh Jesus, come, come soon. I want a pure heart, I want to be totally crucified in Christ. Thanks Johnny for the simple and pure encouragement. Watching, waiting and looking up!!!!!!!!!!!

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