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 Note: All of these movies (with a few exceptions) come with language and content warnings.

If you know of other movies (of which there are many) please leave a comment with the title, and why it is prophetic to you.  God bless you.



  • 2012 – Why: Shows earth upheaval similar to that described in Isaiah 24, Revelation, Joel 2, and elsewhere)
  • Exploding Sun – Why: Focuses upon catastrophic earth upheaval events related to catastrophic solar changes
  • Category 8 (Cat.8) – Shows a wide array of earth upheaval events with a noteworthy number of hidden truths projected in our prophetic future
  • The Core – Why: Show earth upheaval associated with events related to catastrophic solar events and how those impacting the rotation of the earth’s core can affect the people of earth
  • 10.5 – Why: Shows massive cataclysmic earthquake events around California and how FEMA prevents the scientific community from warning the people
  • Impact – Why: A two-part mini series that shows how the undetected presence of a brown-dwarf star in our solar system and an “impact” into the moon can cause a series of catastrophic events to occur on the earth
  • The Day After Tomorrow – Why: This movie is utterly gushing with multitudes of earth upheaval “hows and why” that are happening today on a grand scale.  Its not about “global warming”, its about “catastrophic climate change”. Bring your notepad to this movie.
  • Deep Impact – Why: A black man is in the office of the president while a cosmic object is heading toward the earth.  This movies prophetically shows the “Planet X” second sun imagery that is all over You Tube right now and shows the upheaval of the earth as cosmic objects pummel it.
  • War of the Worlds – Why: This movie is full of alien-invasion front loading that very well may shadow what is coming upon this earth during Isaiah 13, Joel 2, and some of the Trumpet Judgments of Revelation.
  • Independence Day – Why: According to the testimony of David Adair, this movies shows an exact replica of underground science labs of Area 51.  It is also full of true information dealing with the hidden “alien” agenda.
  • Melancholia – Why: This movie deals with the drama in people’s lives as they realize the earth is about to be destroyed by an incoming cosmic object.  This is a shadow of Planet X / Nibiru.  It is gushing with hidden Illuminati imagery and messages.
  • Knowing – Why: This movie 3 major prophetic elements.  1) The advanced alien beings / Pleiadians and their mission to rescue a little girl and boy from earth to start a new Genesis on another planet, 2) the effects of a cataclysmic solar storm upon the earth (e.g. the First Trumpet in Revelation), and 3) a scene at the end where one can see what the First Trumpet may look like as a “third of the tree and grass” are burned.
  • Matrix – Why: Jam packed full of imagery and shadows of how a person can “wake up” to the world around us and see it for what it really is.  Full of shadows and imagery about salvation, the devil, and good vs. evil.
  • Fifth Element (language content warning) – Why: This movies includes a planet (similar to the understood description of Nibiru) coming toward earth in a destructive capacity.
  • Red Dawn – Why: Russian and Chinese soldiers are already in the United States.  While mostly entertaining, this movies is disturbingly prophetic to those who know what is about to happen in the US.
  • Jericho – Why: A TV series that shows how a town struggles to survive after approximately 22 major cities are struck with nuclear bombs.  As the series progresses, it even includes scenes with FEMA marking homes and taking people away to FEMA camps (as shown to Maurice Sklar and Pastor TD Hale in their vision/dreams).
  • Revelation Road (Parts 1,2, and more) – Why: Parts 1 and 2 show rapture events that include the person turning to brilliant white light (glory light Isaiah 60:1-3) and shooting into the air at the moment of the rapture.  This is highly prophetic as it shadows visions given to several people of the rapture and what it will look like to those left behind.



  • Forecasting the End (series): Effects of a Rogue Planet – Why: This documentary from the Weather Channel discusses the impacts upon the earth should a rogue planet (Planet X, Nibiru) enter into our solar system.  This is precisely what is happening to earth today.
  • Asteroids – Presents the argument about impact upon the earth from future asteroids and impresses upon the audience the likelihood of this happening again soon.
  • American Blackout (NatGEO) – Shows the realistic effects upon society should the electrical grids go out due to a solar storm or EMP
  • When Aliens Attack (NatGEO) – Shows the impact upon the people of earth when alien beings attack.



  •  Faith Like Potatoes
  • Christmas with a Capital C
  • The Book of Daniel
  • Revelation Road
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  1. Way to go Johnny! I am no Pastor, just a messenger that has been labelled a heretic by people, friends and family. Years ago, I came across the book of Enoch, and 2nd Esdras.
    I was then banned from the pulpit, and if this was the dark ages, would have been burnt at the stake.
    I was able to bring my cousin back to the Word, and if I had not listened to you, Zen, and Jon Kleck, I would not have been able to answer his questions about Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, and why God hated Esau, but loved Jacob. I simply told him of the bloodlines of Cain, son of Lucifer, and the lineage of Seth.
    The truth made manifest! It only took me 10+ years to find the answer, praise the Lord!
    Keep on brother, I applaud you and your works.

    George Morabit

  2. Granite Flats (series) – Why: Set in a small town at the height of the cold war, this series shows mind control experiments in the 60’s (at a military hospital, movie shown to school children, etc.), G-men involvement, and possible UFO’s. Not as action packed, but made for family viewing (“no sexual innuendos or R-rated language”).

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