Kundalini or Misunderstanding of the True Power of the Holy Spirit?

Everyone is Warning About Kundalini Spirits

Few Understand the True Power of God when it Hits a Person

Most lack an understand what really happens in a church or gathering that is experiencing a huge outpouring of the Holy Spirit and God’s power.  They have never experienced it (because it is rare as 24 carat pure gold today), and so they automatically label it as evil, just as the cessationists reject the power of the Holy Spirit, divine healings and speaking in tongues today.

I Pray (sincerely) in Jesus Name that people be far more careful before they go public bashing things they do not understand or have personally experienced.  No one truly knows what “blasphemy of the Holy Spirit” truly means, but many may find themselves being met with feet of darkness, when they thought they were destined for glory.  A very scary possibility that I, for one, will always avoid.  PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME.

Here are two emails I sent to a couple believers passing along these concerns.  We have to watch our step.

Not only have I been involved in real spiritual warfare for some time and know what a true manifestation of demons looks like when it happens in a church, but I know as a FACT that demonic presences cannot STAND being the midst of a true outpouring of God’s power.

Many of us know that both the “DARKNESS” and “THE POWER OF GOD” will rise within the body of Christ AT THE SAME TIME.  But we are so utterly saturated with the ugly in this world that we are blinded by the movement of God that is currently occurring in various places of the world.  And if we have not personally experienced it, our pride (in the flesh) causes us to assume that it must be “of the devil”.  We all need to become prepared to see things happen THROUGH JESUS in ways that we never experienced.



Prov 23:7
7 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

Prov 18:21

21 Death (Hell) and life (Eternity) are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it (and live it) will eat its fruit.
(emphasis added)


Jesus Warns:

John 16:1-3
“These things I have spoken to you, that you should not be made to stumble (warning; important word here). 2 They will put you out of the synagogues (churches, gatherings, etc.)  (and publicly rebuke you over social media, and emails, etc); yes, the time is coming that whoever kills (or reviles, disparages you or accuses) you will think that he offers God service. 3 And these things they will do to you because they have not known the Father nor Me. (because they do not understand God’s true power, the effects on the human body, and the deep love that we have for one another; our brothers and sisters, etc.)
(empahsis added for obvious reasons)


Since you asked I will tell you how I feel about ALL these people’s “notions” about this so-called kundalini stuff.

Most (even really good) Christians today have NO IDEA what a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit is and what it looks like. I’m 57 and was raised in a miracle filled MIGHTY Azusa Street type holy spirit filled revival period. The holy spirit and God’s power DOES IN FACT manifest in incredible ways through people. In tears and laughter and even “shaking of their bodies”. The early Quakers from Europe were the most holy and anointed spirit filled Christians to come to the US during the colonial period. They got their name “Quaker” because when the power of the Holy Spirit hit their congregations people passed out in the spirit and began to shake with the power moving through them.

The vast majority of the people who warn against the kundalini stuff have never experienced the TRUE power of God so they automatically call it demonic because the don’t understand it. This is why the cessationists (unbelievers in miracles and speaking in tongues) think today’s movement of Christ’s power today is of the devil. They are ignorant and unbelieving and God will deal with it.

Actual demonic manifestation in spirit filled churches (and gatherings) are extremely obvious. People slither like snakes, their eyes roll back into their heads, they scream profanities. Demons cannot stand to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  And demons manifest in ugly loathsome and disgusting ways.  They don’t manifest in subtle ways.  They hate the presence of the Holy Spirit and will take full control of the body of the person and fall to the ground and spew filth.  It is VERY OBVIOUS.

This is why I keep FAR FAR AWAY from any prophecy, email or YouTube video of some Christians claiming a kundalini spirit is occurring because most have no idea what they are talking about. They have never seen the power of a true 1960’s revival and the people jumping out of wheel chairs and running through the room screaming  “JESUS I LOVE YOU!”

We must, in the Fear of God, realize that any derogatory statements made against the true power of the Holy Ghost may borderline on blasphemy.

Wisdom teaches us when to run away



And a follow-up email sent to another anointed believer:

Here is my grave warning (below) to those out there speaking about what they perceive as kundalini

People need to humble up and get smarter about the documented and historical outpourings of the Holy Spirit. Azusa, the Charismatic movement (which I got the Baptism in), and many many more even back into the 1600s. I know what a demonic manifestation looks like. Most assume “anything” that makes them uncomfortable is kundalini and this is wrong. This is why Paul admonished the church of Corinth to maintain order (1 Cor 14-15).not because it was kundalini but because people got overwhelmed with the power and got disorderly.

Demons cannot STAND to be amidst such manifestations of God’s power and calling things kundalini when they are not borderlines on blasphemy.

Its a dangerous world and most have never even been a part of a REAL POWERFUL movement of the power of God. I have. People going out in the spirit is the most tame and uneventful version of the powerful manifestations of God’s power in a true revival. Going out in the spirit is NOTHING compared to what happens to a person utterly body-slammed by the POWER of God.

I’ve seen it and experienced it.

God bless you
Keep your head down



Believe it or not, the vast majority of misinformation and dangerous claims are coming from people today who believe they are true righteous Christians.  They depend entirely on their own personal experiences to establish their own understanding and then make the awful mistake of speaking out about it without realizing their ignorance in such matters may be condemning them to darkness.

This is Jesus’ most grave warning of the times we live in today.  The body of Christ is experiencing an awakening to the darkness in the world.  But they have little or no real experience with the TRUE power of GOD.   Sadly this results in them speaking out (often to large groups through podcasts and YouTubes) and Jesus Christ our King HIMSELF will not be happy (to say the least) about their lack of wisdom and humility before God.

I “get” the kundalini thing far more than most.  Just because you may (or may not) have seen a true (and rare) manifestation of such an event, does not make you qualified to speak negatively about what, might be, a true movement of God.




Author: John Baptist
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