Annunaki, Angel Wars, and Glorified Realms


I recently received an email from a brother who was curious about pre-adamic man and how it all fits into the Annunaki stuff. So I figured I would share a little of the information on the web site for others to help them understand some of these mysteries as well. I claim no perfection whatsoever in my understanding but have probably spent far more time reading and trying to understand these things than most. I hope this helps anyone who might be interested in the most basic primer.

AND REMEMBER!   You have to discern your way past the incorrect conclusions in these studies and don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  Tear the leven out of the lump, seek God in prayer, and you will feel in your “spirit” (over time) what is likely correct.   And then it becomes wonderful and can  help us understand so much.  It can also help uncover many mysteries in the Bible that are otherwise unexplainable.  But be humble and realize we know nothing as we ought to know (1 Cor. 8:2).



Good day Johnny
I just wanted to know who do you think created the pre-adamic race? Was it God or satan? It just does not make sense to me why God would create a race without a soul. If I understand it correctly the Annunaki claimed that they created a slave race to mine gold for them. If I remember it correctly the Annunaki claimed that they
mixed their DNA with those of the apes. Maybe that is how the pre-adamic race was created? I know that the annunaki was the fallen angels. If I understand it correctly satan wants to be God or above God. Maybe satan knew that God was going to create a human race, so maybe satan got prideful and wanted to create his own race of creatures and that may be when satan fell? Maybe God destroyed the earth because these pre-adamic creatures was not His creation? Just like when He destroyed the earth when there was the Nephilim/Giants because they were not His creation.



Genesis Chapter One

So while there is no way to be absolutely certain, by researching the data and mapping it back to the Bible, with the help of some good Hebrew text study tools and multiple translations, it appears that Genesis 1 is nothing like people believe.  One of the dead giveaways is Gen 2:4 where it says “And these are the generationS of the heavenS and the earth, when the Lord God Yahweh Elohim created the heavens and the earth”.  So this mystery confirms that Genesis 1 is talking about cycles of creation and restoration of the planet.  Also the man and woman beings created in Gen 1 were not Adam and Eve.  We know there are many iterations of man and woman beings on earth long before Adam and Eve (based on even loose Bibilcal geneologies).

Annunaki Genetic Manipulation

The Annunaki first performed genetic manipulations on the reptilian beings to work as slaves.  Later they shifted over to Neanderthal and other beings which is why it confuses the darwinians because the changes were odd between the various groups over time.  This is also why there are different species or versions of reptilian beings over time as well.  Some ruling class and some not.  A lot can happen over 400,000 years.  Annunaki are a class of beings made up of different races; they are not just one group.  Which adds to the confusion as well.

Multiple Dimensions and Universes

The bottom line is that there are trillions of life forms and civilizations all over the Universe.  AND there are other Universes too.  And to top it off there are an unkown number of dimensions (vibrational TV channels) baked into the various realms that exist within the Universes.  And there are other worldly life forms that can manipulate time/space, move in and out of dimensions and possibly Universes as well.  So that sets your foundation. Without that foundation you cannot “get it”.

Living Soul is God’s Spirit

Within those “classes” (or categories) of lifeforms (beings) you have those in “host bodies” (like man bodies).  In Gen 2:7 you see our Father breathing the Capital “S” living Soul into Adam’s nostrils.  That is HIS SPIRIT.  This is what our Father does for the CLASS of beings known as “Sons of God”.  This is a special class of being that is “spirit” not just soul.  I know there is this term out there called “Souless” beings; but as far as I can estimate, that term is only speaking about the Capital “S” LIVING SOUL or Spirit of God. When a being does not have the Capital “S” Living Sould (spirit) of our Father God breathed into it and it is cursed by virtue of a judgement, then it is often referred to as a “souless” being but there is clearly an energy essence (as type of soul energy) that animates their host body.

Souless Beings and Demons

So there is another soul energy that animates (gives life) to beings that do not have the spirit of God in them and these beings are called souless. Its a type of misnomer.  When the Giants were killed their (lower case s) soul, moved into the spiritual realm and become demons.  Demons are esssentially trapped in that dark spiritual realm / void unless conjured up by black magick and other creepy weirdness.  They hitch rides and enter into the host body of mankind and intermingle their energy with the Body/Soul/Spirit of God built into MAN that is part of the Adamic bloodline and has the God Spirit breathed into them as Sons of God.  These demons have to be cast out of us, as well as our brothers and sisters.  They are evil  parasites hellbent on our destruction.

Ruling and Reigning with Jesus

Sons of God include all beings created by the Heavenly Office of God (our Father) to work on behalf of the Kingdom of God (all Universes and dimensions).  If we make it to Heaven and did proper things for Jesus while here, we can earn inheritance and rewards that can lead to us being given the opportunity to rule and reign with Christ and be in the ruling class of the Heavens.  Some of us will not receive such rewards.  Love and helping others through Christ and our prayers is a big part of that honor.  Living Matthew 5 is key.  Knowing and living the love of the Bible is key.  Suffering for Jesus is key.  The rest may make it to Heaven but most will not receive that level of reward.

Royalty in the Universe

We are Royalty in the Universe of Beings IF we accept Christ and are obedient to his calling and His Word.  This is why 1 Peter 2:9 says “You are a Royal Priesthood”.  That’s talking about over ALL OF CREATION; should we do well.


There are also trillions of life forms in other galaxies that are glorified galaxies and have no sin in them.  They live wonderful blessed lives and know Jesus.  But they are not necessarily “Sons of God” or part of the Royalty.  But they are blessed in their parts of the Universe.

Psalm 82 is Key

We however, live in a fallen part of this Universe that has decay and entropy.  This is part of the physics God set into motion in this region.  Its part of our judgment to “die like men”.  This is seen in Psalms 82.  Psalm 82 is actually about us.  When Jesus said in John 10:34 “have I not said ye are gods” (note the lower-case g), he was referring to Psalm 82.  Jesus knew us before the foundations of the earth because we actually did pre-exist.  The Adam and Eve story is highly metaphorical and symbolizes the fall of man in a sense, but it only tells small part of a much more amazing story that goes back billions of years.

Luciferian Rebellion, Wars in the Heavens

There were angel wars (angelic beings which are part of the sons of God class of beings) millions/billions of years ago in this Universe.  Lucifer rebelled against the Kingdom of God when he was in charge of the “Morningstar Office”.  Somehow we all got caught up in that mess.  Some of us, the only crime we committed, was to “sit on the fence and not take sides” which is essentially making us complicit in the war.  Michael was sent in with surely billions of Sons of God, sent from Heaven to take out the rebellion (ref. Rev 12).  This rebellion included many species of beings very much like Star Wars (the movie).  It resulted in a judgment upon all these beings (including us – Psalm 82).  We are going through this and being given an opportunity to rise up to the highest level of rewards in the Heavens which is to rule and reign with Jesus over all creation, providing we do well.

Shape Shifting and Twice Dead

The rest of the beings were cursed (twice dead see Jude). They are the “aliens” we have messing with us here on earth today.  They work for Satan who is a fallen Son of God created being.  He has the ability (like many of these species) to manipulate matter and shape shift (ref. Bible – Even Satan himself can transform himself into an angel of light).  So Satan is in charge of the “alien” beings out there that are in “host bodies”.  In a host body (like the Giants) they can be killed.  But since they are twice dead, their littls “s” soul energy moves into the spirit realm and they too become demons when killed.

We Must Find Our Way to Jesus

A spirit being (which is a beautiful being in a glorified realm) is a being of light and love when it is holy and works with the Kingdom of Heaven.  A spirit being has the ability to “incarnate” into a host body.  This is why there are so many references in the Bible to angel “men” and why we can unwittingly entertain and angel.  In this “host body” incarnation state, the spiritual angel being incarnates into a human body.  This manifestation is quite different than the spiritual angel body that met with Daniel in chapter 10.  This incarnation (spirit being into host body) is essentially what happens to us at birth.  Our spirit body incarnates into a human host body and we live our lives.  This is why our Bible refers to our Father as the Lord of Hosts (host bodies).   We do not remember our past lives because that is part of the judgment.  We had to drink from a cup of forgetfulness (see valley of forgetfulness; Ps 88:12).  We have to spiritually find our way back to Jesus and KNOW HIM and LOVE HIM to be elligible for these rewards as part of our judgment. And it is our mandate to help others less fortunate to find Jesus and bring them home with us.


Yes this is complex.  I could probably keep writing for another 10 pages but I have to get ready for work and spend some time in prayer.



You can find information out there in great books and web sites like:
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  • > Skyfall (Zen Garcia)
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  • > When Souls Had Wings (Givens)
  • > Aliens and the Antichrist (by John W. Milor)
Theres so much more.  You have to pray over a long long time and read like a doctoral candidate and piece it all together.  Its complicated but glorious and explains most of the unexplainable.
God bless you, I hope this is helpful.
(Please forgive the typos, its very early in the morning and I didn’t sleep well last night – To God be the glory)








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